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(106.05 KB 332x415 4268235.png)
Anonymous 04/27/2020 (Mon) 04:09:41 No. 10417
I started stabbing my arm whenever I get a boner looking at gay shit on the internet. Is this a good idea or nah?
Nah it's a shit idea.
>>10417 You're a faggot, and this seems like a baby step towards you killing yourself. Carry on
>>10422 Livestream it also.
>>10417 >arm Why do you spell "kike" as "arm"? And why are you stabbing kikes?
>>10422 nah im training myself to stop being a faggot if i was gonna kill myself i'd do something way more fucking stupid than stabbing myself. i was always a lolcow to most people irl, so if im going out irl i either want to actually do something that people will remember, or something /pol/niggers and fedniggers alike will laugh at.
>>10417 I think spanking would be better
>>10417 How long have you been looking at gay shit on the internet? What kind of gay shit do you look at?
what happens if you just develop a masochism fetish on top of being a huge queer?
the only way to train to not be a faggot is to kill as many as them as possible. then cut your dick off and put a bullet in your fucking head
>>10417 Pretty aweful. Just do what I do and kept it private. No cares about your boner or if they do they are in your bedroom. Have some self fucking decency.
>>10454 yeah i stopped for that specific reason lel >>10440 shut up homo
>>10417 >>10417 >Is this a good idea Umm yeah mutilating yourself is a bad idea and makes you no better than Abrahamics such as Jew's, Muslims, and certain Christian sects or Trannies for the unhealthy habit of cutting themselves away too. Just do what I've been doing and get swoll/fit and be publicly apposed to a certain levels of degenerate faggotry like that of LA pride parades, NAMBLA, and other shit that should lead to people being publicly exacted in front of a firing squad for while on the down low occasionally banging a local jock or twink from your local gym or whatever. >>10430 Maybe start by making yourself bi and work your way from there as a sort of stepping stone, I have no idea if that actually can make you straight in the long run but at least it will make you a more convincing fake hetero.
>>10417 >you have a problem with gay shit Normally i'd never ever recommend consuming porn to anybody ever, ditto with fapping, but just buy a p0cket pusi, and do a shit tonna fapping to lesbian porn. make sure the lesbians aren't trannies and make sure there isn't anything masculine or phallic in the videos. Watch a shit ton of this until you are free of the big gay, then do some nofap to make yourself chaste from the porn. >>10454 exactly.
An elastic band snap to the wrist is enough if you really need to go the pain route.
(658.83 KB 244x244 femboy hooters.gif)
>>11034 No, I'm not cutting myself. I'm pricking myself with a fucking small pocket knife you dildo. And I don't wanna be a faggot; simple as. >>11069 Lesbian porn trains your mind to associate the female with pleasure. In layman's terms, lesbo porn trains your mind to be a tranny and/or bottom. I'm not even a fucking faggot bottom, i don't get hard at dick, i get hard at the ass. Which is why it's such a problem, because femboys are so goddamn common on chans and the internet in general. I don't wanna get hard to it if it has a dick, irregardless if you drew a woman and drawed a dick on it. It's especially hard with the femboy hooters meme going around.
(232.27 KB 263x469 13214216.png)
>>11266 >he thinks i like trannies anymore >he doesn't know my dick is soft looking at that Be optimistic, happy, and calm Show no fear or anxiety Smile at the face of God And your reward will be eternity Holy warriors Your patience will be justified Everything is for Him You must not comfort the animal before you kill it Strike as champions at the heart of the nonbelievers Strike above the neck and at all extremities For it's a point of no return for almighty God God will give victory to his faithful servant When you reach ground zero you will have killed the enemy The great Satan
>>11277 I only get a boner for hentai traps, not IRL trannies because 90% of them look like men.
(294.34 KB 411x333 612424.png)
>>11279 I don't get a boner for either of them now motherfucker. I haven't fapped in 2 days and i'm fucking angry. I punched some shit in my house and took soem skin off my knuckle. I'm fucking ready motherfucker.


no cookies?