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(35.24 KB 564x823 1566050898368.jpg)
Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 15:44:08 No. 9835
>pedochan, modded by a tranny dead fuck off to somewhere else faggot
>>9837 >EDENCHAN WTF is edenchan?
>>9839 It's dead, got shut down after being flooded with "child models", and BO deleted 99% but decided to leave some of it up because "my freezepeach".
(62.83 KB 609x445 Pedos_-_Spiderman_-_01.jpg)
(59.33 KB 640x480 Pedos_-_Safe_Place.jpg)
(40.96 KB 500x500 Pedos_-_Diner.jpg)
(42.74 KB 537x513 Pedos_-_Rape_Clown.jpg)
>>9840 Yeah, I'm all for "free speech", but I'm also all for "context matters" and if the intended context of your "free speech" is to enable, support or proliferate the normalization of pedophilia, a mental illness... yeah you can go shave your neck laterally. I support "free speech"... but I do not support mental illness. Crazy people need to be kept under control. You do not let the inmates run the asylum under the banner of "freedom for all".
>>9843 >I'm all for "free speech" I am too, but pornography isn't speech at all. Because it dosen't express anything. "Nigger" might be considered an obnoxious word, but it's still expressing something. A video of someone sucking dick isn't express anything. It's not art, it's solely there for people to masturbate to.
>>9844 >Because it dosen't express anything. >it's solely there for people to masturbate to You're contradicting yourself there. The expression of porn is sexual arousal. It is media explicitly designed to cause sexual arousal... and that is a form of expression. ...maybe not an especially high form of expression... but a form of expression nonetheless.
>>9845 >The expression of porn is sexual arousal. Giving people boners isn't expression. Is prostitution art? Are camwhores artists?
>>9846 Yes, it is a form of expression. Sexual excitation is an emotion, creating something designed to illicit that emotion is a form of expression. Just as you write a book or make a movie or paint a piece of art to try and illicit emotional responses... the exact same thing is done using porn. Arousal is an emotion. It's no different than hate, fear, excitement, intrigue, wonder, bewilderment, confusion, love, lust, disgust, etc, etc, etc. Emotional expression is expression... again, not necessarily the highest form of expression, but... no, no I think, in humans... it actually might be ~the~ highest form of expression. It's like the old adage, "sex sells"... it's the reason why sexualized content is used prolifically in advertisements... because sexualization ~is~ the highest form of expression in humans. Because humans are sexual beings, much of our inherent, baseline nature is deeply rooted in sexualization in such a way that nothing, literally NOTHING attracts our attention more than sex. So no, you are completely and totally wrong to the point of actually being in direct contradiction to your own human nature. ...maybe you've got a medical problem dude. Do your balls not work? You should probably go see a doctor.


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