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(62.35 KB 1500x1500 download (3).jpg)
IR Cuckoldry is a real thing, has momentum and needs to be addressed Anonymous 05/04/2020 (Mon) 20:47:28 ID:ca8b3b No. 10730
We've memed about it. And yet, it has not stopped the momentum of the phenomenon. I openly admit i used to be addicted to the porn years and years ago, before it got popular. Eventually, I got over it, and swore it off. I've watched it grow from its infancy to where it is now. I've warned about this previously and yet people brushed me off. "It's just jewish subversion, it's not real" they told me. Yet I watched the subreddits grow, the twitters grow. They are all over user content sites like Onlyfans, Manyvids, etc. This is not just a thing for older couples, now young couples are doing it. It has gotten to the point where they are doing it in college.Bareback. "Breeding."It's not a myth. They are called "Stags", "Vixens".This is not a myth, its not made up, I've looked at the content myself. It is real and it is happening. Imagine if you found out your father did this. Imagine if you found out your mother did this. Imagine stumbling upon these porn vids of your parents. That they willingly took. Its so horrific, I find it difficult to even grasp what is happening. Why is this happening? How did we get to be this pathetic?
>>10730 >Why is this happening? How did we get to be this pathetic? You don't murder and takeover the media. The end. Stop over-analyzing it. The methods are extremely simple. You don't kill, you don't win.
>Why is this happening? How did we get to be this pathetic? Who gives a shit? Just filter and move on. Filter your parents too. Any further involvement on your part will only feed the spiral of debasement. Forget the degenerate fallen. Remember them for who they once were, not for what they now are. Join with your brothers in war and in the Lord. The blood of the battle is thicker than the water of the womb.
(3.64 MB 1909x1280 920.png)
>>10730 What exactly did you do that allowed you to move past it? I've noticed this trend as well and —as you've said—I also believe that it is a lot more common than most people are willing to admit to themselves. The first step to dealing with this issue on a societal scale is going to have to be to acknowledge that women are simply predisposed to engage in miscegenation. Coupled with a pop culture that worships black/non-white masculinity and you've got a recipe for disaster. While this might understandably seem like a huge blackpill, it's important to keep in mind that no matter how many whites we lose to this degeneracy, we would theoretically only need a few thousand (if not only a few hundred) white couples in order to "restart" the race if things ever got that bad. So no matter how things are doing to go, we should realistically be fine in the long-term.
(1.84 MB 480x360 1586911242217.gif)
Nigger women are hideous. Niggers are the main consumers of porn, they get addicted at higher rates and increase consumption over time. Combine this with the fact that their women are fuck ugly, and you can see who the market for this filth really is. The real stats on how tiny nigger dicks are is the cure. They are 3rd place after whites and latinos, as well as homosexual at much higher rates.
>>10734 >The real stats on how tiny nigger dicks are is the cure. You do realize that implies that people's behavior would be justified if that size thing was true? Why perpetuate the issue by doing the same thing (fetishizing penis length) instead of just moving past it?
(777.95 KB 900x1120 1582035425089.png)
>>10735 The fetish comes from the Jew fantasy of big nigger dicks. The reality is that niggers have tiny, malfunctioning pajeet tier shit between their legs, and holy fuck are the insecure about it. You can destroy the myth, and stop coomers and roasties from doing further damage to the white race, but you cant stop all the coomers and roasties obsessed with finding a guy to stretch their hole out.
>>10730 you need to move past the idea of being able to save people this far gone
>>10730 >kike makes obvious slide >"It's just jewish subversion >jewish >Imagine if you >Don't think about an elephant goy >leddit spakkery >How did we get to be this pathetic? >(((we))) >How did we get to be this pathetic? >You are pathetic goyim Hey kike, imagine you found out the holocaust hasn't happened yet, but will.
yeah porn is the biggest waste of time. i just like black women being pissed on, spit on, degraded, like that ghetto gaggers shit is where its at. fuck all that other stuff
>>10730 Let me start off by saying that the Jew will always continue to push their racemixing filth everywhere they go and that the only way to get rid off this, is by getting rid of the one that continues to push this filth, irregardless of the damage it causes. tl;dr >>10731 It is a fact that the Jew and their Goyim are pushing the Interracial meme. Any pornsite you visit has 20%/30% "Wife gets plowed by black dick while man tapes" or other tripe on the front page. There's no need to explain here why this is so. It is also a fact that there's a growing portion of the Gentiles that willfully participates in the further degeneration, either by participating through masturbation or creation of IR-porn. I do not think the numbers are as high as you think they are and even if there is a substantial portion of the Aryan population that's doing this, there's only a small population of whites needed to reboot the population ( >>10733 ) Considering the subject, I think it's crucial in this matter to consider that there's the truth and the Jew's projection of the truth. I will like to explain this through an example: I read a book about some French General during the time of the war with the English somewhere in the 1500's. The general was outnumbered 10 to 1. The French General was situated in the hills with some plucks of forests around, while the Brits had surrounded him. The Britons only needed to attack with their vast numbers, and the French would've been annihilated, effectively ending the General's campaign. The French General thought of a ploy to fool the Britons: he ordered his troops to move around in their camps so that the Britons could see them walking around. He also ordered them to change clothes while they were out of sight, march in different formations, with different people, to carry weaponry and equipment from place A to place B, and the same weaponry from place B to place C. All this is done in the LOS of the enemy. The effect of this was that it seemed like there were 10 times more soldiers and weapons than there actually were. The Britons believed what was being displayed to them, called off the attack and left. How does this relate to your story? The fact that 1.000's of White couples willingly participate in black cuckoldry, is by no means proof that millions of Whites are doing this. Remember that the Jew hosts all the Porn, (Social) Media and is very active online (IT is the biggest business in Israel). The Jew can possibly create an illusion where you could believe this (i.e. Have ca. 500 couples on rotation, create more sock puppet accounts for either creation or commenting.. etc basic population manipulation). I think it's also important to consider who's participating in this and if they are truly part of the Aryan Race (i.e. are these couples White or (((White))) ). Jewish Subversion is already done everywhere else, so you can also expect it in the bedroom. Still, it's on the rise: agreeable white countries such as Canada and Sweden are quickly collapsing under their progressive leadership. In big cities in Canada, an interracial relationship is "the thing to be in" and this has been achieved through a coordinated effort by the Media, Schools, Politics and Social Influencing. Consider SI, The Jew uses role models to further this agenda: by using pretty, attractive, white celebrty women (Georgia Ellenwood from Canada, or Doutzen Kroes from the Netherlands) they actively influence young, naieve, impressionable white girls to mix. Again, the only solution here is to remove the ones that have created or are keeping this in place. Considering names like "Stags", "Vixens", "Snowbunnies" or whatever other name the Jew has conjured up: I know it's real. Whites who fall for the "Whites are evil" meme also have low self-esteem. Whites who Racemix have low self-esteem. People who participate in porn already have low self-esteem. Whites who participate in IR cuckold porn are at the bottom of the self-esteem barrel (with all the white guilt + feminism tripe they believe). Getting a 'cool' name like 'Vixen' or 'Stag' is something that works really well for these people and not something that you should get so rustled over. 1/2
>>10740 Some loose questions: - Do we know all the subscribers/participants to these subforums are of the White Race? I think it's very likely that most of the subscribers are non-whites who lust after Aryan Women (since non-whites covet whites). This leads me to another point that it's a simple fact of supply and demand. You said it yourself: the numbers of participates are growing, so it only logical that the supply goes up when the demand goes up (and since "Sex Work" is a thing in our glorious, progressive, democratic, society it's only a logical effect). - Do we even care what these subscribers think? Uncontrolled growth of idiot castes and races has severly diluted the argument of "Power in Numbers". - Considering these subscriberes: do we even know if the subscribers/participants are real and not some bots? (this fits with the previous example of The French General i.e. display that you have more than you actually have). If I'd've believed what the Jew projects to me online, >30% of the people would be racemixing. I live in one of the most cucked countries of the Western World, and after a case study in my Jewish subverted capital with a >50% non-white population, I was surprised by the outcome: almost all races breed within their race. I taught in elementary school and have seen thousands of parents and their children. I mostly taught in Urban schools where most people would have a low income (race mixing tends to be higher with low income people). I was surprised to see only 3 (!) mixed couples. Of these 3 couples, 2 women were butt-ugly (and so were their children) and the pretty one was divorced. It's also something I see when I look around in general: the white women almost always is fat, ugly, a commie or used goods. Not something you want to continue the Aryan race with. Always remember, that this is the Kali Yuga and that societal collapse is not so much a question of "if" but "when". Don't get to demotivated or dragged down by people or socities that regress ( >>10737 ). Do not gather around their light and center. Find your own and revolve around that. Relating to this subject: I always find it encouraging that the Jew is using their entire machine to push race mixing, but despite all most Humans still stay within their race. And honestly, the best way to save the White Race is to BREED. 2/2
I think the main reason is due a lack of strong male role models and leaders in society. Isn't odd how this started becoming more common as the Fe males started invading all mediums? Every where you look it's nothing but an empowered woman and men being the punch line. Well women or a dick less dude pretending to be one. Like all of western society is becoming more feminine over time and you wonder why cucks started existing? Weird how correlation works with causation sometimes.
>>10733 >What exactly did you do that allowed you to move past it? Good question. I was browsing the deepest and darkest parts of xvideos, and stumbled upon a vid that stated that you were gay for viewing this stuff. And then...it hit me. It was partially correct. I'm not sure if the video was actually serious or, I'd like to think, put there to wake people up out of their trance, but it is partially correct. If you are the cuckold, if you like this stuff, then it is - by extension - almost as if you are gay, because you require the presence of another dick to get you off. You arent directly gay, you are not attracted to other men, but it is a gay act by proxy. Viewing porn in general is like this, but this takes it a step further, because you are directly involving another man in your relationship and literally takes the role that you, as man, should take. You are...being replaced. So then we can go further with this conclusion. Cuckoldry eventually destroys most relationships. I say *most* because I do suspect that cuckoldry and by extension polyamory occurred in the aristocracy and plutocracy. I imagine wealthy people with time on their hands and the means to do so, played around. I'm sure wealthy noblewomen of the past, queens and other rulers, probably held a stable of fit and attractive men to screw for pleasure. This doesnt make it OK, though. But I do suspect that this has been going on. These noblewomen probably had the means to mask the true fathers to their children. How many children were born not of their fathers? I suspect quite a few... It's just ultimately degenerative for all involved. If the other man, the "bull" takes over the manly duties, then what does that make the cuck? What defines a romantic relationship? What happens when the woman decides to fuck her lovers only? You read about these stories when women decides to fuck her lovers only, and then excludes the husband. Eventually, the relationship will degrade. You are literally removing the sexual component which defines a relationship.
>>10743 To add, There is also the fact of the racial component. Why is it primarily black men on white women? See, this is where we get clues as to WHY this is happening among Whites. And I can answer my own question. Why is this happening to Whites? Why the racial component? Because of the degradation of our culture. Because of the LOSS of CULTURE, COMMUNITY, and SHARED VISION. A loss of PRIDE. Blacks do not do this because, conversely, they are the most racially conscious. There is an element of "Black pride". There is a "Black community". There are "Black brothers". Conversely, there are no "White brothers", are there? This is why I do believe that the Nat Socs on here have a point. I dont completely agree with them, but I do agree that we have lost pride in our culture, specifically, White Culture. There is no White Culture. There is no "White Pride". White people are a lost people. We are lost. The loss of community, of shared values, all adds up. This is a symptom of the problem. And it will continue to get worse if we continue to get more and more lost.
(129.29 KB 454x453 1588865934079.png)
>>10744 You are leaving out the large demographic of niggers that are racist, obsessed with white women and addicted to porn at a rate far greater than whites. Niggers are dumb enough to pay for porn, dude.
>>10731 fpbp
>>10744 >pride You're wrong. It is about genetic degradation. Nigger DNA is genetically distant from Caucasian DNA and is generally considered to be trash. Low attractiveness, low intelligence, low strength. Racemixing is promoted because it destroys white families, destroys white solidarity, and most of all, destroys the white gene pool.
>>10738 I have to admit reading this thread is a bit of an eye opener. Is it really that prevalent? it does wreak of D&C tactics. Maybe I am out of touch with this shit but one of the lowest things on my mind is cuckoldry. It also seems fishy that conveniently this is ne of the attack points that lefty chans like to attack right chans with. Whole thing just seems too fishy and not buying it for a second.
(211.89 KB 710x440 kill all men.png)
>>10731 >waaa that's fedposting It's the truth. It is us or them, just look at what (((they))) say. Never ending "it is us or them" against whites. If this freaks you out as fedposting then maybe you should cut to the end and just kill yourself.
(1.85 MB 580x5424 gedmatchlols.png)
>>10748 >>10747 >>10749 It is part of the whole demorilize white men and destroy their image campaign. Any and all threads on half discussing it get 404d, I've tried to raise the issue several times but the tranny jannies there are part of it. There is an active media cover up of actual measured dick statistics. Durex leaked their internal numbers to a mexican newspaper a while ago, a study that used measured data only was done worldwide, they also measure the dicks of world cup squads every world cup. It all shows the same thing, whites are #1, latinos are #2 and niggers are 3rd-5th depending on how many shit tier races you include. The average nordic mans dick is 7.2" or something, the average niggers is 5.5", the average anglo dick is 6" or so. If you look at all the disgusting shit niggers are crossed with, its all stuff with small dicks, orangutans have small dicks, chimps have little 8cm dicks, marmoset and macaque have fucking micro dicks. The actual data is not even slightly surprising to anyone not completely ZOG brainwashed to love shrivelled little nigger penises.
>>10748 How dare someone make a thread talking about cuckoldry. It just has to be divide and conquer. We should just ignore it and hope it goes away. Fuck off outta here.
(17.15 KB 601x170 pornhubcelbrateshanukkah.png)
>>10751 >How dare someone make a thread talking about cuckoldry Not quite faggot. >How dare someone make a thread talking about cuckoldry on a BOARD ABOUT POLITICS with ZERO references to POLITICS. At best the thread belongs in /b/. If you can't tell the OP is a straight up /pol/ slide then you are a cuck, and should have lurked before posting. OP knows if they posted BBC porn images their slide would get deleted. OP had infinite possible choices for OP image. OP chose to post the nearest image to porn that could have a similar effect - a NLP psyop suggestive image. Pic related could have been chosen. It wasn't.
>>10752 Faggot it is a political issue you cock sucking jewish shill. IT'S A RACIAL ISSUE AND THUS POLITICAL. Don't fucking tell me it ain't politics when half the politics board is full of racial threads. Fuck off with your subversion jew. This topic has been censored and deleted on practically every platform out there. The jew doesn't want us talking or discussing this. >But but OPs image waaaaaaaaaaa Fuck off kike You'll have your time to burn soon enough kike.
>>10753 >Fuck off with your subversion jew. >Defending a slide >The jew doesn't want us talking or discussing this. They are called kikes faggot. Look through the wording of the OP, fresh brainlet. Do you see the MANY alarms that it is a slide? Here are a few: >No greentext >No source >No archive >Reddit spacing >Kike speak Total points: slide/10 This is like you are defending a discussion of the different methods of dilating post-transition-op, but don't realize only DEGENERATE FUCKING TRANNIES DISCUSS DILATING WOUND HOLES. Only cucks discuss cuckoldry. The entire idea is kiked to fuck and back. When someone says "Don't think about an elephant!" you will think about an elephant. The OP uses this D&C technique directly and literally calls (you) "pathetic" and you don't realize it's a slide?? Really? Sorry bro, you might be a cuck after all. Carry on, I'm saging out.
>>10754 >it's a slide! No explanation as to why compared to any other thread here >no source As if you cant dyor? >reddit spacing Oh my God! Someone types out thoughts different than me! They must be from reddit! >degenerate trannies >only cucks discuss cuckoldry This is why I think you're the real shill. Because ignoring problems got our race into the pickle we are in today. If you get so triggered by people who type out differently than you, if you get so uncomfortable about a topic like this, then maybe you shouldn't be on here? I don't know, it's the internet, after all. We can't run away from this shit forever. Eventually a thread like this is gonna get made, it's practically ubiquitous. I get the feeling that OP wrote that out in haste, fleeting thoughts, sounds more like a blog post than anything tbh.
>>10755 >. If you get so triggered by people who type out differently than you >Oh my God! Someone types out thoughts different than me! They must be from reddit! Well done kike, you failed the Shibboleth test. Any anons here who aren't brainlet newfags know why reddit spacing is significant and can see you outed yourself. >ignoring problems >if you don't burn time thinking about big black cocks banging your women goyim they win! No. Cuckoldry is not a problem kike. It's a deviancy that requires purging in the oven with you. Anyone who believes otherwise is a nigger or a deviant.
>>10747 >You're wrong. You Wong Too, zen. It's both pride and genetic degradation. The former is forbidden to us, the second is forced upon us. This plan is the Jews' way to exterminate Whites. They are a sick people and they hate Whites. They cannot help but always debase us and project onto us their own mental illnesses and failures (like Freudian psychology does). It goes so far, today, that they can have writers in a wide range of papers and open eds publicly claim for the necessary disappearance of Whites. They call us all the names in the world. We're the virus, the monsters, the abusers, exploiters, etc. But Whites ARE Civilization.
>>10752 Twas holy sarcasm I'm sure. Plus talking about a slide thread on a slow paced board is a bit overdramatic. Chill anons.
Its not like if you hang out with niggers, you're going to be killed while walking home by a mob of racist white savages or they're going to group up and burn your house down for being a nigger lover. White kids grow up seeing white adults living and working right next to niggers, it was only a matter of time before some of us start fucking one another and having children with them while the others make side-eyes here and there but mostly just keep their fucking mouths shut and let it continue. There's millions of white guys playing sports and video games and smoking weed with niggers daily but anons act like its only white women. Blacks chimp out in your face 24/7 while whites hide in the house ranting about liberals and non-whites and then lash out at the last possible second. "Collapse, war, shortages, civil unrest, riots!" Meanwhile in reality during a collapse - "hey fellow aussie lads, im bored of this lockdown :( i want to go back to work, i miss my gf... Coronachan sucks. 4chan sucks. Shit sucks. Lets go back into the matrix fren. I love paying taxes to be replaced. I think I was born to do it lololololol" This is why blacks are moving to idaho and iowa yet whites won't take back detroit chicago or the inner city areas of urban california. We'll admit that even black women are more manly than white men are yet we still expect white women to lust after white men like we're fucking living, breathing Gods. Lmao. Western White men lust for asian & latina girls because theyre more feminine... why dont anons give White Women the benefit of a doubt, as if they just seek something more masculine?


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