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(412.71 KB 1189x780 20200514_170722.jpg)
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(433.38 KB 1170x755 20200515_035534.jpg)
(566.75 KB 1175x781 20200515_040620.jpg)
Anonymous 05/16/2020 (Sat) 22:53:49 No. 10789
Am I white or semitic?
(490.45 KB 1187x790 20200515_040039.jpg)
(504.85 KB 1148x760 20200515_035730.jpg)
(497.17 KB 1181x784 20200514_182716.jpg)
(608.91 KB 1189x786 20200514_182252.jpg)
(358.36 KB 1155x798 20200514_173453.jpg)
>>10789 And btw, I identify as white and always have, but people keep telling me I look Jewish. Also, I'm using childhood pics because I've aged badly since puberty.
(667.15 KB 1156x768 20200514_175019.jpg)
(397.25 KB 714x764 20200514_174258.jpg)
(524.27 KB 1142x760 20200514_172702.jpg)
(587.98 KB 1172x783 20200514_172509.jpg)
(493.33 KB 1179x745 20200514_170032.jpg)
I see what they are talking about but "looking jewish" is a really odd concept. Consider how Jews not only migrated but spread Judaism around the globe. So I guess they have a point, anyone can look Jewish.
You look white. I don't think you have any features that people commonly make out to be stereotypically jewish.
you look like a semitic mongrel. does it really matter anyway?
(1.37 MB 480x360 fire.gif)
Posing this question, you're either a liberal, a jew, or both.Either way <--- In you go
you look middle eastern maybe some slavic genes too. most white people were arabs. who cares. basing your values and beliefs on skin color is pretty dumb. It's such a mob mentality. You are you. Be that individual that you are and fuck all the race memes out there.


no cookies?