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(555.72 KB 833x906 1543794959561.png)
Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 03:24:58 No. 9776 [Reply] [Last]
perma banned from cuckchan
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Then stop going on to cuckchan
>>9902 Yep
>>9805 I got banned for reporting "whitboi" threads as spam
>>11130 they did the same shit to me on /out/ got banned for saying nigger two months before
What is with all imageboards these days making rules against child porn? Isn't there a single board/chan or something that doesn't have some asinine rule against it? I mean, for fucks sakes... if you don't like a fetish, thats fine, you can hide or not even go to that particular section. They dont need to fucking keep banning it. Just give people a reliable board that is free to trade pics and videos and everything will be good. The continual searching for years and years and finding some only them to adopt stupid ass rules or decide to shut down is annoying. I fucking miss USENET days on alt.binaries.erotica.preteen and such.

(21.91 KB 739x415 images (3).jpeg)
India - JusticeforSSR Anonymous 08/13/2020 (Thu) 10:12:41 No. 15928 [Reply] [Last]
Rhea C's life under threat. Soon Murder. Real culprit will divert the case as Rhea got depressed.
Salman khan paid for hitman
rhea threatened ssr for false sexual harrasment case. so does sanjana singhi

(3.64 MB 1920x1080 WTF.jpg)
jooz Anonymous 03/10/2020 (Tue) 09:06:07 No. 9586 [Reply] [Last]
Jews are evil incarnate.
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>>9927 Go back to reddit
(14.24 KB 658x103 Children And Reddit.png)
>>9931 Retard, you wouldn't even be here right now if they hadn't taken Club Penguin offline. The only reason you're so pissy about Reddit all the time is because they have strict 13 and older rules.
(147.03 KB 1024x868 1548522432010m.jpg)
>>9620 >saying that while using a computer that wouldn't exist without german engineers
>>9923 >Fucking based namefag >Jew logic >ouch i cut myself on that 10 yr old edge
>>9587 go back to plebbit fag

(203.03 KB 720x874 IMG_20200708_170234.jpg)
Anonymous 07/30/2020 (Thu) 14:03:45 No. 15746 [Reply] [Last]
Is pay for sex morally wrong?
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>>15804 Oh yeah, what about north africans?? Don't you remember about how they have this "tourante" (literally "passing around") tradition, which is ... something you already should have had explained. They also have the world's highest rate of HIV resistance. They also have all that slavery up there, so they must have easy access to south sudanese or somali slave girls.
Get the fuck out out of here with that fat bitch trash
>>15746 You Brazilian faggot
>>15746 >>15746 no it's not but you can catch stds nigger
Not if it's her.

(562.34 KB 760x1258 Screenshot_20200812-145835.png)
(220.65 KB 760x1389 Screenshot_20200812-145632.png)
(193.41 KB 1080x2340 Screenshot_20200812-144847.png)
(1.02 MB 1080x2340 Screenshot_20200812-145446.png)
can any one explain why niggers are always the first one to bring up race? Anonymous 08/12/2020 (Wed) 19:01:37 No. 15907 [Reply] [Last]
>is this victim mentality or what? what else should i say to this diseased nig? i entertained the thought of living there until found out. Wanted him to feel like shit. lulz
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holy shit can any fag on this site focus on the task at hand? I FUCKING HATE NIGGERS.
>>15909 this is a pretty good point. when white people are "racist" or what ever newspeak term they have these days its just them sinking down to black peoples level.
>>15917 dont we all? but how are you going to btfo some ape who isnt even self aware?
>>15917 depends if the task at hand is solving your housing problem. The nigger is being exploitative like some diabetic mong chieftain of his own mud village. the Anon would have better luck finding a white person to be in a horozontal cohabitation relationship with. Another implicit lesson to stay the hell away from niggers and seek your own kind.

(184.18 KB 553x200 greyhound.png)
Anonymous 08/12/2020 (Wed) 11:45:36 No. 15892 [Reply] [Last]
hey /b/ i want to get out of this fag ass city for a bit,i was thinking about taking a grey hound to visit someplace for a few days,maybe somewhere in new England. is this better than a plane?any suggestions on places to visit?what else should i bring in a backpack besides a change of cloths?or should i not take a back pack and get on the bus with only the cloths i wear?
4 posts omitted.
>>15898 >undesirables are going to be going to new England? Not sure, probably not many, but buses keep going so possible they could be going to somewhere along route
>>15898 >Poorfag Still, I guess you shouldn't let the small chance of shitty bus ride, keep you from destination then
New England is a big place and most of it is pozzed. Only place that's only half-pozzed is New Hampshire so that's where you should go. Look up some news articles to figure out where the jews are currently kvetching about too white or racist or whatever and that will probably be your best bet. I'd tell you to come out west where the people actually have some semblance of a society and a constitution left but that's probably too far for you if you're a poorfag currently on the east coast. >spelling "clothes" as cloths suspicious. most white people I know can actually spell third-grade vocabulary correctly. maybe you'll have an acceptable excuse if you were raised on a farm or in a steel mill or something. or if you're a west virginian or something but those guys don't need to take a bus ride to get to basedland. so yeah if you're some shitskin then just take the bus straight into the ocean. ideally take the rest of the bus down with you too. sincerely, you're friend (not really)
>>15897 >>15897 >>15921 nope in the south. >>15921 >suspicious. most white people I know can a im whiter than you fag >>15921 is Rhode island super pozzed?or should i go there to
Rhode Island is thoroughly jewish. https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/rhode-island-jewish-history It's main "attraction" is that fucking university or art school or whatever that churns out aggressive poz-hounds by the thousands. I can't think of it's exact name right now. There's also some nice seashore, sure, but I don't think those guys are based at all. Probably unironically better off with the wops in Jersey, they actually have to live near nigs so they actually know what they're like. Rhode Island is full of pozlords who inherited enough money that they don't actually have to live with the noggatry they inflict on others.

(107.05 KB 1080x1080 vxxx7ls3pfg51.jpg)
Sabrina Carpenter potential nude pics & sex videos Anonymous 08/12/2020 (Wed) 20:35:41 No. 15914 [Reply] [Last]
really do think that she's done these types of pictures as well as video clips before but were a lot more sexual in nature. I just wonder how long till those are anonymously uploaded onto the web by someone who found where they've been stored
>>15914 begone coomer

(1.64 KB 275x183 download.png)
Anonymous 08/12/2020 (Wed) 14:01:49 No. 15899 [Reply] [Last]
I have the number and the compromising photos of a girl, what could I do?
1 post omitted.
>>15900 she is a very bitch, she loves masturbate
how you proceed depends on how she looks, post her photo. im sure shes not on 16chan
>>15901 >she is a very bitch Go back to 4chin, Chang
>>15899 Gook-dink commie bastard
post it here or just shut the fuck up?

Thoughts on suicide? Anonymous 05/07/2020 (Thu) 23:40:54 No. 10630 [Reply] [Last]
>failure >no reason to live >not poor but not rich >totally out of my mind >havent felt sane in years >why bother living? >is it worth living rather than offing self because I don't live up to my own standards?
7 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>10630 same here. haven't talked to anyone outside of family and a few people on the internet for years
>>10653 >>10654 >>10646 >>10644 you'll never convince me to do anything. my problems exist from lack of sleep (insomnia) due to gaming like a crackhead. I'm slowly improving myself.
>>10630 This is a pretty damn nonsensical time to be asking this question. The world is derailing, and you drag out such a trite response to a spectrum of long term situations? It doesn't fit together. Nowadays, it's officially accepted that, through being alone, you are also very not alone. And on top of that, being totally fucked is looking to become the new normal, so, any such reactions to it that whoever is having, they just lose their basis.
Everyone is lonely OP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7LBggDKEtM And btw, killing yourself now means you wouldn't be able to witness the fall of civilization.

(611.68 KB 550x412 related.png)
Anonymous 08/04/2020 (Tue) 02:52:42 No. 15828 [Reply] [Last]
looking for advice b > be me > find message board from 1879 bc > active users > all convinced a certain celebrity controls their life and the website > cannot convince them otherwise > mentallyill.jif > all logic fails > gain root access to the server > route all posts to the mental health website > check back months later > owner has finally fixed it > forget about it for awhile > come back looking for lols > it's as toxic as before > alter code to prepend "i certify i am mentally ill." to every post just for milking

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Niggers tongue my anus
write a script that replaces 1 in every 10 posts with RIP George Floyd schizos are a valuable resource, anon >what would manson do
>>15841 maybe 1 in 7 posts could be good. manson would murder em, or a head of state. manson is the hippie paragon.
Get them to increase the price of crypto coins so you can make a profit.


no cookies?