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Ideas for creating a deep web image board Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 00:45:58 No. 9963
We should create an image board on the deep web. The name should be "oneechan". It should have absolutely no rules except that everyone must post as "anonymous". No one's identifying information should be required, recorded, or posted, there are no mods or admins, anyone may delete any post, including those they did not make themselves. Allowing anyone's post to be deleted by anyone else decentralizes moderation and it would be interesting to see how this system plays out in the future, you may have your predictions on this idea, but try to hold onto them until you see an actual example and what becomes of it. It might be better on reality than you though it would be. To conserve space and promote the constant posting of new content, there should be no category pages, each board have one page of threads, which are displayed on the page as just the OP and latest post. Any threads which fall off the bottom of the page are deleted in their entirety, there are no archives being kept, and no way to access a thread that has been removed (BTW, the exact same goes for all deleted posts). Original posts may have a maximum of two files and twice as many characters as a post in a pre-existing thread, which are limited to one file and half as many characters. There will be boards, the boards will be the same ones you see on 4chan, with two differences, first, unlike 4chan, there will be no worksafe boards, all of these boards are unmodded and thus not safe for work, second, there will be no flash or upload boards, due to the concerns for security and the limitations of the deep web, anyway, hete is the board list: /3/ - 3DCG /a/ - Anime & Manga /aco/ - Adult Cartoons /adv/ - Advice /an/ - Animals & Nature /asp/ - Alternative Sports /b/ - Random /bant/ - International/Random /biz/ - Business & Finance /c/ - Anime/Cute /cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL /ck/ - Food & Cooking /cm/ - Cute/Male /co/ - Comics & Cartoons /d/ - Hentai/Alternative /diy/ - Do-It-Yourself /e/ - Ecchi /fa/ - Fashion /fit/ - Fitness /g/ - Technology /gd/ - Graphic Design /gif/ - Adult GIF /h/ - Hentai /hc/ - Hardcore /hm/ - Handsome Men /hr/ - High Resolution /i/ - Oekaki /ic/ - Artwork/Critique /his/ - History & Humanities /int/ - International /jp/ - Otaku Culture /k/ - Weapons /lit/ - Literature /lgbt/ - LGBT /m/ - Mecha /mlp/ - Pony /mu/ - Music /news/ - Current News /n/ - Transportation /o/ - Auto /out/ - Outdoors /p/ - Photography /po/ - Papercraft & Origami /pol/ - Politically Incorrect /qst/ - Quests /r/ - Adult Requests /r9k/ - ROBOT9001 /s4s/ - Shit 4chan Says /s/ - Sexy Beautiful Women /sci/ - Science & Math /soc/ - Cams & Meetups /sp/ - Sports /t/ - Torrents /tg/ - Traditional Games /toy/ - Toys /trash/ - Off-topic /trv/ - Travel /tv/ - Television & Film /u/ - Yuri /v/ - Video Games /vg/ - Video Game Generals /vip/ - Very Important Posts /vp/ - Pokémon /vr/ - Retro Games /w/ - Anime/Wallpapers /wg/ - Wallpapers/General /wsg/ - Worksafe GIF /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests /x/ - Paranormal /y/ - Yaoi In order to prevent the imageboard from being overrun by spammers and off-topic posting, while also allowing an environment that is truly "no rules", and which guarantees complete anonymity, privacy, and security, the following system should be in place. Threads may be started with either a subject, text entry, or a file upload (or some combination of the three), and the same goes for making posts in threads, there is a character limit, and the user will be able to see the limit as well as how many characters they have made and have left (similar to this site). To incentivize the creation of new threads, original posts may have up.to two files and have a maximum character limit that is twice as many as a post in a pre-existing thread, which are limited to only one file and whose max character limit is half of that of an OP. Starting up threads and posting in threads will always require a simple alphanumeric catatcha to be filled out, and there will always be a waiting period between posts, the capatcha and waiting period will be 60% longer for original posts, and the waiting period will increase by 40% every time a new post is made. The rules for deleting posts will be the exact same as the rules for making a new thread. Lots of interesting ideas but i think they could be made better, I think they need some outside insight to refine them. What do you like? What needs changing (and how should it be changed)? What concerns do you have? Do you think the idea is good at all? Etc. Try to be constructive.
>>10141 It was a really retarded idea, BO plz delete this thread, I've done my research and dun learn'd me sometin' 'bout getting mah dum idears
(1.17 KB 105x41 SAGE.png)
>>10193 >doesn't like thread >doesn't sage Thread gets bumped generating more attention
(119.81 KB 893x1155 1572400568485.jpg)
>>9963 fuck off coomer
>>9963 pedos get the rope
>>9963 There already is one zw3crggtadila2sg.onion
>>10220 indeed they should, then they'd stop posting CP, and this idea would be much better (and more popular).
>>10222 good, lets swarm this place en masse, get endchan in on it too, claim it as our own. it already has lazy mods and low traffic, it's as good a target as any.
(58.18 KB 630x380 AAAAAAAAAAA.png)
>>10219 c c cooo c cooo c c c COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
(31.90 KB 180x180 AAAAAA.png)
>>10257 His name is probably William. Filipino and Aussie half breed. Spams boards constantly, has no life. Delete. Sage. Ignore. Malkin-Wigger.
(19.53 KB 379x364 _.jpg)
>>10264 >he gives undeniable proof of having no life >calls other people no-life
>>10193 to >>10266 delete. rebin
>here are no mods or admins, anyone may delete any post, including those they did not make themselves. Ковальщик, ты решил, что твой юномочач окажется более востребованным в англоязычном интернете? Разочарую: такой очкопиздюк как ты не нужен нигде.
>>10309 Oh shit, looks like i forgot to toggle säge. Sorry.
>>9963 make it yourself, cuck.
just general question will the deep web provide me with any interesting experience I can't get in the clearnet (not talking about cp), am I missing out on anything?
>>10553 No, if not looking for illegal shit, your not missing much at all. The few sites that are not into cp, drugs, hookers, and gun, are mostly schizo tinfoil hat shit. I am sure there is one or two legit sites dealing with tech and government surveillance, but finding shit is hit and miss for the most part.
there is a bunch of sites like this on the deep web already, they quickly get filled with child porn and hit with dos attacks. you woyld think this is one of those good ideas, but no, it fucking sucks and you are retarded.
>>9985 Anonymity goes hand in hand with free speech. If you say shit the government, police or surveillance agencies disagrees with, you have a lower chance of disappearing the morning after. >>10059 I can't tell if it's bait or you are absurdly stupid. NordVPN was hacked and people didn't know about it until much much later. https://www.bestvpn.co/nordvpn-hacked/ Ironically, it was only fixed after someone from outside the company reported it! Free software is inherently more secure because it is audited constantly by a great amount of people. It's not as if someone can look at the source code and take you Club Penguin password. Even if the government finds a vulnerability in Tor it will be fixed quickly. Imagine this, would you rather have a lock that is designed to be hard to understand so other companies wouldn't make their own version it and sometimes it just changes which is supposed to make it more secure but no one knows if it does or a lock that a shitload of people use, everyone can see how it works but when people find a way to pick it, the lock changes to be more resistant to these attacks or sometimes closes that attack vector entirely. In the real world, of course, locks don't update automatically. But many lock companies send the locks to professional lock pickers to find vulnerabilities and report them, even if one of the lock pickers doesn't report it, in hopes of using it later, someone else probably will, the end result is that these locks are overall more secure. >>10079 even LOLing can't hide your pain.
(30.55 KB 400x400 1584067991896.jpg)
>>10554 so not worth it I guess don't worry, I'll try anyway. wanted to buy some psychedelic drugs maybe
I think the idea is good, but for the issue that no one but pedophiles use Tor. Despite the kike-loving developers, It's a place with a huge potential for the dissident right of we actually began using it, it's a place we can use to organize, and get our shit together, with much less fear of our government. Like i said, anyone could remove any post or thread they don't like, if enough pro-whites used the site from the outset in order to immediately delete the pedos and make up the majority of the site's content, all the issues we face will not cause the site to become overabundant with CP-posters and die as a result, the trick is to somehow figure out a way to get the people who we want onto the site in large enough numbers to prevent the cancer from growing. I think another issue is that we insist on national socialism as part of our vetting requirements, I, for one, don't exactly now what set of policies you refer to as "national socialist" and a lot of other potential recruits do not know as well, those who become advocates of the white people are not the type to sign up to an ideology they do not fully know of (and since the natsoc of the modern day is not a 1:1 with the natsoc of 1940's germany, they cannot simply read mein kampf to find out). nonetheless, they are steadfastly in favor of the white race and it's prosperity, they know at least some of the issues that face this people and do think they need to be addressed. I bring this up because perhaps we are too selective about who we can call "brother", right now we need anyone who unironically fights for the interests of the white gentiles and their children. No matter what political ideology they may otherwise subscribe to, the twin traits of only taking natsocs and unwilling to describe in detail what set of policies a natsoc society has, is going to ensure a permanently dwindling number of recruits. Either you can think about what's essential in an ally and go for that (essential meaning to ask yourself "what is the one issue or trait that is most important here?" and only recruiting on that basis, recognizing that you are, indeed, desperate for whatever allies you can get for your cause right now), or actually explain the full extent of what it means to be natsoc (the full consequences of natsoc gaining power over a country) before asking people to sign up to it, or you can do both. Also, get /pol/cks and /pol/-types to start using Tor, despite the shittiness of the devs, get them to realize it;'s a good tool for circumventing the LEA and other alphabet soups and communicating with fellow dissidents. The image board idea is not the issue, the issue is pro-white online community in general, it prevents us from making the numbers of active people we need to make this imageboard work. Blaming the imageboard idea is a deflection from the true underlying problems our movement is facing that cause such a plan to be destined to failure. At the very lesast, we need to get our asses on Tor and make some onion site that caters to our type of mindset, (or specific subtype if you still feel that total conformity, exclusivity, and high standards is still the way to go).
>>10552 Believe me, I would if I could, I lack the basic thing I'd need to make this happen: - I have no clue as to how to do this - I have no skills or talent for technology and doubt my ability to make the site and have it be secure - I lack money, like any money at all, I have no means of getting money, and I'm not interested in collecting donations, either - I think a job like this is best done by a team instead of a single individual, and I lack anyone who would be willing to work on this project (with me or alone) - lastly, I proposed this idea on the clearnet, this even if I fulfilled all of the above requirements, I am a terrible person to actually make the site, it;'s better tat someone comes across the idea and puts it into action without saying anything, anywhere, that could possibly be used to trace the site to themselves. The ideal creator of this site is not me, it's someone with no data trail connecting them to the site, someone with the needed money and skills, and someone with a loyal and dedicated team willing to work with him to give this experiment the best chances of success they could possibly have. >why post any of this here then? well, because the success of this site relies upon something else, and which has an importance that cannot be stressed enough: to prevent the site from being overtaken by pedofags and dying out, the site requires that it has a large and active demographic of users from places such as this, people who know the original purpose of the site, and who set the cultural standards for the site. these guys must also ensure that the site is known and has a lot of traffic from the right kind of anons. coming here with the details is one of the best ways to make something like this happen. Idea guys make things happen, without us, no anon on any imageboard would have ever done anything except fap to chinese cartoons and piss and moan about the jews taking over. if we propose something as an idea guy, it's because we for one reason or another, cannot make it a reality by themselves, all meaningful -chan action is collective and collaborative, there is nothing without us, but we need you just as much as you need us, with no team, we have no ability to actualize our visions, and without us, you will have nothing to do with your potential.
>>9963 >anyone may delete any post, including those they did not make themselves I guarentee that this rule will fuck up the board so bad
>>10725 I think we can mitigate the damage by making it real tough to spam deletions
>>10725 I don't think there would be a problem, we could do things like use capatcha, force an IP to wait increasingly longer turns every deletion, make both of these worse for deleting threads rather than posts (or maybe require multiple users to delete the same thread to remove it - which varies depending upon the number of posts by unique IPs in the thread - something like "vote to delete thread? = 1 our of 2 votes to deletion", something like that).


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