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(178.09 KB 473x724 odin5.jpg)
So depressed Anonymous 10/12/2020 (Mon) 23:19:20 No. 16494
I'm so depressed, anons. Stress from being gangstalked has driven me to use more and more drugs and alcohol. Work not going good. Feeling suicidal. Not feeling healthy at all. Thinking about going to a hospital but idk where I'd go after that. Family doesn't give a fuck. I don't wanna give up but things are just tough rn
>>16494 Drugs and alcohol is generally not the best way to deal with these kinds of things because as St Paul says the Devil likes to come after you when you are a bit under the wind, or as some character said in some movie (Donnie Blasco maybe?) they always come for you when you're at your lowest.
>>16497 I appreciate that anon...
>>16497 They will never leave me alone, I don't think. Targeted individual, I always thought those people were schizo until it happened to me. Then I realized that is a legit thing. I hope it never happens to you or anyone else. I really wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I posted a picture of Odin but I am Christian myself. I will pray on it.
>>16494 Try stalking the gang stalkers See how they like it
>>16504 I did that one time in a Walmart it was hilarious, he was really fucking nervous
>>16507 Also they literally almost hit me with a car yesterday. Drove high speed at me while I was crossing the street and pulled up right to my legs. Fuckin scary shit
>>16494 Find a way to buy & take these pills https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quetiapine If the feeling of being stalked vanished, it was an illusion.
>>16509 I already take those for sleep. I’m not schizo btw other people have seen my gangstalkers
are you afraid of aliens? these people could be stalking you because your kundalini is rising and you might not even be able to handle it so they are scaring you back to safety but you are taking it as a personal attack its not if the powers at be wanted you dead you would be period i actually went through the same thing as you this is a glimpse of where i am now and where you could be
i actually went to the hospital but was smart enough to hide my "mental illness" and said i just wasnt feeling well this just so happen to be around the time corona was coming around i was actually losing my mind and felt like i was communicating with people telepathically and understanding other peoples thoughts what was crazy was that i was certain that all these people in society were already doing it every single day with eachother and there is a group of us who dont have these powers yet and were kind of hated or look down or or maybe thats just my own thoughts idk but if this is the matrix there is aliens alll around you in human form they have connected with their spirits guides who are probably just different versions of themselves past present and future life is insane mate and your life is just starting dont give up im struggling liek a mf too i get so angry sometimes but there is nothing to be angry about be thankful even if we are at the bottom of the galatic food chain we are being protected just dont be afraind and dont talk about suicide lol it almost gives them a reason to kill you lol
so many things are possible you could be an alien that was put under amnesia you could be a newborn alien who was put under a virtual reality since birth we could be animals hooked up to machines the entire creation could be a holographic machine and we could be one soul assuming different identitys in order to play with ourself sometimes very extremely as you can probably tell from the abusive world we live in maybe you accepted a role or character with too tough a story which is ok we all got in over our heads im assuming but the whole creation is changing and you need to be apart of it
my personal belief for this planet is that it is a virtual reality whether recreated or always was either way we are all different aliens so many many different kinds and the reason for the chaos on this planet is because too many different species of being incarnated or for all we know are just playing n alien video game for adults and we are just kids in the maturity sense but i believe everything happened at the same time i believe there is aliens who in their own reality created humans from their own intelligence i also believe there is a reality exists where humans are entering the matrix as aliens and in turn created themselves as humans like the movie inception some people wanted to live in their own creations for eternity and forgot the eternal truth we are all one we are all god and how we treat others is how we will be treated even if it takes billions and trillions of years to come back around full circle
it is forgetfulness of the self the creates pain and suffering and anxiety and even abuse i bet there is tons of aliens who unplugged and realised they were humans some accepted it some prob went crazy or rage etc some never accept the truth thats just how they are the change is coming because there is beings in every race dimension faction etc who have realised this one way or another but the problem is some people can handle and actually want abusive lives some people are proud of being tough or warrriors or jsut perverted etc some people want simple peacfull lifes both are ok the entire creation is essentially interacting with itself we just need to all treat eachother better and remain calm and out side of your thought practise not thinking at all and realising you are still ok and actually calm and peaceful and happy and not suffering when your mind is still and remind yourself that you have assumed this identity and you want to remember who you are now


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