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(156.11 KB 558x495 Lena.jpg)
Anonymous 04/17/2020 (Fri) 08:37:38 No. 10362
I know most of you are cunts but I need someone with a heart to help me out bros. I lent my GF $400 for a game, she said she'd pay me back. (No simp because I'm getting it back). and well.. Her dog recently had to be put down. I know it's probably costed a lot, and I'm a NEET, I got no job so I need this money to eat. BUT If I ask for my money now, I'm going to look like an insensitive prick. I can't just be like "Sorry about bruno..where's the 400 at?" but I'm not rich and feel like I should at least get it out of the way.
*For car parts, not a game sorry
>>10362 You need to eat, so you're between a rock and an hard place. Keep in mind the rock won't move, so you're faced with a difficult task. Ask her for the money in the nicest way possible without being a bitch. If she cannot listen to reason, that is the risk you take in having a wet hole to fuck. Accept that unless you are gigachad women will cost you money. It sounds like you're already learning that they cost more money than you have. Remember, you did this to yourself. I wish you the best of luck.
(1.27 MB 1300x1300 Be_like_Chad.png)
>>10362 > lent my GF $400 for a game, I am not blowing smoke at you anon. My response is honest and sincere -- Alpha up a bit bro. You don't "lend" her anything without an understanding that you will either never see it again (and be truly ok with that), or there will be consequences if said $400 doesn't show up. /sig/ threads will help you but wringing your hands about how "she'll take" you asking for your money back is a Beta move - and she'll sense it. She will use your request to further intimidate or drag you into helping her out. Do not fall for the Shit Tests. imo Demand the money returned asap and act non-nonchalant about any excuse she throws your way. I know it sounds counter-intuitive but women are not logical machines. They communicate covertly while men do so overtly. Being in NEET status right now isn't fun and I'm sure you feel helpless a bit with this chick. Stay strong and understand that confidence is sexy. You did a nice thing for her and you deserve for her to do a nice thing in return. If she doesn't see that, step out of the relationship and let her sweat a bit. "A woman should only ever complement a Man's live, never be the focus of it." ~ Rollo Tomassi (The Rational Male). Best of luck!
>>10362 you're never getting the $400 back. it's her's now. if by some miracle you get $40 back from her, she will hate you for it and use it to justify cheating on you. she'd never loan you money if the tables were turned because she'd be subconsciously irritated that she picked a weak man who can't manage his affairs. the best outcome you can hope for is use it as an excuse to violently facefuck her. have her lay on her back with her head leaning off the edge of the bed, hold her nose, and go to town. set a stopwatch for about 20-30 seconds at a time. 60 seconds if she's an olympic swimmer or really loves you
>>10362 Fuck off normie
>>10367 so fucking based
Tha'fuck game costs $400? Hell, for that much you could buy an entire brand new console... AND a new game!
>>10362 so you pimpin da ho fo yo do? oh wait...wat dis? >I lent my GF $400 for a game >women buy $400 games >I simped $400 for her to spend fucking someone who isn't a beta like me Nah yo is basic bitch famalam. You don't 'loan' women money and get it back. If you get yo money she a trap fo sho.
>>10362 >I lent my GF $400 for a game Are you the "game" nigga? Cos she dun play yo ass
>>10362 $400 is pretty cheap to rid yourself of a whore. You should consider yourself lucky to get off that cheaply. If you really care about the money then abuse the shit out of her emotionally then physically until she coofs it up or leaves.
>>10362 Yeah i lent some money to my gf to buy a winter coat. Im still waiting to get paid and it's been about 25 years...well we had two kids and the oldest is 21 so, i guess your gonna have to get paid back in children and 25 years of waifu services. Tell her the loan is forgiven but she owes you a child. Oh yeah marry her first.
You are such a dumb fuck I think it goes with out saying you are never getting that money back and if you by some chance do she will fucking hate you and end up breaking up with you.
>>10372 99% of all modern consoles and most publishers and many dev teams these days are cucked anyway. I steer the fuck clear from >EA >Ubisoft >Bethesda >Paradox >Activision >Steam games store >Epic games store just build or get a gaming pc and get a wired mouse and wired keyboard and wired screen (don't be a bluetooth cuck dependent on batteries constantly replacing, even if rechargable those shitty batteries crap out too damn fast anyway, so don't even depend on any kind of batteries unless you're using a normal remote or flashlight and so on, and even then you can get great crank flashlights that have batteries in them that don't suck when you crank recharge them, but beware many brands are shit. thorfire LED is cool on amazon, but don't get the collapse orange lantern thing, get they gray hand held, but don't trust me, do your own research.) so you have a pc, just go to gog.com (they hate DRM check out their fckdrm website, they're also CDPR and making Cyberpunk2077) basically GTA but with a story that isn't dogshit. 99% of everything on gog.com is shit, but if you search carefully enough you find a few hidden gems. other notable games out or coming out on gog in the future >spacehaven (rimworld in space, but less annoying supposedly) >xenonaughts 2 >cyberpunk2077 >reassembly mount and blade 2 bannerlord may possibly eventually show up on gog in like 10 years again don't trust me, do your own research.
>>10824 I will also never buy another game or console from nintendo, sony, or microsoft, (or any of googles or apples laughable SHIT) ever again. >pay for console >pay for the games >pay for your own internet >drop all that fucking money for all that shit >console demands that you pay subscription fees to USE THE INTERNET YOU ALREADY FUCKING PAY FOR NO. FUCK YOU SONTENDOSOFT FUCK. YOU. never again.
>>10826 i don't mind buying nintendo consoles on sale, then jailbreaking them to get all the games for free. the problem is a lot of their games aren't available elsewhere and they usually have a large enough catalog of quality to make up for the 100-200 bucks you might drop. i played at least $500 worth of games for free on my 2ds maybe even buying the console won't be worth it soon. lot of nintendo leaks in the last couple years, so it could help emulation become more efficient
>*For car parts, not a game sorry ITT: a bunch of faggots that reply to OP without reading the thread >>10362 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX0fIi3H-es


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