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(191.88 KB 516x448 scoot thumbs up.PNG)
Tard stories Anonymous 04/01/2020 (Wed) 04:01:09 No. 9998 [Reply] [Last]
I know this is 4cuck tier, but I actually like being able to post with a VPN and without some gay ass jewgle captcha interrupting my ass every post, along with jewish p*rn bots fucking drowning my tales. >be sperg senior >sitting at table with other spergs and mid-tier nerds >there's this retarded aspie kid who makes an absolute clown of himself and makes me grind my teeth >always hated how spergs like me actually had to work to be accepted by society while faggots like him were adored >fuck him and his early Z gohan haircut >one day see him goofing around like usual >OP sperg out level: 75% >he fucking starts flexing to a table full of girls >OP SPERG OUT LEVEL: 100% >snap and yell "YOU DON'T HAVE MUSCLES, RETARD" >everyone snaps their heads at me >ohfuck.png >bell rings >realize i may be fucked, whether it be by the school system or some unusually strong tard simp >mfw school gets cancelled Thanks coronachan
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(33.36 KB 350x331 8edfb51d72cb89b1.jpeg)
>>9998 >accepted by society High school isn't society. The things that make you "cool" in high school make you a failure outside of it.
>>10055 close enough
>>10056 Yeah, but many rules of society do kick in that version of hell, like how people may treat you like fucking hitler if you think tards have too many perks.
>>9999 >>10000 repeating numerals
>>9998 You must be 18 to post here.

(528.70 KB 2048x1499 1581794331124.jpg)
Your redpill story Anonymous 02/23/2020 (Sun) 23:32:23 No. 8109 [Reply] [Last]
In 2015 I was browsing 9gag in school when my friend told me about this site called 4chan. I was already racist at the time because I live in a small town were we didn't have a lot of immigrants until 2015, and we immediately started noticing that the crime rates started going up. So I started browsing 4chan and I loved the fact that you could discuss these things without some stupid leftist calling you racist. One day a thread was created about a QR code poster campaign. So basically you were supposed to make a McDonalds poster or some other company poster and put a QR code on it.One of the QR codes led to a documentary called The Greatest Story Never Told. I stayed up all night watching it, and I gotta admit my eyes was full of tears. I couldn't believe how (((they))) could lie to us like that. I had nothing against Hitler before that, I understood that the story was exaggerated, but I didn't know about white genocide and the Jewish NWO. Last year I saw Europa the Last Battle and I got fully redpilled. I've know been browsing 4chan for 5 years and watched a lot of documentaries. Last year I also redpilled a lot of my friends. Some went full natsoc and some didn't, but most agreed with me that mass immigration will eventually lead to our doom. I no longer post on 4chan because of the shills, but I had some good times there. It really made my teenage years great. What is your story Anon?
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>>8114 If you're looking for lazy nihilistic faggotry, suicide is your best option. You're already there when you say stupid shit like "human." I'll bet you say "gender" too, niggerfaggot. Get the fuck off my /b/ros, homo.
>>8109 >2015
(30.21 KB 902x735 1586640023583.png)
>be me >2015 >raised marxist socialist >date feminist bitch >she does bakesale where she sells cookies more expensive to boys because 'wage gap' >research wage gap >find out it is bullshit >we break up >i watch 'redpill' >antifeminism >trump wins >good revenge buzz because i was bernie bro >watch shoeonhead, sargon, bearing >start college, attend an unmandated discussion group >learn about race realism >read Smith, Rousseau, Bentham

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>8109 >I got fully redpilled >fully data mining harvester larp/10
I once got slugged in the face for saying "nigga" once and that set me into self improvement and redpilling.

Coronavirus Memes & Discussion Onideus 03/15/2020 (Sun) 12:21:01 No. 9653 [Reply] [Last]
All this is unsorted material, so the quality might be a bit bleh.
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>>10077 >ziocuck thinks it's smart because it believes the jew manufactured pandemic >likely blame China for jewflu as well The absolute state of cucks.
>>10080 No one "manufactured" anything, you simpering lackwit! Shit like this happens simply as a result of synergistic stupidity and/or greed and/or finagling. There's no ~planning~ involved, LOL, I would never give humans so much credit. I mean, hells bells, your species is so deficient you can't even pass the mirror test until you're about six months old, which puts your level of percipient cognizance about on par with an elephant or a chimpanzee with the overall cognitive capability of a kid's calculator. You're all essentially meandering little tri-spatially dimensioned ROCKS with fixed temporal continuity and single point sagacity coupled with ingrained, unalterable perceptions who cling to polarity in a state of mental insecurity while constantly seeking simplification and patterns where none actually exist. As higher intelligence goes... you're barely floating above sapient self-awareness.
(351.65 KB 630x1200 1984 virus 1.jpg)
(142.52 KB 768x433 1984 virus 2.jpg)
(172.22 KB 640x360 1984 virus 3.jpg)
(348.89 KB 800x450 1984 virus 4.jpg)
(271.50 KB 1200x900 hal virus.jpg)
(369.93 KB 702x1024 theylive virus 1.jpg)
(261.00 KB 842x600 theylive virus 2.jpg)
(207.54 KB 625x619 theylive virus 3.jpg)
(144.13 KB 600x600 theylive virus 4.jpg)
(115.15 KB 766x325 theylive virus 5.jpg)
(103.83 KB 400x426 theylive virus 6.jpg)
(179.25 KB 350x535 theylive virus 7.jpg)

(105.04 KB 970x645 superman.jpg)
Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 22:45:25 No. 9770 [Reply] [Last]
What happened to the two threads that listed links to other imageboards? They both seem to have simultaneously disappeared from here some time in the last couple of days. Were they removed by the admin or something?
1 post omitted.
>>9773 i guess at least NSA would have found some more websites to investigate
other bords are ded anyway but you can see ccd0 list on github
(54.51 KB 1191x222 promised chan.jpg)
>>9770 Here you go anon https://16chan.xyz/b/res/9601.html and an archive as well http://archive.is/ZJKwn DELIVER US TO THE PROMISED CHAN

(35.23 KB 598x617 1490573303766.jpg)
Anonymous 03/14/2020 (Sat) 22:13:35 No. 9647 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: We try to predict what post >>10000 will be. My prediction is that it will just be some inane shitpost. Like a one-word reply to someone that doesn't even make sense as a reply or something.
2 posts and 1 image omitted.
(134.01 KB 500x381 1458464120595.gif)
Here comes >>10000 guys
(18.61 KB 779x235 10000.png)
>>10002 Gonna need a lot more than 10k to be a proper Jew, but the wantful nature seems genuine enough.
>>10005 mmmm, like 5,990k more should do
(791.06 KB 500x594 yoonikronn.png)
>>10002 >i posted >>9999 I got surpassed by a joo, good to know.

(42.16 KB 679x736 logo.png)
Lynxchan Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 21:15:32 No. 9942 [Reply] [Last]
Hello and welcome to Lynxchan. Please visit if you'd like. (Spam)
Edited last time by Anonymous on 04/01/2020 (Wed) 12:34:04.
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(32.14 KB 500x281 Furries - G4tTdgf.jpg)
(66.75 KB 290x960 Furries - Immadog.jpg)
(371.55 KB 160x120 Furries - Killfurries.gif)
(54.99 KB 640x1000 Furries - Modernefuries.png)
"strategically placed hole"
(56.24 KB 640x435 Furries - Typicalbrony.jpg)
(127.77 KB 900x675 Furries - zsihi.jpg)
(183.50 KB 1600x1063 Furry - 0173_13.jpg)
(47.19 KB 600x450 Furry - 137368281533.jpg)
(130.47 KB 290x400 Furry - Creepy_Animal_Furry.jpg)
There is nothing more horrifying than the "realistic" furry Photoshops! ಠ_ಠ
(371.76 KB 3000x1741 6c7.jpg)
>>9970 When the fuck did people start making fan art for this obscure soviet cartoon

(245.43 KB 947x1184 1557522992074.jpg)
(821.41 KB 1280x1920 1557523164477.jpg)
(482.49 KB 1080x1187 1557524744507.jpg)
(825.40 KB 1080x1320 1557526344932.jpg)
(322.41 KB 1000x1249 1555808616876.jpg)
Comfy Thread Anonymous 11/02/2019 (Sat) 17:55:29 No. 2176 [Reply] [Last]
Post images that make you feel comfy.
43 posts and 189 images omitted.
(368.42 KB 2500x1536 Buildings.jpg)
(346.59 KB 680x987 Avatar.jpg)
(71.89 KB 1219x709 Evil.jpg)
(139.86 KB 810x446 Dark But Shining - 01.png)
(66.14 KB 1000x691 Heaven Is My Home.jpg)
Still slightly high at the moment... I just realized something I find REALLY cozy... like... the stillness you can find in chaos. You know like the feeling you get when the weather is super terrible, like there's a big storm... rain, wind, snow... whatever... but like you're inside, all cozy and warm. You're right in the middle of that horrible chaos, the unrelenting elements that would otherwise end you... or maybe just make you really uncomfortable... but to be protected within that chaos. Whether it's watching the rain from your window, or hearing the faint whisper of a howling wind muffled by the walls around you. The safe stillness of solitude within somber settings. To lock yourself away from the storm, but not so much that you can't tell that it's there. It's that duality, that contrast between the chaos of hell and the stillness of heaven. Imagine looking outside a proverbial window in heaven and seeing the hell raging outside... you see, God didn't create hell... because it was already there. God simply created a salvation ~from~ hell... that is heaven... a house protected, a sanctuary in an afterlife otherwise haunted by eternal torment. It is the joy, the bliss, the love, the gentle longing, the calm, the comfort, the contentment inside us all... those feelings we can turn to in a world otherwise consumed with the storms of hate, pain, suffering, loss, fear, uncertainty, worry, embarrassment... all those things can be muffled and muted by the cozy, comforting structures we create within our hearts and with others. Always remember to look for heaven when you're trapped in hell. You can find it by searching out the lost remnants of your heart's longings. Find what you lost, find what's missing and you'll find heaven, even in this hell on earth that we live in.
I took a nap today and had a dream where I was playing Bard's Tale on an old computer, like back in the day. The only weird thing is that the music for Times of Lore was playing. But whatever, it was comfy!
(192.83 KB 2147x1870 Maniac Mansion - Map - 01.gif)
(144.67 KB 2698x1888 Guides - Maps - World.png)
(79.02 KB 582x480 Image193.png)
(3.94 KB 239x167 Dream Within A Dream.png)
(17.90 KB 1024x448 Ufouria_-_The_Saga.png)
>>8107 Ahhh yes, cozy media memories! I have so many fond memories of playing vidya. I think I was pretty lucky to have been born in 1980, right during the first generation of vidya, because what was lacking in graphics/programming quality was made up by imagination. Most vidya these days is increasingly hyper-realistic, where as old school gaming was so simple that your imagination would run wild and you would create all these fantastic worlds inside your head, actively augmenting the experience with your own creativity. Sort of like comparing books to movies. I think that's why a lot of the most popular titles these days are indie and throwback projects, like Undertale, Cave Story, Minecraft, Maplestory, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, etc, etc. A lot of times the simpler the graphics/mechanics the more enjoyable the game, because the more you can creatively invest in it. I think Final Fantasy 2 has the most cozy memories for me. It was the first real RPG I played and really got into and it was during my parent's divorce so I would sort of escape into that world, immersing myself into it and letting my imagination run wild. Childhood escapism is full of cozy, nostalgic memories.
(26.71 KB 480x360 monkeyisland.jpg)
I can hear the theme music in my head every time I see this, and then I reminisce about all the text adventures that I used to play. Any of you fucktards ever play that one with the creepy flute-playing guy who haunted his family? It involved cold coffee and portraits and a cut-off head in a furnace
(158.24 KB 1920x1200 Sprites - Art - OcyWArY.png)
(106.83 KB 1920x1080 Sprites - Art - BPFShll.png)
(659.87 KB 1920x1080 Sprites - Art - KVPc6Bk.png)
(272.41 KB 484x352 Sprites - Art - ldssdfsdfarge.gif)
(851.89 KB 1920x1080 Sprites - Art - mZpR2cW.png)
Some good sprite art.

(29.69 KB 400x400 PDsCoQnT_400x400.jpg)
The Onideus Thread Anonymous 02/23/2020 (Sun) 22:38:46 No. 8108 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for orbiting, insulting and cooming on Onideus aka Mathew Moulton. Sit stil, Onideus, I'm COOMING on your face, uhhhhohhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa OH GOD, IM COOMING Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
26 posts and 6 images omitted.
>>9706 >we can't just "pull out" without horrendous consequences. It destabilizes the regions we pull out of. Um... we've BEEN doing that... since forever. And the reason we pull out, always, is because... IT DOESN'T HELP! We can only play "world police" for so long before it becomes obvious that those regions are in a state of PERMANENT destabilization, largely because the people living there just aren't all that civilized. There's this prevailing hope that we're acting like training wheels and that, eventually, one of these "pull outs" they'll manage to get their shit together long enough to join the rest of civilized reality. The other issue that, a lot of times, it's a matter of proxy wars. Meaning, the Cold War ended and now we have Proxy War. So when we "pull out" it's usually because some OTHER country, most often Russia, is no longer actively attempting to use the region as a particular pawn. Trump has basically been ENDING that stupidity, saying, "You know what, fuck it, let's pull out, let Russia waste what dwindling resources they have left fucking around in the garbage." Russia then realizes that the US isn't playing the game anymore and trying to take control of garbage isn't helping them any and then... tada... the primates can continue living on as primates. It's the best solution I think. Let the savages live like savages and stop interfering in their development.
(42.98 KB 400x300 shot_128320033.png)
Well, since this is the thread of me, let's do something "me" related, like uh... sort through ancient/dead bookmarks. Let's see, first up... http://go.frenchlabs.net ...well it's dead. *looks in Wayback* Fuck, it's so old even Wayback has no archive of it! D: *searches Google* Ooooh, I remember. It was like an aggregate search engine, like a search engine that compiled results from multiple search engines and sites. Had a nifty interface too! See attached. I think I mostly liked it for the interface. It's bad sites don't look good like that anymore. Everything looks like dog shit now for some reason.
(28.07 KB 750x563 parry_aftab.jpg)
Okay next up... http://netbullies.com/ Hrmmm... also dead. There is an archive tho... http://archive.is/Tp8ka Oh, I remember now! Way back in 2013, before Gamergate got kicked off and before all the hilarious sites like "Heart Mob" and "Bully Hunters" and all that shit, there was this FAT lawyer lady by the name of Parry Aftab who created all these super cringe ass "cyber bullying" websites. She was basically like the precursor to all the current insane SJW crap online. She's like the God Fatter of modern SJW cringe.
(215.87 KB 1008x589 Burned Fur - 01.png)
(750.95 KB 1024x1420 Burned Fur - 02.png)
Okay next is... http://burnedfur.mv.com/ Fuck... also dead. At least some ~parts~ of it were archived though (see attached). Dates back to like... 2003 I think. It was one of the very first "canary in the coal mine" sort of sites. Basically for people who got into the furry fandom thinking it was like cutesy Disney cartoons and fun Halloween dress up... only to be absolutely mortified beyond measure once they fully realized just how fucked up that community really was. They called themselves "burned furs". Never at any point in my entire history online have I ever felt more connection and relatability. Like every time I encountered a new community in my early days online I always had all these sort of pedestrian like views or this sort of utopic/enlightened sort of perspective on what I thought the community was about... and then... oh my fucking God it's infested with complete degenerate asshats! Literally EVERY fucking community! To the point where, now, I just automatically assume that EVERYONE online is a sick fuck degenerate. It's like the ultimate example of "This is why we can't have nice things." It's also one of the reasons why I have such a colorful history with fighting and warring with so many different online communities... because once I figured out what they were all about... I just started verbally ripping into them with reckless abandon. I used to feel such unrelenting RAGE every time I found out that some interest I had (usually rooted in nostalgia), something I thought was pristine and precious and innocent... was actively being violated and raped in some of the most disgusting ways imaginable. The penultimate "childhood ruined" scenario. It made me bitter and angry and I would relentlessly criticize and attack people as a result, to the point of turning entire online communities against me and then I would revel in that hatred as a badge of honor, knowing every last sick fuck degenerate wanted me dead for ruining their shit in every other direction imaginable.
Oh, oops, forgot to name tag. I'll post some more interesting dead links later.

(411.23 KB 529x341 126547549946994685.PNG)
How do you feel about police? Anonymous 02/05/2020 (Wed) 20:23:35 No. 4827 [Reply] [Last]
I feel ambivalent towards them. On one hand, I understand that having a police force is necessary because there are too many people that want to hurt and steal from other people who can't defend themselves from those kinds of people, so there needs to be someone who stops people from being able to do that. But on the other hand, just simply having a police force opens the door to more authoritative control over the populace. They can act as a local armed force to assert command over people and use brute force to stop people from doing whatever their masters don't want the populace to be doing. You'd hope that this only includes things that are generally agreed to be immoral, such as murder, rape, theft, etc. But when it begins to include things like owning a firearm to protect yourself from those that also possess a firearm, or just simply living out in the woods because you don't want anything to do with society (which everyone should be allowed to do, if they wish; even though I wouldn't personally recommend it): that's when I have a problem with the police and the law in general. You shouldn't be free to hurt others, whether directly (murder or assault) or indirectly (theft or burglary), but personal freedoms should be untouchable by the law. But one thing that has never changed over the evolution of man is that whoever has the pointiest stick (or the biggest guns, with contemporary technologies) is the one who decides what happens. And usually, that is the governing body.
5 posts and 2 images omitted.
(36.43 KB 500x437 tra2.jpg)
(94.08 KB 720x711 Police - 208563836856_n.jpg)
(34.65 KB 517x544 Police - 9229855046_n.jpg)
(42.83 KB 504x360 Police - 92298550464_n.jpg)
(108.29 KB 700x700 Police - 30824320150_n.jpg)
(74.14 KB 600x600 Police - 534871382_n.jpg)
(377.54 KB 550x550 Police - 5348713828_n.png)
>>9627 >muh roo000OO0oooo00Ooxanne

(3.64 MB 1920x1080 WTF.jpg)
jooz Anonymous 03/10/2020 (Tue) 09:06:07 No. 9586 [Reply] [Last]
Jews are evil incarnate.
22 posts and 13 images omitted.
>>9923 Keep screaming "NADSEE!" like a scared little redditnigger
>>9925 Kiddo, I was getting banned from Reddit before you ever even knew what Reddit was.
>>9927 Go back to reddit
(14.24 KB 658x103 Children And Reddit.png)
>>9931 Retard, you wouldn't even be here right now if they hadn't taken Club Penguin offline. The only reason you're so pissy about Reddit all the time is because they have strict 13 and older rules.
(147.03 KB 1024x868 1548522432010m.jpg)
>>9620 >saying that while using a computer that wouldn't exist without german engineers


no cookies?