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(115.44 KB 481x479 1565394768690.jpg)
Can't get away from the normies Anonymous 04/23/2020 (Thu) 00:36:20 No. 10352
Fuck your instagram Fuck your twitter Fuck your drumpf Fuck your politics Fuck your shitty Chainsmoker music Fuck your basic white girlfriends Fuck your liberalism I can't seem to find any peace. Can't seem to find like minded people. I'm so bored. I have no friends. Edgy af but I can't look at people's face without despising them. This seems pretty fucking empty.
(17.72 KB 474x474 bone.jpeg)
>>10352 Lol… Not one reply? I feel you though. Here, I’ll throw you a bone…
(10.63 KB 410x230 _110409953_newsinagatop.jpg)
This shithole is filled with wannabe normal fags, so watch yourself
(216.35 KB 638x638 the creative abyss.png)
Fuck your nihilism Fuck your despair Fuck your anger Fuck your hatred Fuck your anxiety Fuck your holier than thou Fuck your edgyness Turn your fire inward, let the pure essence of the rage be distilled and draw forth the sublime motive force -- use it is propel you and should any impurity stand in your way, unleash the inferno upon it. Only divine things can stand subject in sublime fire. In the stillness of the void is the unstoppable yet unmoved mover, the source of infinity itself. In Emptiness is strength as it clarifies our being reconnecting us to the source.
>>10352 I agree. The normies even ruined fucking 4chan. Who would have thought that 14 years ago?
(7.57 KB 220x188 images.jpeg)
start investing in firearms dude


no cookies?