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Masturbation makes you weak Anonymous 05/09/2020 (Sat) 21:58:36 No. 10673
>turns you into a soyboy >you're less of a man each wank/fap >porn makes you more perverted and thus less of a chance getting laid in the future and puts you on path towards whore/escorts >you'll end up being more comfortable to your hand rather when getting laid >if you do it more than once or twice a day you're gonna have mental problems in the future
(14.22 KB 444x237 beware nofap.png)
>>10673 Nofap Propaganda was not made for your self interest. No Fappers are okay with having sex, because they only look down upon those who ejaculated and/OR orgasmed (because they're that complicated in their bullshit) if they did it safely in the privacy and safety of their own company. As soon as you orgasm for sex, suddenly it's okay to them and no longer an issue. If you ask them "why is it okay to orgasm with a partnet but not okay to orgasm alone" you don't really get any real answers. The truth is that this is their chance to steal your seed and get pregnant and legally rape your bank account and ruin your life and turn you into a slave. This is the main goal. Ruin as many males lives as possible, because "Men are bad" and "Women are gods". This is what they actually believe. nofap was created by hyper leftist self hating anorexic OR obese roastie hyper-feminist misandrist social justice warrior outrage mob women with pointy glasses, too much make up, heels that are wayyyyy too high and exaggerated, and blue/green/pink dyed hair. They created nofap so that men would hate their own bodies and themselves as much as women hate their own bodies and themselves. It's basically an MK ultra psychological warfare mindfuck like the things women say at the very end of arguments that just fucks your head for a whole week. Meanwhile they contradict themselves by glorifying female sexuality, but demonizing male sexuality. These people believe that men don't have the right to enjoy the freedom of brining themselves to orgasm by natural and safe and risk free means in the privacy of their own home, and seek to shame men and make them feel depressed and miserable for doing a healthy and happy natural thing that can't result in STD's or Pregnancy. Masturbation. The end goal is that they know men are horny no matter what, so they convince them they can't fap, and then mens minds automatically rationalize that if they can't fap they must fuck, and then they bombard us with the incel insults to use peer pressure and bullying to push us into getting into a relationship and getting married to one of these "WOMYN" (not any of the unicorn rare nice ones) in order to achieve sex, because coomming in a womyn is totally different than coomming with your hand right? wrong, both ways you coomed. But then guess what, you're trapped! She's pregnant! Or maybe not, but both ways she divorce rapes you RIGHT in the fucking bank account and takes over half of all your shit, takes your healthy happy dog that you've had for years and puts him down the next day and raises your kid (while forcing you to pay child support) to become a liberal like them. if you fap, a few minutes later men are like "HAHA sex... how stupid, I don't give a fuck..."
You fap, and then suddenly everything is so clear. "Why would I ever do this?" all the confusion and haze and fog and sexual drunkness goes away in an instant. If you're ever thinking about being in a relationship with someone, excuse yourself and go fap and then come back and ask yourself "is this the same person I think I was going to be with a moment ago?" a lot of the time you will be like "whoa what the fuck, GOODBYE WITCH!" and just fucking run and don't look back. Don't pump and dump these witches either. Just steer the fuck CLEAR. It's not an honorable thing to do anyway, even if they don't have any honor. It's just not right. these satanic "womyn" and other crazy liberal leftist democrat outrage mob social justice warriors actually fear this because when men fap their "beer goggles" come RIGHT off and they see womyn for what they really are and lose interest immediately. It's scary because they actually want men to lose control, and they know what buttons to push to make men fear and worry until they are vulnerable to being raped by making them want to have sex, essentially men are having consensual sex with womyn, but in the process the man is raped. FAP. FAP LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. BECAUSE IT DOES. Let me make myself very clear here: I'm against abusive over-fapping. That's not good. I do it every once in a while, but not every single day. Make sure to take a shower right after too so you rinse out excess hormones that accumulate in the scalp after fapping and lead to hair loss. It's also helpful to fap maybe about 3 times (or less) in one day and then wait like 3 or 4 days if you can make it before fapping again so that you give your ding dong some healing time to recover. When you finally fap again it feels way better vs doing it every single day no matter what and then you can take a really special good relaxing shower right after on that day. Ask your doctor before doing this, but maybe gently apply a small amount of shea butter (unrefined is best but smells nutty and earthy but good) to your ding dong and balls and butt every day because it keeps the skin very healthy and smooth and stretchy and flexible and less prone to abrasion, and makes toilet paper burn your butt less when you rub clean. (but really you should be washing your butt with a little soap and water too after pooping, dry toilet paper doesn't do a good enough job to be honest)
Also Saw Palmetto, Maca Root (gelatinized only), and Chaste Berry is your friend. Chaste Berry has an odd reputation of lowering sex drive but I tried it and it did the exact opposite for me, but it feels really good. If I didn't like it I would probably just have stopped taking it, but it turned out nice because for me at least it's an odd increase in sex drive but you feel more in control of it, and it seems to feel better when you finally do fap. Make some smoothies with a very small (quarter teaspoon of saw palmetto powder and quarter teaspoon of Chaste berry powder and then maybe Two big tablespoons of maca root and maybe a smaller spoon of spirulina maybe with some almond or cashew milk or oat milk (just blended cashews or almonds or oats or a combination and water and you don't have to filter it if you blend it super fine and liquid consistency and maybe sweeten with molasses because I think it's one of the best) but ask your doctor first before doing anything >but anon PORN is really bad! Don't ever watch porn! Porn is out to get you! Porn is just Porn, and the same people that would have done bad things would do them anyway with or without porn. Banning porn to stop cheaters is like banning video games to stop school shooters. Most sane healthy people can tell the different between fantasy and reality, and the small group of insane people are the ones that do all the dumb shit we witness every day. Porn doesn't fuck up family units, shitty dysfunctional families that don't even know why the hell they got married and had kids and dislike each other for no reason are what fucks up family units. Just shitty people being retards for no reason because they don't know what they want. Porn is just a side effect of the fact that nobody wants to reproduce, and nobody wanting to reproduce is a side effect of much bigger problems with the society they live in, and the quality of partners available to them.
If everyone is a cunt, people don't really want to get into a relationship with them and have kids, so people get lonely and depressed (better than being together with someone evil who hates them even more than they hate themselves) and as a source of pleasure and entertainment they use porn and get some relief and clear their mind while maybe getting a small workout and then it's back to life. It's harmless, and the only thing bad about it is that using porn is like putting a bandaid on a broken bone. It's like taking antidepressants. Are you really fixing the problem or making yourself stupid enough to ignore the problem? Society is still broken, but since people can't really fix it, porn is the next best option. With all this being said, it's also important to take note of the fact that mentally weak cucks who have fallen for this are also spreading this anti masturbation propaganda around because they believe that if they convince 100 men to stop fapping that a womyn will allow them to stick their pee pee in her va-jay-jay for being a good cuck loser and enslaved and dependant on her. Stop going around telling complete strangers that they aren't allowed to fap. Go fuck yourself. If it bothers you so much to think that another man is touching his own penis, maybe you shouldn't talk about our penises all the time and then we wouldn't talk about it either. The fact that you can't stop thinking about our dicks says a lot about you, and what you're really interested in.
Since this bullshit propaganda campaign has been exposed and defeated repeatedly, the nofap shills are changing their strategy and have now completely given up on telling people to not fap anymore, and instead are trying to convince people to put pressure on their urethra and ejaculate BACKWARDS INTO THEIR OWN BLADDER. "because some taoist guy did it" https://archive.is/3zmPw WARNING Problems with this may include: >Orgasm is ruined by the effort of trying to orgasm in a way that the body was not made to and the loss of concentration Imagine you're eating some food and someone says "hey look at me" and then just take a shit on the table next to you. You're not really enjoying that food anymore. >Ejaculation accumulates in the bladder and can cause urethral blockage, irritation, and eventually infection (which can put you in the Emergency Room or worse, you could die) and repeated cell damage and infections could eventually cause urethral and bladder cancers and you may end up needing to get your dick chopped off by a doctor and get put on a permanent piss bag connected straight to your kidneys for the rest of your life. >Backwards ejaculation could also become permanent when the muscles and other parts of the anatomy become damaged and too weak to be able to ejaculate normally ever again DO NOT FALL FOR THIS BULLSHIT These sick and obsessed and nosy individuals (probably mostly Womyn and SJW's) are so angry that they want to destroy your ability to enjoy pleasure, because they don't believe men deserve to ever feel anything good. They are pure evil, and these are the exact kinds of people that think that female genital mutilation is evil and bad, but are perfectly okay with male genital mutilation (CIRCUMCISION)
The Looser No-Fooper: a parody of strangers who are unfortunately actually real. >be the most nosy stuck up loser in the world >been forced to go to bible study for my entire life by my hardcore bible thumping JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZUUUUUUUUUUUUZZZZZZZ parents until I became 20, and then kept going anyway on purpose. >start being indoctrinated by natalist fucktards who don't actually care about people, only making more slaves for that sweet, sweet infrastructure and tax production, I'm such a good cow. Moo moooooo! >think I'm smarter than everybody who ever lived and tell people this every single day on 4chan, reddit, instagram, facebook, and in the youtube comments section >realize porn websites exist >realize people are literally enjoying their life for even just a small moment >become desperately obsessed with the idea of other mens penises and men and how often and in what way they are allowed to touch their own penises (But it's okay if women masturbate, WOMYNNNNNNNNN POWRRRRRR) >so I call them cumbrains >ahahhahahaha cumbrains! COOM! COOOOOOM!!!! >this doesn't stop them from masturbating >spread endless oceans of propaganda in an attempt to make everyone who masturbates feel depressed and self-hating and ashamed of their own natural body and for just having an orgasm every once in a while >this doesn't stop them either >write angry letters to congress demanding they burn the constitution so we can finally ban pornography *starts clapping like a retard* >Senator rightly tells me to fuck off >call him a retarded coombrain >hahaha coom, COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (message too long, click here to view) >eventually go insane trying to get people to stop masturbating >break into adult video stores and begin flogging the perverts with my rosary, telling them to repent and start a family so they can enjoy a joyless life full of misery and wageslaving for a family that doesn't even care about you >break into people's homes and start flogging them for masturbating >get arrested >get sent to mental hospital because cumbrains think I'm mentally unhinged >COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM at the moon from my padded cell >I am the nofap wolf! COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
>>10673 hey guys I tried nopoop for a whole week and I feel so guilty, I took a giant hot shit and clogged my toilet and then ran with my pants around my ankles to my other toilet and left a giant stinking trail of shit on the floor behind me and then I sat on my other toilet and clogged it too. I know I should have held on longer but I gave in to my desire to shit. I failed you no poop I'm sorry
dopamine is essential in every day activities, its is a reward hormone, every time you complete a basic task like eating, dopamine is released by the brain, making you happy (thats the reward) but when you overpfap, you fuck up this reward system, the dopamine is depleted and also becomes less effective, you develop a higher tolerance so you will basically end up not being unable to enjoy simple things like eating or watching a movie. then you will end up not doing things u used to enjoy because you will not have any motivation, motivation is is basically your brain seeking dopamine (the reward after completing a task) but when your dopamine levels are depleted, there is no reward for any task so life just ends up being bland and uninteresting leading to ------> Depression
>>10673 whacking off helps you last longer and to have more control when you're with a woman
>>10673 this is bullshit I fapped really hard for years and I grew a giant beard and big muscles even went on a vegan diet too it all made me even more manly fucking shit I wanted to be a passable trap
(215.66 KB 964x981 1590253497829.jpg)
>>10956 >tried to be a trap >turned into a literal coomer instead lol
>>10830 Even with really really young girls.
>>10673 >Shaming Fuck you, your parents, grand parents, and all your ancestors.
>>10680 are you high right now, faggot?
>>10673 These are kike shills. Masturabating is good. If you stop you're going to end up releasing bodily fluids when you sleep and during the day. The body will find ways to dispose of it. Just monitor how much porn your watching. Don't become addicted.
>>10673 Lol, I fap whenever I want and I'm just fine. NoFap did jack shit for me except make me unbearably horny all the time.
>>10819 >Saw Palmetto >Chaste Berry These are literally anti-androgens, no wonder your sex drive is getting lower. That's not a good thing at all.
(38.43 KB 412x299 based.png)
The average age a child is exposed to porn is 11. Porn and chronic masturbation is a lead cause of failed marriages. Your entire point existing is to fuck and have kids. You're failing your basic fucking duty as a living being. Therefore spare yourself the time and kill yourself. Simple as.
>>10673 >less of a man Fuck off with that canned shaming and mind your own business.
Porn should be banned and pornographers should be jailed.
>>11250 kys soy cuck


no cookies?