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(1.34 MB 844x1000 soldiers.gif)
Anonymous 01/11/2021 (Mon) 00:09:49 No. 17926
I believe 16chan is gaining more users, seems to be a bit more alive lately. I am happy about this because I like this site better than 4chan. If it had like 100 more regular users it'd be perfect.
>>18032 >hated hatred*
(49.78 KB 720x960 floor cat.jpg)
>>18026 It's bots and leftist mods that allow their friends to run bots.
>>18032 we complain about 4chan because of the reddit-trannies NPC normies and government agents destroying everything with their bait and psy ops. I dont come here saying "haha drumpf lost, accept it incels" I dont come here saying "you anti vaxxxers are luddities" Im on your side remember? I WANT you to cheat vaccinations. I dont want to make fun of you or bait you. Now, why dont you give newcommers a chance, as long as we dont start making bait threads and posting furry porn.
>>18037 The post I responded to was "Are you gatekeeping" And though it wasn't directed at me, I answered, yes. The reason is simple. Because we have seen this present cycle countless times already >Some newfag stumbles in through the door >Gee this place is really nice and not full of faggotry >Let me start to shit up the place >>17928 peepoo peepoo retarded shit hahahahaha >0 replies >Gee nobody even replied to my thread >I need to goto back to 4chan and shill this place so the other 12 year olds come come here >Then shills like the one in Q/PTDDTOT right now suddenly start to show up Along comes you, announce you are new in like every other post, make a thread stating you saw "our" ad "We" didn't place an ad Of course your going to get some hate, even though you have done very little to warrant it. Honestly have little issue with you mate, other than being a little thin skinned maybe. Just relax Assume you also made new thread on /b/, looks comfy and aside from unrelated pic probably could have been on /pol/ pretty sure the last self sustaining thread slide off the board but should be in the archive
>>18040 Meh didn't see one in archive, maybe the thread I was thinking of was >>>/culture/1135
>>18040 well ok, i was angry because the other guy were hassling me yesterday. i shouldnt have sperged at you. I know what you mean by the poo poo pee pee thread, surprised it wasnt deleted.
>>18040 gosh darn it mate, i really did sperg without a reason at the wrong guy for the wrong reason. sorry for being autistic sometimes.
>>18031 dude youre a fucking retarded narcissistic faggot with zero self-awareness. i had a lot more i wanted to say to you, but i think im about done acknowledging your existence. youre throwing an endless tantrum in the hopes we will relent and say "yea ok we will just be 4chan now." if posting standards (which frankly arent that high) are so insufferable to you, why dont you fuck off to somewhere without them? you dont get to be a nigger and barge into someones house, kick your dirty feet up on the nice upholstery, break furniture until they make you kool-aid and let you fuck their daughter. you belong on imageboards as much as the ebil redditors. its very obvious you have no clue what youre getting into.
>>18042 Generally no cares about /b/, as long as it doesn't become a catalog of full of degeneracy. Its seeing decent threads slide off pol that anon's get upset about. New threads on pol are judged harshly, especially if they could have been posted in a somewhat similar existing thread. >>18044 >16chan >sperg checks out
>>18031 Kill yourself immediately.
>>18028 FUCK YOU
Stop being mean to each other
(32.97 KB 689x473 4af763omkw222.jpg)
(50.07 KB 1024x465 4af763omkw221.jpg)
>>18026 Cuckchan is run by trannies and they got worse when Cuck Morrison made the $110,000 internet butthurt feelings fine a thing late last year.
(247.73 KB 1600x1200 1535849870866.jpg)
it's just another little shit chan nobody cares about there are plenty of sites like this. This place doesn't have enough originality to survive in the long term. But it is still comfy to come here occasionally and hang out. >>18023 sadly that's what happens to every community on the internet as soon as it gains a certain amount of users. Especially true for imageboards as the fast pace discourages thoughtful posts and breeds brainfart posters, epic trolls etc.
>>18307 I meant identity. I mean there's an imageboard dedicated to otters for example I think. If I were to create an imageboard I don't even know how I would theme it. What I wanted to say was special interest imagboards are comfy.
I've been seeing tons of tiktok fags bragging about going on /b/. Im relitively new here but i was never active on 4 chan really
That's just what 16 needs, tiktok newfags
(237.77 KB 1125x1194 5MXyKY8.jpg)
>>17926 let's just hope it doesn't end up like 4 or 8. it's so fucking gay to have to bounce from one place after another
>>18409 thats what i do, just post on a bunch of altchans.
>>17926 well i got bopped from 4chan so im looking for a new interney home..i have been tryind different chans but they all seem dead..i understand none of them are going to be really populated..but would like a little back and forth...
>>18413 you will return there sadly, but the superior practice is lurking and adopting the cultures of many alternative futaba boards.
>>18413 All you spergs could have left years ago and populated 50 different sites to healthy levels.
>>18415 years ago they were six year old retards, then they were twelve year old reddit retards, then thirteen year old 4chan retards. they never had a chance. they are perpetually retarded. they are dumb fucking children raised by the department of public daycare.


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