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(91.08 KB 639x463 1577928333086.jpg)
Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 14:53:49 No. 9545
How did you find this site
>>11221 not him and i don't know how comprehensive it is, but bvffalo.land is pretty good
found this site in a jewgle search for Terry Davis. RIP in pieces ya glowie
>>9545 >>9545 searched image board on ddg. lol i got banned on 4chan
>>9545 searched imageboard on ddg
I saw the link in an FBI field office report.
I was looking for a place to post stories about retards i had without getting fucking mogged by (((captchas))), also found a good /pol/ here too
(266.07 KB 1673x2160 1595111597399.png)
This (pic related) but i like this place the way it is now, maybe i can post some good stuff
>>15667 From 4chan to here
>>15667 Welcome newfag
>>15667 s-so that pic means... hitler was right all along??? thanks anon, you showed me the light
(27.10 KB 112x112 453bb0b8b008fe2_112112.gif)
(156.89 KB 1508x892 EYSf63WU4AE8DWw.jpg)
>>9545 was looking for a replacement chan because the resurgence of 8kun glows harder than the sauce mongrels abducting moo machines.
>>9545 I legit don't remember. Been here for a while though. Since the beginning. I think somebody mentioned it on 4chan or something.
by typing in cuckchan in search engines.
>>9545 Well 4x2 so on so on
Got a permaban from the weak ass cucks at 4Chan so I'm shopping around for a new home.
>>16171 No faggotry and you're welcome here
I'm slowly ruining Null's reputation by getting my legion of moms to fall in love with the noble man who stands up for special needs kids and adults.
got banned for "off topic" on 4cuck so i migrated here
reddit :3
Putting 2 and 2 together...
>>16411 please fuck off then
Can someone post some images with 16chan.xyz so I can advertise on quality threads on 4chan?
>>9555 Wait, can I really torpost here?
>>9545 Going through all the chans


no cookies?