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(868.91 KB 640x640 video0-31.mp4)
Anonymous 09/13/2020 (Sun) 05:45:22 No. 16205 [Reply] [Last]
Send your best webms.
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(1.13 MB 576x1024 Goluma.webm)
>>16325 stellar post, very nice
(1.96 MB 200x109 1551980604202.gif)
>>16331 why the FUCK would you choose to fuck up someone elses life if you already have a shit disease/order? God and RNG isn't going to help your child, hold shit.
>>16331 It's not even halloween yet anon
>first post is a jumpscare Immapass

(622.33 KB 1200x600 xanax.jpg)
Anonymous 12/11/2020 (Fri) 11:28:47 No. 17115 [Reply] [Last]
I'm high on zannies and weed
zannies caused me to lose my career, careful.
(302.08 KB 1289x1606 IGgirl.jpg)
>>17115 My ex gf gave them to and she would self medicate with them for her anxiety.
(284.06 KB 1080x1440 blonde.jpg)
(2.91 MB 512x288 1591586038253.webm)
>>17115 go to 420chan than
>>17116 I don’t even remember posting the OP

(555.72 KB 833x906 1543794959561.png)
Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 03:24:58 No. 9776 [Reply] [Last]
perma banned from cuckchan
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>>15967 >thread IDs (16chan has these too which is bullshit) They are only on /pol/ due to request, personally I find them helpful when reading long threads of back and forth conversations. These days 90% of users are using vpn's and its mostly "1 post by this ID", so not as helpful. Make suggestion on /meta/ maybe BO will remove them again.
4chan is shit and so are the tranny jannies, they delete all the good threads.
>>15953 LOL pictures are illegal in your country
>>10165 Goddamit Anon you almost made me spit out my drink laughing
>>15950 >only some Isn't half the site bots?

(4.84 KB 256x256 4chan-keyc2.png)
(20.81 KB 1853x97 4chan-keyb2.png)
(9.57 KB 130x127 4chan-keya2.png)
(230.86 KB 1436x526 4chan-secondkey.png)
/4rg/ 4cuck related general Anonymous 04/16/2020 (Thu) 14:52:13 No. 10216 [Reply] [Last]
Post shit here that 4cuck spergs are too retarded to figure out. Some HKgaming cryptography larper competition https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/253708358 OP subject line is obviously PNG header. Clues (from previously deleted threads) decode to the 3 images below. 4th cuneiform is supposedly a key posted by the OP larper. related pastes of hex from thread: https://pastebin.com/UPBzj07c https://pastebin.com/WeLwzEci https://pastebin.com/DVs5ShVn convert with sed 's/, //g;s/0x//g;s/,\n//' <pastein.txt|xxd -r -ps >pasteout.png or (slower) foo=$(sed 's/,//g' <pastein.txt); for a in $foo; do echo $a |xxd -r >>bar.png;done
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>>10284 You're a nigger. OP isn't talking about retarded jew shit from twatter.
>>10285 >You're a nigger. OP isn't talking about retarded jew shit from twatter. When it appears in a 4cuck thread OP is, you double nigger. t. OP. >>10277 (OP)
https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/263412347 Cuckchan faggots are clinically retarded. They think the cop woman bitching over her mc donalds drive thru meal was because she had to wait. It was because she ordered before she got there and they were messing her about = poisoning her food like they've been doing to other cops.
(97.94 KB 600x500 77Brigade-trolling.jpg)
(654.98 KB 1604x1080 bitchute-botnet-gchq-mi56.png)
https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/264480429 https://archive.fo/wip/1zPXT 77th Brigade running demoralization psyop on /pol/ now about color of bandaids. TL;DR >glownigger claims he was sent out to buy bandaids >management unhappy he didn't get a range of nigger color bandaids send him back out >buys nigger range of bandaids >bitches about it on /pol/ >keeps claiming it was necessary/better to give in than stand up for himself How we know it is a psyop? OP stated: >I work in hospitality Hospitality is REQUIRED to wear blue bandaids. If they fall off it is easy to notice, and doesn't end up in the customer's order by accident. This psyop is (((coincidentally))) the day after a mad lad flies a White Lives Matter banner over a soccer stadium during their game, where all the players have Black Lives Matter on their game shirts.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(29.68 KB 400x400 o8R2GMLW_400x400.jpg)
>>10277 a = 15 b = 4 c = 3 final answer is 38. no assumptions.

(101.09 KB 680x1020 16056686223160566862233434.jpg)
Anonymous 12/10/2020 (Thu) 03:40:31 No. 16961 [Reply] [Last]
Any connection with freemasonry and George Orwell 1984?. i can't get shrug the feeling that the two are somehow similar. {and yes i know freemasonry is jewish)
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>>16963 >Wasn't he a jew named Bauer or something? That's enough of a connection for me. His book was a typical jewish fantasy of a world enslaved by kikes. Yes and a freemason too. well technically a satanist jew. not too much redpilled on free masonry but i believe he had some obelisks built after he signed an agreement of sorts.
>>17032 I read 1984 but the entire time I was reading , it felt odd. specifically the all seeing eye in 1984 and its similarity to the egyptian one. and if i'm not mistaken that egyptian eye is also a symbol for a part of the brain. 1984 has way too many references to the brain/mind. what really bugs me is how the colors 'red' and 'white' are used in freemasonry.
(349.19 KB 1000x1036 ClipboardImage.png)
(4.97 MB 1772x1160 ClipboardImage.png)
(118.43 KB 528x133 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.34 MB 1420x800 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.30 MB 753x783 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17098 >'red' and 'white' are used in freemasonry Black and White or Blue and and Gold Red seems to be used sparingly
(448.34 KB 396x594 ClipboardImage.png)
(356.99 KB 474x266 ClipboardImage.png)
(654.35 KB 702x317 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.01 MB 800x417 ClipboardImage.png)
(95.42 KB 500x383 freemasonry-wallpaper-8.jpg)
(78.37 KB 817x427 freemasonry-wallpaper-16.jpg)
(2.18 MB 2467x3277 freemasonry-8.jpg)
>>17101 That last image was from https://vistapointe.net/freemasonry.html https://archive.fo/t9JZp It has a bunch of old school shit

(142.99 KB 359x347 jkil;.png)
(4.59 MB 1280x720 will_ i_am.webm)
Anonymous 09/16/2020 (Wed) 02:52:49 No. 16245 [Reply] [Last]
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>>16274 How many Google play gift cards do I need to buy to restore my Microsoft account
4cuck janny trannies banned me for 2 weeks
>>16245 It was just a harmless shitpost... >>16248 Indeed
(899.40 KB 1003x1080 1606037244556-1.png)
>>16274 disgusting dude
>>16245 i got banned for life from 4chan because i posted a questionable photo of a women gettting out of a pool. MAYYBE she was 17, maybe she was 18, regardless fuck those jackholes. the mods have become compromised

(54.43 KB 535x457 1234567(1) - Copy.jpg)
(194.77 KB 1280x384 1234567---copy.jpg)
(7.50 KB 188x269 images.jpg)
(94.48 KB 362x360 wob1.jpg)
WHITE PATRIARCHY NOW Supreme Patriarch 10/13/2020 (Tue) 18:46:42 No. 16511 [Reply] [Last]
NOTE: Speaking out against women and calling for a return to old/eternal ways is not against the law of any country Women are the truly different race. Their inherent nature is DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT from that of male nature. The word human only refers to mankind and we need to stop humanizing women ASAP. Their liberation/rights have led to the oppression of men. Their nature has always been known: - incessant falsity with boldness - treachery - ingratitude - cunning - manipulation - enticing/training men to do abusive and evil things to each other - lack of loyalty - arguing harshly - shouting.screaming - violence - emotional abuse like gaslighting/crazy-making through deceit - prostitution - bitching

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>16871 Women are NOT human! Human means that which is characteristic of men or mankind, while woman comes from wifman/wimman which means wife of man. There have been several historical debates and writings which concluded that women are not human or barely human. The Bible also clearly distinguishes between man and woman. Man is the image & glory of God himself, but woman is merely the image of man.
>>16811 > "you believe that the entire internet world comprises of only one woman" > uses same argument repeatedly > acts like it's not the same person posting again and again Fuck off and kill yourself.
(59.32 KB 1000x743 1033102.png)
>>16870 >I dont see us ever going back. Too many people. Too many pussies. Human are fucked. Only whites are really fucked as a whole, and to some extent the people who have adopted feminism because of the dominance/influence of the west. Whites are being replaced because of feminism while white men continue to be severely oppressed. On the other hand people in the middle east and africa who have not given up on patriarchy continue to see their populations expand rapidly. India & Brazil had a growing populations until recently but it looks like feminism has gripped them too, although they can go back quite easily. China also had a fertility rate of 5-6 kids per woman in 1970 and can still go back. At any rate, we're are the first to go. Whites made up a huge percentage of the world population in the 1920s and even 50s but now we're only about 700-800 million. With feminism, oppression of men, ageing populations and the extremely rapid decline of marriage.... we're soon going to be less than 550 million.... then 400 million.... and then 250 million. Look at Germany's fertility rate in the 19th century, and then after wife-beating was outlawed & men started being oppressed.
Women should keep their eyes down and stay silent. Feminism is killing us all
>>16511 Nice pics lol

Normalfag values Anonymous 12/09/2020 (Wed) 16:25:22 No. 17173 [Reply] [Last]
I have some normalfag irl friends who I talk to on discord and they always want me to turn my camera on. I cant understand wtf is so special about seeing my face. Im not sure if this is just me being autistic but I think that it's retarded. They also want to hang out irl but I don't get why we couldn't just talk on discord instead so I use the corona virus as an excuse to not leave my house. Am I being irrational?
(295.01 KB 850x850 1591333244097.gif)
>>17173 >discord fuck off retard.
>>17173 discord is for trannies and kikes
>>17175 >>17174 My friends wont download any free software alternatives so i use the browser discord
>Discord Get the fuck out Zoomer.

Found a gloryhole today Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 04:35:09 No. 16812 [Reply] [Last]
didnt use it should i go back tomorrow? im slowly becoming a worse coomer
2 posts omitted.
I was off the coom for almost two weeks but it's slowly coming back. The people whom I put my faith in turned out to be a bunch of losers. Again. Now I know how God feels.
>>16819 Yeah yeah ok. But do I go back there just to 'look' around. Since it's my first time in such a degenerate place.
Oh and I'm of course single and the world might as well end to tomorrow
(300.26 KB 605x870 Yazawa Nico teeth.png)
>>16821 >>16821 Just fap and get the horny out of your mind for a little, afterwards abstain from fapping and force yourself to be around wholesome Christmas environments or I dunno pray to that weird four armed elephant man if your a street shitting Pajeet as well as do a lot of choirs and hobbies to distract you from the horny. Why would you even risk it? I'm a manslut with a high libido and I haven't fucked around with anyone because the Chink Coof before this shit was even mainstream. I found it kinda weird how China an unempathetic nation towards it's lower class workers and their health was willing to commit economic suicide and further put tensions between West/East when prior to this shit they were buying out most of the American media and doing fine. Hell even if you think the Wuh Flu is fake so be it BUT you can be damn sure Bill Gates and the CIAniggers along with any other wannabe tyrant will just cook some new virus up that's even more deadly in the future to further their goals of a controlled digital currency and scared populous willing to sacrifice their civil rights for 'safety'. I hope the latter of my post implies I'm against government lock downs and vaccine ID's of course. I'm of the mind set of letting people take responsibility for their own health and safety. Also you are aware of the fact that most glory hole users are ugly fags right? So unless that's exactly what you want just go meet one outside of a dirty bathroom otherwise let that be another excuse to NOT do it. Well in all fairness I'm sure they do give great head especially if your really big down there.

(15.03 KB 633x758 tfw fat.gif)
Anonymous 11/22/2020 (Sun) 06:31:28 No. 16789 [Reply] [Last]
I'm a fat NEET living off free money from the government and I just ordered a large pizza and wings.
2 posts omitted.
Based and breadpilled
Yeah, unfortunately, I have to inform you that the commissary has made its decision on this matter, and they have decided that you'll be sent to GULag. Enjoy your time there.
Im a dumb nigger living off free money from the goverment and I just fucked a white women
Check out this executive. He summons a pajeet to deliver only the finest fare for his kingly frame. Truly this gargantuan chad is a lord of his Big Beautiful Wifey.
>>16909 that beast of burden should be sowing my cotton field


no cookies?