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(948.88 KB 1280x720 bhjk.png)
Anonymous 10/14/2020 (Wed) 05:02:37 No. 16518 [Reply] [Last]
F*ck you ungrateful mouth-breathing n*ger c*nts for not respecting tree rights!. You chomp us down and use us like dirt!. without us trees all of you would be DEAD!. STOP BEING PARASITES AND RESPECT TREE RIGHTS B*GOTS!.
>>16518 Wait, what?!? Are you trying to start some shit about something like trees identifying as shrubs or shrubs identifying as trees? You're not gonna get no luck, it's clearly legally established what's a trees and what's a shrubs and I ain't heard no convoluting up of that! Fuck you for being a poorshit that only afford shrubs and just desperately wishes he had trees!

(1.57 MB 1202x1150 fghjik.png)
Anonymous 10/13/2020 (Tue) 03:45:00 No. 16495 [Reply] [Last]
Is believing in morals another form of cuckery?.
pic related
It depends on the morals anon. Good morals relate well to reality and are the very opposite of cuckery. For exampe, looking after your children is a very good moral to have. The opposite moral, love the entire world and adopt niglets, is a bad moral that ends your genetic line.
Your moral compass needs to survive being completely isolated for reasonable lenths of time. I'm not sure if you are the gangstalking anon but one thing a gang of con artists (or communists, but I repeat myself) will do is to cut you off from potential friends and allies in an attempt to substitute their reality for actual reality. In this situation, having a strong moral code gets you out of the trap: they will entice you to do things that you will feel ashamed of, but if you always follow your morals then this trick cannot work, firstly because you do not do questionable things, but secondly because you do not feel shame for things that they say are shameful but your moral code does not.
>>16495 there is no intrinsic morality so i dont think you can always fault people if they dont live up to your personal code (there are obvious crimes mostly everyone considers as such that you can fault them for). should you become a sociopath because of that? no, that would be poison for all of your relationships and very few people can do without those.
Society will be wrecked without morals. Fuck off with this militant feminist/atheist bullshit

(10.07 KB 225x225 Bune2.jpg)
Anonymous 10/05/2020 (Mon) 11:39:00 No. 16420 [Reply] [Last]
Bune, Bune, Bune... Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa
(115.19 KB 768x1025 celtic-cross.jpg)
>>16420 fuck off satanist freak
>>16420 This autist has spammed other sites with the same thing Dunno what his end game could be
>>16505 summoning a demon obviously

(311.18 KB 1000x1000 red-wojak-melting.jpg)
GET ME OUT OF THIS GLOBOHOMO TECHNO HELL Anonymous 09/29/2020 (Tue) 04:33:35 No. 16355 [Reply] [Last]
Why do you use normie media, anon ? Disable it, read old books.
It's pretty fucking shit, not gonna lie friend. We will just have to suck it up for a few more weeks until Trump gets in (optics) then lean on his administration hard until they start imprisoning the scumbags who did this. Strangely enough, I read that the DOJ is looking (yeah I know) at an anti-trust suit against Google, which is probably the worst of the lot, much worse than Bing for censoring search results.
>>16355 my feet are cold

(3.23 KB 290x283 tit for two tats.png)
The core of Christianity Anonymous 10/12/2020 (Mon) 10:03:12 No. 16468 [Reply] [Last]
The core of Christianity is forgiveness. This is what turned a desert tribe religion into an artistic and scientific powerhouse that built cathedrals and put man on the moon. Jesus implemented forgiveness for people who are not absolute enemies of God as a strategy called tit for two tats. If a man wrongs you once it could be a mistake. You ask them what is going on. If they wrong you again then that shows that it wasn't a mistake. Then you give them both barrels. The American people elected Trump in 2016. A cabal of people attacked him from the outset up until this day. To the very slow to anger, this could be called the first tat. Trump will be elected again in 2020. If the cabal continues to attack him then this will be the second tat. At this point Trump will have fulfilled all that Jesus asks of him and will be fully justified in unleashing his tit. This could be anything up to and including execution.

(202.60 KB 640x960 1455399429965.jpg)
WWYD Anonymous 09/15/2020 (Tue) 03:07:35 No. 16228 [Reply] [Last]
If a looney nigger attempted to strip in front and said 'give me my reparations whyte boi', what would you do?
1 post omitted.
>>16228 I'd tell him to fuck off and that his kind owes me reperations for putting up with them destroying society.
(39.89 KB 500x554 4732.jpg)
>>16236 > fuck off
>>16236 >I'd tell him to fuck
gib me boibussy to him obviously
I’d thorw chains around his neck and say pick my cotton nigger boi

(237.75 KB 960x540 1bab56776c25ee86.png)
complaining about endchan Anonymous 01/26/2020 (Sun) 19:34:23 ID:ae4faf No. 4654 [Reply] [Last]
end/pol/ banned me for saying that whites are the true jews and that modern jews are usurpers of the title. apparently, claiming that the ashkenazi, sepharim, and mizarim are not the original jews, and that the true people being claimed by the bible as "jews" were white peoples whose ancestors are now middle-eastern christians (NOT arabs) is a part of some "degenerate jewish agenda". I was banned for saying literally this. AdolfHitler also thought that a ban on Intellectual Property is somehow "marxist" (as if it was akin to banning physical property), that trade unions were owned and operated in nazi germany (hitler banned private unions but instituted nationalized trade unions and made joining them compulsory), that a system of domestic law based on ownership of person and (physical) property and consent as the medium of all legal (physical) interaction is somehow different from the NAP (even though it's an exact description of how such a system works), he objected to an absolute, no exceptions system of free expression/speech because it legalizes CP (even though it still prohibits child abuse - children = 15 and under). He also hates my greater vision: allowing discrimination for any reason on part of private individuals or businesses, making laws minimalistic and government minarchistic, ending the welfare state and providing complete freedom, while prohibiting any new policies from being made, or existing laws from being removed, ignored, or altered, and of course by closing the borders completely from the outside-in and the inside-out, a ban on both on immigration/emigration and on international trade/aid. Which is intended to cause people to self-segregate and the numbers of non-productive/non-competitive groups such as non-whites to fall while productive/competitive groups like white rise, resulting in prosperity that shines as an example to other countries as the country which adopts my system becomes a superpower, eventually, non-whites will want to leave, made worse by our border laws preventing them from doing so, we hold this position for a couple generations maybe a decade, before deciding to deport all non-whites to any country that will take them. It's peaceful, and most people would be willing to support such a movement, as it is much closer to the overton window than openly saying "I'm a nazi, vote for me!" The only solution he sees is bringing back his version of Hitler's national socialism and evicting every non-white by force after taking over the gov't, how will he take it over? redpill enough whites and overthrow the gov't when shit hits the fan. adolfhitler is an idiot and a child.
46 posts and 27 images omitted.
>>9966 eugenics, let the tards kill themselves, the smarties rise up in uncertain times. government is dysgenic, so we need as little as possible. it's kinda the point btw, non-whites would die in record numbers under little government, whites, on the other hand, will have a large loss (mostly leftist imbeciles) but then the rest will thrive. it's part of the reason why it works as a plan to fix the demographics, because nonwhite rely upon govt to make their lives livable, whites pay taxes but don't use govt services anywhere near as much, we'd be fine without them, they won't. besides, in the modern era where people are much more skeptical and distrusting, where personal access to the largest possible libraries of information is a thing, and other changes in circumstances, the response to the removal of govt regulation is going to be self-regulation or regulation by the people, businesses which try to pull the shit they did in the 50's will find that they no longer have the luxury of a trusting consumer base they can lie to, they will either ensure standards remain stable of they will die. No IP means anyone can make their own version of coca-cola and sell it, monopolies and oligopolies rely upon intellectual property, lack of speech laws mean companies cant police what others say about them, either. lots of big companies will die out and the vacuum will be replaced by many smaller businesses, this is a good thing, it kills jewish influence in our society. also, universities rely upon government subsidies to survive with the curriculum they have and the culture they create, many large universities are going to go under, this is good, fuck 'em.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(9.53 KB 420x420 logo.png)
(84.16 KB 529x586 1598556383887.png)
OP Is kinda right though in terms of religion. Modern Jews just took up the moniker of Jews/Israelite's to be the false chosen and rule over everything. If were being critical about the bible then the real biblical Jews are whites. And when you think about it a little more the modern Jewish identity probably was planned by modern(fake)Jews to make themselves look white out of insecurity and jealousy of real actual whites.
>>9934 good too know you watch and keep beastialty porn in you’re folder you limp dick freak >>9934

(112.97 KB 610x545 1602025630360.jpg)
Polgbtq Anonymous 10/08/2020 (Thu) 00:56:30 No. 16430 [Reply] [Last]
How many pol users are actually gay nazis? And isn't that retarded to be a nazi if you are a homosexual? Or is 4chan that retarded?
>>16430 4chan is full of degenerates that deserve to be shot
mental illness /thread
>>16430 No more than 10% by my estimates. Gayness is a congenital defect occurring due to fetus being poisoned with xenoestrogens and due to parents being old. The rate of people being born gay will be lowered, once we cleanse https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xenoestrogen#Common_environmental_estrogens from the environment. This can only happen when a political movement that actually cares about health of our people will come to power.

(203.03 KB 720x874 IMG_20200708_170234.jpg)
Anonymous 07/30/2020 (Thu) 14:03:45 No. 15746 [Reply] [Last]
Is pay for sex morally wrong?
8 posts omitted.
>>15746 >>15746 no it's not but you can catch stds nigger
Not if it's her.
>>15746 you answered your own question OP but if you want reassurance then yes its degenerate.
>>15746 No. Its more morally right, and quicker, to do so than to put on a facade to chance getting sex for free, which costs you anyway, as both waste their lives trying to find some compatibility or something. We want to have orgasms, thats a feeling higher than all other feelings, there is an unmistakable physical component that all other feelings lack, and to which the body does not release drugs for. Women are designed by the retarded, unfeasibly ugly and deformed aliens to be warped about it, vagina-centrism, or that upon their other holes, its so... (I was prevented from revealing a more cosmic idea). And its an imposition that is yoked to their lot, their program as animals in the DNA hybridization plan. Even with modern condom reliability, the simple pleasure of having a lover is unfree from the emotional politics trap. Those that manage the human race perpetually emanate a radiation from the unmoving moon, a hypnotic programming to carve us into mind roles which carve into brain which carve into epigenetics, an incessant and unceasing rape radiation at us from that psychic weapon and planetoid, a bell curve of "normalcy" and what people should be like, priming, and then its further reinforced by the entrainment device of tv, movies, conditioning, and further enforced by over 40 species possessing "gray" suits and in human disguise among us. When you check out, you are collected, you can never leave the grid, you go back to the moon, you are pulled toward the 7 mile tall obelisk cube at the exact center at Sinus Medii. What can they do with transdimensional technology thats 9 billion years in advance of ours? Anything they want to do to us.

(81.86 KB 635x900 1602159742800.jpg)
Am I degenerate? Anonymous 10/09/2020 (Fri) 23:00:48 No. 16445 [Reply] [Last]
Is it wrong of me to say that I want to be sexually dominated by females via femdom?or is this just a fetish?
(122.69 KB 1067x1600 KYS.jpg)
>>16445 We get it >>16430 >>>/pol/35866 You're a faggot. Here is your prize.
>>16445 Sexually, nothing is wrong. Only unhygienic. Humans with humans should be mostly non-contaminant in both microbiology and species.


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