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Need 15 hours of Serbia Stronk instrumental Anonymous 04/19/2020 (Sun) 22:44:00 No. 10282
I need 15 hours of Serbia Stronk instrumental for a project. It is important. Can anyone either make me an mp3 or tell me how I can make an mp3?
(5.00 MB SERBIA STRONG!.mp3)
import this into Audacity (free program). cut out the instrumental portions fine tune it until they seem to loop flawlessly (hardest part) cut-and-paste until you fill 15 hours
>>10283 Thank you. This is way easier than what I am doing. I first converted the .mp4 to .wav online then copied the data part 69 times up to the .wav file limit, only got 6 hours but sounds pretty good and cannot hear the joins. With .mp3 instead of .wav will easy get 15 hours. I'm installing Audacity now. ------------ #include <fstream> #include <iostream> using namespace std; typedef struct WaveHeader { // Riff Wave Header char chunkId[4]; int chunkSize; char format[4]; // Format Subchunk char subChunk1Id[4]; int subChunk1Size; short int audioFormat; short int numChannels; int sampleRate; int byteRate; short int blockAlign; short int bitsPerSample; //short int extraParamSize; // Data Subchunk char subChunk2Id[4]; unsigned int subChunk2Size; } WaveHeader; int main() { WaveHeader hdr; unsigned int originalFileSize, originalDataSize; // extract header and data ifstream fin("C:\\Users\\anon\\Music\\serbia_strong_loop.wav", ios::binary); if (!fin) exit(1); if (!fin.read((char*)&hdr, sizeof(hdr))) exit(2); originalFileSize = hdr.chunkSize; originalDataSize = hdr.subChunk2Size; if ((originalFileSize - originalDataSize) != 36) exit(3); char* data = new char[originalDataSize]; if (!fin.read(data, originalDataSize)) exit(4); fin.close(); // copy data to the 4GB limit unsigned int factor = (unsigned int)((int)0 - (int)sizeof(hdr)) / originalDataSize; ofstream fout("C:\\Users\\anon\\Music\\out.wav", ios::binary); if (!fout) exit(11); hdr.chunkSize = (originalFileSize - 36) * factor + 36; hdr.subChunk2Size = originalDataSize * factor; if (!fout.write((char*)&hdr, sizeof(hdr))) exit(12); for (int i = 0; i < factor; i++) { if (!fout.write(data, originalDataSize)) exit(14); } fout.close(); return 0; }
>>10286 I prefer Goldwave over Audacity... but then again I still prefer Paint Shop Pro over Photoshop.
>>10287 Audacity did it. It has a built in repeat function (Effect->Repeat) and I could silence the glitch at the end. Repeating the music from the original file 165 times got it to just under 15 hours. It is fit for purpose.
>>10302 Yeah in Goldwave you just copy and then press CTRL+E as many times as you want, so it's slightly more involved. Goldwave has an internal playback module thing though with customizable playback buttons, including a seamless loop playback option, which makes it really easy splice end bits off until you get the absolute perfect play over. Audacity probably has something similar I imagine, but again, I just prefer Goldwave, likely just out of habit. It's hard when you get really used to one piece of software and then try and get used to another one.
<<10287 <namefag runs closed-source software on a closed-source platform >>10302 no problem. whatever it is that you're working on, post it here when you're done
>>10305 Here you are. Fifteen hours of Serbia Strong. It is 820MB so I made a torrent. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5A70A519056059D9CCDB33DC0D23130F3ABD3504&dn=serbia_strong_15hr.mp3&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3a1337%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.opentrackr.org%3a1337%2fannounce Please tell me if it doesn't work and I'll create a mega.nz account instead.
>>10308 Just loop it. Doing that will waste bandwidth and make your traffic have a Serbian pattern.
>>10311 >Just loop it. I will do that next. I am playing it on an MP3 player and almost no players have seemless playback so it is easiest to just create the loop on the PC. The shorter version is below. I want to make an app for it. I will need a single loop of the instrumental (probably about 30-45 seconds) with no glitches. A good app would have a timer function so that it plays during the specified days and times. An advanced functionality would be to specify the volume at each playing time also. The app should only play Serbia Strong because this is the only song that needs to be looped in this manner at the moment. I will call it Serbia Strong because this is a nice positive name. 5 minutes 23 seconds https://mega.nz/file/Mg8ESaAC#CNtA5QaRNU9g-xWjIXfg7BEXpUzQg7joUeP8M5JBFTQ 15 hours https://mega.nz/file/o9dUVAia#Wx_eTDpZhmHDtr_oVyryHP9uaPMU-i8c8gIUKz7zpwM To create a file of your desired length in Audacity, open Audacity, File->Open to open the .wav file, Ctrl-A to select all, Effect->Repeat and enter the desired number of repeats, File->Export->Export as MP3. OR I think you can just create the loop in Audacity and play it straight from there.
>>10312 Why on earth would you want to listen to the same audio loop for 15 straight hours? That seems more like a form of torture than a form of enjoyment.
>>10317 >Why on earth would you want to listen to the same audio loop for 15 straight hours? Where did I say that it was for me? >That seems more like a form of torture than a form of enjoyment. It does seem that way, doesn't it.
>>10308 dont u have a loop function m8??
>>10282 >>10283 >>10286 >>10287 >>10302 Don't act like niggers. ffmpeg can do it in under a minute. One liner: youtube-dl -x --audio-format mp3 http://linktovideo -o "music.mp3";for a in {1..1000};do echo "file 'music.mp3'" >>looplist.txt;done;ffmpeg -t 1234 -f concat -i looplist.txt -c copy -t 1234 looped.mp3 Downloads video & uses ffmpeg to extract audio into mp3 format. Creates a file(looplist.txt) with a list of the music file to loop, 1000 lines (assuming the total time of 1000 copies of the music.mp3 is longer than the duration you want, if not - increase it). Then use ffmpeg to concatenate the 1000 copies of the file, but only cut out 1234 seconds of it. Save as looped.mp3.
(139.06 KB 680x805 praisekek.jpg)
Thank you all. This stage of the mission was a success. A serenade of three days duration at near full volume on a full set of hired concert speakers culminated in the playing of a certain fully beloved live stream at full volume. The neighbors loved it. It would have been heard for a mile. If it doesn't constitute a warning then nothing does. Now we move onto the next stage of the mission. KEK MUST REIGN


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