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Anonymous 04/25/2020 (Sat) 04:02:03 No. 10386
Why did this guy get so much attention when cartels do worse everyday?
Peter Scully lived in the Narre Warren suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia with his wife and two children prior to fleeing to the City of Manila, Philippines, in 2011 before he could be charged with his involvement in a property scheme that cost investors over $2.68 million. Prior to leaving Victoria, he operated an unlicensed escort service website which offered his Malaysian girlfriend as a prostitute. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission found him involved in 117 fraud and deception offenses relating to real estate scams from an investigation started in 2009. From the island of Mindanao, he is alleged to have built up a lucrative international pedophile ring that offered pay-per-view video streams of children being tortured and sexually abused on the dark web. Among the victims who had their videos ordeals sold over the Internet was an 18-month-old infant who was hung upside down while Scully and two accomplices raped and tortured her. Victims were procured by Scully with promises to impoverished parents of work, education, or were solicited by his two Filipino girlfriends, Carme Ann Alvarez and Liezyl Margallo, and other female acquaintances such as Maria Dorothea Chi y Chia.[6] Both Alvarez and Margallo also abused children in Scully's videos. In 2016, prosecutors in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines alleged that Scully and a girlfriend coaxed two teenage girls to come to Scully's house with the promise of food. Scully was alleged to have given the girls alcohol and forced them to perform sex acts on each other which he photographed and filmed. The prosecutor alleged that when the girls tried to escape, Scully forced them to dig graves in the basement of the house and threatened that he would bury them there. After five days, the girls were released by the girlfriend, who began feeling remorse after coming home to see the two in pet collars, and reported what had happened.
Daisy's Destruction The most notorious of Scully's output was a video titled Daisy's Destruction, which he sold to clients for up to $10,000. Made in 2012, the multi-part film is so extreme that it was, for some time, regarded as an urban legend. It features the torture and brutal rape of a number of girls by Scully and some Filipina accomplices; the three main victims were Liza (aged 12), Cindy (11), and Daisy (18 months). Urged on by Scully, some of the most severe physical abuse was carried out on the children by one of his girlfriends, then 19-year-old Liezyl Margallo, who was formerly prostituted as a child. Indeed, it seems Margallo was the sole hands-on victimizer of Daisy: The introduction to the film invites the viewer to watch Daisy's "mental ruin" as she "learn[s] how to please her mistress". Scully put Daisy's Destruction out under his "No Limits Fun" production company, selling it to other people via the dark web. Among those who acquired it was one of the biggest-ever purveyors of child pornography, Scully's fellow Australian Matthew David Graham, better known by his online pseudonym Lux. Apprehended at age 22, he ran a series of "hurtcore" child pornography sites. Graham said he got the video so he could use it to attract more viewers to his network of websites.
>>10386 >I don't get it he sounds like a really good guy KYS faggot.
>>10386 There's levels to this shit, man. Once you've hit the level where you're torturing and raping babies, you're pretty much beyond redemption. Not even most people on imageboards will defend you
>>10391 I haven't seen the video, but from what I've heard it's just a child being abused. I think the reason this video got so much attention is because the perp is white and the victim is a bug spic.
>>10392 This has to be bait
While they searched for Scully in the Philippines, investigators managed to uncover the fates of the three primary victims in Daisy's Destruction. Liza was found to be alive, as was Daisy, though her treatment had been so vicious that she has lasting physical injuries. Eleven-year-old Cindy had been murdered, allegedly by Scully. Before being strangled to death with a rope, the girl was subjected to bouts of rape and torture, and was made to dig her own grave. According to Margallo, Scully videotaped himself killing Cindy. Scully faced a total of 75 charges. He was on trial with others who assisted in the production of his pornography, including four men — Germany's Christian Rouche, Filipinos Alexander Lao and Althea Chia and a Brazilian doctor, Haniel Caetano de Oliveira. In October 2015, a fire severely damaged the evidence room containing Scully's computer logs and videos, destroying key evidence. Some believe Scully may have bribed a local police officer, as corruption in the Philippines is high. On June 13, 2018, Scully, and his girlfriend Alvarez, were sentenced to life in prison
>>10393 Remember that time when a bunch of niggers tortured a handicapped kid mostly because he was white and only got a max of 8 years for it?
>>10398 Although disheartening. The word torture doesn't fit in comparison to daisys destruction. There it is the most extreme use of the word. Not to disregard the white kid. But you are making your argument worse by defending a child rapist because hes white. Search the video at your own risk and you will find the answers but your kind doesn't like evidence and would prefer to reee so lol
>>10399 Is it worse than the cartel videos where they peel people's faces off and chop off their limbs while still alive?
>>10399 Is it worse than tranny reassignment of a young white boy?
>>10399 Is it worse than the ongoing attempted genocide of my people?
>>10402 Worse than cartel videos? I believe so (also shes white) Worse then the gender reassignment of a young white boy? Although that is disgusting and the parents should be put down, I believe it is worse yes And as for The oogly woogly Great Replacement. Are you working towards leading your country/community? Or are you leaving the door open for everyone else? Also whites dont work. http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/undocumented-workers-immigration-alabama/amp&ved=2ahUKEwie-OrT7o7pAhWTguYKHd52AxEQFjAAegQIBBAC&usg=AOvVaw3_I_AyZf9XZMGZIO4aRqDJ&ampcf=1
>>10484 You sucked a cock for breakfast.
>>10485 Theres the reeee
>>10491 kek To be fair I'm not defending him, and when you look at these people, the ones who are really bad, like molesting babies and infants and toddlers and stuff, they usually turn out to be lefty types who are running "save the children" NGOs, or druggo rock stars.


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