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(9.18 KB 219x230 basechan.png)
Anonymous 04/05/2020 (Sun) 04:33:27 No. 10065 [Reply] [Last]
Hello, anon from 4chad here and im just reminding you alt chan faggots that you will always be inferior to the king. Every altchan I go on is just people either people bitching about 4chan, a 4chan colony, a pedo hole, or just plain dead. You guys basically never produce any oc unless it has to do with orbiting that analockman faggot >b-but muh comfy Comfy? Is it comfy waiting 3 hours for new content when you basically get the same content on 4chan at 70x the speed. And I know theres a bunch of you faggots trying to find the next 8chan so you go to any lynxchan website you find, try to post some analockman memes or something and then the site dies within 2 weeks, but youll never admit that 4chan is simply better. No because 4chan is mainstream 4chan is reddit and its filled with normalfags. And the jannies OH THE JANNIES. Are you too fucking retarded to reset your router or get a vpn or somthing. And besides posting edgy things like cunny is more fun on 4chan because its against the rules, as opposed to a site like 7chan where the mods pride themselves on being degenerate retards. I know I know this post is coming from a cringe cuckchan normal fag right? Hey man you do you. Have fun going to 50 different websites to get the same content amount as 4chad provides
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try calling the mods a tran fucking janny nigger dick, see how that goes for you
>>10065 Your chan is infected. Over time you and anyone remotely edgy will get purged. You want alt chans to die off? Then fix your chan and purge the infection. Feel free to come back here when the communists purge you from your chan.
>>10188 <echochamber babby's first alt chan? whenever people even talk about 4chan on smaller imageboards, they almost always call it something negative like 4cuck >we need some oc, and our own board culture that means you have to contribute as well. nobody ever thinks the cheerleaders win nigball games
>>10065 that chan is complete shit
I usually browse 4chan but that place is mostly shit, I like this place more I hope more people find 16chan.

(106.05 KB 332x415 4268235.png)
Anonymous 04/27/2020 (Mon) 04:09:41 No. 10417 [Reply] [Last]
I started stabbing my arm whenever I get a boner looking at gay shit on the internet. Is this a good idea or nah?
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>>10417 How long have you been looking at gay shit on the internet? What kind of gay shit do you look at?
what happens if you just develop a masochism fetish on top of being a huge queer?
the only way to train to not be a faggot is to kill as many as them as possible. then cut your dick off and put a bullet in your fucking head
>>10417 Pretty aweful. Just do what I do and kept it private. No cares about your boner or if they do they are in your bedroom. Have some self fucking decency.
>>10454 yeah i stopped for that specific reason lel >>10440 shut up homo

(25.30 KB 643x601 tranny zoom1.png)
(106.31 KB 999x551 tranny zoom2.png)
Tranny degeneracy zoom tomorrow Anonymous 05/07/2020 (Thu) 21:16:02 No. 10626 [Reply] [Last]
Who else is going?

(3.38 MB 1240x1753 001.png)
(1.23 MB 1429x2200 002.jpg)
(495.18 KB 600x600 002.png)
/yuu/ - Scenic Route Anonymous 11/20/2019 (Wed) 22:23:35 No. 2876 [Reply] [Last]
In memorandum of /yuu/ a board from almost a decade ago on at alt chan who's name I've forgotten but who's legacy lives on.
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(274.10 KB 800x500 Crocus - 01.jpg)
(276.47 KB 800x500 Crocus - 02.jpg)
(240.80 KB 800x500 Crocus - 03.jpg)
(255.09 KB 800x500 Crocus - 04.jpg)
I had to hurry and take pictures of the crocuses because they don't last very long! The dark purple ones came up first, about a week ago and they're already drooping over. Last year we only got to enjoy them for about a DAY because right after they came up we suddenly had a freak snow storm and it wiped them all out. They're light reactive so like during the night or in shade they close up like a tulip. The daffodils and the tulips should start sprouting next, probably sometime in mid to late March and then those last longer, usually at least a month or two I think. You should always try and plant flowers and grow grass and shit if you can, it'll elevate your mood. Looks pretty/scenic and it makes you feel good knowing you grew something. Bulbs are super easy too, it's not like it really takes a lot of effort, so even if you don't have a green thumb you can do it.
The White Desert in Farafra, Egypt
Last batch of these. I'll do more scenic locations later.

Boomer Meme Onideus 01/17/2020 (Fri) 12:42:25 No. 4499 [Reply] [Last]
In the wake of this new meme I've been going back through my archives looking for some material that fits into this meme or that's related. Here's what I've compiled so far. Feel free to add more. On the second image I'm thinking I'll try and find a crayon type font and then write "Ok Boomer" on the paper.
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Sum more boomer stuff.
>>4499 one time some FAGGOT called me a genwunner but i was playing pokemon silver...
(123.12 KB 500x400 Pointing_dick_at_old_man.jpg)
(378.00 B 50x23 old.gif)
(78.40 KB 640x489 Suprise Pong.jpg)
(158.40 KB 1200x800 SXSW.jpg)

(115.44 KB 481x479 1565394768690.jpg)
Can't get away from the normies Anonymous 04/23/2020 (Thu) 00:36:20 No. 10352 [Reply] [Last]
Fuck your instagram Fuck your twitter Fuck your drumpf Fuck your politics Fuck your shitty Chainsmoker music Fuck your basic white girlfriends Fuck your liberalism I can't seem to find any peace. Can't seem to find like minded people. I'm so bored. I have no friends. Edgy af but I can't look at people's face without despising them. This seems pretty fucking empty.
(17.72 KB 474x474 bone.jpeg)
>>10352 Lol… Not one reply? I feel you though. Here, I’ll throw you a bone…
(10.63 KB 410x230 _110409953_newsinagatop.jpg)
This shithole is filled with wannabe normal fags, so watch yourself
(216.35 KB 638x638 the creative abyss.png)
Fuck your nihilism Fuck your despair Fuck your anger Fuck your hatred Fuck your anxiety Fuck your holier than thou Fuck your edgyness Turn your fire inward, let the pure essence of the rage be distilled and draw forth the sublime motive force -- use it is propel you and should any impurity stand in your way, unleash the inferno upon it. Only divine things can stand subject in sublime fire. In the stillness of the void is the unstoppable yet unmoved mover, the source of infinity itself. In Emptiness is strength as it clarifies our being reconnecting us to the source.
>>10352 I agree. The normies even ruined fucking 4chan. Who would have thought that 14 years ago?
(7.57 KB 220x188 images.jpeg)
start investing in firearms dude

(319.81 KB 710x533 yes.jpg)
Angry Jew Noises Anonymous 04/29/2020 (Wed) 18:40:44 ID:9be424 No. 10539 [Reply] [Last]
This place is gayer than 4jews.
typical for ZOG media to report on that shit. i know someone from ny and he sent me a video of these animals sbeezing and spitting in the streets durring the whole covid thing

(202.09 KB 1080x633 kkk.jfif)
I fucking hate niggers so fucking much Anonymous 02/25/2020 (Tue) 13:34:56 No. 8231 [Reply] [Last]
I was walking in my city and this fucking NIGGER just casually strolls past me with a FUCKING GUN IN HIS HAND. WHAT THE FUCK were we thinking freeing this disgusting baboon faced demon shit skins. Anyone who defends niggers is a fucking retard. I hate this country. I would have gladly died fighting for the confederacy. Fuck nigger lovers, fuck mud sharks, fuck Abraham Lincoln, praise be to the White Race.
8 posts omitted.
(264.37 KB 825x576 emily_NUKouis.jpg)
>>8231 Remember when Emily Youcis almost wiped out JF's youtube channel when she said, "We need to nuke Africa." Fucking based QT.
>>8231 Technically I think you missed your chance to legally shoot him. He was brandishing a weapon.
>>10108 Furthermore why didn't you take a picture and send it to police or normie shame him online. Could easily have used cancel culture to your benefit this time.Make him lose his job.
>>10106 Enjoy the aftertaste of dog dick and matzo balls, by all means.
let these niggers ice each other who the fuck cares. if you really care that much call a cop and he will gun that mook down legally

(44.90 KB 551x517 nlp3.jpg)
story time Anonymous 01/22/2020 (Wed) 09:48:59 No. 4569 [Reply] [Last]
TLDR: Fatties and Neuro-linguistic programming >be me >20% of my family (including extended family) are fat >they're too pathetic to stop being fat, so instead they try to make everyone else fat too. >the fatties start bringing bread-y and sugar-y snacks to the weekly family meetings >if anyone doesn't eat the carbs then the fatties subtly attack that person >if anyone brings healthy snacks, then the fatties subtly attack the decision >the other 80% are strongwilled enough to not eat carbs outside of family meetings, but not strong enough to abstain while they happen. >fatties succeed at making carbohydrate snacks the standard at family meetings, but they fail at actually making everyone else fat >I decide to stop eating carbs and sugar >I lead the anti-carb rebellion >a few other people join me in my quest >fatties continue to bring carb-y meals, each time they bring a different kind of junk food >one by one, my comrades fall, the temptation is simply too much >I'm alone, my rebellion failed >fall back into degeneracy once a week

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(231.11 KB 852x1288 20200321_233647.jpg)
(1.60 MB 1600x900 holocaust.png)
I guess I'll tell my own tale from a good number of years back. It's pretty unrelated, but it involves a retard so it's funny shut up >be me, 3rd grade >have friend who has 3DS >bus is redneck incarnate, his device is a safe haven from the endless niggering and hickering >friend has severely autistic brother >open up videos >look at funny ass stop motions and plush videos friend made because they're funny for 2 sperg ass 9 year olds >see video in his bathroom >wut >autistic brother made this one >camera pans around >QUICKLY PANS DOWN TO RETARD PENIS >quickly exit and delete video before we find out if he tries making cream gravy with that fucking vegetable penis I've seen that fucker do more stupid shit, but they're really not too memorable.
(14.29 KB 300x150 1573388436292.jfif)
subtley attack? i would tell this cancerous fucking cow to go eat their own cake on the toilet instead of eating the fruit i brought.
and how fucking dare you. the jews IS THE REASON why your family is fuckibg fat

90 day fiance Anonymous 05/07/2020 (Thu) 03:54:39 No. 10609 [Reply] [Last]
when you're in another country and some prostitute if she can "practice their english" tell her to go fuck herself first.


no cookies?