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(116.00 KB 800x600 download (17).png)
NEET General #2 - Another Day, Another Board Edition NEET 02/10/2020 (Mon) 13:05:25 No. 605
Looks like we have moved yet again NEETs. It's not easy but the show must go on! OLD: >>3
(293.37 KB 2048x1536 Casino_marino.JPG)
Cock and waddle therapy
(1.15 MB 1941x2800 Château_Mouton_Rothschild_x.jpg)
>>608 waddle on my lawn
>>609 That’s a nice lawn
>>610 You're a nice lawn.
>>593 16chan oldfag >>595 That meme wasn't to imply Bruce is not welcomed. They Koala was 16's original mascot, the meme was OC of mine meant for 4chan normalfags and anyone shitting up the catalog with slide threads
>>612 Are you just referring to Australians as a whole Bruce?
>>595 While I cant speak to rest of the sites sexual preferences or lack thereof I can say there's no queers here, mate
>>613 There's more than one?
>>614 Don't worry about Nuro, he's a mong.
(23.86 KB 416x280 1517187086782.jpg)
>>612 >They Koala was 16's original mascot> glad its gone, it was really off putting... i remember seeing it when 8chan got cancelled in march 19 and had this sick feeling glowies were trying to target us into a honey pot... almost a year on their aint no honey here maybe >>616 go mong yourself cunt
>>618 >had this sick feeling glowies were trying to target us into a honey pot SCHIZO NURO SCHIZO NURO SCHIZO NURO
>>618 there was a 16chan .nl before (no relation) but this one was born sept '19
>>619 Honestly would you trust this Koala ??? thought not you mong boong...
>>621 Get use to him, going to use Aus vpn to petition BO to make it ausneet permanent banner
(209.27 KB 266x200 1518709427279.gif)
>>622 face it pal you are the one red texting repeatedly in an emergency bunker .....
>>623 >oing to use Aus vpn to petition BO where are you from and if not an aussie why are you here ??
(15.75 KB 300x100 1570582691581.jfif)
Though perhaps this one is better >>625 From redacted, as I said 16chan oldfag, and just stopped by to say hello. Don't plan on overstaying my welcome
>>624 You have some serious delusions of grandeur.
>>626 You'll find that the majority of us will be cool with you and would honestly not care that you're not Australian. We've had posters from other countries be part of our little community in the past and most likely still do to be honest. Though I have to admit we're an acquired taste.
>>611 Waddle on me
>>629 uwu
sorry your welcome just seeing how frenchie you were (you would not understand)
>>631 >seeing how frenchie you were That's rich considering your behaviour.
(27.95 KB 300x100 1568957206850.jfif)
>>631 No worries m8 One last banner just for you schizo
>>632 im pure and sweet you sulphur smelling ox
>>634 >sulphur smelling ox Okay, that one was a good one.
is this thing on?
>>636 Nope.
Woke up in the middle of the night. Can't get back to sleep. Making some instant noodles, maybe that'll help.
Having a rum
>>638 My mistake was cooking dinner in a slow cooker and only starting that at 5 in the afternoon. >>639 Having a cum
>>639 >>640 Hope you guys don't have to go to work tomorrow. Anyway, made beef instant noodles and drowned it in cheese. A childhood favorite.
>>641 Not tomorrow. I have a shift on Thursday that my boss didn’t tell me about it or check if I was okay with working
The stew is almost done.
>>643 REAL NEET HOURS lunch
>>642 I need to tell my boss that I'm not ok working on thursdays. Or any other days.
(4.51 MB 4032x3024 20200211_024145[1].jpg)
The stew.
>>646 You should use a placemat and not leave marks all over the furniture
>>647 This is a shitty desk that's falling apart anyway. I'd barely consider it furniture at this point.
My penis is three inches.
My penis is still three inches.
>>651 Hello.
>>652 Can you please respect my privacy and not (you) me?
>>653 Sorry.
>>654 Oh my fucking god, you're a dumb cunt.
>600 posts to a Gen What is this madness?
>>614 >there's no queers here, mate I'd ravage your bumhole. But only to form a more inclusive bond with you. Not for gaybutsecks.
>>575 You are, you just need to sing out loud.
>>621 I remember seeing it a while back. There's a pedobear edit to a koala meme and I thought it had something to do with that.
>>584 That looks very nice now the cabbage has soaked it all in.
>>624 >emergency bunker I dunno man, I think we should stay.
>>626 >.jfif Man, this place is crazy.
>>590 >>591 Cool.
>>646 Exceptional. That all melted down nicely.
Good morning friends.
(59.61 KB 300x100 16 1.png)
(48.04 KB 300x100 16 2.png)
(63.59 KB 300x100 16 3.png)
(71.92 KB 300x100 16 4.png)
I'm thinking the koala needs to be part of it.
Morning neets. Got back to sleep after the noodles for a few more hours. >>665 Morning
>>667 Morning.
Neets, have you ever used your neighbour's wifi? I need to find some way of getting my australian flag back.
>>669 Bad NEET!
Weber said good morning once. This is it.
>>669 Nope.
boong morning
Morning NEETs. 8kun is still munted and our board there got white-anted by cruisey with his stupid word filters. End chan is 404 and the BO and VOL there were being awful mongs too. I always liked 16chan for /ausneets/, it a slick board, its got a decent /pol/ and the 4 -8 -16 progression just feels right. The board admin loves us and the global VOLs are checking in on us on our first damn day here. Nuro is uncomfortable here which adds to the appeal he will learn to like it i think its because of the name filters. The natives seem perturbed, i would be too if a mob of boongs teleported into my nice quiet imageboard. They will learn to like us.
>>674 >his stupid word filters Well now. The truth comes out.. I'm not going back either
>>674 >cruisey with his stupid word filters Best thing about 8kunt get butt fucked by a cripple on a spergout was the end of crusiey's retarded misuse of word filters. By the way, who's in charge of 16ch ausneets?
Is it too soon to start getting gay with each other?
>>674 Yeah I honestly don't understand why Nuro is salty about the move here but yeah he is really fucking pissed about this and it's so funny
>>677 not if I notice ur bulge
>>679 That's what I wanted to hear. Wasn't sure if we were trying to hide what we all are because we're new. They'll find out soon enough anyhow.
I tried to reply to your insult on 8chan, but the post took too long to post and the site doesn't know if it was posted.
>>681 Yeah, sorry about that sorry your such a mong
Straight away, the insults begin. Slander. Vile slander. >tfw knowing what Posso deals with
>>683 don't worry it's just nuro being a tsundere bitch
What are we up to today neeties? I'm out of food, gotta head to aldi's to pick up supplies for some big batches of pasta and stew.
>>685 I have to babysit some bitchass consultant. I have tomorrow off though, so it's not so bad.
(117.15 KB 200x200 663 avatar.png)
>>676 663 is the BO. Who is really Board in-charge BIC here tho
Just got here from the monged board. Goodmorning fellas. Quiet night at the wage last night. Had a big catch up, glad I didn’t start a big tower post. Hope (You) all have a good day.
(2.96 MB 350x349 1580704350699.gif)
>>605 I'm a wagey but wanted to swing over and welcome you all to the best chan. Stay awhile and enjoy!
>>685 Packing up to move out and thinking about what to say to my union rep when i talk to him about the influx of incompetent chinees into my workplace.
>>689 thanks burger, Some of us wage too. NEET is a state of mind y'know.
Kek. we're in the honeymoon period on this chan. By the way, who's posting today's poo pic?
>>684 Nuro wouldn't know who the BO is.
>>693 This whole board is a Rebecca psyop
>>678 He's just pissy we moved here when he didn't want to, so he's claiming his typical glownigger shit is involved somehow. The usual delusions of grandeur.
Nuro MKUltra'd me once.
>>646 That looks excellent m8
Imagine if we had a board on 420chan.
(651.83 KB 960x712 ClipboardImage.png)
>>699 great. The only survivors will be chemsex fags and whores. Repopulating might be tricky.
>>700 Nuro will be humanity's Adam.
(8.07 KB 300x100 abowaffen.jpg)
>>702 we need more boong theme banners to flex on the global cycle.
>>703 i flexed on your mum once
(11.36 KB 233x222 HFGOsEt.jpg)
>>689 Thanks. Now fuck off seppo, this is rightful australian clay now.
>>691 >NEET is a state of mind I swear to god you wageslave neets are to REAL neets as trannies are to actual biological females.
Cock and waddle therapy
>>707 Stop trying to make this a thing.
>>706 Get a job you bludger
(5.89 KB 211x83 NURO banner.jpg)
new banner
>>705 I was gonna wait for a couple of threads before getting up the seppos. but whatever. you stripey flag cunt
Might piss my pants later if I'm in the mood.
>>712 At Coles or Woolies?
>>713 IGA, I was considering the nearby park but I don't want a repeat of last time I did that.
>>714 We've talked about this. You just have to make sure there aren't any adults present this time.
I love it when Weber sits on me
>>715 But the cunts don't leave! Almost like they're worried I'm a predator or something, I just don't get it.
>>717 just be polite but firm
>>718 Better off telling the parents that.
>>712 Sit in one of the freezers and do a wee.
>>714 There should be a safe space in the park to piss yourself. Can you get a petition going or something?
>>721 I'll look into that.
(2.24 KB 160x160 facebook like.jpg)
>>721 The strawberry section in coles feels like the right place.
>>724 Nice
>>725 If you prick yourself on a needle you can sue coles.
>>694 Good Morning How is the Rebeeca Psyop Today ?
>>710 Fcucking kek ;)
I didn’t realise it was a wage day today. My boss called me at 8:30am, I arrived 9:00am
>>728 Hi Nuro. Welcome back to consciousness
>>731 what happens if a indon refugee knocks up a groot islander
(391.66 KB 719x688 suffer.png)
>>733 Im doin ok, i still have a fractured rib and pinched nerve in my back. Turns Out this site is just as awfull for i"Phone posting as enchan... chrashed my browser, 8kun is much better Also turns out i have employment agency meeting tomorrow... i have not seen them for months... heh
>>735 Can you work around the phoneposting problems?
>>735 Time to start nurochan
(1.51 MB 3264x2448 image.jpeg)
Testicles 1 2 3
I was talking to a boomer last night and he was interrogating me about my life, as they are wont to do. i said i had a month of maintainance to do . He goes "but you were never married". I had to explain to him that i was doing equipment maintenance, I think its funny how the boomer mind works. doing maintainance on your shit is a little bit alien to him i suspect.
Thinking about volunteering again
>>739 I don’t understand
>>741 dont you fix your own gear?
>>740 Good for you, Shitey.
>>739 a confusing post
The Russian has ignored me twice in person today.
>>745 Put your hand up her skirt and see if she can ignore that.
>>742 Is this a gaping reference?
>>746 epic weight loss is now dropping from 300 pounds to 240 apparently
Found some bits of powder on the pots and pans I store under the sink. Bit worried that some of that drain cleaner I used the other day might have leaked out of the pipes onto the pots and dried off into powdery residue.
(85.48 KB 600x847 55c784eac0fbd_p.jpg)
"Hi, neet? I'm just calling to let you know you were successful in your interview last week" Wagecucking begins at the end of the month, I think I'll have a goon or ten to celebrate.
>>745 Waddle on her
>>748 m8 do you even own a single tool?
>>747 >>752 I'll just ignore her. Need to start practising abundance mentality anyway. Should bring the 23 year old in for a tour of the office.
>>751 This is a bad development. press f to pay respects.
>>750 You'd know if your pipes weren't water tight, there'd be shit everywhere and damp wood.
>>751 Congrats.
>>754 If you only like the Russian that’s could backfire. Ending up ignoring her may only worsen your situation
>>755 he still can drink his way to being unemployable.. .there is still hope ;)
>>758 I like her, but she has a family, so it will never be. She doesn't need to act like a cunt though.
>>759 weber still hasn't managed that
(62.29 KB 900x900 Doctor Dan.jpg)
>>759 Come in to the clinic. We can cure you of employment.
>>757 thanks mate :)
First time on 16chan. TOR test
>>646 It's a little too hot for stew?
So we've moved to yet another board. What happened to 8Koon? I leave for one day (drunkenly passed out) and you all fuck off...
(161.65 KB 1024x768 boonged.jpg)
>>762 Dan has been specialising in clinical neet medicine since 1952. Whatever your problem is, he's seen it before and has the answers.
There's some tradie up on the neighbour's roof and only a few feet away from my window. Now I don't feel comfortable being pantless.
>>768 waggle your neetstick at him
>>767 I saw that picture a gorillion times on 8ch over the years and could never figure out whether it was real. is the XXXX edited in?
>>766 It got attacked by a beserk cripple. There are actual videos of hotwheels beating the site with his penis circulating.
>>770 >is it real You haven't encountered a lot of boongs have you?
>>745 So apparently it is her birthday today. Maybe I am supposed to be a fucking psychic or something.
Post your flags on the /meta/ board and they may be added to this board https://www.16chan.xyz/meta/res/1172.html#
>>773 and its valentines day soon. get her a box of cadburys.
Time for a beer.
>>775 She can get stuffed. There really are no unicorns.
26 degrees today in Shitbourne, continuing the food binge today with a pizza and garlic bread from Domino's. I will stop tomorrow.
>>777 this is what Nuro was told all his life, then he met one on the street he was pretty ripped at the time now he is an alcoholic. Get her a box of goon then
>>775 I wonder which NEET Weber will be taking to IKEA for Valentine’s Day
aboriginal sperm bank
>>781 Dreamtime seed.
>>778 What pizza did you get?
Really liking this chan, pretty comfy can we just stay here now?
(393.94 KB 1600x1202 The Snowtown Murders Poster.jpg)
Have any SA NEETs watched that movie "Snowtown"?SA looks very kino. It makes me want to visit those places,
>>779 One day I want to hear a romantic boy-meets-girl story set at the goon aisle in Dan Murphy's
>>783 The cheesy garlic one for 5 dollars.
>>745 and a third
(15.15 KB 300x225 snowtown.jpg)
The soundtrack by jed kurzel was amazing i saw him play that live,
I heard Nuro has VIP access to some of the most exclusive private toilet blocks
>>790 Even disabled toilets?
>>791 disabled toilets are my favourite, its where i can crush codeine up and shelve it. later taters
(8.37 KB 225x225 3432434.jpg)
>>792 You are such a cool dude nuro.
>>791 Everyone's gotta start someone. There is no better way to build your confidence than by practicing on disabled girls.
Having a peach.
>>792 Custom flags added cunts
>>796 Noice
>>>meta/1172 if you want few more
Just been notified that a parcel had arrived for me. I hope it’s my wank mount
>>801 Wank mount?
>>801 Happy wanking m8
>>792 How do you shelve powder?
>>804 He gapes it
Neet backwards is Teen. Most neets are teens. Neet; NoT iN EducatioN EmploymenT oR TraininG Niet, Nyet? Communism?! TNNTRG TNN = The No Nut TRG = Triathlon Rascist Gamer Woah! WoAH, Ah. Ahh! Woah has the AHH in iy. People are exicted when they woah and they also ahh. Hmm.
>>806 What an odd post.
>>780 Seeing that girl V-day night.
>>806 Most NEETs are 30 going on 40
>>809 Please don't remind me.
Want to fuck a Spanish girl just to hear her say 'aye papi'
>>809 most neets commit suicide before they turn that vintage, they turn from grape juice to dead juice.
Motherbot is making chicken chasseur tonight. More roast taters and Yorkshire pudding.
>>811 race mixer begone
I had some scrambled eggs with minced lamb for breakfast, just had some weetbix for a very late lunch. I am going to have some stew in an hour or two and some greek yogurt before I get to the gym.
>>814 I didn't say I was going to marry her or impregnate her.
>>816 Sticking your dick in another race at all is bad. It helps foster a sexual attraction to an alien race. Not to mention condoms aren't perfect.
>>812 >>814 How long have you been with us? you seem new.
>>817 What about a white aussie fucking a boong? Check mate.
>>816 Get your dick out of my bong Jerome.
>>818 Just got here; deployed fresh from Tel- Bejing. China Number #0.
>>819 I know an irishman that slays mad boong pussy
>>822 Yesterday's man.
>>809 I heard that after you reach 40 you begin to age backwards so long as you stay unemployed. Can any neets confirm?
>>824 This is known. You go full Benjamin Button.
My anus has started to recover. It doesn't hurt as much when I have a shower now.
Aussies and Bongs are pretty close but they do have some differences. Irish and Anglo-Saxons mating is debatable. Irish are more Celtic thus Germanic, which the Anglos also use to be till they got the Saxon part put on with the Norman invasion. Accounts by the Romans shows very little difference between the Anglish and other tribes infact it's only after the Normans they begin to diverge.
Boongs are the 13th tribe of Israel.
hair testes
bald testes
>>827 The Bong at work is a faggy twat and I hate him.
It is their destiny to reach the promised land of goon and sniff.
>>827 Race is a social construct, you have much to learn dear friend.
>>831 No you don't
Possum is gender fluid (semen)
>>831 That's bongs these days. Take it upon yourself to throw him off a roof or contact your local imam to do it for you. Inshitass My Bruddar
>>833 Don't make me rape you again.
>>824 Being unemployed is not sufficient. You must remain a virgin to activate these powers.
What beer should I get from Dan's NEETs?
About to make an oral coffee.
Thinking of setting a new snag eating record next week...
>>839 >beer Do you aussies not have everclear?
>>839 Ginger
>>841 How many you going for?
>>844 I'll be realistic and try for 28.
I am genuinley excited about Coronavirus.
>>842 No, you fucking seppo cunt.
>>845 Sounds like a reasonable target, with the option to increase by 2 if you can, that would make a nice even 30
Do we really have a fucking seppo posting under an Abowaffen flag? This is the problem with all this moving around, we attract all manner of fuckwits and yanks. We already have nuro and that is one seppo too many already.
>>845 Microwaved?
>>850 Wash your mouth out.
>>847 pussy Shit is cheap, when I was a raging alcholic in high school me and my friends would pool our resources and buy a shit ton of everclear and obtain beer as a secondary. Chugging steel reserve and then bombing everclear is the american way.
>>851 Microwaved is the only way to do them. Pies too ought to be microwaved.
(131.76 KB 1000x1000 e.png)
>>842 Hmmmmmmm
>>841 snag sucker
>>849 I'm only larping don't worry cunt.
>>852 Grog is massively taxed here. Probably way more than in America since our government is so gay. They tax wine less than the beer and spirits though when you consider the alcohol percentage, probably because the gubbas are all wine drinking faggots from SA or something.
>>849 He must learn the way of the boong.
>>856 You're a seppo. Tell us something only an Aussie would get.
>>854 get the big fuckers or you're wasting your time. It's not cost effective to get the dinky gasstation ones
(34.82 KB 474x360 msom.jpg)
>>858 We will give him 2 of our finest boong women to mate with him
>>861 Turn him into a man.
>>859 bushfires and the coronavirus from the colonizers
>>859 See: >>860 >gasstation Definitely a seppo, probably not nuro though. It seems we have two.
>>863 Who is the wank extractor?
>>699 Lol, the funniest part is some NEETs think its a legit news story when everyone knows that format of breaking news is an online templatr
>>864 I first said I was from China then I said "America" and now you figure I might not be Australian. What are you fucking Sherlock Holmes? >antropodean does't have gas stations All cars are ran on dehydrated abbo fat
I saw nuro swallow a Kelpie with his gape once.
>>717 you are a predator though, you won't stop touching my thighs
Can we ban obnoxious foreigners? I am okay with that Argie we used to have and even that other yank from NY or wherever but this new one is annoying.
>>870 Yeah Argie and swamp/janitor seppo were good
Even nuro isn't that bad now that I filter all his posts.
>>870 Yes.
>>870 I once fucked an Australian girl and stopped by Ho Chi Min city. Does this make me a naturalized Australian? My skin is tanned but not nigger tanned.
>>874 You're a mexi-nigger and will never be Australian.
>>875 I am very white for a mexican. : • } Does this make me a Wexican?
>>839 Coopers extra stout
>>666 >tfw no-one commented on my banners
>>839 Great Northern
>>878 Not bad, mate. I wish I was artistic. I made a handful of nameneet banners in MS Paint just before we lost 8chan.
I hope possum is having a nice day.
>>649 erect?
>>880 I remember those, they were good
fuckin based BO for this flag
Half an hour left of the wage
>>872 >IKTF
>>885 Work extra hard, Shitey. Think of that rum.
>>887 Thanks Shire
>>888 Wrong. Nice digits though.
>>842 probably not as alcohol at that level is banned because the gov are racist cunts to the abos If you want to know what the quintisential Cheap Australian Alcohol is, it is the humble Goon Bag $12 for 4L (or a bit over a gallon for you lot) of something that is between 9 and 15% Sweet Fruity is pretty good when you're really poor tbh
>>867 we have petrol stations but you don't buy alcohol from them And honestly who the fuck thinks it's a good idea to sell alcohol at a petrol station, seems pretty retarded Though there are convenience stores, that are like petrol stations without the petrol in the inner city that sell alcohol
Can you drink industrial alcohol?
Hello! I am an editor with MSNBC, I am thinking about doing a follow up about the Christchurch Massacare and the connection with Australia's incel culture. It is known the shooter frequented 8chan before it was shut down. And this is one of it's strongest comebacks with an Australian Incel board. I would like to ask two questions; Have any of you come in contact with Tarrant. And what are your thoughts on the matter?
This user was banned.
>>874 >My skin is tanned but not nigger tanned. That's honestly worse Only White Cunts, Abos and Cruisey Nigger wife are allowed here
>>893 Reportededed
Weber took Cruisey's misso for a ride in his Corvette once.
>>889 That's okay, I'm not Shitey anyway.
I've got cum stains on my clothes even after washing them.
>>897 Stop impersonating our one good NEET.
>>893 >Australian Incel board We are NEETs not Incels
>>898 You can't get rid of the anal HPV that easily
(2.76 MB 3024x4032 IMG_2202.JPG)
(1.42 MB 3024x4032 IMG_2203.JPG)
My wank station is finally up and running
>>896 I bet they had a lovely time
>>902 Trim your nails, Shitey. The Poojie will thank you.
>>899 Webby was a good NEET once
>>903 Weber kept screaming lines from Zulu and trying to reach 88 mph.
>>906 Imperial miles?
>>893 I doubt it but I'll take the bait >Have any of you come in contact with Tarrant. Probably not but I remember some absolute faggot going nuclear about muslims just before that shit happened, back on old 8chan I told him that Muzzies don't matter in the greater picture and China and the Rich Cunts (Jews, though to me a Jew is any westerner who is rich, doesn't matter about too much about their ethnicity or religion) >And what are your thoughts on the matter? It's fucking shit and they should bring in the death penalty against him for being such a nigger The cunt acting like that much of a mong meant our home is gone, we were lucky to still find each other and be able to practice our aboriginal nationalism in peace but it got real close and thanks to him it's never going to be the same thanks to cunts like you watching humble neets like us waiting for us to fuck up to prove your point about how those on the counter culture fringes are dangerous criminals and should have their ideas and way of life supressed Fuck that, I just want a world where I can post pictures of Tony Abbott acting like a sexual predator against the poor proud indigenous folk on an anonymous board, none of this fucking gay poofter sports (our slang term for politics) shit
>>893 >Australian Incel board We have chad neets 10k and monk. The rest of us balls deep in that unna poon tang.
>>907 Is there another sort??
>>909 don't forget Cruisey the absolute negro puss slaying mega chad
>>909 Shitey is Monk-tier chad. 10K is a good gardener.
>>910 US Miles are different than Imperial Miles It's just the American system is also called Imperial despite that being the nomenclature for the British system rather than the US one which is similar but different
>>902 Incredible
>>913 horsehit 1 mile is 1.652 km. English and US miles are the same. Yes, nautical miles are different agian
>>915 I'm thinking of gallons
Snags and salad for dindins.
How we doing lads ? I’m out chilling in rain storm. Turns out I got misdiagnosed with a fractured back rib too. My Doc was apologetic and gave me a tonne of Oxy. Wew
>>917 I'm just about to go and pick up pizza (hot-spicy) because when I went to taste one of the drumsticks in the chicken soup I have been cooking all afternoon it tasted off, REEEEEEE. Worst thing was I made enough for a couple of days (8 drumsticks) all wasted
>>898 Powerful sperm strain
>>918 tbh I'm begining to wonder if your doctor acts ethically and isn't basically just a pill salesman
>>919 FUCK ME, and now it's starting to rain and I only have a motorbike to pick my pizza up with, REEEEEEEE
>>921 I've been wondering that about my chink psych for months now. Even to me the guy just gave off sleazy drug dealer vibes and I'm not a sensitive person.
Humidity is rising, barometer’s getting low
Hmmmmmmmmm, erect NEETs
>>922 No wet weather gear?
Weber let me ride on his back once.
>>>/meta/1172 Added eureka
Sunglasses in the kitchen. Bogan Scum.
I think Costa might be the only one that calls me out on my gay shit.
(1.46 MB 3264x2448 image.jpeg)
>>921 My Doctor is the best healthcare provider I have ever met in my life. Besides the big man DAN Stay jelly >>921
>>932 >>933 don't feel the neet to become a whore for the opiates though
>>935 >>933 >>932 Why are you spamming the same reply? Don't claim it's because of issues with the site either.
Goddamit, give me some (you)'s YOU FUCKERS!
>937 No
>>934 You don't need to be whore... just a connessuier !! >>936 Actually it is issues with site, just like end chan phone posting is a broken nightmare especially on iPhone >937 Hey (You) !
>>941 >phone posting >iPhone Oh, you're the problem.
>>941 >You don't need to be whore... just a connessuier !! kek, you fuckin mong >>942 In Nuro's defence he never bought the Apple, he was gifted it from a stranger's pocket
>>936 He is just use to hitting reply 3 or 4 times like you need to do at 8kunt >>941 We have had reports of iPhags having issues in the past, use a PC you fucking savage or at least steal a proper phone
>>944 >He is just use to hitting reply 3 or 4 times like you need to do at 8kunt kek, is this the real reason nuro is pissy at us being here
For real though nuro can you please tell us why you don't like 16chan, like it's not even you're saying something that is wrong but you're not even using an argument, you're just getting sour for the sake of it
>>945 >>946 Apparently something to do with trannies or homosexuality in general with regards to the alternate board alliance. For someone that's apparently comfortable with their sexuality, he dwells on homosexuality a lot.
(8.22 KB 562x188 dsd.png)
>>946 Because of this.
>>948 It is an excellent feature
>>948 I forgot about that. He just spergs as an anon in a way that's obviously Nuro though.
Nuro vomited in Weber's Corvette. Once.
>>926 I was mainly worried about the pizza getting soaked, I used an old wetweather jacket to cover it
Off to the gym tonight. I have an exam on the 20th so I need to get my arse into gear for that. I think I will do well though.
>>953 Train hard and good luck. Seeing this girl has motivated me to be less of a fat arse. It might not work out, but it can't be any worse not being a fatass.
>>954 The sugarbaby?
>>952 Ah, didn't think about that.
>>955 Technically. She hasn't asked for cash or anything else yet. Just seems content with food or drink. Might be playing the long con, but I'll wait and see.
I saw nuro fighting a bum over a lighter at the train station once.
>>957 Are you going to be able to have sex with her?
>>959 You mean physically, or will she allow it? Yes to the first, we'll see to the second. I should have a good idea where I stand within a week I imagine.
>>960 Yeah, I meant if she'd allow it.
https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/food/eat/a-mans-fish-and-chips-theory-has-sparked-some-serious-outrage-online/news-story/b11439115cbd9cfd72dcc92510a07755 Some dumb cunt thinks the batter on fish is only their for protection during frying and that you're supposed to peel it off and discard it.
>>961 She has been liberal with proper kissing, so I hope so.
>>963 >battered fish Crumbed fish is superior.
I overheard possum saying chicken salt is vile once.
>>965 This is true.
>>947 He says he's straight but we all know what he does with the enema tube
>>951 I heard the car still smells of coffee
>>966 Okay, Possum has gone too far this time.
this month's ARTC safety update was good 5 derailments, 1 drunk employee (not me), bunch of other busted shit, various injuries
>>963 I bet the cunt hasn't had a good batter before
>>973 He needs a good battering.
>>972 iirc don't you have zero control on that area and are constantly shitting on the people who are why they never listen to you Absolute group of Nuros
My ram battered webby's gate once.
>>975 I'm just an office IT pleb. I couldn't stop some numpty derailing a train if I tried.
battered possum syndrome
>>972 Of course the question now is, did the drunk employee cause the derailment or derailments
Grandma bought hot chips. I said I didn't want any and surprisingly enough she didn't accept my fucking answer like usual. So I had a couple chips to shut her up.
>>978 Possum is better crumbed
Weber sat on me once.
>>980 How old are your grandparents and what sort of socio-economic background are they from? My grandmother was from the mid 30s and dirt poor so she always tried to force feed me due to her upbringing.
Y'all mother fuckers ain't got shit on me, yo. I just did the dishes.
(18.13 KB 413x264 thumbnail_image007.jpg)
(29.38 KB 563x264 thumbnail_image003.jpg)
(19.12 KB 485x319 thumbnail_image009.jpg)
(57.36 KB 586x437 thumbnail_image028.jpg)
(54.45 KB 596x447 thumbnail_image025.jpg)
Weber also sat on me once.
>>985 Grinding hot, hard steel.
>>982 >>986 He waddles on me
>>983 71 this year. It has nothing to do with her upbringing since she wasn't the most maternal of mothers from what my mum and aunt have told me. She's just an ignorant person, something my granddad has called her countless times and used to piss me off as a kid until I grew up and realised that she is. Now my granddad on the other hand, as a kid he actually had to go dumpster diving just to be able to get scraps to eat at night. Yet if this was him he would have just taken me at my word the first time. I'm probably getting Nuro-paranoid now, but I'm pretty sure she's just wanting to keep me down or whatever. She was a big part of why I developed unhealthy eating habits as a kid.
I wonder how low Nuro’s barometer is getting right now
>>989 Keep going icecream-neet! I know you can do it!
Apparently endchan is almost back up.
>>991 >icecream-neet Oh fuck, if I end up being called that, lol.
>>993 Monk has already claimed the title of conquistador so you can't have that.
>>698 Do we? We seem to have a board everywhere else. The NEET shall inherit the earth.
Boong wizzy on standby!
Weber sat on me once.
We are the Jews of the internet.
>>735 Only you use iphones.
1000 sausages!1!
Everyone loves Shitey. Deep down the NEETs know that it's only because he's sexy. They don't love the ugly NEETs.
>>1001 But I love you.
hey webby artc are responsible for the Victoria lines aye, as I remember a while back the tracks down there near Wodonga were always fucky and had huge holes and nobody fixed them until years after people knew about them was fucked
Shitey is the embodiment of NEET excellence.
>>1001 >They don't love the ugly NEETs but we all love Weber though
>>1003 I want to say yes, but it would depend where exactly. Much of the metro stuff isn't us.
>>1004 Except Cruisey is, he's turned his life around way more then any of you lot, he's even married now
>>1006 uhh Wodonga isn't metro though, it's near the border
>>1007 The first NEET wedding was supposed to be open to all NEETs and catered for with a charcoal barbecue.
>>1008 Sounds African to me.
Though tbh I do feel for you webby, surrounded by a bunch of Mongs, like here but you have to do work while surrounded by them and while you know the problems they're causing they don't listen >>1009 I fucking offered to bake a cake and he just does a shotgun wedding and doesn't invite me, kinda felt offended
>>1010 It's a Koori name you racist jew dog UNNA
Weber monged me once.
>>1011 >I fucking offered to bake a cake and he just does a shotgun wedding and doesn't invite me, kinda felt offended You're telling me. I stocked up on heatbeads and snags.
>>770 It's the reflection of a roof.
>>785 I turned it off, I've only watched a bit of it. Too close to home and gay.
>>1016 Yeah I couldn't watch that shit either. They actually hired Lizbef people as extras.
Weber got away with the Snowtown murders once
Nuro sniffed his little sister's knickers once.
>>1013 he monged us all with his gonger
>>948 You still won't sing with me.
I finished watching arrested development the last season was mildly entertaining but they missed the actress who played Lindsey and there was a lot of obvious green screen conversations that didnt help
>>977 Have you ever tried?
>>1000 Nice.
>>1002 You don't fucking show it.
Chicken salt is yummy. Can never find quite the the same salt that fish and chip shops use though. The Anchor brand chicken salt tastes weird. Sal de pollo.
first glass of wine this year. Feels nice
>>1026 Lots of the chicken shops make their own.
>>1027 It probably tastes good too.
>>1029 It was a $10 bottle of lindemans from the local. Costs me $10 from the chain
>>1028 I must learn how to do the same.
>>1030 i mean $9 local. its already gotten to my head
>>1032 Can I get it for $8?
>>928 ^ Added
>>1033 sure if you can fit it up your arsehole
>>1034 Why didn't you add mine?
Starting to feel woe'd again
Going to have a rum now
>>1037 What's woe'ing you mate?
>>1038 Is the Indian lady visiting you this evening?
Going to have a cum now
Heating up some of my stew.
>>1036 reeeeeeeee
Wonder if I could just mix some couscous into my stew before nuking it in the microwave.
>>1037 ^ >>1038 This should help
>>1045 Don't take shortcuts.
>>1047 How is that a shortcut?
>>1048 You're right. Throw a couple of snags in too while you're at it.
>>1049 I'm asking if it would be a good idea to mix the couscous into my stew before heating it up in the microwave. That is in now way comparable to the mong cooking sausages in the microwave.
>>1050 It is a slippery slope my friend.
>>1049 Also, you never answered my question and "You're right" would imply I made a point when all I did was ask a question. >>1051 What the fuck are you getting at? How is it comparable?
>>1052 You don't just throw cous cous into another dish and nuke it. You make it separately and plate it before adding the slop.
>>1053 Then fucking say that next time instead of acting like a cunt. I was just asking a simple question.
>>1054 Are you menstruating?
(1.93 MB 3705x5280 Yamashita Mizuki1.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>1046 >>1044 Thank you.
Was just outside, walking past where I dumped my broken executive class chair the other night. It had somehow healed itself and shrunk down to a normal sized office chair - some bogan must have decided to use it to replace his perfectly good office chair. I hope he enjoys the brown stripe I left for him on the seat.
>>1056 Good night.
>>1056 I want to lick those panties to see what they taste like. Goodnight gook girl.
>>1056 Goodnight cheeky bum
>>1056 Goodnight oriental fancier.
I'm making spag bog, I made it fancy though. Put olives and roma tomatoes in plus some truffle mustard, it goes well with it.
>>1039 University. Don't know if I should do Law or Biomed. I'm thinking about going back to data science, that's what I was doing at the start of the year also feeling a bit reminiscent about the hapa and volunteering >>1040 Not today, possibly tomorrow
>>1064 Do you put pesto in?
>>1064 Sounds quite whimsical
>>1066 Nah, I think that has nuts.
(590.44 KB 1424x2048 1580536484271.jpg)
Good Night, White.
Aren't you cold young lady? I hope you're wearing underwear.
Having a second rum
(383.13 KB 357x431 spork.png)
>>1067 Your a whimsical
Well neets, did you accomplish anything at all today?
>>1073 I almost tried anal.
Why does no flag make it so that we get Australian flags but foreigners don't have one?
Having a third rum
Maybe this whole board is an actual Rebecca psy-Op. Maybe nuro was right.
>>1076 Why do they love you more than me?
>>1073 No >>1074 You said you would be gentle but I didn't believe you
>>1079 I used olive oil.
>>1074 top or bottom? The board has a right to know.
>>1077 I don't like how small the images here are. I'm not posting anymore pictures of my dick until it gets sorted. My penor deserves VIP treatment.
>>1082 >VIP treatment I know of a certain NEET that will be able to get you into some of the most exclusive, private toilet blocks around the country
>>1043 Usually the embed works, sometimes it bugs out though. mp4 and mkv (50MB) have sound Pulled a bunch of old banners, should see yours cycle through more often, they're still global so will need share a bit of up time with the Wizards of /pol/
>>1075 Did you check the box? No Flag, should say Location tbo
>>1085 How did you know that? Who are you?
>>1086 You asked why your flag was showing, I assumed that was because you didnt notice the box t. 16chan oldfag
>>1087 Were you on ausneets?
Barometer's getting low
No, been here since shortly after launch last Sept
On to the fourth rum
>>1091 Give us that underwear bulge pic we've been waiting for.
>>1092 You know it won't stop there
>>1073 I had work
>>1093 I hope it doesn't.
>>1083 Are you saying Monaro can get him to the poofter sports
>>1092 >>1093 >>1095 Extremely lewd
>>932 well thats proves it Nuro is the best poster here... that box sells for $400 on the darkweb
(11.87 KB 225x225 afp.png)
I said I was gonna stop drinking for a week and I almost succeeded. Two days short of the goal, next time I'll make it.
>>1093 Hot
>>1098 druggies are as fucky with their prices as those who sell n64 games tbh
>>1099 Good work m8, you did good
>>1099 good lad, don't put yourself down if you fail, instead always think of it like "Oh I didn't drink for x many days" Or if you really want to stop drinking you can get really poor like me to the point you can't afford goon
(552.12 KB 1536x2048 IMG_0720.jpeg)
>>1098 hello my firends im finally home now ...how many pizzas should i cook ??? also the needle bin had so many strong strains on it to tonight ////
>>1102 >>1103 thanks for being so positive lads, I really appreciate that. >if you really want to stop drinking you can get really poor like me to the point you can't afford goon haven't you ever scrounged coins to buy the cheapest goon? it's quite a feel to see the look on the cashier's face.
Ya dumb dawgs.
>>1104 based and nasbongpilled
>>1099 Just keep trying mate. My main vice is weed/tobacco that I need to give up, I forgot what date it started but it has to be over a week since I've had either. We'll all make it.
>>1105 I've done that with durries before. Even asked the cashier to take some groceries off the order so I could afford them, that's when I knew I'd become white trash if I continued.
>>1108 nice work mate, do you feel more focused and lucid?
>>1108 > it has to be over a week since I've had either. Another neet doing good, good stuff neet
>>1110 Kinda, but not a great deal. Honestly horrified at how much weed has fucked with stuff like my attention span. Weed as a whole is a hard no from now until I finish my first term at uni and I might reward myself with one sesh in the break before starting my second term. Big emphasis on might though. >>1111 Thanks mate and nice quads. ;)
Youse fucked in the head aye?
>>1113 Oi, yeah nah, get fucked cunt.
I need to find another board that's similar to this but active at when it's late.
>>1115 Ik what you mean im so drunk and would like a fast board
>>1116 More that between 11 PM to about 5 AM my time it gets pretty barren here, also happens to be when I'm most active for now.
>>1115 you need a /britneets/ then
>>1098 Helloo my friends
>>1118 No.
>>1119 Get fucked, cunt.
>>1119 I'm sorry Nuro, what I said here >>1121 was uncalled for.
>>1122 Fuck off, we're not sorry.
(968.05 KB 245x245 1580962987777.gif)
>>1119 >>1120 >>1121 >>1122 >>1123 its ok frens :)
Listening to Stevie Nicks. Why is she so amazing
Super friend Nuro.
Listening to Stevie Nicks. Why is she so amazing
>>1126 Cocaine embedded in your audio [actually being serious]
>>1127 haloo fren
I am hungry but don't really have anything to eat and can't be bothered cooking anything.
>>1131 Then perish.
>>1132 A fitting fate for a neet.
I should've gotten some of those 2minute noodles when they were on special the other day.
>>1134 Shoulda woulda coulda.
I ended up having some mango icecream with protein powder on it as a post-gym neet treat.
>>1136 That sounds really nice to be honest. The Home Ice Cream mango ice creams are really nice and dangerous for me due to that.
>>1137 Ice Cream NEET.
Is anyone up?
So ronery.
>>605 Just wanted to put mention that we have a mobile app out for Android, for a better mobile experience if you do desire, check out https://www.16chan.xyz/.static/pages/mobile.html Sleep well ausbros.
Drinking water
>>1142 I'll be your dirty little cumslut.
Being with my friends in Australia is a long time, too
Good morning neeties. In a life full of fail, do you ever have small victories that you're pleased with? Mine is waking up, checking the time, and being pleased that I've slept through the entire night and don't have to try to fall asleep again.
(1.65 MB 1092x1023 hungary.png)
(38.96 KB 843x864 end-knight-question.png)
Hey fellas. Status update. We have full backup of the backend server, which means we'll most likely able to restore Endchan as it was soon.
>>1147 You want us back?!
Morning all. Having the day off to accompany Motherbot for an MRI.
(128.49 KB 497x750 1479953250431.jpg)
>>1146 >>1149 Good Morning Neets
>>1148 Kek truth is we are just toO valuable to the (You) economy
>>1146 >>1147 >>1149 Good morning friends.
>>1150 Good morning to you too Nuro.
>>1150 That was a nice message to the 8 admin.
>>1153 mornin' ahh i see we have some gape enhancers
>>1151 The chans are pining for our love, they're had a taste of thick abo penis and are now hooked.
>>1155 We do. You can submit requests here. https://16chan.xyz/meta/res/1172.html
>>1146 >>1147 >>1149 >>1150 >>1152 Good Mornig NEETs Geez i had nightmares about the coronavirus last night. All evil ching chongs and disease. I suppose i should tell someone who cares, yesno?
>>1158 Good morning.
>>1147 love ya hungarian NEET but we might be staying here for a while, we like how fast posting is here
big black weber chode
(2.25 KB 30x30 nuro.png)
(2.09 KB 30x30 nuro2.png)
(1.78 KB 30x30 nuro3.png)
>>1162 I should've confirmed with him if that's the one he wanted.
>>1154 thank the oxy
>>1157 i was honestly gonna give gape enhancing a break fora while
>>1164 Don't be coy, I know that you're mong attitude is just a ruse to hide the fact you're really a sweet, considerate, well-mannered, vulnerable NEET with a heart of gold.
>>1165 You have a name, what's the difference?
(769.00 B 19x12 NUROFEN PLUS FLAG.png)
>>1162 >>1163 sorry thats a terrible gape..... nuro 2 is ok here is the original herbs and spices
>>1164 Cant wait for it to run out. Nuro shitposting about chasing going around on his bike like he's speedway racing
>>1168 the name is much more "subtle" besides im taking oxycontin now ;) gotta stay loyal to the brands
>>1169 Flags here are 30x30.
>>1167 Put some patented NEETlotion on the affected area, rub it in with two fingers in a vigorous circular motion.
lel no, i finally got a proper diagnosis yesterday turns out the front impact fractured the rear of my rib close to my spine. I was misdiagnosed, have a serious injury vetted by scans and long recovery ahead
>>1172 the country flags are 16x11 .. 30x30 is the max and its distracting
>>1174 fukin hell Nuro. take it easy on the bike, another crash will be pretty dangerous. Isnt there a less hazardous sport for you to do? like lawn bowls
>>1174 Autism?
(25.44 KB 106x111 constipated pepe.png)
>>1174 your dodgy doctor should have given you fentanyl patches instead of oxycodone pills. I hope he gave you a script for some laxatives at least, your gonna get bunged up with that huge increase in opiates.
>>1166 Checked. Is this a nice board? Can someone explain the NEET lifestyle to a curious observer?
>>1179 NEETlyfe was the beginning. We now embrace UNNAlyfe.
My sock garters have coffee stains.
>>1179 poo wank boong goon cone cenno
Gaped trauma
>>1182 Nailed it.
I really like Monaro.
>>1180 Fuck off. Boongs have ruined ausneets.
(40.74 KB 640x508 days-of-our-lives.jpg)
A boong does a cone but he's gotta go to max to see kylie for cenno. So he goes to dan for goon but he also needs a poo wank. These are the days of our lives.
>>1176 >Sport Its how i commute >>1178 >laxatives >bunged up remember your talking to coffee expert plus >>1181 MFW IKTF >>1187 Pottery
>>1188 Real Neet Hours....
>>1189 What sort of juice do you have there?
frshly juiced 2kg of granny smith apples, 1 small pineapple, big knott of ginger and a bunch of organic kale
(793.05 KB 2048x1536 IMG_1552.jpeg)
>>1193 Impressively clean kitchen. Why are we so short on neets this morning?
>>1194 there are some clues on 8cunt
>>1195 but...but cruisey's mong tier word filters. I don't want to go back
>>1196 I don't want to give up this filter by name feature. I'd rather stay here.
(190.28 KB 1280x857 1579235061327.jpg)
>>1196 i like 16chan because its fast and the dark theme is nice and i think it will have the best uptime moving foward 8kun codebase is more modern and 8 was our original home but its just such a damn high profile target, a lot of people with actual money and resources want it gone... its back today but who knows about tomorrow also endchan was always clunky and its still down... why is so freaking hard to shitpost ?
>>1197 who are you filtering ?
Having a bad hair day today. Fortunately I don't need to be anywhere. Today is a rest day gym-wise. I'm going to make it a proper rest day and not do any running for once as too much of it interferes with my recovery which has been an issue lately. I started benching 10 months ago at 30kg and now I am doing 80kg with ease for the same rep scheme.
>>1200 > now I am doing 80kg with ease for the same rep scheme. any gainz ?
A bit of a slow day on here
(594.38 KB 480x681 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1198 >high profile target Yeah, think I might stay here for a bit, alone or not.
>>1204 I can keep you company ;)
(10.38 KB 650x650 1579164680483.png)
>>1203 thats a high quality meme
I am about to do the dishes and then some cooking. I will make some stew.
>>1207 did the neets stew from the other day inspire you to so stew ?
>>1208 >>1207 I've stewed too. Can't be fucked posting any pictures (my stove isn't clean). Used diced beef, gravy powder, beef stock, worschetshire sauce, onions, potato and peas. Quite pleased with it, but I'm a neet of simple tastes.
>>1209 if it does not turn out how you like it just add more worschetshire sauce :)
Volunteering at the moment. It feels so woeful
>>1211 imagine work for dole but for free
>>1211 You'll get out of it what you put into it, Shitey, old mate. Don't start dwelling on you-know-who again.
>>1213 >You'll get out of it what you put into it This is very true, however I don’t feel like doing anything. I came to volunteer today as I don’t have to wage today or tomorrow, only on Friday. If I stayed at home I would’ve spent all day wanking again
>>1214 You could have a sly wank into the tea towel collection or something
>>1209 Yeah, I did: Beef sausages Peas Carrots Various leafy vegetables Corn Potatoes Lots of different lentils Tomatoes Quite a decent result. I'm happy.
>>1216 >Beef sausages Twenty-four (24)?
>>1217 Only 4.
>>1218 Only 20 more to go
>>1216 Did you cook the sausages before putting them in the stew?
Officially confirmed cases: 44,793[4][6] Official deaths: 1,112[4]
>>1214 No chink girls present? Not even a married poojeta?
>>1222 Yeah, cooked in a pan and then sliced them up.
>>1222 Not him, but you wouldn't normally do that. You'd put some colour on them and then just let them slow cook with the stew.
>>1226 I was in a hurry.
>>1227 I wasn't judging you, fren.
>>1225 Good NEET.
The grandparents are away until Friday. Feels good man.
>>1230 Have sex in their bed.
>>1231 With who?
>>1232 Shitey can bring a few girls around, I'm sure.
>>1230 No binges icecream-neet.
>>1234 The next couple of days are going to be healthy eating due to that.
>>1232 There are some second hand fleshlights at great prices on ebay at the moment.
I've missed two calls from someone at the faculty of arts at my uni. I am a bit concerned they are calling me. They are meant to email not call.
>>1237 They probably want pictures of your penis to complete your application. Better send them if you don't want to miss out.
>>1238 (you)'d me twice there bud. >>1237 I forgot that I booked an appointment with my uni's career counselor and completely missed it.
(309.39 KB 480x700 6-Saiyan.jpg)
>>1235 We know you better than that. You need to live it up while you've got the chance.
>>1241 Considering there's barely any food in the house besides the basics and I've got no money, no, I won't be bingeing lol.
I've got one bowl's worth of my stew left then it's chicken breast with steamed veggies and weetbix for the rest of the week.
(6.24 KB 631x123 bud.png)
>>1239 I'm already in the uni, I'm a second year student. >>1240 Pic related.
>>1245 >>1245 Indeed
I wish I could be a train driver.
Webby stole my (You)s once.
>>1248 I did no such thing.
>>1247 IKTF
>>1248 Me and the other NEET stole them, don't blame everything on Weber.
>>1251 But schizo-neet (aka nuro) said that there is only one neet?!
>>1252 What's this got to do with Nuro?
>>1253 The idea that there is more than one neet on this friend simulator is absurd.
>>1247 Freight train drivers seem to do a shitload of sitting in the cabin in rail yards with the engine running doing nothing.
>>1255 >doing nothing Exactly, sounds like my kind of job.
>>1256 Sounds like hard work for a neet.
>>1257 I'll just be replacing sitting at my computer desk with sitting in the cabin.
>>1255 That sounds allright
>>1258 You still get to play with a stick too.
>>1260 Cheeky NEET.
(26.10 MB 4320x3240 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1260 nek minit
(683.70 KB 747x450 ClipboardImage.png)
(267.51 KB 1240x836 95614575_c307f23b6a_o.jpg)
>>1252 dont call me a schitzo cuntface
>>1265 Stop being schizo then.
(44.68 KB 634x310 24 snags, mr weber.jpg)
>>1266 i did no such thing
>>1265 You precious bedbuddy BO has no power here schizo.
I'd fuck Eva Green.
>>1271 From behind. Jewish princesses don't like to see anybody else enjoying themselves.
I am going to have a neet nap and then get back to studying.
>>1273 studying your dick am i rite
>>1274 good lord you suck....
>>1275 Suck dick am I right?
(839.54 KB 2208x1242 IMG_1834.jpeg)
>>1276 your somewhere between cuntish shitbag and spec of shite on the anus of humanity... havent decided yet
>>1277 What's got you so triggered today?
Going to have a shower and head to uni.
>>1278 He has gone off his meds again. He is trying to replace them with his Infowars supplements.
>>1272 And in the butt. That last thing the world needs is more jewish/gentile mischlings.
>>1278 triggered ? no im actually having a laugh today >>1280 >off his meds. i am clearly on the meds at the moment. its been well documented in the thread,
This place seems shit and 8kun is just nuro wanking himself off Where the real NEETs at ?
>>1283 They got jobs or sudoku'd.
>>1283 Bye!
>>1283 >Where the real NEETs at ? Avoiding (You)
>>1283 I have been a bit tired the last few days so i havent been posting much, i will try to post more
Cock and waddle therapy
>>1224 No. There was a Sri Lankan girl, but I wasn’t in a mood for chatting initially. Finished volunteering about 10 mins ago, the latter part of my day of volunteering wasn’t that bad, just the start
Schizo nuro
>>1286 Says the faggot talking to himself on 2 different boards >>1287 All good m8, might have a look here later on
No more stew left.
Life is meaningless now that I don't have any stew left.
Weber put me in a wankhold once
The Weber slander must end. Weber is a good, wholesome young man that would never do the things you're all claiming he does. If this continues expect to hear from my lawyers.
Jar Jar Winks
>>1296 Jar Jar Wanks
>>1293 You must now make a bigger more improved stew to give meaning to life once again
>>1298 It must be size of a small lake
>>1299 >>1298 I'll need to buy a new slow cooker for that.
>>1299 And it must include a nice shrubbery
Thinking about Weber’s frangipanis again
>>1300 start making it in Lake Eyre, it already has the salt covered
>>1302 I heard his Frangipani tree blew over in a gentle breeze and a Goat ate it, and it was never heard of again
Frangipani-infused goat milk
Weber made me feed his tribe of goats once
how has it been NEETies
Weber dropped a tit on my head once.
>>1307 It's been a quiet day
>>1313 a little too quiet
>>1313 big plans tomorrow?
>>1316 I dont how about you?
>>1315 I hope Bat aids hasn't killed all the NEETs >>1316 Yeah got a bit on, may go to Bunnings to buy some screws,then I will have to bring my garbage bins in, so kinda a full on day for me
Flattened out a chicken breast with the meat mallet I scabbed off my aunt during her garage sale. Seasoned it with garlic salt and pepper and now it's in the fridge waiting for din dins.
I cooked a scotch fillet and made a garden salad to go with it. Washing it down with a cabernet sauvignon.
>>1321 Sounds nice. I'm having steamed veggies with my chicken breast for dinner.
>>1322 It turned out pretty good. It was one of those $5 woolies budget scotch fillets, but I seared it in a pan and then finished it off in the oven.
>>1317 got work and it'll probably be busy, so I'm just relaxing tonight
>>1321 Sounds nice, I usually just have a salad with my steaks >>1322 Sounds good as well mate
>>1324 Such is the life of the wagie
>>1325 You sound good.
Whats the post limit here for threads?
>>1330 More than 1 less than a million billion.
>>1330 We're going to find out the old fashion way
(46.77 KB 625x324 ab.jpeg)
>>1330 I know the answer but I'm not telling you.
>>1332 So...we sacrifice one of the NEETs and ask our god
>>1335 No you don't, you just made that up
>>1337 I visited another board you rude shit muncher.
>>1339 Right I'm telling Possum that you swore, now you're in for it m8
Warosu is the theme for the outside NEET.
>>1340 oooh
Any NEET that doesn't use the Tomorrow theme is a shit cunt.
How many sausages do these threads go for? Can our board be one endless thread?
>>1336 He must be put in to the stew
Tomorrow is the hermit NEET theme.
Possum pissed on me once.
How is there even an app for this site and we're the only ones here?
Possum has never been here.
Neets, thinking about hiring a pair of hookers and having a threesome for valentine's day, but I've never hired a hooker before. Any advice you can give me?
>>1351 Film it for us.
>>1351 Ask if they're into piss play.
>>1346 He will need to be slow cooked then
I would pay money to watch Shitey and Monk tag team the Indian Lady.
>>1350 He is hibernating
>>1355 Speaking of which, a Colombian girl who just moved to Adelaide from Melbourne messaged me on that website. Feel like asking if she has HPV.
>>1351 its a bit short notice on hiring a hooker on Valentines don't you think Pretty sure they'd be booked out
>>1355 I'd pay to watch them without the indian lady
>>1359 Hot
>>1357 Tell her she reminds you of someone that your mate Rhys told you about
>>1351 Take plenty of pictures for us please
>>1295 Weber put a blue blouse a wig and thick make up on then said this while talking in a girls voice scoldingly to me once
>>1328 Hot
Now I'm wondering if that melon has been harvested
>>1363 That's it, you fucked up now cunt. Expect to hear from my lawyers tomorrow morning.
>>1363 How much did mistress weber charge per an hour for this service?
>>1365 I'll harvest your melons.
>>1368 You were the one that planted the seed
>>1369 Several neets stood around in a circle and wanked off, blowing their wads all over the fertile ground. Honestly, anyone could be the father.
NEET bukkake.
(439.28 KB 1382x2048 [email protected]@._V1_.jpg)
Just watched Black Swan great movie. I remember this image scaring me at the cinema when i was younger. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVBNVR1wQT8
>>1372 Yeah I didn't mind it
>>1370 I hasten to add that as a neet raised in a good home, I did not participate in this vileness. Although I did use my phone to film it.
>>1372 You should watch perfect blue, it inspired the director of black swan
>>1374 You are a good wholesome neet, we need more like you
German Shepherd X Chihuahua.
>>1367 She likes to be called Nicki
Webby X Monaro
>>1380 Webby vs Monaro
(101.60 KB 640x448 cuddles.png)
I'm at the point where I'd pay a woman for just cuddling.
>>1383 It's no cheaper than paying them for PIV
>>1384 Not sure what PIV is and I'm not claiming it's cheaper. Just saying I'm at that point.
>>1385 pen0r in vagin0r
(11.93 KB 320x180 hug.jpeg)
>>1383 >IKTF
>>1383 >I'm at the point where I'd pay a woman for just giving me a (you) Reply to my posts instead of constantly jewing me out of (you)'s you fucks.
I'd like to go hunting one day.
Sorry mate, I'll give you a (you) soon.
>>1389 Pussy patrol?
>>1390 He isn't trying hard enough, OH here are m8 have another (you)
>>1392 >OH Special Nuro's favourite chemical.
>tfw lonely
>tfw lonelier than the lonely NEET
>tfw thinking about stinky NEET peckers again
>tfw lonlier than the loneliest NEET
>tfw I scratch the sore parts under my fat folds and then sniff them
Moldy fat rolls.
(707.07 KB 880x1038 fuck dan.png)
Motherbot commented I seem happier lately.
>>1401 Well, thats good m8
You're a boong, you get back to the gen.
At least one NEET hates me.
>>1402 Haven't told her about the Corvette or the floozies.
>>1401 Did you explain it's because you've booked two hookers for valentine's day?
Fuck, I've been sitting in front of the computer basically all day...come to think of it, nearly all year. Nearly all my adult life. What else do people do? Maybe I should take a day off.
>>1405 Take her for a drive somewhere in it, take her to lunch or coffee or something
>>1406 Wrong NOOT.
>>1408 She is really nervous in cars. She stopped driving as soon as I turned 16 and doesn't even like being a passenger.
>>1410 OK, maybe don't tell her about the Corvette
Nuro and I are going out for a fancy dinner this Valentine's.
>>1412 Will you rape him afterward?
>>1389 I want to go hunting pigs in outback NSW.
>>1407 sometimes i take a break from the computer and sit in the beanbag and play the XBox
(25.21 KB 316x421 pm.jpeg)
>>1414 Excuse me sir, what did you say?
(66.48 KB 640x336 Smoke you pig.mp4)
>>1416 smoke you piggy, i'm aynonymous here.
(638.96 KB 960x1280 Kamimura Hinano1.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
Maybe it's just my facist side, but I quite approve of cops.
>>1418 goodnight gook girl
Being a fascist after the failure of the ideology is on par with being a communist.
(3.06 KB 19x12 train2.png)
(57.68 KB 720x960 Costa83.jpg)
>>1147 Here's a well deserved (You) >>1151 Unironically UNNA >>1223 Better up those numbers fellas. >>1262 >>1263 >>1264 Here's the train flag. >>1307 Been at the NEETgfs place the past couple days, has been very nice. >>1321 Nice, might pick up a scotch fillet tomorrow after the wage. >>1344 I've been using it for around two years now, it's lovely. >>1418 Gooknight gookposter >>1421 Indeed, hence why nasboong is on the rise.
>>1418 Ugh. She looks like a slaphead goth goldfish.
>>1422 Nasboong is the only legitimate ideology.
>>1421 Oh I don't mean in the 1930s eurotrash fascist sense, but in the sense that modern day leftists use the word - a person who likes his neighbourhood to be so orderly that I can take the dog for a walk around the block without being assailed by criminals.
>>1422 Costa fuck off back to 8kun and endchan, we don't want your kind around here.
Cock and waddle therapy
>>1418 night mate
Here's one of the two banners I have saved, I think it's quite fitting.
>>1426 nasty neet
(552.60 KB 1366x768 NASBoongs2.png)
>>1424 'Fakin aye cuz
>>1425 Better not to misuse words in the same way that leftists do though. Best not to degrade yourself down to their levels.
(490.45 KB 500x540 Costa27A.png)
>>1426 Yes we do. We'd rather if nasty NEETs like yourself change your ways and become polite NEETs instead. Lets try to make this year a good year for all and turn away from the negative thoughts and actions we had in previous years so we can all improve together.
>>1434 I wish I could edit this post and make it nice NEETs instead.
With that said, I managed to brush my teeth today. I know it's gross that that's an achievement but for some reason it's brushing my teeth that goes out the window when it comes to self care things I give up due to depression.
>>1434 (You) >>1436 Nah that's a good achievement, I've been there. Actually was only showering once a week or so when I was depressed, self care is underrated.
>>1437 Showering has never really been an issues for me thankfully. The fact that one of my back teeth is really sensitive to cold stuff has been the major kick up the ass for me to actually look after them.
>>1439 *freezes to death in Stalingrad intensifies*
>>1438 It's a good idea, do you floss? Recently I've noticed some plaque build up behind my two front teeth due to smoking darts, might need to go to the dentist as I can't seem to get rid of it via flossing.
>>1441 I floss quite a lot actually, to the point that if I go a few weeks without brushing large chunks of plaque is stuck to the dental floss.
I went to Coles
>>1438 Hello Neets, i nodded off, back now
Weber should start a massage parlour
(880.43 KB 1536x2048 IMG_1835.jpeg)
so i went to employment agency provider today and had to wait a while... and guess what was on the desk...
(1.02 MB 1536x2048 IMG_1836.jpeg)
(1.31 MB 2048x1536 IMG_1838.jpeg)
took some close ups
(829.86 KB 1536x2048 IMG_1839.jpeg)
i was flipping through it and thought i would find some abbowaffen memes and then found this... CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP
I love it when Weber puts me in a wankhold
>>1451 who ?
GN fellas
The kitty still hasn’t replied
(760.60 KB 696x670 1581506806178.png)
so this is what it feels like to be colonised
>>1455 Send her a pic of your new wanking station.
>>1454 Crikey Jordies tapped into some childhood trauma there.
>>1455 I don't mean for this to sound rude but it's going to sound rude. Why do you give a shit about her when she clearly doesn't care about you? You deserve better than that. I know it will be hard but it will probably be for the best to just give up on her. I'm sorry to hear about it though mate, keep your chin up.
>>1457 She'll probably just view it and not reply, just like with the other messages
>>1455 Again, sorry about coming across as rude but you do deserve better and I hope you know that.
>>1460 >other messages How many have been sent?
>>1459 >>1461 RUDE! or as possum would say "i dont like your tone"
>>1463 Fuck off Nuro.
>>1462 Four in total
I need a new kitty
This kitty has run astray
>>1466 Then go to the common area and get one.
>>1466 One that deserves you, keep strong King.
>>1464 RUDE >or as possum would say "i dont like your tone"
(50.42 KB 461x407 1580871097789.jpg)
god this place has been dead... which neet went AWOL ? i cant put my finger on it
>>1471 Not Nuro, sadly.
>>1400 kek, I still prefer my edit though, but I lost it It was of unnaNEET pushing hotwheels saying no means yes yes means anal
>>1422 you have a GF now costaNEET? Please divulge the details, is she a boong?
>>1446 based and nasboongpilled
>>1472 we reached consensus on endchan (You) have always been the problem and anti-nuro behaviour constantly disrupts the entire board.
Might binge of some vegemite on toast later.
>>1476 >he thinks only one person has a problem with Nuro
>>1476 Thanks. Thats cunt almost broke the board. Last thing we need is him on an actually broken board
>>1450 fuck you for making me kek like this right when I wanna sleep lol Well I made an edit to your front page Boong night all
(1.27 MB 741x1203 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1479 This board isn't broken.
(400.63 KB 981x1258 unnagrill.jpg)
>>1456 Fuck I remember when the sign looked like this
>>1479 This board works fine you daft cunt. Fuck off back to 4chan you useless newfag.
>>1480 lel no problem m8 ;) i should have just taken it... it was a meme machine...doubt the boongs have an online edtion
Has nuro stopped using a name because he was getting filtered so much? You think that'd be a sign to just stop being a faggot but apparently not.
>>1485 next time you see it please see take it >>1486 probably
>>1482 >>1484 i meant in terms of fractured userbase
>>1488 Yeah, we're the reason for that happening.
>>1486 well i was using ^ but then i humbled myself ....
>>1488 are we really a fractured userbase though, 16chan seems pretty damn active and last I heard the 8kun thread is dead and Endchan still isn't back up You are literally the only person I've seen who has a problem with this place >>1490 to be honest you either should just be NEET or a really obnoxious name like the one have have there, middle grounding it means you lose either way
>>1489 take some meds settle down and dont be royal cunt untill we are all happy with a new home
>>1492 We are happy with our new home, you're the schizo that isn't. >>1491 Nuro is just being subversive like usual. He has no real issue with this place so he's trying to make one. We've even been warmly welcomed here and he would still spit in their faces.
>>1492 This but unironically
>>1491 >who has a problem with this place what ? sue me if i was suspicious initialy >to be honest you what ever i do i will be ridiculed... it comes with territory of not being an anonymous coward
>>1493 tbh I think nuro is probably coming around to the idea of this place but he hates admitting he's wrong, so probably just tone down the snark a tad as snark just leads to more nuro acting like a retard
>>1496 The thing is, I've barely been snarky. Any other NEET here could handle it and just throw it back and we'd all keep posting like usual.
>>1495 You can still have an identity and not have it stand out all the time, only stating it when it is needed, and yeah I do certainly get the being bullied for being a namefag thing though granted I kinda deserve it for what I did to webby though t. monaro
>>1497 I probably would get pissy with you if you acted that way to me constantly but I'm a bit sensative but I get what you mean
>>1498 Weber is our pure and innocent cinnamon roll.
>>1499 I'm not acting that way to him constantly. He's keeps mistaken several people for being one person.
>>1498 you wouldnt believe it but i was happy to have no gape enhancers here.... i did not want this shit happening all over again...
(880.63 KB 350x350 1503570572092.gif)
>>1502 fair
Nuro dislikes this imageboard because: 1) He wants the BO to suck his cock like on endchan, he doesn't like it if someone can call him a schizo and not get banned (and yet nuro never got banned on endchan despite threatening to assault people). 2) He doesn't want people to be able to filter his posts. He wants to be able to keep aggravating people with his faggotry in order to keep the attention on him.
I think one of my moles might be cancerous.
>>1502 Then don't use it. Simple as.
>>1505 *yawn* >>1507 nope
>>1508 Then stop complaining.
>>1506 my dad and his mates are all getting shit cut out... its pretty scary thinking of the future with my "cyclist tan"
>>1509 leave me alone you mentally unwell neet, i come here to chill not to argue with your constant implying and arguments
Can the neets who don't like nuro use the filter option on here? I'm sick of reading this crap. If I had somewhere else to go I'd have gone there by now.
>>1512 We can't now.
im well fucking over it... and was well over it on 8chan too. nuro hater is a selfish cunt who does not realise how precarious the boards state really is
>>1511 Okay schizo, I'll stop. Can't say the same about the others. Now stop crying.
>>1514 Put your flag back on Nuro, we can tell it's you.
>>1513 alternately can the filter option be upgraded so it can distinguish between various unnamed neets - then we can filter nuro hater. I'm sick of hearing this shit
>>1507 >Then don't use it. >>1516 >Put your flag back on Nuro, Not him but you are proving yourself to be mentally retarded. Where did Nuro hurt you ??
>>1518 >he still thinks only one person has a problem with nuro
(123.79 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (5).jpg)
out of the few people left in this bunker after migration after migration it probably just you is this fucking highlander or something ?
>>1519 >>1517 Calm down Nuro. Pop some pills.
>>1521 Yeah, this is really just looking like spergneet vs nuro
>>843 >>877 >>879 I ended up getting Cooper's Sparkling Ale. >>1523 I haven't been involved in this drama, although I'm amongst the NEETs who think Nuro can be a bit of a boong at times. Mindhunter is getting a bit boring and predictable, I might not watch the second season.
>>1524 Hey Matey
>>1525 Hello Nuro, are you on the piss, oxys or both tonight?
>spergneet Kek its more like Jussie Smolet Neet. He tried to play the victim card until #BO looked at the post ids and saw his scheming, oh and also played the victim when nuro had enough and threatened to smash his face in...
Brutal cock wanding
>>1510 The one I think is cancerous is on my forehead. I'm not too concerned really though. Has it been raining in Brisbane?
>>1526 Both but taking it easy. Oxy had me feeling totally nautious afternoon i had to throw up. Its overated in my opinion. Not nearly as fun as codeine.
>>1530 Give it some time, I'm sure you'll get used to it
(487.42 KB 480x258 1570844756501.gif)
>>1529 yeah its been raining all week and looks another week of this shit.... >>1531 i really dont like it, its like bad hydro, no head high, ill just get more panadeine forte next time>>1531
>>1532 It's weird how the weather is. Early today it was blacker than a boongs ass and windier than me after having cabbage and beans. I had a nap for an hour and it was clear as day, now outside lights up every now and again from the lightning.
Tempted to try all these painkillers I keep hearing praise for on here. I mean, they can't possibly make my life worse.
>>1534 you missed out by exactly 2 years fren :)
>>1530 >>1532 Be careful with that shit mate.
Can't get back to sleep and I blame ausneets >>1535 I miss out on everything. How'd I miss out by two years?
>>1537 I'm not too in the know, but something about fun police legislation restricting their strength.
>>1537 >How'd I miss out by two years? The sale of codeine over the counter from a pharmacy was banned in Febuary 2018... you literally used to be able to go to from pharmacy to pharmacy and buy unlimited amounts of codeine do a cold water extraction and get really super clean quality heroin level high for pocket change >>1538 everything is banned now, i can barely get it now with even a trusted GP and two fractured ribs.....
>tfw you never had a chance to be a codeine addict
I just beat my meat to have a late night dinner.
I donate my wanks to help with the Nasboong movement. I hope you all do as well.
There's a good late night kebab place near monash uni - melbourne neets should hold a late night neet meet there.
If you whoite dawgs don't donate your wanks to the Nasboong movement then you better get off of my board.
Farkin' dawg cunts.
Having a rum
Having a cum
>>1543 Rambo's kebabs? I used to get UberEats from there a lot
>>1549 Hello.
>>1549 Yeah, although I used to live within walking distance.
>>1550 Hello, it's getting quite late. You should get some sleep >>1551 I live within walking distance
>>1552 Sleep is for the weak.
>>1553 And you're, what, strong? I wish I could sleep.
>>1554 I am the second strongest NEET here, after Weber when he's in heat.
Weber farted on my head once.
Had another rum
8kun? More like 8coons amiright fellas?
Had another cum
Just popped a pimp on my belly.
>>1560 >pimp I meant pimple, honest.
You're all a bunch of flamin' gallahs.
Good Morning NEETs. Couldnt sleep worrying about (you)
>>1563 Morning Mongo Bongo. What plans do you have for the day?
For me? Not a god damn thing, listen to some more music then go to sleep in a few hours.
(259.07 KB 640x480 russki lard.jpg)
>>1564 >diabolical bar codes on my fruit. gonna be AFK (and AF toilet) for 12 hours. taking much food and a bag to shit in.
>>1566 I could happily go the rest of my life without seeing something like that again.
>>1434 Good post.
>>1446 unna, that's awesome.
>>1450 lol
>>1455 That is unfortunate.
hullo noots time for snags
>>1459 Kitty was better than the hapa, and Pooj is married.
>>1573 We did try to tell you this at the time.
>>1527 Sperg is a namedNEET,
>>1563 >>1564 >>1572 Good morning friends. Good morning to that other NEET that hates me as well.
>>1576 nobody hates you, we're all friends here
>>1577 I hate anyone who has had more sex than me
>>1578 you hate your mummybot lol
>>1577 There's at least one NEET that's arced up with the move. It's given me a bad taste in my mouth about this place. It's much better than any other imageboard but with the change, he's made it much more vocal.
Weber once gave me a bad taste in my mouth, even though he promised to not to
>>1539 >do a cold water extraction are you making a NK reference? https://youtube.com/watch?v=Ws96XTESMRg
>>1555 Who are you to claim you are stronger than Posso when he utters the ultimate V I L E
>>1581 snag residue
>>1574 I'm not Shitey.
>>1585 You wish you were though.
We all wish we were shitey, that's why we tolerate him.
(57.94 KB 659x315 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1586 >>1585 >>1587 Good morning NEETs >>1582 Morn' NK Settling in? Even Nuro(s) (both of them) seem to be getting comfy
>>1587 >tolerate worship
Good morning NEEToes
(490.07 KB 680x546 ClipboardImage.png)
Last Aussie that was on /pol/ left this boong behind, figure you guys can have him back, seems a little homesick
>>1587 >tolerate
>>1591 Morning.
Trying to decide whether to have instant noodles or museli for breakfast. Hard freedom before the easy yoke.
>>1597 Go the museli
>>1597 Mueseli, noodles for lunch.
>>1599 >>1600 Too late. I'm gonna have to call this meal lunch, and the one I have at noon breakfast.
>>1601 What kinda noodles?
>>1603 I agree with her 100 percent
>>1605 Nice
>>1601 Look, a horse don’t know it’s a horse until the horse judge comes and says what’s a horse, but also the horse judge is a horse too so who’s to say if it knows that it’s a horse too, the important thing is
>>1607 doesn't matter if it takes you a week, a year, or two minutes, once you've built a boat it'll float, just as long as it doesn't sink
(716.62 KB 1242x1317 ClipboardImage.png)
Waiting for a 50GB download from my server in the netherlands to complete. How many neets find that nbn actually makes a difference to their lives?
>>1602 Maggi beef ones, with lots of cheese added. Few things match the taste of beef + cheese.
>>1611 Hmmm, might have to try that with the cheese.
sometimes. you have to cross your paws. and let everyone know. you’re feeling fancy
Going to try and have a productive day today.
>>1614 What will you produce?
>>1615 Aboporn.
>>1615 a new record on the NEETbeats label
>>1610 It has helped a bit
Where is everyone?
>>1619 I am here.
>>1620 Vile
Just made another coffee.
Haven't even had my coffee yet and I can feel yet another poo coming on.
>>1619 >>1620 I am here too. But after your post implying that my contribution to ausneets is so poor that it may as well be negligible, I might just sit in my room and refuse to post.
I am a stinky NEET
>>1625 Me too. I’ve accumulated a lot of wank residue under my foreskin and it’s starting to smell
>>1626 I just dont use deodorant
>>1627 I wonder if pulling your foreskin back and putting roll-on deodorant on your glans would work?
>>1625 >>1626 Wash your penises.
>>1628 >glans this word doesn't get posted often enough
>>1628 Use aftershave you wuss. No wonder no girl wants to suck on it.
>>1631 The pine scented one?
>>1626 Wash your penis neet
>>1628 It could, but it would be extremely painful
>>1635 Good morning. Have you washed your penis yet?
>>1636 Just woke up and about to have a wank, I might wash my little soldier after that.
>>1637 Have a wank in the shower
>>1638 I've always found shower wanking lack lustre.
>>1638 I need videos to be able to wank.
(24.56 KB 550x413 ik.jpeg)
>>1640 You need someone to take you to IKEA and see what they have in store
i need to buy a new phone, what do you NEETs recommend.
>>1641 >tfw no one will take me to IKEA
>>1642 Nokia.
>>1642 Blackberry
>>1642 I use an old Lenovo I ordered from Hong Kong, had it for about 5 or 6 years without any problems but then again I don't really use it
>>1642 iPad. The big one.
>>1642 Whichever one Hex is currently schilling these days.
Officially confirmed cases: 60,016[4][6] Official deaths: 1,355[4] Based.
Just finished my wank. I will make sure to donate all remaining wanks to the NASBOONG cause.
>>1643 You should hire a pair of hookers this valentine's day and take them to IKEA and feed them meatballs
>>1650 It has gone up about 15,000 infected overnight. Death toll was about 200 in 24 hours. I reckon it will hit 2000 the day after tomorrow.
>>1652 They should feed him meatballs. Naked.
>>1653 It's not happening fast enough.
>>1655 Patience, it isn't slowing down. The chink government can't contain it. Their cetralised factory farms combined with the quarantines have resulted in many animals dying. Hopefully this will lead to food shortages which will compromise their immune systems. This is what made Spanish flu so lethal. I am still waiting for it to India. Supposedly it can be passed through human shit.
(115.40 KB 1200x800 5e40f927a31012820650d82b.jpeg)
>>1657 I wonder if spraying disinfectant everywhere is having any effect
(28.03 KB 219x307 ClipboardImage.png)
I'll bet she does
(338.14 KB 507x287 ClipboardImage.png)
Pay day tomorrow. Umart has a sale on as well.
>>1661 Whats umart? I don't think we have those in SA.
Fucking female roommate is so loud. Slamming every door, bowls down on the bench, fucking everything I hate her so much.
>>1662 He means a brothel, he is going to get a nice bit of neet-arse.
>>1663 You know what you need to do.
Really lacking any motivation to study.
>>1666 Have you drunk water and had something to eat recently?
She fucking bitches and whines about other people making noise at night when she is trying to sleep but wakes up me and the third roommate early in the morning which she doesn't see the hypocrisy the stupid bitch.
>>1668 Sounds like you need to give her a good dicking down.
>>1667 Yeah.
>>1669 If you saw her you'd rather not. Typical feminist harpy. Was moderately bright in highschool and talks down to everyone because of that. She thinks I am retarded and has gotten angry when I call her out on the retarded shit she says where she is objectively wrong regarding chemistry.
>>1671 >chemistry Does that also happen to be an area she literally has no experience in, but won't hesitate to state shit as if it's fact?
>>1672 She did a little bit in HS and the first semester in uni and that is it. She thinks that because she knows more than most people she knows more than everyone. She is like that with pretty much everything and seems genuinely surprised by the idea that someone could know more than her. But pretty much what you said, yeah.
>>1672 now, now, she probably did 2010-era dumb dumb year 11 or 12 chemistry
>>1673 Fun times, enjoy yourself NEET. >>1674 I flunked year 11 chemistry and did the easiest math class I could, at least I'm not acting like an expect on either subject though. So there's that.
Im back NEETs and i bought a Samsung Galaxy A50
>>1676 Did you win?
>>1677 i think?
>>1678 You need to know these things, mate.
>>1679 im sorry
>>1680 It's alright mate, I'm still proud of you. Now you go have fun with your phone.
>>1681 Download some aboporn.
(46.66 KB 464x270 hpv.jpeg)
Good Morning Neets ;)
29 degrees today in Shitbourne, went to the doctors yesterday, I will need to get some blood tests done.
>>1684 Did you catch HIV from being in Shitbourne?
>>1684 strong strain ??
>>1685 I think I'll sooner catch the coronavirus off some coughing chink. >>1686 No, I went to get tested for type 1 diabetes and some other shit.
>>1688 If you had Type 1 you'd be blacking out and shit. You sure you don't mean Type 2?
Are there strong strains of schizophrenia?
>>1688 ahhhh the BEETUS good luck mate
>>1690 yes no and yes
Don't prolapse my heart.
I molested monk once.
>>1676 They look nice m8
My most seeded torrent by gb has uploaded 305gb and my most by ratio is at 144.
>>1684 Bat aids?
Lemme suck on them MAN TIDDIES BOI!!!!
>>1687 They are the lesbian cucumber
I spanked webby once.
(3.91 MB 295x278 1546136352051.gif)
>>1694 >prolapsed heart
Who wants to bet that nuro doesn't know who cheesey is?
>>1687 looking closely at the picture that was a valentines 2019 meme
>>1697 Spread your seed mate
>>1703 > implying subversively find something else to do with your life faggot
>>1705 Spread your cheeks mate
>>1703 Don't cause another spergout please.
T minus 4 minutes until my cup of tea is ready.
T minus 3 minutes until my cup of tea is ready.
>>1711 lunch for me is some cold pizza left under my bed from last night and a cool can of V a real neet feast
My tea is done.
How is my dearest icecream neet?
>>1712 Groovy.
>>1713 Are you having bikkies with it
Barometer’s getting low
I massaged the Indian lady in spiced rum
>>1716 Nope. Too much sugar.
After the complete failure with my chicken soup the other day I am just about to start to make my salad that I will have with lamb chops tonight
>>1718 Hmmmmm nice
>>1720 What happened with your chicken soup? you didn't use chicken breast, did you?
My heart keeps pounding and my chest feels tense. This seems to be due to klonezepam withdrawal. But I don't want to go backwards by increasing the dose.
>>1722 I spent hours cooking it and I tasted the chicken drumsticks I used and they tasted off, I was not happy
>>1724 That sucks, sorry to hear that. Did they pass the smell test?
I got bitten by a possum at a pub in Rockhamptom. I was a child, around 9 or 10. We were eating out on the verandah. This somewhat-tame possum came along and was getting given food by some of the people there. This possum was fucking huge, massively overweight. He approached me and jumped into my lap. I was very uncomfortable with this whole ordeal but tried to stay calm as my mother insisted on taking a photo. He went for my chicken nuggets so I grabbed him around his little ribs which caused him to turn around and bite my hand. My dad went to grab the possum, knocking his beer over in the process. I don't remember if the possum jumped out of my lap or if I pushed him away but he ended up back on the ground. He lapped at the beer for a second but didn't seem to like it. A woman working there shooed him off and he made a very strange sound as he made a surprisingly impressive jump off the verandah railing onto a tree.
>>1726 >in Rockhampton
>>1725 I didn't notice any bad smell from them when I opened the package, but after tasting them I was not going to eat them, there was no way I would have enjoyed them
>>1726 I wonder if it was related to our little Marsupial
>>1727 What is it like?
>>1730 Shit. Living in this town is calling me, it's a dead end hole and the moment I finish my degree here I'm out.
>>1731 What are you studying?
>>1731 Sounds perfect for the neet compound
>>1732 IT. >>1733 Make sure it's close to Woorabinda.
We should seize Port Augusta and use it as the base of the NasBoong revolution.
>>1734 >IT. Hmmmm. It has appealed to me but I don't know if I have the patience. https://twitter.com/moldbugman/status/1137961234722988032
>>1736 >These Tweets are protected
>>1737 Fuck I forgot about that, he locked his account temporarily because he upset some Indians and they were brigading him from pajeet forums. It should be unlocked soon.
Nice night out planned for tomorrow.
>>1739 Does it involve a lady?
>>1740 Yes.
>>1718 Not good for the bedding, mate.
>>1704 Yes. I posted it last year too. Taken in SA best A.
>>1741 Good for you! I am meeting that girl again tomorrow evening. Nothing planned as such, just meet in the city after work and have a milkshake or something.
>>1744 Sounds nice, I booked a nice restaurant and hotel in the city for me and Cindy, will be nice to get out of the house for the weekend.
>>1745 I thought it might be you, Shire. Sounds good. How have you been?
>>1746 I've been good, going to start ubering again next month, just 3 days a week and ease myself back into some sort of full time employment.
>>1689 >>1691 Mummybot has type 1, so they say I'm "at risk" and need to come in for a test every 6-12 months.
>>1723 ahhh good seems like you dodged a strong strain... whenever i buy chicken now it goes straight in the freezer... so sick of wasting it
>>1747 That sounds alright. Just have to be strict this time with the fatties and food in your car.
(142.02 KB 1133x1025 salad.jpg)
Just about got my salad ready,my celery was limp so I'm waiting for it to firm up a bit before I put it in, simple dressing of lemon juice salt, bit of sugar, garlic and some dried marjoram
>severely depressed
Those rice and beans for lunch aren't going down well.
>>1751 How do you firm up the celery?
>>1747 Sounds like a plan m8, good stuff
(429.83 KB 904x864 ClipboardImage.png)
>female roommate is home
Just watched perfect blue. Black Swan was better. It's pretty clear that the director was inspired by perfect blue. Black Swan was just produced better. I also didn't like Paprika so i kinda knew i wasn't going to like perfect blue. Was good tho. Ending of perfect blue was pretty cheesy whereas black swan gave me chills.
Could really go a knock off
>>1750 The executives don't bother me, it was just that one dude who opened a dirty big pack of chips and started getting chip dust everywhere. >>1756 Cheers
>>1757 Kiss her
>>1757 Rape her
>>1754 They say chop the ends off and place it in a glass of water, works the same way on wilted flowers etc. I just checked mine and they are indeed getting hard again
>>1757 Jizz in her shampoo bottle each day.
>>1763 HOT
(28.41 KB 500x388 i-choo-choo-choose-you-card.jpg)
>>1757 Ask her to be your valentine.
>>1757 I feel sorry for you neet
>>1763 Oh that's cool, thanks. I've always detested celery in salads though. In stews, soups and bolognese it's great though.
>>1767 At least I've got all these (You)s.
>>1768 Thanks for the reminder m8, I almost forgot my kalamata olives
>>1768 Celery is good for your ejaculate volume.
Fucking hell, the house is as humid as a Kimberly boong's armpits. can't do a thing, feel like I'm really going to have to force myself to go to the gym.
Webber this time last year.
>>1738 pajeet is always either at your feet or at your throat
>>1774 you cant trust em especially ones at work
>>1744 Be sure to add some malt and rohypnol to her milkshake, for a magical valentine's day.
>>1776 I am not that kind of person. She said she liked my sense of humour today, apropos of nothing.
>>1777 And nothing screams 'practical joke' more than a surprise hypnotic in her drink. She'll love it.
>>1778 You are a bad NEET.
Post 1788 coming up soon, noonga noots.
>>1589 not nk lol, just noticed Nuro mentioned something NK did in a video
Nuro asked me to be his valentine once.
>>1593 >OU Gaylord College kek, sounds like another name for Smogon to be honest for you
>>1594 Thanks but we left the boong there on purpose to spread the good word of NasBoong
>>1779 you should of seen the time he slipped laxatives in Nuro's protein shake before he was to have a coffee enema The shitstains are still in the carpet to this day
>>1785 Does nuro lift?
(129.72 KB 940x627 anal.jpg)
>>1787 His fat arse onto his bike, yes.
>>1787 he lifts his cute thighs up and down his pedals
(86.59 KB 527x319 unnapepe.jpeg)
>>1788 >1788 Beautiful, Beautiful get Honestly the best get I've ever seen UNNA
>>1734 Are you enjoying IT? I’m thinking about going back to study data science
>>1793 Why not, we will need someone to manage the hundreds of terrabytes of boong porn in the compound.
>>1793 I haven't started yet, start in March though.
>>1795 Is it cheap to live there?
>>1795 What happened with the Nurse, Shitey?
>>1797 Not him. >>1796 No, rent is expensive for shitty houses.
The courier delivered my bottle of Floris no. 89.
>>1799 Can't wait for the House of Weber to release Snag 24.
>>1798 Sounds pretty shit. Expensive in a small city sounds like the worst of everything.
I'm thinking of cooking up two sausages with four eggs and some frozen peas/carrots/corn into some scrambled eggs.
It's raining.
>>1802 Sounds hearty.
No 89 Floris for men No 89 by Floris is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men. No 89 was launched in 1951. Top notes are bergamot, orange, lavender, neroli, nutmeg and petitgrain; middle notes are geranium, rose and ylang-ylang; base notes are virginia cedar, oakmoss, sandalwood, vetiver and musk. Introduced in 1951, No 89 takes its name from the number of the Floris shop in Jermyn Street. Devoted followers include Ian Fleming.
>>1802 In the microwave I hope.
>>1806 Scrambled eggs in the microwave is possibly worse than microwaved snags.
>>1807 Decor make a plastic scrambler and poacher thingo.
>>1805 No 77 Nurgles for men No 77 by Nurgle is a Warm Aromatic fragrance for men. No 77 was launched in M28.992. Top notes are Mould, orange, piss, necrosis, Poo and Cum; middle notes are Spoiled Milk, Rotten Chicken Bones and old good; base notes are termite ridden cedarwalls, oakmoss, sweat, blood and MUSK. Introduced in M28.992, No 77 takes its name from the number of the great pleague god Nurgle, repeated twice for luck. Devoted followers include that NEET who posts photos of his bench and all the rubbish that comes with it.
Got myself a study plan worked out for this exam.
>>1810 Good. Now start studying.
>>1809 Giving this a (You).
>>1773 ahhh old mate had some acid in public.... not a good idea
>>1782 i did no such thing it was just a standard rape
Is there such a thing as a part time IT job for a neet who doesn't want to work full time?
>>1815 Depends where you are. I did some sub-contracting for a guy in Adelaide for about 8 years. Amounted to a few hours a week at $60 p/h. Suited me fine at the time. Otherwise you'd be looking at Fiverr or Air Tasker or whatever.
>>1816 Alternatively, hang out your own shingle and just accept work as you feel like it. Requires a domain and website, etc.
>>1815 no, the final redpill is not only are you competing with in society for skills and what price you are willing to do work for, but also time you work... come cunt will always want to pull a 50hr to overcompensate and ruin it for everybody its literally what i hate most about our capitalist system.....
>>1814 kek, how was the bumhole afterwards
>>1818 Certain IT jobs actually require skill. Pajeets can't compete with me for example.
>>1819 no i much prefer facial abuse
>>1821 Kek, but I thought enematubes were your fetish
>>1818 laughing at you Nuro if you think 50 hours is an extreme work week
https://www.bitchute.com/video/jNSngdXKWdqy/ I really like the tune in this. Has a nice mix of militancy and churchiness.
>>1797 I haven’t seen the nurse for some time now. I believe she finished her rotation in early February
Weber stole my Nuro gobbies once
>>1827 I bloody well did not.
>>1826 So she's the one that got away?
>>1829 Yes
>>1826 Also check out >>1805 You run some of the other musks I do, so you'd probably like it.
Thinking about garlic bread.
Thinking about Possum and his soap holder.
>>1820 What do you do? Computerised toilet QA?
Cruisey are we hitting up IKEA for lunch tomorrow?
>>1835 He's taking me instead.
>>1824 kek you do 50hrs / wk for 52 weeks and get back to me
>>1836 Bitch!
>>1837 nigga that's 8-6. heaps of cunts do that.
>>1835 you just want meaty balls
>>1838 Сука!
>>1609 I was the reason why Webby showed his butthole once.
>>1839 this is really bad place to talk about work ethic
>>1839 Are you seriously questioning Nuro?
>>1841 I want to scratch your eyes out right now.
>>1844 My bad.
>>1788 unna
>>1846 Make sure you don't do it again.