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Forgetting What It's LIke to be Human Anonymous 05/18/2020 (Mon) 01:23:32 No. 10811 [Reply] [Last]
Does anyone else feel this way? I don't wanna sound odd but the last few years were a giant blur... Feels like i've accomplished jack shit
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>>11400 >gang banging on a public livestreaming service >gets caught because a bunch of faggots report him to the FBI niggers gotta nigg
(108.52 KB 1136x852 swatted.jpg)
>>11400 wait the fuck? what was he doing?? did he get swatted on stream??
>>11402 He wasnt arrested on stream. But he was swatting people, So we just recorded his streams and sent them to the FBI. He also had 4 warrants for his arrest. >stole 2 cars >killed a random dog that some kid was walking >participated in a drive by shooting All of these were proven during his trial. They also played his streams and the chat was visible and uncensored. We were all spamming it with nigger. I just thought that was funny.
I know what you mean. It's like I don't even know what I've been doing my whole life Just wasting away, waiting for the day to end
(10.17 KB 294x171 Internet_20200620_171637_13.png)
I know you have heard it before but Socialize and go outside , make friends , find a job , stop spending your entire time on a clone of an anime imageboard older than your first day in highschool Tl:dr get a life

(41.56 KB 1280x609 F1.large.jpg)
Anonymous 06/28/2020 (Sun) 16:17:45 No. 11387 [Reply] [Last]
im fucking pissed right now can i tell yall a fucking story? >be right now >have tranny sister brother thing >trannie is completely autistic and insane >dating a woman who appears to be on a similar if not equal level of insanity >tranny constantly starts shit with everyone >the bank forclosed on their house and now they both just moved in with me and my mom >WE LIVE IN A TINY ASS APARTMENT >they sleep in the kitchen, constantly fucking and arguing at random hours >today they argue over what i can only assume to be weed or cheating related >tranny tries to kill herself >girlfriend makes me hide the knives >girlfriend gets pissed and says things like <im not dealing with your middleschooler bullshit, deal with your problems like an adult >based >they are currently arguing because tranny refuses to get in the car so they can go to some unknown place

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

let it kill itself. it will make the world a better place anon
Ive Been Down This Road Before, Just Stay Out Of It. Youll Thank Me Later. If You Even Say A Word To Anyone About It One Of Them (In My Case The Tranny) Will Fucking Kill You.
>>11388 oh if i implied i was gonna stop that from happening it wasnt intentional. >>11389 wouldnt suprise me, this bitch is crazy.
Update: they just left. praise jesus the credits have rolled and the episode has ended. hopefully the real housewives never return and the series has ended. its been 2 months since they moved in. cant fucking take another day.
>>11391 there showing signs of a disease called "lesbo dick starvation syndrome" they are women and biologically they need dick but they never take it.

(2.42 KB 225x225 32ch.png)
Anonymous 06/27/2020 (Sat) 09:56:47 No. 11361 [Reply] [Last]
Is there a 32chan because I saw something on twitter and reddit about.If it does exist please tell me.
There was 32ch org, but its 522 now There is 64ch, but its full of trannies and pedo's
>>11363 What was 32chan like.
It does exist it just seems like a problem with timeouts because the dns is replying if it did not exist then a dns page saying timeout would not come out
>>11366 I think its been gone since March, it was listed back in Dec but by March it was gone. Not sure what it was like, most boards seem to prefer quantity over quality, and allow degen faggotry to feel welcomed
Yeah but I would like to know what the site look like or what it's community was like.I never saw it so thats why I'm asking you all.

(206.63 KB 680x564 d04.png)
cant stop jacking off Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 05:36:40 No. 11001 [Reply] [Last]
>old img but related no matter how much negative shit i read about it i keep choking my dick. <wtf can i do besides accept that im a masochist
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>>11001 Stop beating yourself up over a natural desire that puritans and proto-feminists made you think is wrong to have, and quit making these retarded threads.
>>11001 install gentoo
>>11291 whats that?
>>11261 I dont care about them its actually this fucking forum that makes me think it is bad in the first place- all this "thats jew subversion" propaganda and dopamine detox . It also affects my productivity. Perhaps it is a natural desire but jacking off to porn is not. its an addiction and it is in full swing when it comes to porn for me- wasnt always like this as a teenager it was controllable. Its not that retarded, it could possibly help someone off that jerks off to porn every day thinking its A OK

(4.84 KB 256x256 4chan-keyc2.png)
(20.81 KB 1853x97 4chan-keyb2.png)
(9.57 KB 130x127 4chan-keya2.png)
(230.86 KB 1436x526 4chan-secondkey.png)
/4rg/ 4cuck related general Anonymous 04/16/2020 (Thu) 14:52:13 No. 10216 [Reply] [Last]
Post shit here that 4cuck spergs are too retarded to figure out. Some HKgaming cryptography larper competition https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/253708358 OP subject line is obviously PNG header. Clues (from previously deleted threads) decode to the 3 images below. 4th cuneiform is supposedly a key posted by the OP larper. related pastes of hex from thread: https://pastebin.com/UPBzj07c https://pastebin.com/WeLwzEci https://pastebin.com/DVs5ShVn convert with sed 's/, //g;s/0x//g;s/,\n//' <pastein.txt|xxd -r -ps >pasteout.png or (slower) foo=$(sed 's/,//g' <pastein.txt); for a in $foo; do echo $a |xxd -r >>bar.png;done
8 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>10281 For same reason you're unable to read or understand the OP
>>10284 You're a nigger. OP isn't talking about retarded jew shit from twatter.
>>10285 >You're a nigger. OP isn't talking about retarded jew shit from twatter. When it appears in a 4cuck thread OP is, you double nigger. t. OP. >>10277 (OP)
https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/263412347 Cuckchan faggots are clinically retarded. They think the cop woman bitching over her mc donalds drive thru meal was because she had to wait. It was because she ordered before she got there and they were messing her about = poisoning her food like they've been doing to other cops.
(97.94 KB 600x500 77Brigade-trolling.jpg)
(654.98 KB 1604x1080 bitchute-botnet-gchq-mi56.png)
https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/264480429 https://archive.fo/wip/1zPXT 77th Brigade running demoralization psyop on /pol/ now about color of bandaids. TL;DR >glownigger claims he was sent out to buy bandaids >management unhappy he didn't get a range of nigger color bandaids send him back out >buys nigger range of bandaids >bitches about it on /pol/ >keeps claiming it was necessary/better to give in than stand up for himself How we know it is a psyop? OP stated: >I work in hospitality Hospitality is REQUIRED to wear blue bandaids. If they fall off it is easy to notice, and doesn't end up in the customer's order by accident. This psyop is (((coincidentally))) the day after a mad lad flies a White Lives Matter banner over a soccer stadium during their game, where all the players have Black Lives Matter on their game shirts.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(10.61 KB 232x217 garfield kpop.jpg)
Anonymous 06/22/2020 (Mon) 22:18:26 No. 11314 [Reply] [Last]
Look at this image and try to disagree.
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I disagree and you should kill yourself via heroin overdose
>>11315 Same guy here different number but yeah sorry for some reason you cant enlarge it sorry about that I got mad about that to..
>>11314 Is that a /leftpol/ memay?
>>11324 get mad at yourself because you posted a thumbnail, dumbass nigger
All pop is trash either way.

(231.13 KB 656x788 raid.PNG)
(254.32 KB 663x760 raaid2.PNG)
(476.77 KB 694x589 raid4.PNG)
(648.67 KB 698x676 raid3.PNG)
I hate pages like this, would love to raid it Anonymous 06/20/2020 (Sat) 02:50:50 No. 11283 [Reply] [Last]
This page uses the image of satan as a guise for librealism. Its a cleverly disguised agenda- get all the edgey metalheads or kids who hate their christian parents to follow the "temple of satan". Its fag loving, nigger riding, (((opposition media))) media garbage. I honestly think the devil would be disgusted. Their ideology doesnt even make sense, typical paradoxical leftist views >wants all statues of slave owners taken down, and yet constantly wants their pedophilic one up >believes everyones "will is to do with their own." But YOU MUST WEAR A MASK IF NOT YOU ARE DISOBEYING AND COMMITTED THOUGHT CRIME >Promotes separatism but thinks everyone should be together >Says on website they are not political but obvious political Seriously fuck these fags and i know "were not personal army" but what ever I fucking hate this jew satanic shit and it makes me fucking sick. Im pretty sure the devil would be rolling around in his grave if he saw this shit
1 post omitted.
>>11285 oh yeah thats where they made the coloring books and shit? Didnt they have gay shit in there as well. i dont think levey has anything to do with this one they declare themselves as separate. but yeah its subverted kike shit at its finest. and yeah, new york is jew central but new york state is actually not, its the opposite and most people outside of nyc fucking hate people from the city and the city in general. the way of life is pretty much the opposite
>>11290 Where is this concern about upstate new york plopping in from? Next closest to NYC is new fucking jersey, the cesspool with the highest dumping of pajeets. Buffalo is hardly close enough that they would be oh-so-valiantly standing tall against the poisonous influence of NYC.
(608.63 KB 683x803 i fucking hate.PNG)
>>11305 I was really refering to long island- which resisted globalism for a long time, in most areas. But everything gets infected i guess. I suppose im tight just becasue I feel like being a satanist means you worship the self, take your own path, dont blindly folllow trends/the masses becasue you are your own God. Its just a poorly made fucking front that actually disgraceful of satanism. <ILL WORSHIP CHRIST OUT OF SPITE NOW THANKS
(58.82 KB 339x371 25qkjk.jpg)
Satanist are just cocky atheist change my mind.
>>11283 I'm metalhead and I don't even agree with this.

(28.15 KB 474x474 facemuzzle.jpg)
OPERATION FACE MUZZLE FLYER Anonymous 05/20/2020 (Wed) 05:27:49 No. 10841 [Reply] [Last]
This face mask faggotry needs to end. The task: create a printable flyer to hand out when you are accosted by maskfags in public. bullet points for the flyer: https:// montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/coronavirus-why-masks-dont-work/ https:// www.marketwatch.com/story/the-cdc-says-americans-dont-have-to-wear-facemasks-because-of-coronavirus-2020-01-30 http://www.bioethics.net/2020/03/if-masks-dont-work-why-are-you-wearing-one/ inb4 mask anonymity. you are not anon in public, period. inb4 that poor dog. this is the shock photo I chose, America will be like this in a generation if we do not stop this fuckery I have massive respect for this board. As you can tell, this post was designed for sqrtchan, couldn't get past captcha and tor blocking and frankly censorship. jannies can clean this up if the idea/post sucks. I appreciate consideration of the idea.
10 posts and 5 images omitted.
>>10872 >>10841 Also I do understand some people genuinely can't get a mask, so I would happily accept a scarf or makeshift mask which offers some partial effect to catch and slow some of the particles or the virus if a makeshift mask is all someone can come by.
>>10873 >or the virus of the virus
>>10841 >inb4 mask anonymity. you are not anon in public, period. >show your face goy no kike, we are taking back our privacy fuck you >>10843 >we know who you are even if you wear a mask goy give up you wouldn't be shilling this if that were true outside of a lab. No reason to make the kikes life any easy by being mask free. Do criminals* wear masks and evade detection by doing so? Yes. Case closed. *unironically value freedom and privacy more than OP & fellow brainlets.
>>10841 >listening to constitutionally bubblewrapped syrupfrogs >ever
>>10842 How about ... get this ... to make people get infected somewhat less often??? Cause that would happen to only fit like a glove with the kind of stuff they do. You know, ensuring a nice slow steady stream of pharma clients to gouge up and down for Remdesevir, sedation drugs, blood thinners and countless other frankensteinian chemicals but make sure people are actually able to afford it, with it being a loose, liberal definition of affordable that they're working with? Does that answer work out for you??

(435.02 KB 600x791 cockmongler.jpg)
What the heck is this place Anonymous 02/08/2020 (Sat) 06:01:35 No. 4876 [Reply] [Last]
I'm giddy. So giddy. Is it, could it be, a place like 4chan that isn't total shit?
3 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>8218 yes but not too many seriously don't tell people about this place let them find it on their own
(9.16 KB 195x258 1258976543445.jpg)
>>8218 Yes that is true. This board gets very few posts each day, which makes it a bit boring to browse. It would be nice if it was more active. >>8266 I vehemently agree with this anon though. This website should never be advertised anywhere, except maybe on very obscure imageboards. Let anons find their own path here. If they can do that, then maybe they were destined to come here and post on this board or something. But if 16chan was to be advertised everywhere, it would soon resemble something like 8kun: a shitty 4chan clone with 4chan problems (faggots making faggot-tier threads, spammers, forced memes. Just look at 4chan.org/b/ and you'll see what I mean).
(579.14 KB 1949x2081 1584893625021.jpg)
>>4876 You don't have these fags, so you're already off to a good start. Post on 4chan for lulz.
>>4876 This place is literally filled to the brim with seething ledditniggers, find somewhere better to waste your time.

(153.30 KB 1045x852 Alternative Tumblr Girl.jpg)
(54.47 KB 448x813 Moonshine.jpg)
(100.70 KB 748x736 Psilocybin Mushrooms.jpg)
(46.83 KB 344x700 Hot Poor Girl.jpg)
(29.54 KB 500x333 Tattoo Girl Web Browsing.jpg)
Sex With Women Through Moonshine And Mushrooms Anonymous 06/17/2020 (Wed) 09:59:58 No. 11256 [Reply] [Last]
Could I get frequent easy sex with decent looking women if I offer them moonshine and magic mushrooms? I can grow lots of magic mushrooms and make lots of moonshine in my home. I'm wondering if I could offer those things in exchange for sex from decent-looking poor, trashy women. I believe this would work on some of the trashier escorts in my area who probably spend a lot of money to buy drugs anyway. I'd just be handing them the stuff they want right away. I do feel that this would only work on poor girls, since middle-class trashy women have more than enough money to just buy the stuff themselves. Magic mushrooms are worth several times more than culinary mushrooms per ounce, while being just as difficult to grow. This is because they're illegal, and because the people who grow them occasionally get caught by law enforcement. Since I'm not a drug dealer, and since I'd only be handing the stuff over to a handful of whores I know, the chance of me getting in trouble would be much lower than it would be for someone growing the stuff for profit. For $50 worth of supplies and effort, I could make $400 worth of magic mushrooms, and I could be making moonshine at a much lower price than what you'd pay to get it from a store, since there would be no excise taxes added. Stimulants would work better, since they're more addictive, but I can't just make cocaine in my home. Opium would also work better, but anti-opium propaganda has worked very well at scaring people, and it's not like I'd be able to start a large opium farm at my home, anyway. I could probably make my own meth, but from what I've read, a lot of the ingredients you'd need to make it are illegal themselves, so I'd have to trust some random people to hand me those ingredients, which would put me in a position where I'd be far more likely to run into law enforcement, not to mention that the process of making meth itself looks very dangerous. For your information, I'm a sober man, and I hate drugs. I don't use them, I don't want any of my family to use them, and I don't want to see anyone in my community use them. Drugs don't create any wealth in society. They're just a waste of time, energy, and money that could otherwise be spent to create actual wealth and enrich people to improve the quality of life in society. I do, however, believe that drugs could be used as a tool. Throughout history, drugs have been used gain control other other societies. Look at the British and what they did to China with Opium. I don't like trashy, rebellious women. They are destructive elements within society. They love to commit crime, have sex with violent, savage men who don't deserve it, and vote for and voice their support for political elements that tear apart society. They destroy more than they contribute to society, and therefore, they shouldn't have any power in society. Money translates into power. You don't know what they're going to do with it. You shouldn't be giving such elements any power. Drugs don't translate into power, so it's perfectly fine to give them just enough drugs that you know they're not going to be handing them out to other people. I believe society would be much better if all these trashy, rebellious women were made to pleasure productive male citizens, being denied the potential to acquire any power in the process through only being given what they need to survive and to have a bit of degenerate fun (drugs), since that's the only type of fun they're capable of. That would be the only way they could positively contribute to society without being destructive elements. It's not like they could become decent mothers, nor that they should become mothers.
1 post omitted.
(12.94 KB 236x349 Sexy Drunk Girl.jpg)
>>11265 I think it would work for a lot of trashy women. They'd be happy to get free drugs in exchange for easy sexual favors. Sex work is easy. Women just need to lack enough self-respect to do it, and people who do drugs tend to lack a lot of self-respect. The moonshine and magic mushrooms would be very cheap for me to produce, and, overtime, I could acquire a decent pool of women to choose from for regular sex. I could get them to do all sorts of kinky stuff I would be afraid to do with a girlfriend, since there would be the possibility of her getting turned off or weirded out.
>>11265 It's not like I would be regularly hanging out with them. I would just be meeting them for sexual encounters. There wouldn't be that much socializing.
>>11272 >>11273 well just don't give them a phone number or the like, but they could still remember something like your address or license plate. have a quick fallback for your products in any case
>>11274 >well just don't give them a phone number or the like You have to use a phone in order to contact most of the women who would be interested in such a thing. Most of them are too normie to even want to learn about more anonymous and private ways to contact people. They're the same kind of people who think prepaid phones give them anonymity and privacy. >but they could still remember something like your address or license plate. I guess it would be a good idea to never invite those kinds of women to my home, then. Paying for someone to drive me there would be too expensive. I've once done that for visiting an escort. The escort wasn't living too far away, and I believe it costed me around $25 just to be driven to the location and back home. I still find it unlikely that a woman would start going crazy over me when the only contact we would be having would be for small talk, exchanging drugs, and sexual activities.
>>11275 up to you. just saying there is always a possibility of a woman getting a stupid idea like snitching and drugs surely increase the unpredictability of some people. maybe you have nothing to worry about. police aren't as competent as they're portrayed. never hurts to stay as anonymous as possible with the harpies, but all of this is coming from a completely neurotic person. i am not saying don't do it, just to be very careful


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