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(332.07 KB 600x450 egyptiankek.png)
Holy War Anonymous 04/24/2020 (Fri) 22:48:22 No. 10384
We have sounded the call and the bravest have answered. The enemy has shown himself. Now we prepare for war. Sun Tzu said: >In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy's country whole and intact; to shatter and destroy it is not so good. So, too, it is better to recapture an army entire than to destroy it, to capture a regiment, a detachment or a company entire than to destroy them. >Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting. Here we demoralize the enemy. When he is at rest, we harry him. When he is strongest, we evade him. We seek him at his weakest. We tear down his monuments and erect our own. We sap the very soul from his life. Here we discuss how we will win in our Holy War against the forces of darkness: even before the first battle has been joined!
fight club has some good idea in project mayhem
>>10384 fuck sun tzu
>>10441 Nigger.
(389.58 KB 630x840 1531007680954.jpg)
why so serious?
>>10466 >why so serious? Because they are trying to murder us.
First off, let me open by saying Praise Kek, may he deliver us. >Sun Tzu Good words to keep in mind. Much of the art of winning without fighting is in the art of war in the mind, however as 3/4 people are proven NPCs this is mostly memetic programming the masses whilst smiting aside the pathetic degenerate memes. Do remember anons, remain positive focused, lest you become consumed by what you are a conduit of. If that be destruction & hate of your enemy then you, body, mind, and realm shall become a reflection of that -- wretched as those we once fought, we must avoid becomming the refelection of the abyss we fight. We must remain firmly in the love of our nation (culture + people/dna == nation) and hold ourselves centered above the abyss whilst we are cast our light upon the world.
(1021.36 KB 498x211 gorussgo.gif)
(3.49 MB 647x396 praisekek.gif)
>>10505 That worked well Anon, thank you. Many lulz were had today. As the sun set, I raised the holy flag of a struggle of nearly a millennium past, that we may remember the brave actions of our forefathers, and once again bring honor to their cause.


no cookies?