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(2.52 MB 3508x1386 Daryl C Lanzon BOLO.png)
Serial rapist and pedophile Daryl Lanzon Anonymous 01/19/2020 (Sun) 21:38:48 No. 4542 [Reply] [Last]
Be on the lookout for serial rapist and pedophile Daryl Lanzon. He is known to track down young naive girls and force them into sex work to fund his drug addict lifestyle. Police cannot help because his victims who range from pre-teens to young adults are intimidated into staying silent and defending him. Currently, all of his victims have run away back to their families, but that hasn't stopped him from tracking them down to different states in the past and making threats toward their families. Please spread the word. For those of you in the area, do not go to his trailer at 20856 Trebesh Road West, Unadilla Township, Pinckney, Michigan, USA. While he is alone, he does have access to various firearms (despite not being legally allowed to posess any). His phone number is (734) 323-4309. Do not let this monster harm another girl again. Clearnet links to image: https://postimg.cc/Y4Zw9Rmd https://ibb.co/DCZd9pT https://hell.pics/SiirS30 https://sht.click/yrI https://upload.run/eegkqp https://anonfile.com/T719t3O5n7/Daryl_C_Lanzon_BOLO_png Darknet links to image (use Tor Browser https://www.torproject.org/ to view):

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>>8155 The term is "Cumbles"
>>8143 Getting what drumbles? Have you already given me a pet name? I'm not gay bro I got a wife and twenty children and a ranch so... yeah
(19.06 KB 500x313 1286426426.jpg)
>>4542 to be fair tho if you decide to live in a place like michigan then whatever happens to you is fair game

(5.84 KB 275x183 download.jpeg)
Howdy MyHeartGoesToYouMama 12/12/2019 (Thu) 18:21:48 No. 3716 [Reply] [Last]
Howdy retards
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(23.71 KB 278x339 Fag Sweater.jpg)
(72.91 KB 450x471 Gigantic Fagotto.jpg)
(51.41 KB 561x704 Road Head.jpg)
(171.06 KB 600x800 Wat.jpg)
Time to butt bump the homo thread!
(83.72 KB 750x600 Golly.jpg)
(54.95 KB 512x384 Judge Fudge.jpg)
(60.60 KB 461x568 Faggot Tree.jpg)
(71.29 KB 640x480 I'm Bored.jpg)
(923.31 KB 1024x878 CWlspT1UAAEWkEO.jpg)

Random Images Onideus 02/18/2020 (Tue) 04:42:32 No. 8027 [Reply] [Last]
I've mostly been doing categorized image posting, but I thought it might be fun to just have a completely rando image thread soooo... that's this... just dump whatever rando shit you like here!
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>>9823 It's not philosophy, Brain Trust. It's empirical data. Facts don't care about your feelings (or delusions), Bitch Made.
(39.70 KB 884x953 1585905520437.png)
(404.25 KB 1200x1600 1582643264547.jpg)
(71.49 KB 601x545 1583863010442.jpg)
(726.81 KB 744x1103 image0-45.png)
(170.34 KB 342x461 jews.jpg)
(253.70 KB 545x364 shrigga.png)
(95.68 KB 480x360 stahp.png)
>>8027 I remember seeing that peach image in some badly made creepypasta rom back in like... 2013? Simpler times.
(3.64 MB 1909x1280 2nd_coming_of_christ.png)
(36.06 KB 436x582 terry_davis_carmageddon.jpg)
(4.26 MB 3063x4430 thor.jpg)
(146.98 KB 501x621 merchant-ADL.png)
(29.32 KB 592x582 race_bus.jpg)
(8.07 KB 183x275 it was okay.jpg)

robi exposed Anonymous 02/24/2020 (Mon) 00:55:37 ID:e1282c No. 8136 [Reply] [Last]
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(148.43 KB 1630x790 8c65051ce6368b21.jpg)
(303.54 KB 1408x1163 f8fa98303bcf8c7e.jpg)
>>9668 Most of that Q shit revolves around apophenic inferences, similar to "Bible Codes" or cold reading or astrology... your basic Texas sharpshooter style Barnum effects. Basically with any sufficiently large enough data set you can easily draw an infinite number of false conclusions, due largely to the curse of dimensionality. Most of the people who are easily tricked with such tactics are those often suffering from psychiatric disorders, some mild enough that they're still largely functional in society. Often times that mental deficiency is a result of ancillary medical problems as well, whether it's a vitamin B12 deficiency (found most often in Vegans) or thyroid issues or maybe they just ate too many lead paint chips as a child. Of course sometimes it's just natural stupidity. We're not all born equal and it can easily get worse with added upbringing and education (or lack thereof). If you take someone who is already low IQ and then flunk them along through public schooling (rather than putting them in a special education class)... yeah, it winds up breeding a very unique sort of stupidity... a very dangerous stupidity. I get the reason why they did it of course, I mean trying to educate trainables with special teachers and special classes just to get them marginally functional in society is an incredible cost burden, but shoveling those kids into regular classrooms under the banner of progressiveness and then later into "charter schools" was NOT an ideal solution. The really sticky issue as far as I'm concerned is with trolling. Trolling is a art of course, but if trolling is done by playing off mental psychosis rather than genuine gaffes, has it gone too far? Is Q breaking Formosa's Law?
(108.12 KB 982x960 bikecuck-france.jpg)
>>9669 i thought you mentioned something along the lines of there being no universal morality in the past. in that case, nothing can go too far. even if the Q larper could reasonably verify himself and admit to his swindle, not all schizos subscribed to it would back down. my personal belief is that it is wrong to exploit retards. i hate lolcow harassment campaigns, but i'm not very fond of lolcows themselves either. i don't know a good solution without violating the crazies' rights and setting bad precedents
>>9671 I'm not really on any particular side of the fence, I tend to take a more nuanced approach to things. I also think that sometimes it's better to rethink yourself. For example, on the one hand you could say, "I'm not going to do it because I think it's unethical." But, for myself, I'm more inclined to say something like, "I'm not going to do it because there's no challenge, it's like shooting fish in a barrel." It's the SAME action, but the REASONING is different. That's why I try and avoid pure moralistic arguments because... they're lazy and often don't hold up well. It's like saying, "Don't do this thing because it's illegal." That sounds good in theory... except when you factor in people who do illegal shit on purpose, people who ~want~ to do illegal shit, or people who try and justify doing illegal shit. That's why, saying something isn't moral isn't really much better than saying something is illegal, neither makes a very good argument on the whole. It used to be a bit different in that the greater whole of society was more religious and, as such, you could use moralistic arguments, but that adherence was largely a product of FEAR rather than any genuine sense of logic or reasoning. The whole... "be moral or you risk going to hell"... morality through fear can be effective at curbing certain actions... but it's not a tactic that holds much weight in "current year" in the society in which we live.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(64.65 KB 642x373 Trolls - Troll Harder.jpg)
(51.47 KB 470x600 trolling.jpg)
(63.39 KB 642x1083 Trolls - Me Is Back.png)
There are other trolling philosophies that can be considered as well of course, for example The Portal of Evil had a very strict "non interference" Star Trek style. That is, they could document and mock a particular kook or lolcow from afar, but any level of active or direct engagement with the subject was prohibited UNLESS they came to the board and, even then, engagement wasn't to ever be pursued beyond the site. Which is somewhat similar to the "net abuser" concept during the 90s, when trolling was considered acceptable only when it remained online and anyone who deviated and went "RL" on someone was then branded as a "net abuser" rather than as a troll. And, at the time, being branded as a "net abuser" was like the ultimate badge of shame. Like being worse than scum. Worse than any kook/lolcow. These days though crossing the RL line is par for the course, it's typically expected and considered standard trolling behavior. There's also Mike Reed's perspective where... everyone is a troll... https://www.politicsforum.org/flame-warriors/
(35.39 KB 380x295 guns don't kill people.jpg)

(29.69 KB 400x400 PDsCoQnT_400x400.jpg)
The Onideus Thread Anonymous 02/23/2020 (Sun) 22:38:46 No. 8108 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for orbiting, insulting and cooming on Onideus aka Mathew Moulton. Sit stil, Onideus, I'm COOMING on your face, uhhhhohhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa OH GOD, IM COOMING Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
27 posts and 6 images omitted.
(42.98 KB 400x300 shot_128320033.png)
Well, since this is the thread of me, let's do something "me" related, like uh... sort through ancient/dead bookmarks. Let's see, first up... http://go.frenchlabs.net ...well it's dead. *looks in Wayback* Fuck, it's so old even Wayback has no archive of it! D: *searches Google* Ooooh, I remember. It was like an aggregate search engine, like a search engine that compiled results from multiple search engines and sites. Had a nifty interface too! See attached. I think I mostly liked it for the interface. It's bad sites don't look good like that anymore. Everything looks like dog shit now for some reason.
(28.07 KB 750x563 parry_aftab.jpg)
Okay next up... http://netbullies.com/ Hrmmm... also dead. There is an archive tho... http://archive.is/Tp8ka Oh, I remember now! Way back in 2013, before Gamergate got kicked off and before all the hilarious sites like "Heart Mob" and "Bully Hunters" and all that shit, there was this FAT lawyer lady by the name of Parry Aftab who created all these super cringe ass "cyber bullying" websites. She was basically like the precursor to all the current insane SJW crap online. She's like the God Fatter of modern SJW cringe.
(215.87 KB 1008x589 Burned Fur - 01.png)
(750.95 KB 1024x1420 Burned Fur - 02.png)
Okay next is... http://burnedfur.mv.com/ Fuck... also dead. At least some ~parts~ of it were archived though (see attached). Dates back to like... 2003 I think. It was one of the very first "canary in the coal mine" sort of sites. Basically for people who got into the furry fandom thinking it was like cutesy Disney cartoons and fun Halloween dress up... only to be absolutely mortified beyond measure once they fully realized just how fucked up that community really was. They called themselves "burned furs". Never at any point in my entire history online have I ever felt more connection and relatability. Like every time I encountered a new community in my early days online I always had all these sort of pedestrian like views or this sort of utopic/enlightened sort of perspective on what I thought the community was about... and then... oh my fucking God it's infested with complete degenerate asshats! Literally EVERY fucking community! To the point where, now, I just automatically assume that EVERYONE online is a sick fuck degenerate. It's like the ultimate example of "This is why we can't have nice things." It's also one of the reasons why I have such a colorful history with fighting and warring with so many different online communities... because once I figured out what they were all about... I just started verbally ripping into them with reckless abandon. I used to feel such unrelenting RAGE every time I found out that some interest I had (usually rooted in nostalgia), something I thought was pristine and precious and innocent... was actively being violated and raped in some of the most disgusting ways imaginable. The penultimate "childhood ruined" scenario. It made me bitter and angry and I would relentlessly criticize and attack people as a result, to the point of turning entire online communities against me and then I would revel in that hatred as a badge of honor, knowing every last sick fuck degenerate wanted me dead for ruining their shit in every other direction imaginable.
Oh, oops, forgot to name tag. I'll post some more interesting dead links later.

(1.45 MB 2000x1000 elf-header.png)
(76.22 KB 480x270 index.png)
(248.54 KB 1600x1200 index.jpeg)
Pedal assisted eletric bike cars Anonymous 05/30/2020 (Sat) 00:40:37 No. 11027 [Reply] [Last]
What does 16Chen think of them? I personally think they're pretty neat and wanna get one for when I'm moving around locally. That way I can pick up stuff at the store or whatever and not spend money on gas since I'm not traveling far.
1 post omitted.
(52.15 KB 309x565 Rally THINKing.jpg)
>>11051 Which of those three bike cars would you say is the most optimal for scoring some poon then?
these are not really bike cars more like trike cars right?
>>11027 I prefer petrol. i'd prefer a nice 50cc two stroke or something.
They are called 'Velomobiles', certainly they are superior for some modalities of transport but in practice they suck in traffic because they put your face at tail pipe height and are hardly a subtle anonymous way to get around. Plus they are heavy and underpowered even with electric assist. They need to have about 5000 watts minimum and full shell plus pedal assist for manoevering IMHO.
>>11072 Never said there was anything wrong with driving a car, I'd want one for simple things like getting milk at the grocery store or going to the bank to cash in my chekcs otherwise I'd just drive a normal car. >>11074 Good thing I'm in good shape and live in a mostly rural-ish community so traffic is not an issue for what I'd want to use if one for. Plus some come with solar roofs which would be great if you lived in say Arizona. Still you raise some good points, if I lived in a crowded city, bumpy hilly land, or right next to a high way I wouldn't bother getting one.

(31.99 KB 400x400 1567587219263.jpg)
Anonymous 01/29/2020 (Wed) 00:02:20 No. 4698 [Reply] [Last]
Thoughts on Coco Bandicoot?
14 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>9329 It's better than what you post. I would rather the spammer at least he doesn't do this
>>9344 So then why are you here, Dumbfuck? I mean, I've been here for months and months, since nearly the original inception of this board... so why would you go out of your way to some completely rando, off the wall, largely unknown image board... with the person you apparently hate more than spam itself being the most prolific poster? Are you just incredibly fuckin retarded or is this like some sort of deranged masochistic thing? Like do you get off on stickin your own dick into a blender? I hate to break this to ya, Dumbfuck... but I ain't goin anywhere... and you ain't getting any less ass mad. Maybe it's time you rethink yourself there, Edith.
would fuck
>>4698 Hey I remember you from hotwheelzchan Bandicoot poster. Anyway Coco is quite based. Saves the world on a regular basis, can out scooter a tsunami, wears overalls and sneakers for practical reasons and doesn't give a fuck because utility>comfort>fashion, and is quite competent with tech. 10/10 would ask her to solder my shitty first generation handy down Amazon Kindle charging port back to the motherboard so I could then root and install Lineage OS and resell it for 20$ and split it in a fair matter. I mean it's not that big a deal because I didn't buy that tablet, I just got it from my sister but still fuck those early Kindles because they're built like total dog shit I'm sure they've improved since then but still. Coco is cool, also Wrath of Cortex has a pretty good sound track as far as games go. I like to relax to that when I don't feel like listening to music with lyrics/singing. Also also I'm not a furry. >>4704 >>4717 Old school Thinkpads are pretty based, shame they sold out to Lenova but they could have done worse tbh.

(15.68 KB 522x587 images.jpeg)
Capitalism vs Evolution Anonymous 05/17/2020 (Sun) 05:18:51 No. 10795 [Reply] [Last]
A downer for ancient breeds but a pick me up for fattys and depressos. Humans have surived for centuries by constantly evolving to be the apex predator. Strong enough to take on mammoths and smart enough to pull of such acts. But now thanks to capitalism you no longer need to be strong, smart, religious, be in any sort of group whatsoever or hold any sort of morals or values. You can literally be a fatty that is dead inside and still find a job at walmart and if you dont snuff yourself a dame may settle for you. So you can reproduce and eradicate the basic law of man , survival of the fittest, and plague the world with your misery until resources run scarce and then we will revert back to the old ways.
2 posts omitted.
>>10795 >But now thanks to capitalism you no longer need to be strong That's not how it functions. Capitalism first off makes food in general cheap. This works out very well for those predisposed to putting on muscle, who need the extra energy to maintain it and who evade getting fucked up as much by cheap excess food thanks to the extra muscle constantly burning a bit of extra calories. From the other angle, it makes conservation of energy an irrelevant objective. Oh, but can it really be that simple? Well, it just so happens not to be. Capitalism especially makes high protein food much more cheap and accessible than it would normally be. Beef, dairy, turkey, soy, and so on... That's all stuff that's very useful for muscle cachers, and not so useful for the scrawny.
(25.08 KB 738x415 images (1).jpeg)
This got laid.... ..
Society changes from technology, not so much capitalism. Ride the wave man soon we will have nano bots that will be able to do anything and everything- then we will REALLY be fat lazy and depressed. But in modern times, being fat, is an act of volition. You can change this over time. Eat better and work out, stop being a lazy fag.
I love how I am a perfectly healthy, fit human being, but I will never have the opportunity to have a job or kids. Meanwhile there are people who run up million dollar medical bills while getting 5 figures and have 3 kids. Fuck this life.
>>11047 >boohoo muh black pill Always and never should hardly be used in context of anything. You cant predict the future bru. No matter how autism you are. Stop comparing yourself to others and remember that no one in life is entitled to SHIT. Be happy you were one of the 1000000 sperm to make it and thats it.

Anonymous 11/22/2019 (Fri) 01:01:54 No. 2964 [Reply] [Last]
what the FUCK happened to /a/
34 posts and 55 images omitted.
>>2964 >implying /a/ wasn't always trash weebfags, when will they learn?
>>4773 You okay man?
(550.54 KB 1280x3600 Challenger Hondo Knee's.jpg)
>>8059 Stupid cute murderer. Also made this a while back because someone on cuckchan pointed out that they skipped animating his knee's and that lead to various edits. I really gotta finish this series now.

(72.92 KB 1280x720 CALL-SCAMMER.jpg)
Indians Are Watching A Disturbing Amount of Child Porn During Coronavirus Lockdown Anonymous 05/09/2020 (Sat) 10:42:13 No. 10666 [Reply] [Last]
1 post omitted.
>>10666 Oh, you think that's peculiar? Well, you should know, the English rountinely look up some BBC. But even more bizarelly, Canadian likewise routinely look up Compact Brown Cock.
>>10666 I hope you know that stuff used to be legal in the US well into the 70s. In fact, it wasn't even outlawed until 1977 with New York v. Ferber and the Protection of Children Against Sexual Exploitation Act of 1977. Prior, you could purchase magazines and films of children, especially young boys, engaging in sex acts from sex shops or traded publicly with street vendors. They usually went under names like "Nudist Moppets" or "Bambina Sex" and it was typically produced in Europe. It wasn't until 1976 when Robin Lloyd of NBC wrote the column "For Money Or Love: Boy Prostitutes In America" which was when Judianne Densen-Gerber of the Odyssey home drug treatment program used that publication to shape public opinion on it and launched a campaign to criminalize it, with media outlets like the New York Times and 60 Minutes reporting on it as well. Then that same year, House Democrats Dale E. Kildee of Michigan and John M. Murphy of New York banned it in their respective states under their state obscenity laws. Then the next year, Paul Ira Ferber got busted for selling videos of two underage boys masturbating to undercover police officers so he took the case to the Supreme Court arguing that it was free speech, that other depictions of dangerous activity weren't prohibited and that CP laws even prohibited materials that were not necessarily legally obscene in themselves. He lost, and it was banned nationwide by Congress/the Supreme Court under their 1977 law which made it 16+ to perform in a pornographic film. Then in 1984 you had the Child Protection Act of 1984 which made it 18+ to perform in a pornographic film. The media reports leading to it's criminalization were mostly exaggerated or even erroneous, mostly revolving around the number of children involved and the amount of money being made. You used to be able to buy entire books with CP images in them for the same price as what a month's worth of internet bandwidth costs today, but thanks to legislators, that has changed. In fact, child erotica dates back to at least the 1400s.
>>10963 >masturbating to undercover police officers That sentence could have been arranged better
>>10964 The first controversy surrounding child porn was in the 1975/76 when Will McBride published a book called "Zeig Mal! (Show Me)" which was a sex education book aimed towards children and their parents and that won several awards in Germany. It was put to trial under the 1973 Miller v. California obscenity laws and later child pornography laws after 1977. If you ask me, I believe it should be legal. After all, the Founding Fathers did say that "Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech." This is a freedom of speech issue. Congress isn't allowed to make any laws restricting the freedom of speech, neither is any other branch of the government. The judicial branch of the government has pretty much ruled that anything the general public views as obscene can be restricted. The whole point of the first amendment is to protect material that is viewed as obscene by the majority of the population. If the majority of people and the government agreed with the material to start with the first amendment wouldn't even be necessary. "If the First Amendment means anything," Justice Thurgood Marshall said in the 1969 majority decision, "it means that a State has no business telling a man, sitting alone in his own house, what books he may read or what films he may watch."[8] If we're going to take freedom of speech serious we need to protect it in the instances where the material offends us the most. The things that offend us most should be the first things we stand up to defend. Legalizing child porn saves a bunch of kids from being sexually abused but even if it didn't. Even if it saved zero and was null in that area than it would still be worth fighting for based on freedom of speech principals. And just in case you're wondering, pornography is protected under the First Amendment. Stanley v. Georgia ruled that a ban on possession of porn is unconstitutional and violates the right to privacy. Also, federal anti-obscenity laws are unconstitutional in two way: first, because the Constitution does not grant Congress any power to regulate or criminalize obscenity. And second, because the First Amendment guarantees the right of free speech.
(59.15 KB 474x720 Kashmir trolls India.jpg)
>>10666 Well shit that's pretty screwed up Satan, fuck those street shitting degenerates.


no cookies?