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(5.84 KB 275x183 download.jpeg)
Howdy MyHeartGoesToYouMama 12/12/2019 (Thu) 18:21:48 No. 3716
Howdy retards
(313.27 KB 720x540 The_Gayest_Image_Ever.jpg)
I searched for my data archive for "the gayest thing ever" and this is what it came up with for you... which is only marginally more gay than what you posted... marginally.
That's literally gay My post is just Epic
This is now the faggot thread.
(9.18 KB 275x183 download (1).jpeg)
I love this this thread
(144.98 KB 450x600 OP_faggot-card.png)
(411.80 KB 1584x2016 Gay - StopTheFags.jpg)
(120.39 KB 875x875 Gays - ViceLasers.jpg)
(60.81 KB 720x699 Gays - SillyFaggot.jpg)
(546.83 KB 500x375 Gays - lol_nigga_you_gay.png)
(50.40 KB 500x631 Gays - soccer men.jpg)
(61.26 KB 604x453 Funny - Gay - Wp6Iw.jpg)
(253.41 KB 540x720 Captions - Don't Get The Gay!.jpg)
(25.00 KB 500x300 Text - Gay Apparel.jpg)
(49.29 KB 800x800 Gay_Nazi_Symbol.jpg)
(21.68 KB 637x222 Packet_Loss.png)
At the moment, there is nothing gayer than (autism) Spectrum's Internet service... which has collectively shit itself across Washington, Oregon, Texas and possibly a few other states. You can surf, but can't play any online games... streaming is out too, unless you want it to look like an old 80s era VHS tape run through a washing machine six or eight times.
(54.60 KB 610x618 Funny - Gay - Yearbook-fag.jpg)
(158.96 KB 375x500 Poodle_fag.jpg)
(24.69 KB 278x398 You're A Fag.jpg)
Time to bump the gay thread!
(186.81 KB 488x500 Gay Ranchero.jpg)
(59.41 KB 425x685 Quite A Fashionable Man.jpg)
(25.63 KB 500x375 Surprise Gay.jpg)
(52.75 KB 640x455 Rather Gay Beer Bong.jpg)
(54.53 KB 414x600 Rainbow Faerie.jpg)
Time to ball bump the gay thread!
>>3716 It's /b/tards, faggot
(306.18 KB 800x1200 Dont be gay.jpg)
(85.91 KB 850x568 Top gun maverick.jpg)
Getting Gay with it.
Onideus, you have the most normie/boomer sense of humor I've ever seen on an image board.
>>8084 Well I'm just glad that ~one~ of us cares. Seriously, how does it feel to pretend that I give a shit what you think of my humor? And by humor I of course mean mocking condescension and cynical sarcasm... which is pretty much as Gen X as it possibly gets, you out of touch tweenage muppet fuck.
>>8085 I just realized you have very feminine mannerisms. Your rhetoric kind of reminds of Chelsea Lately and talk show womens. You can stick around, though. I will allow it.
>>8086 Is the part where I'm supposed to give you a participation trophy? I swear the more you post the more I feel compelled to track down your idiot, neglectful parents so I can send them a bill for my online babysitting services.
>>8087 How do you feel about VHS, though?
>>8088 I'm pretty sure you have to have been born after 2010 to think that VHS is a boomer thing. Where exactly are your parents? Do you need the number for child protective services? Because, seriously, I'll give it to ya.
(23.71 KB 278x339 Fag Sweater.jpg)
(72.91 KB 450x471 Gigantic Fagotto.jpg)
(51.41 KB 561x704 Road Head.jpg)
(171.06 KB 600x800 Wat.jpg)
Time to butt bump the homo thread!
(83.72 KB 750x600 Golly.jpg)
(54.95 KB 512x384 Judge Fudge.jpg)
(60.60 KB 461x568 Faggot Tree.jpg)
(71.29 KB 640x480 I'm Bored.jpg)
(923.31 KB 1024x878 CWlspT1UAAEWkEO.jpg)


no cookies?