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(4.84 KB 256x256 4chan-keyc2.png)
(20.81 KB 1853x97 4chan-keyb2.png)
(9.57 KB 130x127 4chan-keya2.png)
(230.86 KB 1436x526 4chan-secondkey.png)
/4rg/ 4cuck related general Anonymous 04/16/2020 (Thu) 14:52:13 No. 10216 [Reply] [Last]
Post shit here that 4cuck spergs are too retarded to figure out. Some HKgaming cryptography larper competition https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/253708358 OP subject line is obviously PNG header. Clues (from previously deleted threads) decode to the 3 images below. 4th cuneiform is supposedly a key posted by the OP larper. related pastes of hex from thread: https://pastebin.com/UPBzj07c https://pastebin.com/WeLwzEci https://pastebin.com/DVs5ShVn convert with sed 's/, //g;s/0x//g;s/,\n//' <pastein.txt|xxd -r -ps >pasteout.png or (slower) foo=$(sed 's/,//g' <pastein.txt); for a in $foo; do echo $a |xxd -r >>bar.png;done
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(41.74 KB 500x500 4cuckiqtest.jpg)
In algebra: a + a + a = 45 b + b + a = 23 b + c + c = 10 d + e + e x f = ?? Answer = indeterminate without assumptions
>>10277 Why would you post some twatter kike's shitpic that idolizes a klepto jew patent clerk liar?
>>10281 For same reason you're unable to read or understand the OP
>>10284 You're a nigger. OP isn't talking about retarded jew shit from twatter.
>>10285 >You're a nigger. OP isn't talking about retarded jew shit from twatter. When it appears in a 4cuck thread OP is, you double nigger. t. OP. >>10277 (OP)

(219.51 KB 3000x3000 acot.jpg)
Anonymous 12/31/2019 (Tue) 06:17:10 No. 4007 [Reply] [Last]
>be me, about a week ago >spend the night at a friends house, but we used to be a thing. we both have gfs and both seem happy in our relationships >we cuddle alot and i never thought much of it, we've become close friends >we're cuddling in his bed and he asks if he could have me for the night >i freeze, not knowing what to say >he starts kissing my neck and eventually kisses me >i kiss back not wanting to lose him as a friend, too afraid of how he would react >he grabs lube and start to jerk me off >im mostly silent except for some moaning, but really i want things to be over, i didnt want to be a cheater >i ask if i can suck him off, maybe if he finishes it will be over quicker >he says yes but cant get hard so we stop >i lay there fucking mortified and digusted with myself, feeling almost numb >we go to sleep what the fuck do i do anons. i hate cheaters. i wanna stay friends with him. im so fucking lost. please give me legitimate advice.
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(363.25 KB 1239x795 KYS.jpg)
>>4007 >what the fuck do i do anons
>>4007 >>4134 Too bad I never shop on Amazon, or I'd balance out all those negative reviews. No doubt they're all written by butthurt homosexuals who can't accept the raw truth that book reveals.

Meme Works - Post Memes You Made (not found) Onideus 01/07/2020 (Tue) 06:34:51 No. 4250 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for "original" meme content, or memes that you made yourself, not stuff you found on other sites. You can also post original ideas for memes if you want to try and entice someone into making your meme dreams come true.
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(533.57 KB 1280x720 Senility or Socialism.png)
Freshly baked memes! I might make some more of these.
(62.51 KB 745x595 Emperor_Dipshit_Inslee.png)
Rebel Scum Leader, standing by!
(946.31 KB 723x842 exakt.png)
(399.62 KB 1450x1000 Emperor Inslee.jpg)
Emperor Inslee sneers at your pathetic civil liberties!

(219.46 KB 450x252 videodrop.png)
Random Vidya Drop!!! Anonymous 09/27/2019 (Fri) 08:31:50 No. 772 [Reply] [Last]
Drop Video's Here.
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Dark winter
New videos! ...actually some slightly old, I should have updated this thread like last week... was busy playing Stardew Valley tho. Also writing... but more on that later.
On that 4th one, always remember to turn your mic off before taking a dump! D:
I'm back! I was busy playing this retarded Castlevania OOE knock-off game about an incestuous time traveling nutjob with a tranny girl/boyfriend from the past who fucks up the timeline so badly she breaks time itself, has to kill God and then *insert plot of Madoka here* ...oh and everything is a sexual joke... a GAY sexual joke... for "reasons" (read: fetish). All in all it just left me longing to play all the great games it unceremoniously ripped off and repackaged with gay tranny sex fetish crap. Like, holy fuck, if you're gonna make something... art, a video game, music, what tha'fuck ever... yeah, try and MASTURBATE your fetish crap out of yer system BEFORE you start working on it. ...also, is it just me or does the number of pages keep decreasing? I feel like I'm in some kind of Indiana Jones esque virtual trap here... already my "original memes" thread has been crushed. Oh well, guess I'll just post it here in this thread... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJ580OhjBzE Not sure if I'll be sticking around here for too much longer tho. Once I get my free 30 day trial of socialism check I'm gonna setup my own site... not like a chan board or regular web board, but uh... well, custom shit.

(28.40 KB 250x190 mu.jpg)
/mu/ Anonymous 04/15/2020 (Wed) 21:02:59 No. 10185 [Reply] [Last]
Since there is no /mu/ board
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Bill Withers is dead
(1020.18 KB 428x240 o-donnell-abu-1-melody-demo.webm)
here are some little demos I made a while back. Had the idea to try to set some new melodies to some very old lyrics. wandered off to go do other things/real life instead of finishing the songs, as happens. if you're reading this, feel free to do whatever you'd like with this material. few things would make me happier than you hear these old songs given new life. all material hereby placed into the PUBLIC DOMAIN ~~~~~~~~~~ O'Donnell Abu ~~~~~~~~~~ Proudly the note of the trumpet is sounding Loudly the war cries arise on the gale Fleetly the steed by Lough Swilly is bounding To join the squad at Saimer's green vale On every mountaineer, strangers to fear, yeah Rush to the standard of daunt-less Red Hugh Bonnaught, and Gallowglass, throng from the mountains Pass onward for, O'Donnell Abu!

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

I have a melody in mind for the chorus, but it seems I didn't get it recorded. ~~~~~ ALL FOR THE ROSES ~~~~~ He's Twenty-five, and sick and tired time to try the other side The B & I to paradise and sergeants and their men. He's never been to Dun Na Ri combed the beaches after three Chips and beer and greenery Sergeants and their men.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

sort of a work in progress. the quasi-chorus needs some tweaking to separate it from the verse correctly. ~~~~~ A Nation Once Again ~~~~~ When boyhood's fire was in my blood I read of ancient freemen, For Greece and Rome who bravely stood, Three hundred men and three men; And then I prayed I yet might see Our fetters rent in twain, And our land, that's long a province, be A Nation once again! A Nation once again,

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(121.87 KB 460x464 1575959328623.png)
>>10209 >>10210 >>10211 Unironically comfy af. Keep it up Anon.

Corona isn't gonna fucking dissapear, faggots Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 15:16:14 No. 9730 [Reply] [Last]
Message to retard lurkers: The coronavirus has infected over 200000 people. Entire, rich, first world countries countries have been quarantined. The cure is years away. Stop believing the quarantine will last for a few days and everything will return to normal. Normal is dead. The socioeconomic impacts will last for years and impact a huge amount of decisions, just like 9/11. Thats not even counting the eventual major global conflicts that will inevitably occur fueled by anger at this disease. Normal is completely gone now. Every single little thing will be used as fuel for thousands of future political fires, and thinking it'll just disappear is retardation
2 posts omitted.
>>9732 No retard, the socioeconomic impacts corona will have on socirty will linger for decades after its disappearance
>>9743 Yeah just like H1N1 which was even worse... you know, the one you forgot even existed up until like... five minutes ago. I'm more concerned about the socioeconomic impact of your stupidity, which will definitely linger on for decades... unless maybe we all get lucky and you walk your dumbass right on out in front of a semi one of these days.
It will probally be like the Typhus Pandemic, killed lots but was kept under marginal control after a while. What's funny is that Covid-19's first two infection vector where a Jewish Lawyer and Synagoge like how Jews were the majority carriers of the typhus epidemic. I wonder if they have a weaker immune system or it's because they live close together?
the cure is the s strain of the virus that allows your body to teach itself how to deal with the other strain that kills you
>>9730 What scares me is the way they named it. C.O.V.I.D. Back in the 80's grids turned to aids now we use hiv positive. A rose is still a rose by any other name.

(552.00 B 144x144 images.png)
HATE Anonymous 01/02/2020 (Thu) 04:17:03 No. 4081 [Reply] [Last]
Well, you are a white supremacist, european, far right and all that shit, but... Do you have the powerful Ñ? No? Fucking losers hahahahaha. Im gonna return to my chad rancho to eat some FRIJOLES mientras veo futbol, putos nazis, adios y don't forget wipe your white ass.
47 posts and 84 images omitted.
(266.85 KB 558x949 Soy35235253.png)
@4081 >Well, you are a white supremacist, european, far right and all that shit, >but... Do you have the powerful Ñ? No? Fucking losers hahahahaha. Im gonna return to my chad rancho to >eat some FRIJOLES mientras veo futbol, putos nazis, adios y don't forget >wipe your white ass.
(172.83 KB 880x1266 Reynhard_Sinaga (1).jpg)
>>4081 STFU Sissy RAT DYEL i will impregnate your BROWN Boi Womb until you beg me to put a metal rod through your brain you fucking stupid Cuck
(13.01 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>LOL, Im son of norwegian inmigrants on uruguay, Im sure that I'm more caucasian than you.
@4085 Bravo little Tenda Spencer, you learned how to use the select tool in MSpaint. Bravo! Bravo!
>>4081 every one that lives below usa or europe is a ñigger

(2.89 KB 201x189 Untitled.png)
Anonymous 04/02/2020 (Thu) 18:02:57 No. 10014 [Reply] [Last]
>be me >bored as fuck in quarantine >decide to be edgy, leave the safety of reddit >search for image boards besides 4chan, because I dont need to see 30 year old men posting dick pics >end up here >look around >realize y'all are autistic as fuck >fuck it back to reddit i go bye
11 posts and 40 images omitted.
(3.89 MB 200x200 1574273065811.gif)
(150.63 KB 809x853 412412142.jpg)
>edgy >y'all >be me
>>10131 They all look defeated and unconsciously ready to suck their conquerors dick. What a disgustingly weak breed of people. They are literally bawing like sheep.
You disgusting shitposting ball of lard, how about you go scrub your constantly swelling boils before your fatass explodes into bits from shitposting all day. Faggot

Random Images Onideus 02/18/2020 (Tue) 04:42:32 No. 8027 [Reply] [Last]
I've mostly been doing categorized image posting, but I thought it might be fun to just have a completely rando image thread soooo... that's this... just dump whatever rando shit you like here!
24 posts and 66 images omitted.
>>9816 > You're human, nothing about you is even remotely "normal". Is this what you call 'philosophy'? fucking brainlet >>9816 > That chick looks Italian. Do you even know what ethnic Jews look like? Apparently, you don't. fucking brainlet You got an ego, but no brain.
>>9823 It's not philosophy, Brain Trust. It's empirical data. Facts don't care about your feelings (or delusions), Bitch Made.
(39.70 KB 884x953 1585905520437.png)
(404.25 KB 1200x1600 1582643264547.jpg)
(71.49 KB 601x545 1583863010442.jpg)
(726.81 KB 744x1103 image0-45.png)
(170.34 KB 342x461 jews.jpg)
(253.70 KB 545x364 shrigga.png)
(95.68 KB 480x360 stahp.png)
>>8027 I remember seeing that peach image in some badly made creepypasta rom back in like... 2013? Simpler times.
(3.64 MB 1909x1280 2nd_coming_of_christ.png)
(36.06 KB 436x582 terry_davis_carmageddon.jpg)
(4.26 MB 3063x4430 thor.jpg)
(146.98 KB 501x621 merchant-ADL.png)
(29.32 KB 592x582 race_bus.jpg)

(191.88 KB 516x448 scoot thumbs up.PNG)
Tard stories Anonymous 04/01/2020 (Wed) 04:01:09 No. 9998 [Reply] [Last]
I know this is 4cuck tier, but I actually like being able to post with a VPN and without some gay ass jewgle captcha interrupting my ass every post, along with jewish p*rn bots fucking drowning my tales. >be sperg senior >sitting at table with other spergs and mid-tier nerds >there's this retarded aspie kid who makes an absolute clown of himself and makes me grind my teeth >always hated how spergs like me actually had to work to be accepted by society while faggots like him were adored >fuck him and his early Z gohan haircut >one day see him goofing around like usual >OP sperg out level: 75% >he fucking starts flexing to a table full of girls >OP SPERG OUT LEVEL: 100% >snap and yell "YOU DON'T HAVE MUSCLES, RETARD" >everyone snaps their heads at me >ohfuck.png >bell rings >realize i may be fucked, whether it be by the school system or some unusually strong tard simp >mfw school gets cancelled Thanks coronachan
4 posts omitted.
(33.36 KB 350x331 8edfb51d72cb89b1.jpeg)
>>9998 >accepted by society High school isn't society. The things that make you "cool" in high school make you a failure outside of it.
>>10055 close enough
>>10056 Yeah, but many rules of society do kick in that version of hell, like how people may treat you like fucking hitler if you think tards have too many perks.
>>9999 >>10000 repeating numerals
>>9998 You must be 18 to post here.


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