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(31.88 KB 1200x1200 NSDAP Swastika.png)
The swastika Anonymous 12/18/2020 (Fri) 19:12:07 No. 17390 [Reply] [Last]
What does this symbol mean to you personally? Why does it invoke inspiration in some and fear in others?
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(36.32 KB 508x677 deposited.jpg)
To me, it represents the death of 4chan. Quite a waste, really.
To me, it represents the death of 4chan. Quite a waste, really.
>>17925 >outmoded Chan culture 8chan wedge tactics won’t work here
>>17896 While most addicts unfortunately do not quit in their lives, many do, and become successful functioning members of society. In a white ethnostate, I support executing drug dealers, while more money should go into rehabilitating users, rather than ruining their lives with a criminal record. I myself went to rehab and quit drugs. Going to rehab completely changed my perspective on addicts. I used to think every addict was a piece of shit including myself, though I'd mostly use alone. Many of them have been through some serious trauma in their lives but are overall good people, a lot of self-medication.

Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 18:00:28 No. 17836 [Reply] [Last]
What will you do when they come for you
>>17856 >>17858 shills out in full force
If they are coming for you it means you screwed up to get their attention. If I was in a situation when i was to be hunted down and imprisoned for life why..id....slid and lay low...and go rape the daughter of one of them rich politicians that sold us out. Nothing makes them feel great pain and ruins their plans like knowing one of us raped their child. I mean its what they do to our children all the time anyway. and im not even a rapist. Never raped a woman and never would enjoy it. But hurting pieces of shit and ruining their life in a traumatic way...id go through the motions just to punish them.

(53.35 KB 720x1278 Snapchat-52338208.jpg)
Fag begs people to raid zoom call Anonymous 01/10/2021 (Sun) 23:25:54 No. 17915 [Reply] [Last]
ID: 893 9615 1656 Passcode: 4YbNn5 Zoom meeting from the college i used to go to. Place is filled with normgroids and gay acceptence posters. Would be fun to watch some of the boomers have panic attacks trying to kick raiders.
a ZOOM call is the perfect opportunity for the posters here to get DOXED and profiled. Sorry kid, too busy trying to balance working and fighting for my freedoms.
you need to commit suicide.

(92.59 KB 868x751 neh.jpg)
(85.98 KB 600x345 1593760688335.jpg)
(55.87 KB 741x468 1591540590314.jpg)
Hey Anonymous 01/10/2021 (Sun) 23:39:22 No. 17917 [Reply] [Last]
Just moved here from faggy 4chan. Am I safe from bbc threads here?
>>17917 thats hows new I am
>>17917 Yes. Read the rules newfag
its FUcKing GooD MATE. moved here my self yesterday. My stuff doesnt get deleted, no captcha and shills get banned. we're free to even discuss fucking with leftist and rusting their cars without anyone able to disrupt or censor reading this.

/gore/ Thread Anonymous 01/10/2021 (Sun) 21:43:50 No. 17901 [Reply] [Last]
The occasional gore thread is necessary to ward off normies and redditfags. 4chan's /pol/ did not allow gore and that is why they are full of shills. Post the most disturbing gore webms you have.
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>>17908 sorry mate, i get your point but i dont think that shit is gonna fly.
>>17909 Really, who that fuck do you think you kidding >>17903 >1606274872897.webm >file name
>>17909 periodically i still do quick scans of 4pol, usually when i wake up. i almost always see a gore thread of some sort, usually a china thread. they surely do get deleted, but not long enough for nobody to notice. they always have response counts in the double digits (unless i happen to see them shortly after they're posted obviously).
>>17901 Do you have any militant videos like the one with al-shabaab fighting against the KDF? >>17905 8chan had gore threads too.
Off Topic >>>/b/

(757.02 KB 625x520 retreatordie.png)
Operation Forced Retreat Anonymous 01/10/2021 (Sun) 00:24:45 No. 17892 [Reply] [Last]
Twitter is lost abandon the ship and help accelerate the exodus to Gab and Parler WE NEED TO GET ALL MAGAPEDES OFF TWITTER NOW HERE IS HOW YOU CAN HELP Just follow these 2 simple steps: 1 >Login to twitter 2 >START REPORTING EVERY MAGAPEDE YOU KNOW FOR ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF Then repeat for any other big tech social media you have YOUR GOAL UNTIL JAN 20TH SHOULD BE TO GET EVERYONE YOU KNOW BANNED OFF BIG TECH
(354.29 KB 674x679 1581281718526.png)
>>17892 Fuck off you twatter/plebbit user. Serves you right for using kike sites.
fuck off spammer reminder that Gab is almost entirely developed by a literal jewish SJW and their lefty friends.
>>17894 <Gab is almost entirely developed by a literal <jewish SJW and their lefty friends do you have proofs for that claim?
>>17897 Yes. Their name is Eugen Rochko. Gab Social is a fork of the Mastodon codebase: https://code.gab.com/gab/social/gab-social >The Gab Social project is based on the Mastodon project, and is licensed under the terms and conditions of AGPL-3.0. Most of the code is and most likely will continue to be Mastodon apart from extra added features. I honestly doubt they're even merging Mastodon fixes now that the codebases have diverged. Rochko is "a 25-year-old German programmer of Russian and Jewish heritage" and explicitly bans 'Nazis' from their platform.

(5.76 KB 320x180 mqdefault.jpg)
Inflation of groceries right now Anonymous 01/10/2021 (Sun) 13:59:53 No. 17886 [Reply] [Last]
Just got back from the supermarket. For some reason peach juice that used to cost 1.77 rupees now costs 2.60 rupees and its "50% puree content". Most Pineapple juices are also 50%. Is pineapple re-dried powder puree supposed to be some "gold commodity" now? We're not even talking about fresh squeezed juice with the vitamins intact, were talking concentrate with half the vitamins dead, becoming a fucking luxury item in east europe. in USd it would be 1.66$ for a liter of "luxury" peach juice 50% puree. The most disgusting part is some boomers came and they were checking and talking about the fruit content percentage...fucking boomers wanting to eat better food than me..... How are food prices in your countries?
>>17889 Who knew that getting your groceries delivered on a fucking airplane would be expensive?

(91.08 KB 639x463 1577928333086.jpg)
Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 14:53:49 No. 9545 [Reply] [Last]
How did you find this site
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>>9545 16 chan is four times better than 4chan
>>17864 Can you paste links to those chans? I would really appreciate that. I have couple chans that i managed to find.
>>17591 4chan obviously will never get shutdown because its the control matrix. You are supposed to lose your time and energy there arguing with shills and being made fun at, your threads being deleted and...doing nothing. It's good that 90% of the people who are too dumb continue to stay on 4chan, and only people like us with a brain that gets fed up come here to talk in peace and learn something. If you flood this place with 1000 people mods would not be able to handle the shilling and disruption. Here we can freely talk about lets say... guerilla gardening, self sufficiency, tax cheating, lying to HR, cheating the system etc. If the shills flood this place you will get posts ridiculing, emotionally baiting, insulting you for the simple goal of ruining any discussion. They will make fun of you for being "trump tards" or "white men" just to keep you down and angry every day.
>>17879 Not a curated list, so can not speak to quality. Assume most are dead and/or cater to faggotry www.allchans.org/ socialwiki.top/wiki/Imageboards eldritchdata.neocities.org/Lists/ChanList.html github.com/ccd0/imageboards.json/blob/gh-pages/imageboards.json
>>9545 I could smell the santorum from canada

(9.96 KB 971x143 is it happening.png)
Anonymous 01/10/2021 (Sun) 12:48:24 No. 17880 [Reply] [Last]
Can anybody confirm this? Not spreading very well...
>>17880 Mother of god, what the fuck is wrong with you? "Assuming" this was legit, why would post a pic of a link? Why would you not post some info? A pic of the pope, an excerpt from story Is that too much to ask? It like you want your shit thread to be deleted, so you can run back to facebook or 4 chan and say "this must be true, mods are censoring it" Fucking kill yourself you massive fucking faggot

(10.52 KB 480x360 hqdefault (3).jpg)
NEET & taxes REDPILL Anonymous 01/10/2021 (Sun) 10:05:28 No. 17874 [Reply] [Last]
Im not a NEET right now, and im not australian but i would like to share my shocking experience getting redpilled last year. I will try to keep the personal details out. I had a cooshy job as a designer making marketing banners and such for a jew online casino. I actually got brainwashed loving my job because I was only in the office half the week, the colleagues were great, job was relatively easy and fun enough, putting casino game characters and making memes with them. I still got to slack off, listen to whatever youtube videos i wanted, browse, shitpost etc. So compared to being unemployed with no money and still staying on the computer all day, hell yeah it was worth it. If I had some shitty customer facing job I would probably kill my self having to deal with angry boomers and cunts. Id rather become a master thief than work in mcdonalds or drive a van. I thought of NEET's as scum that is lazy and doesnt contribute to society, i regularly insulted them on 4chan and explained that they will never own a home or get a good woman blablabla. Keep in mind I really cared about my job, I wanted to do great, I pushed wanting to make whole slot game design from scratch (without even asking for a raise), i would get small 200$ raises a year and be a happy dumb goy. I also had the boss of the whole art department like me so i was bulletproof even if HR hated that i get to work from home half the week. I went too far with my autistic jokes about being a mass killer/assassin/hitman/secret agent/specialist in poisons and they let me go. They actually gave me around 2800$ just so i can go on the spot. And they didnt give any money to other people when they gave them the boot. So, im suddenly NEET right when covid started, good luck getting another job like that in my shit town. For my job i had to drive 1 hour 1 way to get to the big town. Now i suddenly wasnt getting great money every month, i just had 2800$ and my last salary coming. The government still owed me 120$ for 4 months max being a NEET. Keep in mind for the past 3+ years they were taking 400+$ from my salary EVERY FUCKING MONTH.
(1.35 MB 480x270 giphy-downsized.gif)
So i somehow managed to register on time for being unemployed, but I forgot to register at the "health insurance agency" so somehow that meant i was NOT entitled to the laughable 120$ for 4 months. And the best part is no one contacted me. No one called me to say "Hey man, we owe you 120$ man, we wanna help you while youre a neet that has been paying like a good goy all this time". The government jewed me out of fucking 120$ chump change. They didnt even give me that. All while giving gypsies 600$+ a month who were lying they were "blind" yet driving mercedes with golden chains and taking photos. I thought the "Taxes are theft" faggots were cringe, but now i SAW they were right all along. The roads in my town were never fixed, only the main roads, god forbid they fix the roads that lead to the small villa i bought in the woods. Gypsies were allowed to burn tires everyday polluting the air in the whole town (one of the biggest in the country) with no one arresting them. Every fucking week. People were regularly abusing animals, tying dogs to cars, killing cats with pipes. They all get arrested and released later, got away scott free instead of being jailed for 10 years. And the best part: Electricity and water was regularly cut, daily, for many villages around the big town, forcing people to just sell their houses and go back to the system. If you didnt have your own stream or well, you were at the mercy of the government fucking with you while you PAID TAXES. If you had neighbors and connected to the water system, they could just fill their pool and leave you without water. And the final nail in the coffin: The government was now asking for 15% tax on all crypto withdrawn back to fiat. These fucking pieces of shit wanted 15% fucking percent on money that i had risked and held the bags for 3 years. They never helped me, they never bailed me out, but if they didnt get 15% you go to jail. Pretty much armed robbery.
(36.79 KB 680x513 1607982755432.jpg)
It gets EVEN WORSE. As covid started the gov closed towns and you couldn't get in or out, only the wagies showing papers they work in a factory somewhere. You also could not visit any park, no matter how little or a giant forest. Normies stormed the supermarkets buying toiletpaper like americans and there were giant wait lines everywhere. you had to wear a mask and it even got to the point where the police can hassle you if you are outside without "a reason". It was way worse in greece where you an only go out "after sending an SMS to the government". I never imagined such a lockdown can happen, only if nuclear war begun i imagined the gov "might try to block town exits" but fuck....they actually did it. When real SHTF war/riots happen the government would block all town exits and you will need either an off road bike or a rugged 4x4 suv that can go through terrain. So yeah, I managed to get a better job in 2 months luckily but my eyes were open about taxes and how your government is your ENEMY. I realized one thing. In any event where you were stockpiling something the government might need, they can raid your home and confiscate it, killing you or jailing you in the process. They actually did it in my country. They declared pigs everywhere had "pig flu" so the gov came to every house that had even 1 pig and they murdered the pig holding the family at gun point basically. You were no longer allowed to own your own...meat. From now on we had to import EU pig meat from germany i suppose. Fuck your self sufficiency goy. I can predict that soon if you have 30 jars of canned meat or fish in your basement, if a food shortage happens and the gov declares "you cant hoard food" if they know, they will come and take it all from you, no matter that you spent your own money while the others were buying mercedes cars.
So yeah, the government is your enemy. They only exist to stay in power and fuck you. They only help gypsies, muslims, niggers, mexicans to vote for them and keep everyone supressed focusing on the nigger problem instead of raising against the government. This happens in every country. Justice gets served only if thereis a lot of publicity or the cop is a bro. Your taxes go to feed boomers and minorities who are too lazy to work but kill cats for fun. The police, as much as i like them beating up minorities in the dark and serving some justice...ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. They have a job to keep and kids to feed and they will not risk it for you. If you are under investigation, even for stockpiling food, they will do their job and get you jailed. Its very rare that a cop would close his eyes, for example if you were beating up pedophiles to death at night....and the cop is a nice guy..he might tell you to keep it down. So dont talk to cops unless its in your interest. They are an arm of the state. Even if they are "real human beans" and you are polite and calm, they will be ordered to fuck you up if the time comes. You can only trust cops in a small american town of like 50 people where everyone is bros.
I fully support NEETs cheating the system by pretending to be retarded or a tranny. There is nothing to gain by working your ass off for a corporation and playing by the rules. If you can get enough money to live as a NEET, do it. If you got a cooshy work from home job, by all means keep it, dont work too much, lie and cheat. Ever since i was fired i assumed the smile of dwayne johnson and started acting like him.


no cookies?