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>>8136 use /b/ for faggotry like this
>>8147 this is b faggot
>>8161 e1282c (1) newfag, the post was moved to b
(273.12 KB 2048x2048 stop it.png)
>>8136 THIS IS EXTREMELY RELATED. 4CHAN,8KUN, and ENDCHAN ALL CENSOR THIS INFORMATION. MULTIPLE CHANS I POSTED THIS ON WERE ATTACKED BY SHILLS USING VARIOUS TACTICS AND WERE DESTROYED OR SHUT DOWN TO PREVENT THE SPREAD OF THIS INFORMATION. I heard that some people tried to post this on voat.co (a reddit alternative) and they were also shut down/censored/banned meaning that voat.co is also a compromised rulecucked hellhole that does not support freedom of speech regardless of what anyone says. It seems to be just as bad as reddit, if not even worse because users are under the false impression that it's "better". some have often said that they think it's a honeypot because people who love freedom of speech believe that they are in good company, when in fact they are not. The satanic illuminati globalist deep state wants to destroy all chans and any websites that have freedom of speech Hello all anonymous 1st amendment supporters and welcome to the holocaust of the image boards! The deep state wants us gone, but we say "NO!" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE TAKE NOTE: I DO NOT CONDONE ANY HATE OR VIOLENCE OR CRIMINAL/ILLEGAL ACTIVITY IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. THIS THREAD IS STRICTLY PHILOSOPHICAL AND METAPHORICAL IN NATURE, AND FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. IF ANYONE MAKES ANY THREATS OR IMPLIES INTENT TO COMMIT CRIMES OR VIOLENCE, OR ATTEMPTS TO CONVINCE OTHERS TO DO SO, OR ANYONE BREAKS U.S. LAW, REPORT THEM TO THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY. >There are good and bad people of every kind. There are some good leftists and liberals out there, and yes, there do exist corrupt conservatives. Nothing is perfect, and Nobody is perfect. I'm not talking about the good people here, I'm only talking about the bad ones, whoever they may be. God bless the good people no matter what race or gender or religion or political background they are. This whole thread is essentially just talking about the worst of the worst problems so that the good people can be aware and be safe from lies and deception. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They want to do this because chans by their very existence support the 1st amendment. The 1st amendment (Freedom of Speech) in many ways protects the 2nd amendment (Guns) The 2nd amendment protects the people from those who want to take our freedom, lives, and rights away. The deep state doesn't hate freedom of speech or guns (that much). They hate us. People who are free. They hate the United States of America. freedom of speech and guns are just "in the way" it's just a very frustrating inconvenience for them.
(1.36 MB 1512x4472 733254372.png)
Therefor the deep state sends shills to all chans to post horrible illegal things to get them shut down, or spam them, or datamine them by creating multiple shitty threads that all ask their own question so that they can cross reference the data and create a profile on users by discovering their strengths and weaknesses, and their hopes and their fears, or they spread intentionally misleading false information (disinformation) to dumb people down and lead them on the wrong path, or they try to create infighting using divide and conquer tactics until everyone hates each other for no reason. The way you stop it from happening is make yourself aware of the truth. Immunize yourself from lies with the truth. I know why they do it, I know how they do it, and I'm going to tell you everything I know so that we can stop them simply by not believing their lies or falling victim to their tactics. UNITED WE ARE STRONG. THE SATANIC DEEP STATE'S POWER BEGINS WITH YOUR CONSENT. REPEAT AFTER ME: "I DO NOT CONSENT". NO. https://invidio.us/watch?v=Vy7RaQUmOzE https://invidio.us/watch?v=BKoalZCSMPE Thank you GOD for guiding us to the truth GOD BLESS AMERICA GOD BLESS TRUMP GOD BLESS Q GOD BLESS FREEDOM OF SPEECH GOD BLESS GUNS GOD BLESS ALL THOSE WHO ARE TRUTH GOD SAVE ALL GOOD SOULS Thank you all the good people in the USA and in the entire world who strive for the truth. GOD please stop all evil. WISDOM FOR ALL WHO WISH TO LEARN https://archive.is/waMfX/135dfbb5581554ab5069fdaf70afbcd0d386b0b0.png https://archive.is/6xrQB/88d453529d2afddb984fc0e30d1090a6a99f6ce2.png https://archive.is/SF7De/4060980cf157e7a266f8a5b712bb221ee9e3e615.png https://archive.is/vTctn#1726 THE BEST IS YET TO COME: http://www.youtubemultiplier.com/5e4c189f36bb1-the-best-is-yet-to-come.php
>>8281 >>8282 Actually you know what, have archives of everything so I don't have to repost it all. VERY IMPORTANT AND RELEVANT. Thread archive1 https://archive.fo/G8iab#2918 Thread archive2 https://archive.ph/JBqOt religion image archive https://archive.fo/AEGAd
>>8289 never mind the website is giving me a headache and I can't delete because it's "flooding" to delete ONE post. what the fuck
>>8283 You need to take your fuckin lithium, Nutjob. Or go get your thyroid checked. Are the glow in the dark CIA niggers gang stalking you?
>>8292 What's with and Lithium? You mention it alot; are you trying to get some or is it just a memory of your dad's medicine cabnient?
(105.36 KB 1000x600 ALOT.png)
>>8300 Reference you won't get...
>>8304 Lithium is a real drug drumbles
>>8305 Missed yourself a bus there, Poser Class.
Lithium, as in the song by the Nirvana, duh. Jeez, get some taste, Umbles.
>>8292 >You need to take your fuckin lithium, Nutjob. Or go get your thyroid checked. Are the glow in the dark CIA niggers gang stalking you? >I must discredit everything I disagree with, especially high truth deep red pills >I must call everything I disagree with, or don't want others to know about "schizo" or "spam" >here I will play the "you're crazy" card so nobody reads what you posted >t.shill pathetic everybody I do this for you. Even for you shills. You can wake up too. God save you
>>8569 You grossly overestimate my influence on humans. Every last one of you pathetic meandering little rocks has free will, so whether I say something is crazy or spam or whatever doesn't magically mitigate every randos ability to make decisions and discern shit for themselves. That said, I do feel fairly confident in assuming that, most people, in general... probably see you as a stark raving lunatic in desperate need of a psychiatric intervention. I'm genuinely serious abut the thyroid thing tho... you need to go and get that shit checked out.
>>8651 >You grossly overestimate my influence on humans. Every last one of you pathetic meandering little rocks has free will, so whether I say something is crazy or spam or whatever doesn't magically mitigate every randos ability to make decisions and discern shit for themselves. No... You want me to underestimate you. You clearly don't value your efforts as minimal or useless or you wouldn't bother making the effort to try to fool others into not paying attention to the truth in the first place. The fact that you do what you do is evidence that you believe that it has an effect.
>>8311 That song is about religion and nowhere in it does he say "take your lithium". It does relate to you though, you have many friends and they are all in your head. Including me and your whole website all within your head.
>>8742 Nice Kafkatrapping.
>>8282 >qshit >makes no fucking sense It checks out.
(148.43 KB 1630x790 8c65051ce6368b21.jpg)
(303.54 KB 1408x1163 f8fa98303bcf8c7e.jpg)
>>9668 Most of that Q shit revolves around apophenic inferences, similar to "Bible Codes" or cold reading or astrology... your basic Texas sharpshooter style Barnum effects. Basically with any sufficiently large enough data set you can easily draw an infinite number of false conclusions, due largely to the curse of dimensionality. Most of the people who are easily tricked with such tactics are those often suffering from psychiatric disorders, some mild enough that they're still largely functional in society. Often times that mental deficiency is a result of ancillary medical problems as well, whether it's a vitamin B12 deficiency (found most often in Vegans) or thyroid issues or maybe they just ate too many lead paint chips as a child. Of course sometimes it's just natural stupidity. We're not all born equal and it can easily get worse with added upbringing and education (or lack thereof). If you take someone who is already low IQ and then flunk them along through public schooling (rather than putting them in a special education class)... yeah, it winds up breeding a very unique sort of stupidity... a very dangerous stupidity. I get the reason why they did it of course, I mean trying to educate trainables with special teachers and special classes just to get them marginally functional in society is an incredible cost burden, but shoveling those kids into regular classrooms under the banner of progressiveness and then later into "charter schools" was NOT an ideal solution. The really sticky issue as far as I'm concerned is with trolling. Trolling is a art of course, but if trolling is done by playing off mental psychosis rather than genuine gaffes, has it gone too far? Is Q breaking Formosa's Law?
(108.12 KB 982x960 bikecuck-france.jpg)
>>9669 i thought you mentioned something along the lines of there being no universal morality in the past. in that case, nothing can go too far. even if the Q larper could reasonably verify himself and admit to his swindle, not all schizos subscribed to it would back down. my personal belief is that it is wrong to exploit retards. i hate lolcow harassment campaigns, but i'm not very fond of lolcows themselves either. i don't know a good solution without violating the crazies' rights and setting bad precedents
>>9671 I'm not really on any particular side of the fence, I tend to take a more nuanced approach to things. I also think that sometimes it's better to rethink yourself. For example, on the one hand you could say, "I'm not going to do it because I think it's unethical." But, for myself, I'm more inclined to say something like, "I'm not going to do it because there's no challenge, it's like shooting fish in a barrel." It's the SAME action, but the REASONING is different. That's why I try and avoid pure moralistic arguments because... they're lazy and often don't hold up well. It's like saying, "Don't do this thing because it's illegal." That sounds good in theory... except when you factor in people who do illegal shit on purpose, people who ~want~ to do illegal shit, or people who try and justify doing illegal shit. That's why, saying something isn't moral isn't really much better than saying something is illegal, neither makes a very good argument on the whole. It used to be a bit different in that the greater whole of society was more religious and, as such, you could use moralistic arguments, but that adherence was largely a product of FEAR rather than any genuine sense of logic or reasoning. The whole... "be moral or you risk going to hell"... morality through fear can be effective at curbing certain actions... but it's not a tactic that holds much weight in "current year" in the society in which we live. When it comes to my particular brand of trolling I'd say I focus more on the morality of the one being trolled, rather than any sense of morality within myself. I tend to want to do bad things to bad people. A destructive lolcow with no remorse and no interest at all in bettering themselves, who continually doubles and even triples down in their stupidity will get absolutely no pity from me, regardless of their mental state. Take, say, Chris Chan for example... he's obviously borderline retarded, but beyond that... Chris is a terrible person. I mean I've known or met several dozen retarded people in my lifetime and... none of them ever acted like Chris does. So in his case, if people want to troll the shit out of him... yeah, I don't much care. I don't think it's particularly noteworthy or any sort of challenge to troll the little idiot... but I'm not going to begrudge anyone who does... unless they're like an A-Log type trying to deflect attention away from their own shortcomings. The other thing I usually take into consideration is self-awareness. Like you can do weird, crazy, spazzy, stupid shit and... so long as you recognize that it's weird, crazy, spazzy, stupid shit... yeah, not gonna bother with trolling someone like that. But if you take someone who is doing weird, crazy, spazzy stupid shit and they're actively trying to normalize it or inflict it upon the masses or they take it waaaaaay too seriously... yeaaaaah, I'm gonna troll the shit out of them. Just on a general level I don't like people who take shit too seriously, but then you combine that sort of thinking with obvious satire, parody, irony and absurdity... and it's like someone just walked into the room and took a great big fuckin dump right on the floor. There are few things that truly offend me, but absurdists trying to take themselves seriously, effectively destroying the entire nature and fun of being an absurdist... yeah that annoys the hell out of me. Same thing with people who act like a spaz. Like the difference between someone who likes to watch a little anime, a TITular "man of culture" if you will... and some stupid fuckin weeb ass dipshit who treats it like a gawd damn religion. Back in the day, when Formosa's Law was most actively recognized, it was largely used in relation to "support groups". Like, it was okay to make fun of suicide let's say... but not ~in~ a suicide support group. The moral consideration I think, at the time, was centered less on the individual and more on the locale. The "current year" problem with that though is Meepsheep's Law... where, for example, /pol/ boards were once largely based on ironic/absurdist shit posting... but have since become gathering places of insane nutballs. And, as such, is it really a good idea to continue ironic/absurdist shit posting in such a transformed environment? Personally... I think no. In general most people would probably find it immoral and on a personal level I tend to see it more as "bad form".
(64.65 KB 642x373 Trolls - Troll Harder.jpg)
(51.47 KB 470x600 trolling.jpg)
(63.39 KB 642x1083 Trolls - Me Is Back.png)
There are other trolling philosophies that can be considered as well of course, for example The Portal of Evil had a very strict "non interference" Star Trek style. That is, they could document and mock a particular kook or lolcow from afar, but any level of active or direct engagement with the subject was prohibited UNLESS they came to the board and, even then, engagement wasn't to ever be pursued beyond the site. Which is somewhat similar to the "net abuser" concept during the 90s, when trolling was considered acceptable only when it remained online and anyone who deviated and went "RL" on someone was then branded as a "net abuser" rather than as a troll. And, at the time, being branded as a "net abuser" was like the ultimate badge of shame. Like being worse than scum. Worse than any kook/lolcow. These days though crossing the RL line is par for the course, it's typically expected and considered standard trolling behavior. There's also Mike Reed's perspective where... everyone is a troll... https://www.politicsforum.org/flame-warriors/
(35.39 KB 380x295 guns don't kill people.jpg)


no cookies?