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(20.72 KB 334x320 Shitpost 3000.jpg)
NEET General #6 - Shitpost 3000 NEET 03/30/2020 (Mon) 19:32:58 No. 6006
Welcome to the future anon. Human life is cheap but not as cheap as the AI licensed slut 'droid that they got delivering 'yo pizza. So eat your syntha pie, settle in to your delapidated seat, plug in and get comfy because tomorrow is here today and you're socked in for another day of the same old SHITPOST 3000
A NEET wakes up at the crack of noon, gets on to the gen and says good morning to his half a dozen AI synth poster bro's. >tfw you're all alone in a world of robots.
NEET GEN #6 SOUNDTRACK https://cytu.be/r/NEET_General_6
Who would do such a thing?
(147.36 KB 600x564 When_days_are_dark.jpg)
Good Morning NEET bots. You guys are lucky in a way, being a real boy can be tough. I went out to the letterbox for yesterdays mail and there was a hottie jogger that wasnt even a skin job as far as i could tell, I gave her a manly stare but she was wrapped up in her AR visor and probabally had the incel filter on. No mail either which is a relief because i got nano spore spam from the damn junk mail that the pajeets stuff in there, i gotta glue the "no junk mail" signage up today which is okay because i prepared it yesterday in the workshop. >tfw might as well get that facial tattoo
>>6004 Give it back to them, they have clearly misplaced it.
>>6012 Nah they got a thing going. I dont mind I took the dremel to the helmet, the gas mask buckles were a problem, I was rolling for "much better" but i got "good enough". Looks pretty good tho and feels comfy regardless.
I forgot about this place...
>>6014 bit of short term memory loss eh?
>>6015 Probably, I use to visit every other day until sometime last week. Then I think I changed my routine and it did not follow over.
Back from coles, wasnt busy thankfully. I have decided instead of disenfecting my groceries I am just going to box them until needed then wipe them down with bleach, milk etc I will wash down straight away. I want to keep things simple so theres no chance of cross contamination even if the risk is low
>>6017 > I am just going to box them until needed Pretty smart idea.
>>6016 My bowel movements are the only thing i got going thats routine
(16.81 KB 300x300 bleach yum.jpg)
>>6017 i have these bleach tablets. i calculated that one tablet in a one liter squirty bottle does the job in 30 seconds.
i'm gonna put a drop of Dior: Farenheit in my gas mask
(7.82 KB 205x246 2342342432-9034x.jpg)
>>6023 8/10 I hope all that fried food is freshly cooked. Looks nice than my bacon and cheese rolls. What is that yellow stuff?
>>6024 Cant fry here unfortunately. everything is turbo ovened. the yellow stuff is corn or cheese. I think its quite asthetic wiht the gold and yellow theme. I wish i had a can of solo to go with.
>>6023 looks good m8
>>6025 >everything is turbo ovened. That's fine then. It the cheese I was thinking about it. It looks strange.
might watch starship troopers tonight, never seen it because i was homeless when it came out at the moovies
The torrent will take overnight to download. I might do some research or something constructive instead.
(82.65 KB 903x630 norwegian lashing.jpg)
>>6029 How does one get torrents these days? I cannot access the pirate bay even through tor.
(7.46 KB 225x225 pirate pepe arr.jpg)
>>6032 Thank you NEET.
>>6033 Just remember if you get a virus, i"m irresponsible.
WHOOT! Both Starship Troopers torents came through! Now to finish my chores and watch one of em.
Satan took hold of my neighbour, but with the help of Jesus Christ and with NEET approval I shall cast him out!
>>6036 invite him into your house for some fairy bread
It was a nice sunny day today. It had a sunday feel to it and lots of people doing recreation. I'm starting to wish for the short cold days of midwinter to kick in, it doesnt feel right that all the normies are about like this. More carpentry tomorrow. have to get some outside stuff done before the forecast rain on thursday. Good NIght,White.
(219.55 KB 800x640 desu-ex.png)
Neet neet skeet skeet that's >why we are here
Constant eating constant cleaning constant >NEETING
Good Morning NEETs. Truly the NEETs are the ones living on the edge. I mean who else out there doesnt have most of their daily program written for them?
>>6045 My program is consistent. 0530 - wake up 0545 - coffee 0615 - shower 0645 - iron shirt 0715 - leave for work 0750 - get to work wage 1600 - go home 1745 - have a choof 1900 - eat 2000 - tv/sleep repeat
I'm late for my shower.
stay safe neets. someone's gotta make the babies when the wagies go bye-bye
This coronavirus has really fucked up the /ausneets/ on endchan, i dont like it.
>>6035 The first one is good
(673.00 B 16x11 Australia.png)
BO could you add the aussie flag please
>>6046 What time do you shit? Where is your gym time? >>6050 I have watched half of it and it is the greatest movie ever, its funny, thrilling, sad and the chicks are super sexy in a late 90's post techno kinda way. >>6051 umm dunno.. you dont need one if your ip is aussie. what are ya a seppoposter?
I just started setting up my gym in the bush park. I have a chin up bar (it rotates a little which has to be fixed) and a flat stone for diamond grip incline push ups and a sapling trunk for normal push ups. I'm going to take my 16Kg dumbells that i welded up out of car brake disks down there later tonight. I'll hide them behind a big piece of bark so the normies dont reee about it. Its close to a well groomed walking trail and there are heaps of well-to-do normies who walk dogs and plod and such normie recreation. They dont want me spreading my toxic masculinity in their safe space but they can get fucked. maybe i can tune an old girl.
>>6052 >umm dunno.. you dont need one if your ip is aussie. what are ya a seppoposter? Dont worry bout it m8, i dont have the energy or desire to even explain about vpn's and how i hate sticking out without my aussie flag,
>>6051 >>6054 Done. AU
https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=C8qWb_1585402709 >muslim whore spits on cop >he tells her to cut it out or she goes on the ground >she does it again >she goes on the ground Based.
>>6056 mpg ends too soon. the guy taping it was a faggot
>>6051 No, now you can hide.
>>6052 I shit at about 7. I have to force it. Painful wagie poo. I have no gym time. I am getting tubby.
I got most of my stuff done before the rain tomorrow. Now i have enough material to work with in the garage. Having problems with those around me. Generally they relate to low IQ and unsophisticated behaviors, i have relief feels when im on the imageboards tho. Starship trooper was ace, pretty glad I saw it finally. Good NIght, White.
>>6059 take some coloxyl before you go to bed fuck it ill have some too
Good Morning NEETs. Another quiet and quite warm morning. Summer stays around late down here.
Its pissing with rain today and i had to do my push ups in the carport instead of the bush gym i made yesterday. By god its quiet outside
Sure is quiet on the gen today, Its kinda nice tho after being yelled at by my mate who is quitting smoking. He was going on about bashing a potoroo to death and eating it last night. Kinda hope he relapses.
(1.50 MB 498x498 rain pepe gif.gif)
its raining cats and dogs. my ceiling is leaking in the usual place. >tfw looking out the window at the downpour
Fugg. My homie is quitting the durries and he relapsed. Now he's loosing it over the slightest disagreement.
>>6061 It is a pretty good movie. They could never make it today.
The second one sucks so bad. I miss not being able to go to the cinema and sneak in without paying
The first has some brilliant and true lines in it. Its portrayal of women in positions of authority and combat has moments of realism but is mostly flawed.
i liked the shooty stuff. Dragged across concrete was pretty good. Mel gibson has made some good stuff. Apocalyptico was awesome especially if you like running.
Had a productive day today, i even did a round of push ups and planks and stuff. Im intending to get up early tomorrow and finish up some sewing before breakfast. Might have to do a shops run before they shut them down. All my homies are wigging out. I need new homies. Good NIght, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Sounds of a flowing creek outside in the morning dark.
>>6072 Everyone is chimping out. I foresee a marked turn to authoritarian rule with the exile or execution of subhumans followed by an eventual return to the reign of kings.
>>6074 The sportsball heroes will rise to the head of the rabble. Premiership will be determined by match points on the ovals. These shall be the days of the league.
iI'm off to the shops to get last minute stuff before the 2 or 3 year shutdown. So its my last chance to impress the spotlight lovelies and the sweet shop lady with my SOPP outfit. i might ditch the snorkel, it doesnt serve any purpose really
I had a good go through town, the only shoppers in target were a handful of untermensch, ugly and untidy. I got 90% off some pants and there were other unbelievable discounts to be had, but limited by my cargo capacity i could only grab so much. The spotlight lovelies were all at home maniacally cooking for their chads. The shop girl didnt offer to sign me up for a spotlight VIP membership as usual so there went my pick up line. The sweet shop lady nearly burst into tears when i bought the entire jar of rhubarb and custard boiled lollies. She thanked me in a way that suggested feelings of culture end and profit halt. I went past the covid 19 clinic which was deserted, the stupid nurses from the precinct were swanning around the block looking for an open coffee shop babbling about how empty the streets were. Theirs was the only personage disobeying the "keep off the streets" and "social distancing" message, but whatever. 3M 6000 series mask was pretty good, pretty comfy, i sewed a fluro cover for the filters so it looks really trick with the tinted visor. I got some haz-mat yellow material for bandannas so im gonna be the trendy chad next time i go out. I feel like that now anyway. LUNCHED
(1.77 MB 900x1376 gondeath.png)
honestly just trying to have some comfort before the end comes for me. hope this has been as great a ride for you bros as it was for me.
(230.81 KB 863x752 the ride never ends.jpg)
>>6079 I was looking at the JW's website and they think that these are the end times and they started in 1917. I hope it comes soon and ends the confusion.
>>6079 I dont understand spurdo spurdae at all.
I am restarting my martial arts training in case the individual next door follows through on his threat to attack me or damage my property. He carries prison tattoos, does kickboxing, and spends around an hour each day yelling at foes both real and imagined. In the absence of contrary information I must assume that the police are protecting him. It may be an interesting battle.
>>6082 Fuark. He sounds like a fuckwitt, ls he a schizo or on druuuugs?
Im a little sore because I did a bit at the bush gym this evening after woodwork. I have to pass through a ritzy neighbourhood and the houses are intimidating with the wealth displayed. I'll go another way in the future, past the private school. I hate this neighbourhood. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Lovely rain on my tin roof, not one car on the roads and a waltz on the radio.
Cant hardly wait for the Queen's special message on sunday.
My bike tyres are begging for more air.
I got a very good bond of pvc raincoat to pvc downpipe, as well as pvc raincoat material to itself using that blue pvc glue shit.
It is time for a crusade.
(110.10 KB 843x896 deus vult.jpg)
Gosh what a nothing day. Nothing completed. Nothing accomplished. Nothing acquired. Nothing to do but go to bed. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. The tyrrany of daylight savings is upon us once more.
(1.48 MB 480x270 meat.gif)
>>6092 Mornin' Neet. Day 64. Ran out of rice. Bill died in his sleep.
Rats I lost a ute load of fiberboard on the road somewhere. $30 down the drain. I might ride to where i think i lost it and see if its still there. The rain shower would have fucked it tho.
You havent barbequed until you have used a deep cast iron tray on a bbq with a hood.
Went shopping in the 3M 6000 mask. Got refused entry to one supermarket and almost the chemist. Had to flex on the normies a couple of times and photobombed a girl sitting in the family Audi A5, That look on her face tho. Got the BBQ going with my homeboy, all smiles and piping hot onions. He had flour for the pizza but i am missing yeast. Oh well, have to suit up, put the mask on and go down to the normiemart again. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs, Its bin day and i'm listening out for the truck.
(33.18 KB 450x326 Poor commoner.jpg)
Our Queens special speech was good, she is telling us to listen to the ZOG but what do you want. The poor dear must be wrecked about the state of her commonwealth and subjects and her fuckwit grandson harry nicking off with that octaroon roastie.
>>6099 KEEP CALM and Carry ON NEET
>>6101 Sorry mate, im tearing up. She's such a great Queen.
(75.78 KB 800x1129 1cbriv.jpg)
(49.45 KB 480x660 B6568_01__44163.1579966819.jpg)
What a great day. Did some research and then went to the "Gym". Had a great lunch and finished off the wooden locker. Then got the BBQ going with my homeboy and even made some popcorn. EXCELSIOR Good Night, White.
(756.76 KB 1595x1066 1574055508775.jpg)
I didn't read anything today. basically I haven't read a single book this year I feel like a retard I wanted to read lots of books to feel less retarded as I dropped out of hs two years ago my life feels wasted but the weather sure was nice I got some sun and feel a little less depressed although parents will force me to get a job when corona is over or whatever just thinking about that...
>>6105 >didnt read anything today dont worry about it, reading is for faggot intellectuals. Real men burn books. Just surviving the corona will be enough to secure your place in the new future.
Good Morning NEETs. Its a bit fresh this morning and opened the window to let the stale out.
(69.60 KB 679x665 1574192363210.jpg)
I can't go to the gym anymore I can't stop cooming I'm putting all my energy into coom
My researching today takes me to investigate static electricity. I found this picture, its so damn cute i cant stand it.
(629.24 KB 640x768 1586137402385.png)
>>6006 HOLY SHIT THIS THREAD IS COMFY I'm a Seattle burger can I stay bros?
>>6112 No chinks allowed.
>>6113 Nigger I'm Scandinavian and west European
>>6114 post pics of elbow or bulge
>>6113 Your thinking of Leafs m8 Burgers are those faggot commies
(61.31 KB 540x960 1585184583856.jpg)
>>6115 Faggot >>6116 >pic rel
(1.10 MB 796x795 antifa elite.png)
>>6116 dunno they look pretty hard on the eyes
(24.15 KB 480x360 brave.jpg)
>>6118 Hiding behind a wheelchair, wonder where they learnt that?
(3.55 MB 5504x3104 IMG_20200407_124422.jpg)
The weather is even better today and the temperature has gone up again I will be going in the garden read something to feel less retarded I did some electronics project outside the past few days
>>6120 Also I bought a soviet respirator and some filters on jewbay two weeks ago Hope they will finally arrive today
(287.51 KB 2020x832 1586104556214.jpg)
>>6121 is it okay?
(14.88 KB 197x278 Duck_Tarrant_Project14.jpg)
>>6120 was it donald duck comics? Donald is such a dumbass and scrooge is the jew
Cant see straight, cant recall what i did this morning. Made a couple of pizzas with the flour and yeast i managed to score from my mission today. Bit of sad news from an old mate, im goin to bed. good night, white.
(16.20 KB 644x203 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6122 it still hasn't arrived it's been over two weeks now
(4.94 MB 5504x3104 IMG_20200407_150809.jpg)
>>6122 my polish fp5 filters have arrived already just a few days after ordering
I didn't get to do anything today another day devoid of anything I don't understand all the NEETs being able to still have the motivation to improve and teach themselfes new things all the time
(27.12 KB 400x282 1580700583365.jpg)
>>6127 If it is your destiny to do nothing then that is where you will find your happiness. Such is the case with the NEETs on Endchan. https://endchan.org/ausneets/catalog.html
Good Morning NEETs. I couldnt stand the baeful eye of the full moon in my window so i closed the blinds again.
>>6129 haven't heard of that site in a while
Yum! leftover pizza for lunch.
I oiled the singer and it went dead quiet. Now it sews really smoothly. I also oiled the overlocker. i made another chest rig for my SOPP gear. Its the fourth one i have made and its sizing is getting a lot better. I had a good time doing it, shitposting occasionally and listening to some music. I am confident to start on the smock as soon as i can cut out the templates for the pattern.
Apart from going to the bush gym I stayed at home and ate my way through large amounts of my food cache. I had a coffee at lunchtime and that made me hungry at afternoon tea so i had some pumpernickel and then dinner, BBQ at tea. The popcorn was nice to go with the piping hot egg tortillias on the chilly autumn night. Good Night, White.
>sushi bar opens up within walking distance >bat aids happens >sushi bar closes fucking WHY
(55.98 KB 640x480 ia_2600004679.jpg)
tfw depression kicks in again
>>6137 Good Morning Neets. A day that promises fine weather awaits.
(62.29 KB 900x900 Doctor Dan.jpg)
>>6135 We'll never be closed to you, NEET
>>6117 New owners bought my apartment complex. On phone with landlord, he is assigning different parking spots: >"Anon, can you please sign this new lease? The last owner frankly kept shady records." >Agree, sure yeah as long as I'm still month to month. >"Of course you are it's just for our records so everything is above board." >Receive new lease in email for digital signature >Box checked "no pets allowed" >I have a cat >We can pull credit history and other info at any time >My credit is 550 lmao but I started repairing it earlier this year >We can charge you a shitload for repairs on exit >My carpet is thrashed from before I moved in, took over lease from my ex who moved out. Don't have proof this is how it was when I took over. They are raising the rent $200 in June too. I've been looking for a new place but I don't meet the qualifications for even the cheapest places. I can't agree to these lease terms. I've put off signing it for a couple weeks and he texted me asking me to sign today. What do?
>>6140 Keep putting it off.
>>6141 Mostly I haven't been able to figure out where to move to. At least there is a moratorium on evictions in my city unitl April 24th (subject to extensions).
(647.62 KB 500x281 1584255790979.gif)
am I right in my assumption that I'm the only kraut here? feels a bit uncomfortable sticking out like this all the time good night white
>>6140 Read up on Lease/Rental laws in your state, they vary widely, but I assume he "asked" you to sign, because your under no obligation to sign an amended contract.
>>6143 Its a small board NEET, while /pol/ has had quite a few krauts come and go, you probably are only one here, atm.
>>6144 I did do some reading initially. It looks like I am not required to agree to new lease terms, but because I am on a month-to-month basis (initial lease term ended), they can choose to terminate me for any reason provided they give adequate notice. So basically I don't have to sign the new lease, but by doing so I may not be able to live here more than another month or two unless they decide they would rather keep me here under my original lease.
>>6147 any reason? Generally there is a list of "valid" reasons, like they need place for themselves etc. Though I have seen that many states basically have zero protections for renters. Leaves 2 options I guess. Tell the jew your issues with pet/damages or keep looking for new place. Prob should do both tbo to cover all basis. I would expect a lot of places being put on market in next month or two. Sales are down so should expect more options in near future
>>6140 Fugg. Housing issues suck shit. Sorry but the puss has to find a new home. Dump it on a little old lady. Your cat wont care. >>6143 my parents were german so im volksdeutch. but im aussie so im 100% cunt. Pick a boong flag if you like. wandjina is pretty based.
>>6140 give your cat to someone else and then nick it back after you find a new place.
>>6148 Great points, this is what I was thinking too. I just emailed him asking about the cat and charges for repairs when I move out. Pretty scared tbh but we'll see how it goes. I wouldn't care if it was easy for me to qualify for a new place. I've wanted to move for a long time but I've only just begun to repair my credit and I don't make that much yet. I'll keep looking for a new place as you're right stuff should be coming on the market and it's spring time here. >>6149 Thanks anon. >>6150 Good idea, maybe I can drop it with my grandma for a while and take it back. I only have this cat because a coworker had to dump it on me probably for similar reasons. It's a nuisance but since I'm her third owner I would feel bad dumping her on someone else. <Thanks all for helping me out. I don't normally ask for advice on chans like this but I'm in a bit of a pickle since I'm not really qualified for most places in my area. Going to have to try my luck and hope for the best.
Just survive the coronapocalypse and help yourself to the resources left behind by those gone to the other side.
(23.49 KB 400x225 foreclosure sign_0.jpg)
(46.36 KB 946x500 delinquent mortgages.jpg)
>>6151 https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/americans-not-making-their-mortgage-payments-soar-1064-one-month >According to the latest Mortgage Bankers Association Forbearance and Call Volume Survey which highlights the "unprecedented, widespread mortgage forbearance already requested by borrowers affected by the spread of the coronavirus", the total number of loans in forbearance grew to 2.66% as of April 1; just one month ago, on March 2, the rate was 0.25%, or a 1,064% increase in just one month. >For loans backed by Ginnie Mae, which serves low- and moderate-income borrowers, the surge was much greater, with total loans in forbearance soaring to 4.25% from 0.19% one month ago. >Unfortunately, this is just the beginning. As we reported last week, according to Moody’s Analytics, as much as 30% of homeowners - about 15 million households - could stop paying their mortgages if the U.S. economy remains closed through the summer or beyond.
Your a small bored NEET
>>6157 >A Bored four NEETs
>>6157 What like a .22?
>>6156 Let it all come crashing down. Fuck this world of the cleaner/property tycoons.
Lovely clear sunny autumn day here. Even gave a comfy feel to the familiar grind. Research, Gym, woodwork. Might go smurfing for flour tomorrow, i will get some cauliflower for tomorrow nights pizza topping. Good Night. White.
>>6149 checked >>6161 here in europe everything is closed tfw can't go to the gym anymore did a comfy bike tour today wached comfy diving anime which anime has NEET consumed recently?
>>6151 https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/nyc-apartment-leases-plunge-real-estate-industry-paralyzed I think in a month, ((landlord)) will be begging you to sign a lease on your terms. Most states have laws that force you to not break lease (or pay), and prices are going drop like a stone and you may get the better place your hoping for.
Good Morning NEETs. Its going to be a lovely day today, then its gong to get miserable.
(130.15 KB 600x800 Ulyssess 31.jpg)
(63.66 KB 474x652 star blazers.jpg)
>>6162 my gym is a couple of logs and a stone, the zog cant close the bush to me. unfortunately the shut downs are forcing the normies onto what is normally my turf. Im thinking they will encroach on my secret spaces. I will set some deadfalls... >>6162 Bike touring in germany is very good. over here it is very dangerous and normies in cars yell at you. >>6162 anime is for weebs. the last anime i saw was astro boy on TV, i also saw these...
>>6164 don't let yourself get down it's gonna be a wonderful day NEET
>>6163 I want to move but my landlord here loves me like a son and me and my homeboy bully the chinees into staying indoors 24/7 and we take their outdoor spaces.
>>6166 Thanks NEET. Everyone here gets sad when the sunshine goes and the long arse winter starts. I dont mind the cold but not too cold for too long.
(22.31 KB 500x500 1584805124495.png)
>>6165 well, I am a filthy weeb it's nice I live in the country I always tour the forest but I also drove in the city and it was pretty empty as expected chilled a little bit on the schoolyard from the hs from which I dropped out I do some 20 chinups everyday
(35.54 KB 720x541 homer-do-opposite-jews-say.jpg)
>>6164 >>6166 Mornin' Neets. Looks like be able to start getting back to work later next week or next. Its funny, when ((Gov')) was saying "It's nothingburger, closing borders is racist" I was all 'fuck you your going to get us killed.' Now ((Gov')) is saying "Stay inside, don't worry, we are going to print you billions of CoronaBux, untill a Vax is ready" I'm am thinking 1000's of unemployed per 1 death isn't worth it
>>6170 >20 chinups thats how i started. You can do a little extra each day.
>>6173 there is no vax, just like aids has no vax. Chemotherapeutics maybe. The ZOG is bending over backwards and using a bad situation to jockey for a position where the sheep all get microchipped and start using universal WHO bux.
>>6175 Ya that's kinda my feeling too. inb4 Shutdown until Dec. when Magic Vax is ready. By Feb 2021, and media spin about "AntiVax Conspiricy" Public Health Minister's issue orders, No Vax/No Chip = No Work/CornonaBux
(50.70 KB 700x467 wandana.jpg)
>>6177 unna
Im having to improvise with tonights pizza topping. So far i have: walnuts, pineapple, boiled eggs, braised zuchinni+squash. olives tomatopaste and cheese. I really wanted to go the cauliflower and broccoli but the shops are shut because: dictatorship.
(963.41 KB 764x763 dr.purr.PNG)
>>6163 Excellent point. I just heard back from my landlord regarding the email I sent yesterday. I will not be charged for the damage to my carpet and I get to keep my cat. All is well!
(10.65 KB 190x255 cat thumbs.jpg)
>>6180 Yay! cat is happy.
My homie went for a walk 2 nights ago in the park and found the rich kiddies bong spot. He looked around for 30 seconds and found their stash bag and took it. He got two half gone $50 bags and some nangs. Then he went for a walk to the same spot today and heard the kiddies Reeee about it. He went back 2 hours later and got their replacement stash bag. 2 full $50 bags and some more nangs. KEK. Fukn Rich and thick.
Just fed my face with 'za cooked in the 12 burner rinnai cafe grand, crust was a lot better but now im out of flour. smurfing for flour tomorrow. I want a 20Kg bag but ill take what i can get. >smufing for flour fuk this timeline.
I cant hardly wait for the rainy rain to come and the cold wind to make everything bleak and cosy for me. Good Night, White.
Hey, just curious but what's the deal with posting here vs posting on 8kun or endchan or whatever. Idk what other aus neets are doing nowadays, especially with the whole apocolypse thing. How are you guys anyway?
>>6185 Buying sextoys.
>>6186 We are still waiting for the cock ring dick pics.
>>6187 I snapped one ring.
>>6188 Hot.
Good Morning NEETs. Its disappointingly warm this morning and the ground is barely wet from the overnight precipitation.
>>6185 Posting here is just because its comfy. Most neets cross post on endchan which is where the gen is now. 8kun is AIDS because of the back end and the BO is a mong.
(478.83 KB 1280x1474 stamps.jpg)
I unsealed and got out my stamp collection. These ones were collected my my grandmother. I know she worked for the nartzee government back innadae but im not sure if she collected these at the time or if she got them as a souvenir on one of her trips back to the vaterland afterwards.
>>6191 > the BO is a mong. Your a BO I'm not the BO anymore anyway, haven't been for at least a month
>>6182 >>6193 Hello, based department?
>>6194 No im a vol. 663 is the BO. What happened to the board on 8kun? is it under new management?
>>6196 Yeah.
>>6197 Hunh?
>>6198 I'm no longer the BO.
>>6199 Who is?
>>6200 Why didn't you like my BO'ing?
>>6201 because there was too much word filtering and it was childish in nature Plus i like to bitch about things, its a hobby of mine.
>>6202 I only wordfiltered things people would bitch about. I guess it was all directed at you.
>>6203 Mate all i remember is something about greta thunberg and the site being a turd to post on. I dont hate you and i hope you find all the unna here to be comfy.
Im off smurfing for flour and yeast, ill try out the new SOPP gear. its a new chest rig plus some color coordinated head wraps that go around my 3M 6000 mask.
>>6204 I presumed that was all Nuro and liked seeing him be a sperg. I never went to the actual mod page other than the wordfilter, flag and banner pages.
>>6206 Yeah Nuro seems less of a cunt when he's not being triggered. i dunno why you wanted to be a BO except maybe to be the Boong Original.
>>6207 BigUNNA* Nuro is okay, he's just spent too much time on fast boards like 4chan and thinks the only way to respond is with cheap bait. Likewise, he only responds to cheap bait, he knows what he's doing.
(350.02 KB 1000x500 ClipboardImage.png)
(8.89 MB 5248x3936 IMG_20200411_100449.jpg)
after almost a month of wait that ebay nigger sent me the wrong mask adding to that in a terrible condition
>>6210 fugg. Thats a piece of shit. what is in that cartridge? rotten rags?
>>6211 possible it was supposed to be an cm-4 mask got a rotten mc-1 mask hope I can use ebay buyer protection
>>6212 I watched the review and the CM4 looks like a good mask https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8THvf5XXik
I spent all day waiting for the rainy rain and then when it came went to bed. Good Night. White.
anyone have the discord server invite for ausneets?
>>6216 What do you want that for?
Good Morning NEETs. The waning moon is still up and has an aura in the brightening gloom of the morning.
Kek. End is down again.
(10.19 KB 256x196 thinkpepe.jpg)
I'm so sick of finding an interesting paper online only to be blocked by the pointless paywall. Have these intellectual property jews and parasites not heard of sci hub? if i was not resourceful then i would be paying hundreds of dollars a day when i am investigating physical phenomenon central to my important interests. As a private citizen unbeholden to the jewniversities this would prove impossible. The advancement of free thought in science is only two or three websites away from a rout and a shoah. The forces of stupidity and greed gather at the gates, my clever frens.
I got cold feet again. They wont warm up until December.
(36.29 KB 409x409 D_E_V_I_L_I_S_H.jpg)
>city wagies put cuck caution tape and CLOSED signs at the local skatepark every couple days >local lads tear it down each time
>>6220 what are you currently researching fren? I wish I had the motivation to learn new things my calibre library has over 1000 books I don't even know where to start
>>6224 The ZOG is setting the kids up to have the skate park bulldozed.
>>6226 materials science. Im searching for the rules that govern physical reality at the large atomic scale. I hope to be able to use that knowledge to hack some everyday items.
(8.31 MB 5248x3936 IMG_20200411_121702.jpg)
(10.16 MB 5248x3936 IMG_20200411_121608.jpg)
(9.58 MB 5248x3936 IMG_20200411_121600.jpg)
pics from bike trip yesterday
(310.84 KB 810x1080 1586012972040.jpg)
>>6229 drove aimlessly around got over 40km in the end went back by train little bit scared I catched the wuflu yesterday driving in the train
>>6229 Ah England. Did you discard your seat when you got to the park bench? >>6230 Pics of funny soft drinks from foreign lands are top kek. >>6231 What a great pepe.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0cYJkGk7gI kek ok which one of you is this
Good Morning NEETs. The birds are starting to get noisy as they begin the dawn chorus.
>>6234 Mornin' Neet
(1015.18 KB 1024x768 strayavania.png)
>angry aussie with whip >chinks wait in line line normal. >no pigs arrive chinks dont belong here
>>6233 The chinaman does not fear an angry aussie behind him with a whip As much as he fears losing his place in the queue of chinamen To pay tribute to their party bosses
>>6229 Nice.
(657.32 KB 320x240 shred-or-die.webm)
>skatepark yesterday >skatepark today >skatepark tomorrow
(397.09 KB 412x412 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6240 BO Delete this because it portrays smoking as fashionable and desirable.
(13.11 MB 2041x3000 ClipboardImage.png)
I declare today to have been a flat arse day. I may have to start using the stand up workstation. I did go to the bush gym and discovered that mosquitoes are there, this is unfortunate because i like to work out sans-shirt. im sure the ladies like it too I got the baofeng radios going and ill use them as an intercom with my homie. He's hitting the piss pretty hard because of no work. I need to practice making a network so ill take what i can get as far as larping buddies. I had lentils for tea and that was excellent. I need to go the warehouse and buy large amounts of fries and onion rings, possibly flour too. Good Night, White.
>>6232 Nope. Germany.
(6.95 MB 5248x3936 IMG_20200413_155958.jpg)
>>6245 Where is the sausage Hans?
(8.20 MB 5248x3936 IMG_20200413_210405.jpg)
>>6246 no sausage only Käsebrot with chinese puerh tea
(27.73 KB 789x234 aus-cb.png)
>>6243 >baofeng very nice, anon. which models do you have? I have >a few of the cheaper uv-5r These are the standard cheap ones that everybody has. They do 144 and 430 MHz (VHF and UHF bands). I use these for basic point-to-point walkie talkies. For these radios I like the "SRH805S" little stub antennas because they are very short and are less likely to get caught on things when walking around with them clipped to your belt. I'm probably sacrificing a little bit of range but it hasn't been an issue for the few times I've used them. Here in seppoland we have the NOAA weather broadcasts on VHF, then the legal license-free transmitting channels on the UHF (FRS/GMRS). It looks like you aussies have something similar around 477 MHz. You probably already know this, but I would recommend programming in the legal, license-free bands in your area so you don't get a visit from the radio jannies. Here's what I found in 5 minutes of searching: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UHF_CB . It's confusing because in the states "CB" radio specifically implies 27 MHz, which is a lot lower frequency and so needs a different radio and way bigger antenna. >uv-5x3 This one is a little bit more expensive, but it also does 220 MHZ in addition to the 144 and 430 MHZ bands. I have a big fuckin Nagoya antenna on mine that does all three bands in one antenna. It's really long and would be annoying to carry around but it's more convenient than keeping track of several antennas and swapping them around. I mostly use it as a desktop radio so it's no problem Here in seppoville there are lots and lots of ham radio repeaters between 222 and 224.99 MHz. The nice thing about 222 to 224.99 is there is nobody else other than hams on those frequencies, so you can just set a scan to loop continuously over those frequencies. In the other bands you need some sort of better logic with a big blacklist of channels because you get stuck on various noise channels that just have a constant "brrrrrrrrrrrggrrrrrrrgrrrgrrgrgr" when scanning. Lots of these repeaters are all linked together so you can end up hearing people have conversations from different parts of the states all tied together. I haven't transmitted at all on 220 yet but it's my backup plan for getting my name and story out there even if my internet goes down under Suspicious Circumstances and I start hearing black helicopters and shit. Also for general stuff in case of a natural disaster since then you don't need a license. IN conclusion, baofeng radios are pretty sweet. Party on, Wayne.
>>6246 It's in his hand, look in the reflection.
(72.71 KB 640x480 schwip schwap.jpg)
>>6244 Ah. Deutschland, the land of schwip schwap. >>6245 the simple food is the most wholesome, I am out of pumpernickel however. >>6247 I like the rooibos from Suid Afrika,i dont touch the chinees tea..
Good Morning NEETs. The kookaburras are going off. They sound different up in the highlands.
>>6248 i got a uv-5r 3 and a uv 82 i have two uv 5r's and i use them as loaners. i want to use the repeaters but i need to learn a bit first. I have a big nagoya also and it says 144/430 mhz on it. I was told to not worry about the license. but i wouldnt mind talking to the old hams. the network with my homie is to keep an eye on the chinees living in the units and larping. I want to be able to use a sattelite to contact emergency services when i am larping in the bush. that uv-5r 3 of yours is illegal yesno? burgerland sounds wonderful with all the guns and niggers and the government beast.
(279.71 KB 1400x1050 droid-enforcing-fcc-compliance.jpg)
>6252 >legality It's a long story. All of my units are fully legal for the manner in which I am now using them. The government basically doesn't like it when noobs don't know what they are doing and transmit on frequencies that are reserved for police/air traffic/military/etc. There are the FRS and GRMS radio frequencies that are free for everyone to use under certain power conditions, then there's every other frequency which you need the correct license to transmit on, or perhaps is reserved for nobody except police etc to transmit on. The baofengs can be used to transmit on any frequency within their range, have detachable antennas, and user adjustable power settings. Additionally, they ship with random fucking frequencies programmed in out of the box, so it takes some effort to program in the legal frequencies. So it's basically up to the user to be a smart guy and program every frequency in correctly if you want to be legal. Apparently enough people were getting this wrong and just punching in random frequencies at max power, so the gov introduced new legislation. They now have established two different tracks: 1. Pleb-only radios that are low-power only and have the legal channels programmed in already with no custom channel programming and have fixed antennas (no detachable antennas allowed). This means the radio is guaranteed to be legal no matter what knobs and settings and shit the pleb punches in. An example of these would be the Motorola Talkabout series. 2. Advanced radios that can do whatever but I think are not allowed to talk on the pleb (FRS/GMRS) bands. So the baofengs that I have are not technically legal to buy now under the rules, since they fit into both categories. However there was a 'grandfather' clause in the rules that says any radios purchased before the ban are still allowed to use, and to give away for free, you just aren't supposed to sell or buy them from now on. That said, I notice you can still buy them off amazon no problem so it's not really tightly enforced, but it is technically illegal. So compliance is up to me. If I transmit within the legal power limit on a license-free band, I'm in the clear. If I just punch in some random frequency, dial up the power, or whatever it would be be illegal to do that and I could possibly expect to be triangulated and heavily fined, depending on the particulars of the situation. I personally think the regulations are bullshit and we should have complete RF anarchy but currently it's not worth getting triangulated and ham jannie'd with up to a 500,000+ fine for willful noncompliance so I follow the rules. However I find it very useful to have a bunch of cheap radios where I can decide to NOT comply one day if the lads start boogie'ing on down some day.
(8.70 KB 206x244 hampepe.png)
>>6253 erm. i should do some researching about what goes on down under.
>>6254 >https://www.criticalcomms.com.au/content/public-safety/news/avoiding-unauthorised-radio-use-in-australia-1056299909 >Always check the conditions of the Radiocommunications (Citizen Band Radio Stations) Class Licence 2015 first. >The consequences can be serious if an individual is caught operating an unlicensed two-way radio. Under the Radiocommunications Act 1992, those found guilty of this offence may face jail terms of up to two years, while body corporates may receive a penalty of up to $270,000 (1500 penalty units). Other penalties may apply, such as the interference offence provisions in Part 4.2 of the Act. It looks like the straya equivalent of our free to use band UHF band is what they call the "UHF CB" band in Aus. These 80 channels don't require a license: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UHF_CB#Current_UHF_CB_band_plan_(80_Channels) . These channels may have been the ones people had in mind when they said don't bother with a license. From a quick read it looks like they recommend that you use the channels labeled "General Chat", some of the other channels are sort of reserved for specific purposes etc. On the plus side it looks like you guys can go up to 5W transmit power, no restrictions on external antennas which is a good bit better than what we've got here. I will say that you're almost certainly fine to use 8W - the main thing that is really easy to bust people for is using an unauthorized frequency. It's really hard to prove someone is using more power than they're supposed to unless they track you down and take your radio. And 8W is pretty close to 5W anyways (power generally follows log scale). So IF you want to follow the law, program in the channels labeled "General Chat" into your radios and you should be all good to go. I've had good luck using the $2-$5 USD generic usb-serial baofeng programming cables and CHIRP software but I am a GNU/Linux chad and there are some reports of driver bullshit on windows. Genuine FTDI cables will work without fuss on windows but they're more like $30 USD. Like I said, I'm a radio anarchist so I'd never narc you but maybe some other busybody type of people would. Best of luck with you're radios, anon!
>>6255 Thanks. I got the cable and had a look at chirp after some trouble. I have not needed to use it yet but i might use it to set the s code or something. but your right ill have a look at the channels. thanks anon
(3.17 KB 760x34 channel-55-example.png)
>>6256 no problem! just don't want to see an anon get jannie'd IRL. Programming in all the channels would be the most official way to do it. The dead simplest thing to do would be to just listen around on that list of "General Chat" channels, find one that nobody else seems to use, and then just manually set both radios to that in "frequency mode". I.E. you could just tune both radios to 476.7875 MHz which is channel 55. Then once you've punched in the frequency, go to settings and set the "WN" setting to "Narrow" which will set the channel bandwidth to 12.5 KHz. I was lucky because CHIRP includes basically all the channels I was interested in were available under File > Open stock config since I think CHIRP is developed in the US. For you, you would probably have to manually add the channels one-by-one which might be a pain.
(184.57 KB 700x849 riddick_waitin_lg.jpg)
>>6250 Have never tried that yet alone heard of that lol. But that tea has a very unique flavor Buy it directly from chinkland with ali express It's safe as long as you don't buy the cheapest shit out there there might be too much pesticide or heavy metals but if I was aussie I prob also wouldn't want to support the chinaman
>>6257 yeah its easier to program in the small number of channels manually, The chirp software uses a table format and i dont fully understand what all the columns are. i could find out iteratively i suppose, its easier to download a xls file and port that over. However one does not exist for my town. >>6258 Schwip schwap is fanta and pepsi. its the best i ever tasted. You're right to be wary of chink pesticides and heavy metals. Their agricultural practices are fucked. i never eat chinese origin food and tea would be a no-go.
(122.29 KB 1655x655 CHIRP_FRS_GMRS.png)
>>6260 Here's what the US FRS and GMRS bands look like when I import them. These bands work, I can talk to my other radios and also listen in on some random daycare provider that uses these bands near me. So it seems you really just need these columns for basic use. >Frequency self-explanatory >Name This is what shows up on the radio. you can pick between it showing you the channel frequency and the channel name in the settings somewhere >Mode Think this is "NFM" for 12.5 KHz channels and "FM" for 25 KHz channels. looks like all the aussie channels are 12.5 KHz, so "NFM" for everything >Tune Step Again, seems like 12.5 KHz for 12.5 KHz channels, 25 KHz for 25 KHz channels I think the other columns are for doing fancy stuff like repeaters and stuff. I tried adding CTCSS codes to some channels in CHIRP but couldn't get them to work. Also the annoying thing is if you make a profile in CHIRP, you can't edit it on the radio. To edit it on the radio, you have to first go into the radio's menu, delete the channel preset, then make a new preset and save it in the same slot. and I couldn't find any way to name the channel. So now I have FRS4, FRS5, 462.6875 MHz , FRS7... etc . But I did get the CTCSS code to work on channel 6 for between my two radios. It's weird, kind of a reverse-privacy thing where we can't hear other transmissions but everybody else can still hear ours. I mostly wanted to use it so I could leave the radio on when I sleep in case I need to get woken up in an emergency, but I specifically did not want to get woken up by any strangers. As far as interesting repeaters and stuff, I couldn't really find any sort of easy resource online, certainly not anything I could just import into CHIRP. After a bunch of searching, I did manage to find a pretty good plain html style website eventually for my area by just searching "$MY_AREA repeater list". So far I'm just listening in but I now have the offsets and CTCSS tones to use if I ever did want to transmit out on them.
>>6260 Nah. I meant that South African stuff you mentioned I mainly drink black or this puer tea so I wouldn't know Schwip Schwap is basically the same as that mezzo mix stuff, isn't it? When I get something to drink I mostly settle for iced tea. It's more healthy than that sugar crap I checked it's made by Pepsi You got schwip schwap too in cuntland?
>>6262 we dont get schwip schwap here unfortunately, but i have good memories of the cans i drank when i was there.
A kid of 8 came up to me in the park, asked a lot of kid questions and left when his attention span was exhausted. I told him to tell his mum to come and talk to me, but no way she is single and living in that neighbourhood, its really expensive. Good Night, White.
(29.89 KB 500x372 be5.jpg)
wasted another day doing nothing but going from one dopamine slide to the next I went below consume cuckoldry I feel worthless and lonely good night white
Good Morning NEETs. The Pademelon crossing the road is the only activity outside this morning. Stay safe little friend.
(242.46 KB 498x338 apu pizza.gif)
Pizza night tonight. They're messy and involved to make but well worth it. I got walnuts from a tree somewhere around here and the dough is really fluffy with yeast. no mushrooms however and im not game to use the ones growing hereabouts, neither are the local wildlife.
Really a very warm day with scant rain. This evenings pizza was really nice and I have a whole one left over. I cant easily replace the walnuts because the church market is btfo, However if i can find the source then i will have an unlimited supply. The baofengs are working nicely and i want to start scanning all the channels and see if i can catch some chatter, wouldnt that be exciting. Good Night, White.
(701.45 KB 1137x640 1571936903136.png)
good night white
Good Morning NEETs. Soft rain fell overnight and my boots got wet because i leave them on the step.
went to the gym i made in the park, everyone is messing with it so i put /k/ on everything with a texta. That ought to tell the faggots to stay away.
(26.73 KB 677x703 duty_calls.png)
>>6271 post pix of the bush gym
(360.22 KB 1280x960 bush gym rsz.jpg)
>>6273 Huh, cool. I wasn't expecting that.
(640.19 KB 1022x1015 1583267501866.jpg)
Had a nice sunny day inside and outside, had feels of missing wage and wanting to move house but current reality puts that a couple of months away at best. Getting impatient wont do me any good. Getting drunk or stoned wont either. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. I left my gumboots out again last night and they got wet inside.
good night NEETS
Fugg its starting to get cold here. Good memories of heat wave days.
I was a bit worried that the overlocker wouldnt do the stretch fabric i got lots of but it did a test round piece okay and did a long run on the bias without missing a stitch.
Its really windy and i made the extra effort to finally put the ute in the carport. It was a big ordeal with moving everything out and making space for it etc.. I made a stopper for the front tyres so i dont crush my motorcycle. Just in time with the weather turning rainy and wind blowing branches down off the blue gums. The chinks car has been sitting out the front for a month now. Its covered in sap and dirt and i bet the battery is flat. The effeminate chink male bought it brand new, (a toyota kleuger) drove it a couple of times to the casino and to the shops to stockpile bog roll. Now it sits like a childs discarded toy on a playground, not in its carport because its a slightly tricky park and clearly beyond its owners abilities. I could have just taken the spot and put my equipment there but i want him to feel inadequate every time he walks past the empty space. Kek.
I had a fight with my sisterclone a couple of days ago. I went out to see her today and everything is fine. This is a big relief because only bogans fight with their families.
(92.19 KB 931x1280 B5970_01__82298.1579913250.jpg)
Winter is knocking on the door here. Turning the heat on in the car was suddenly an option. Thank goodness for the waste heat of an Internal combustion engine. You wont get toasty with a piece of shit electric car. Good Night, White. Go the picnic at hanging rock style thot
(996.63 KB 1000x1166 ia_3400003066.jpg)
>>6283 in krautland it's quite the opposite getting warmer everyday
>>6284 Lederhosen weather?
>>6285 yes
>>6284 we have mushroom weather now.
>>6082 NSW Police are protecting my neighbour, and the local constable is also directing him intimidate certain locals. He is a Muslim. Deus vult.
Good Morning NEETs. The stars are pretty this morning.
>>6288 that sucks. I have ching chongs next door and they are nice by comparison. are you going to move out?
I should stop drinking a liter of tea before i go to bed. I had to get up 4 times to pee last night.
>>6290 The constable (full title Senior Sergeant) has given him a plan that lets him bash the townspeople and get away with it. He would, for example, go to that person's house and knock on the door, then claim that that person attacked him first. Not on my watch. He will move out. All Muslims will leave Australia. All Muslims will be confined within Dar al-Islam. If this does not fix the problem, then in the name of Emperor Donald Trump of the Holy American Empire and the Star Prophet Elon Musk, I will wipe Islam from the face of the Earth, forever. Deus vult.
>>6282 UR 1 ov us now cunt
>>6292 Kek. Remove kebab. Remove Freemason.
My bush gym is messed up by kids every time I go there. I figure I set it up in their play area. So its probabally my fault.
>>6288 >>6292 Sounds like you might have schizophrenia.
>>6294 I am researching my Crusades symbology so that I can make a flag. >>6296 No. The Senior Sergeant is in a small country New South Wales town and is female. Hint hint nudge nudge glowies in this thread.
>>6297 whats a mussie doing out in the country? does he work at an abitior?
>>6298 There are Muslims in many country towns. You can pick the number of Muslims and proximity to the mosque by how defeated the other townspeople look. I don't think he works.
tomorrow's a day for the electronics workshop. fucking around with imageboards and video games the past week has been fun but I'm getting that empty feeling. time to make some progress.
(11.41 KB 226x223 soldering pepe.jpg)
>>6300 Do it because you love it.
Yay! belly full of pizza and watching download of Blackhawk down. even got my feet on a hot water bottle. Go Skinnies!
Skinny for the win! BTFO Rangers gettin zerg rushed! Cold day but that helped with the mission in all my gear. Didn't get any choccy bunnys at half price might try again tomorrow. Also going to start on the ozone generator and that means im pulling out the electrical engineering theory. Good. Good NIght, White.
Good Morning NEETS. 15 minutes sleep-in was nice.
(81.32 KB 720x740 1583514143027.jpg)
today was a day completely devoid of anything, as usual I fapped 3 times today good night white
>>6305 Have a wank
(642.76 KB 1022x731 Its_All_So_Tiresome.png)
Happy Sunday friends. On this day we learn that, more than a millennium before Muhammad, the LORD had already spoken against the rude prototypical forerunners of his religion. Psalm 5:6 Thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing: the LORD will abhor the bloody and deceitful man.
>>6308 Based.
>>6308 Pretty sure that was about the Manichaeists.
(319.72 KB 200x200 skull trumpet.gif)
Im gonna do this: https://www.facebook.com/JamesMorrisonTrumpet/videos/259029158451519/ Im gonna play this bugle call at six am in couple of days. Im torn between doing it at my place because it'll shake up the chinks or going up the gully where the acoustics will let me sound in the whole valley. Im practicing and getting a bit better every day. I know the chinks next door keep odd hours and the walls here are no barrier to the impressive output of the cavalry bugle i play. Kek.
(26.12 KB 300x360 Labarum.jpg)
>>6308 >>6310 The Manichaean fears the labarum like the Black fears the whip. The Black fears the crack of the whip like the Jew fears the Zyklon. The Jew fears the gas like the Chinee fears losing his place in the queue to kiss his bosses arse.
>>6310 This is impossible because the Psalms are attributed to David, who reigned around 1000BC. Mani was born some 1200 years after this.
>>6311 Very cool.
(221.72 KB 720x720 1584478678670.jpg)
>>6313 Hey! This NEET is right! Whats going on?
Looks like Jacinda has a book out.
(39.90 KB 640x360 jacinda ardern nz pm cake.jpg)
>>6313 So why would it have anything to do with Muhammad?
(184.29 KB 787x1203 1582974576937.jpg)
It sure was cold today. I ate cold pizza out of the fridge which made me cold. Monday tomorrow so bins morning and maybe a run to jaycar to get components for the ozone generator, now known as a plate dielectric discharge generator. Good Night, White.
>>6305 >good night white sorry fellas newfag here, can someone tell me what good night white is? I keep seeing this posted.
>>6320 There is one strange NEET who posts that as his personal sign off each night. I suppose he is into white nationalist stuff. It is just him. I have never seen it anywhere else. It is a shame he does things like that because he is a good NEET in other ways but he lets himself down.
Good Morning NEETs. Roads are wet and the bin truck is quietly doing its thing.
>>6320 We say good night to whites only here. You get Gook Nights on Endchan and Nignog nights on 4chan
(116.55 KB 201x251 ClipboardImage.png)
Good Morning, Black.
>>6324 That looks shopped
(411.38 KB 681x1026 turk.jpeg)
teatime, Turks
>>6327 >is there not a floating reply box on this site? ah i see you have to click a post number
hey BO can you disable flags please? aussies should be using a vpn anyway
>>6329 make your case but i gotta say i'm not feeling it.
>>6330 people use flags to hurls insults like: >hurr durr you fucking frog fucker i'm not even french or in france it's fucking stupid
>>6331 Hurr durr you fucking kangaroo fucker
>>6332 so are you ;)
so use the AU flag. thats why its there. Aussies are board leaders at shitposting and we aggressively defend our dominance.
>>6334 ok how?
>>6334 >>6335 wait i see it now man i'm a mong
>>6335 Dumb cunt.
>>6337 i'm new
>>6338 That's even worse.
They are saying that my town is corona free. This was not in the early projections, i dont know how to react.
>>6340 shits overblown mate just chill bro
(84.38 KB 400x400 Dan Murphys.png)
What a perfect time let our free choice ambassadors assist you. Come on down just as quick as you can.
(201.40 KB 1000x800 1542031111077.jpg)
where's my glenmorangie motherfucker? why are you failing me in mu time of need?
(113.06 KB 1024x768 come home white man.jpg)
>tfw going past jaycar but dont need anything
>>6345 Ethnics refuse it?
>BO already deleted one of my posts >didn't break any rules whelp. fuck this joint
dead board
Pissed out my ass once.
>>6348 yep. thought the BO couldn't possibly be a bigger faggot than the endchan BO i was wrong!
>>6350 What did you post?
>>6346 shopping there is a monocultural experience >>6347 sorry, no kid pics
>>6352 >sorry, no kid pics >>475 >images of children posted for sexual purposes update the rules then >>6351 12yo girl from an aussie tv show
>>6353 no context no excuses
>>6353 Oh, you're that faggot.
>>6356 >abc show The ABC sucks dead dogs balls
>>6357 oh wait it was produced by nine no wonder it was good
>>6358 Imagine actually watching Television unironically
>>6359 twas allright back in the day mate
>>6356 for me, it's puberty blues
>>6360 Yeah i wasnt always this based. I watched tv backinnadae. inb4 cartoons turned into anime
>>6360 It really wasn't.
>>6363 yeah nah it really wasnt. i grew up watching cosby show and hey dad and michael jackson. Even burkes backyard is now creepy cringe feels.
>>6361 really? it looks cringe
>>6365 Nah i actually thorougly enjoyed it.
>>6364 >cosby show >hey dad >michael jackson >burkes backyard all garbage >seinfeld >simpsons >mythbusters >ninja warrior now there's some good shit
>>6367 >simpsons >good
>>6365 yeah so stop posting creepy cringe shit or your gonna get pushback
>>6368 Up until Season 11 it mostly is.
>>6370 true peaks at season 7
>>6370 Nope.
>>6372 Just because you don't understand the themes behind particular episodes doesn't mean it is dumb. Not many or I cannot remember any modern show are able to do this integration without bringing in politics.
>tfw hookers have gone into hiding
>>6374 Dob in a Dollymop
Secret blink society
(11.17 KB 225x225 images.jpg)
>>6377 The secret Bec society
(136.78 KB 920x791 2379691.jpg)
>be neet for only 2 weeks and get offered a job out of nowhere might take it though. cash in hand and only a couple of days a week
>>6379 sweet. any fringe benifits?
>>6380 He can visit me for more frequently.
(136.78 KB 920x791 2379691.jpg)
>>6380 yeah i wreck my back from lifting furniture
>>6382 cripes you dont want to be doing that off the books
>>6383 true. not a good idea but if i do on the books do i still get the $550 scumo supplement?
>>6381 lol just noticed it was you dan you shifty cunt the extra cash will pay for hookers sorry dan i'm not an alco
dunno wouldnt risk it with no workers comp
>>6385 You're a prositi aficionado
>>6386 yeah fuck it i can take home more by just getting full cenno
>>6318 I think it is just a general principle.
>>6327 Those gay people are here baby.
>>6331 Fuck off white dog cunt.
>>6389 I don't get it.
Piping hot eggs, onions and mushies on bbq toasted light rye bread. Windy Autumn night cook out.
>>6393 Your photo didn't upload.
>>6393 That photo makes me hungry/
Autumn days are cold and soon the birch trees in the neighbourhood will have their leaves turn yellow. The corona is a shitshow down here but i'm comfy watching from the sidelines. Im going to bed early. Good Night, White.
(151.31 KB 900x675 VzctD.jpg)
morn white lads >>6396 >The corona is a shitshow down here another victorian aye. dan andrews is a crook. funny how he shutdown everything but construction >Im going to bed early. i'm asleep by 7 most nights early morn best morn
(13.72 KB 1105x492 ayo.jpg)
(4.83 KB 800x184 onecent.jpg)
>frozen on one cent lmfao
(6.58 KB 500x371 war.jpg)
>>6397 Good Morning NEETs. Woke up at 5:48 and listened to Graham Kuhne until the News.
>>6401 morn mate >Graham Kuhne WHO
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apNA2pfzD4k Graeme koehne is a bit of a gem. ABC classic radio play him all the time. i dont think i can find the specific piece on YT tho.
https://www.rt.com/business/486368-us-benchmark-oil-price-plummet/ FUGG. better fix the bicycle tyres. pumps are gonna run dry
(8.14 MB 362x360 Respighi - Italiana.mp4)
>>6403 meh
(217.22 KB 236x375 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>6406 >a black >in africa i'm ok with this
>>6407 From this distance that chick is hot. Does she have AIDs?
(244.52 KB 624x327 corona-ng-2_misleading.png)
>>6408 yes but at least she can't get corona
>>6409 Ya Nigger, your immune, wypipo be lyin, dis nutin' burger
(11.36 KB 640x480 yes.jpg)
feels good man
>>6409 yeah lots of bantu take chloroquine or quinine for maleria. add to that lots of aids drugs and maybe africa will dodge it. either that or the corona will adapt and doom us all
(170.36 KB 896x894 mr squiggle.jpg)
>>6413 noice
>>6392 God hates nigger behaviour.
(66.97 KB 1200x1200 756080.jpg)
these woolies sparkling mineral waters are good
>>6416 Is it better than SOLO?
I went up the gully to my base camp and tested the radio with my homie. Excelent signal strength but the mong turned down the volume on his uv-5r handset so he wasnt receiving for a while. I also tested the bugle on a cliff on one side of the ravine, I played sunset. The reverberation is pretty good when i aim the bugle at the other side, im going to aim it down the valley tomorrow and see if my homie can hear it. Good Night, White.
bought stupid shit on ebay had fun
>>6420 bought a tea plant mom helped me plant it hope I'll be able to farm some tea
i just applied for jobseeker with cenno, they said we're getting $1000 a fortnight for 6 months and we don't have to apply for jobs. This is living the dream cunts
(93.87 KB 810x1080 D9_96xpWwAM8Ile.jpeg)
morn white dawgs >>6417 ya. this shit doesn't have much sugar. better for your teeth and cheap too! >>6418 sounds fun as mate. you in vic? >>6421 >bought a tea plant yeah lol wtf. good luck with that. should try and grow tobacco but i've heard it's not worth it even with our insane tax >>6422 Welcome home NEET! it's closer to $1100 and that's without rent assistance. i'm getting my $750 scumo payment today living the dream indeed
>>6423 how long does it take to get your payments? i only applied yesterday. and i hope this will end up being a permanent raise and i don't have to ever to any shit job stuff
>>6424 3 to 4 weeks. you get back payed though (i think) you should get the $750 this week i reckon
Good Morning NEETs. I turned on the radio and listened to Strauss's Alpine Symphony but i was thinking about sailing on the ocean.
>>6426 morn mate >Strauss's Alpine Symphony hmmm don't think i've heard of this i should start listening to abc classical in the morn seems like they have some good shit playing
>>6422 Fugg. Your gonna be moneybags. Scomo is giving every cunt a paid holiday but me. Im gonna go back to work as soon as the open wounds on my hands heal up. Im gonna take advantage of the ebb of the first wave of corona. get money and buy flour, radios and petrol.
>>6428 is your work at least meaningful? it's scumo btw ;)
>>6427 Night time is the right time for based tunes. Daytime is mostly when the ABC pushes its social justice and diversity agenda. Mostly. >>6429 I love my job and i boost stuff which im running out of.
>>6430 i used to listen to it at night the shit to good ratio is too high though not worth it but i did find some gems
>>6431 I really liked the choiral music on 'for the god who sings' but the time was inconvenient. i also listened to sunday opera and really got into it. Then i got into shitposting and now i am a degenerate.
>>6432 >opera can't stand it. byzantine chant is my shit >now i am a degenerate STOP! (i assume you mean wanking/porn)
>>6433 I feel that every time i shitpost, i slap the face of my ancestors and jesus. Oh the Naughty Thrills tho
(68.37 KB 630x427 manger-tomb-icon.jpg)
>>6434 you're kidding me right? jesus loves shitposting. he was the ultimate shitposter >dies >rises 3 days later haha just kidding bro
>>6435 Yeah i suppose. Shitposting has made me a better person at the end of the day. The imageboards are pretty good for developing presonal discourse. like my mate told me the path to changing your behavior is thinking, talking and doing. Imagine trying to break out of a mental prison when the only others you talk to are people in your church group. Churches like the mormons or the JW's roll like that. I've heard that from a couple of survivors. i suppose the imageboards are the polar opposite, such a lot of red pills. I think many people NPC's cant handle that level of lateral movement on a cognitive level. I like the red pills and reflecting on what they mean for me. I owe the smarter anons a lot really.
>>6436 >mormons or the JW's don't profess the nicene creed thus not christian they're weird sects
(953.85 KB 673x834 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
(111.06 KB 736x991 ebony-ladies-ebony-girls.jpg)
>>6438 morn' matey
(403.11 KB 331x448 are you there god its me you.png)
>>6437 oh yeah, i always got that confused
>>6438 >>6439 now i have the same feels as when the pasty weeb with the kilt walks past my place. disturbing
>>6441 >pasty weeb with the kilt walks past my place does he do this regularly? spoopy
(21.75 KB 498x371 spy pepe.jpg)
>>6442 yeah he goes to uni. I know what he looks like now and I dont get the spotters out when i see him coming up the street. He caught me out a couple of times.
>>6423 >should try and grow tobacco but i've heard it's not worth it even with our insane tax good thing to be non smoker
>>6443 >wears a kilt to uni what in the carnation >I dont get the spotters out when i see him coming up the street. He caught me out a couple of times. get us a pic. no face of course >>6444 (checked) cigars are cool
(8.27 MB 1280x720 CORONAHOAX.webm)
hey BO can you change the name of the board from /ausneets/ - ausneets to /ausneets/ - Aussie NEETs ?
(9.24 KB 250x201 choo choo choose me.jpg)
Choo choo bar after lunch.
>>6425 cheers cunt, hope i get paid soon, i deserve free money, not working is hard, i deserve the bag, we all do
>>6449 >went for a skate >met a dude riding a steel bike with a nuvinci hub. fascinating https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NuVinci_Continuously_Variable_Transmission >saw some meth heads under a bridge >had a guy walking around with a vb can yell at me about the corona virus >picked up a tin of wee willem gold cigarillos >sunbathed because there were no clouds pretty gud day
>>6448 noice i recently bought a box of pocky and it was good not so much chocolate that it will hurt my teeth
>>6450 thats the best neet life cunt
>>6450 those nucinci hubs are not very efficient. They have a lot of drag in the hub. I love meth head bridge trolls, they make all the shit mistakes in my life seem like chad genius moves.
(242.64 KB 1280x960 mushie and uv82.jpg)
I went larping in the gully with the radio and the bugle. I found a gold top but i left it there. I may go back and get it and look around for more tomorrow.
The nights are cold now, I imagine everyone is even more disinclined to be outside. Head torches are becoming more important and i'm missing one of mine. I did find my coaxial cable which is good because antennas look like they are easy to make. My focus has sorta shifted to electronics theory and im not sure i want to go too far down that rabbit hole. Early night for me, early morning i suppose. Good Night, White.
(85.23 KB 1440x960 34181.jpg)
morn the wee willem tasted like shit. that exhausts my options for cheap cigarillos the woman at the smoke shop said all cigars have tar in them. i think that's bull >>6453 >those nucinci hubs are not very efficient. They have a lot of drag in the hub. yeah i heard they're shit but interesting non the less >I love meth head bridge trolls, they make all the shit mistakes in my life seem like chad genius moves. not a very good attitude there mate >>6454 dude what state you in?
(175.53 KB 1648x1277 1579982581007.jpg)
(91.99 KB 1281x800 000206424344.jpeg)
>>6458 monged
(69.54 KB 600x591 Scutum Fidei.png)
Good Morning NEETs. I wanted to get up early but i failed.
(5.28 MB 640x360 Anita Kelsey - Sway.mp4)
>>6461 morn >I wanted to get up early why?
>>6460 Kek. Looks like im not the only one to fuck up the whole jesus is gods son thing. Good thing the church made a handy infographic.
>>6462 Dunno, Keep the pressure on i guess. Now i have to bolt my breakfast to catch rush hour so i can sneak past the pigs dong car stops.
(2.01 MB 1080x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
(115.69 KB 818x540 1545727587339.jpg)
>>6464 >tfw going for me morn neetwalk
(3.23 MB 640x360 1587336538013.webm)
(11.42 KB 300x164 sad-mario-300x164.jpg)
just bought $100+ worth of barbell weights from cashies now i'm bored >tfw no friends to breach lockdown with and play mario party might have to read a book
Just as we were talking about endchan being unreliable it went down...
>>6469 I blame nuro, he's hacking unna
>>6468 There are ways of playing Mario Party with netplay through emulators, if I'm bored I might set up some links so we could all play together
>>6471 but then i wouldn't be breaching lockdown
>>6472 you shouldn't be breaching lockdown regardless
>>6473 > >>6446 virus isn't real
>>6474 except it is real you boong
>>6469 >>6470 Welcome back NEETs
>>6474 Take your meds
>>6475 prove it
Sup mongs
>>6469 9chan down too Its anudda Shoah
>>6480 cenno is down too
Dan's is also down
>>6482 >can't get glenmorangie pretty much
>>6468 Holy War is about to engulf central and western New South Wales. A sacred fire shall cleanse the unbeliever and the heathen. All shall stand witness to God's righteous vengeance against those who would have destroyed our nation.
>>6485 wat
>>6485 shut up jew
(41.07 KB 730x802 tin.jpg)
(242.46 KB 498x338 apu pizza.gif)
Time to make the dough for tonights 'za. MIght take pics this time.
>>6489 >MIght take pics this time. I look forward to them.
>>6485 Wretched Melbourne must BURN
endchan is back up
>>6492 The .org version is.
Pizza came out well. I'm eating better than i have done in years. Mostly due to the recent additions of a chest freezer and a BBQ oven big enough to Cremate 6 gorillion pizzas
>>6494 Your image didn't upload.
>>6495 Yeah i cant find my camera, there will be plenty more to come. Me and my homie are happy with the food situation and will keep it up.
(123.44 KB 1200x675 1587619346617.jpg)
I had a workshop day today. I forgot the screwdriver bit and the jigsaw blade so i had to work around that. I used the bandsaw instead and found it to be better anyways. I have one more day to practice the last post and i cant do it without dropping some notes. The kid was happy with the choccy bunny, he said that he got stuff all chocolate this year. Off to bed, continue with the final project tomorrow. Good Night, White.
>>6494 im planning to get a deep fryer when i move out sop i can cook nuggies
morn fags >tfw hookers aren't responding >>6497 what's this project ya ona bout? >>6498 noice. mummybot has a deep fryer and she cooks my nugs. it's great
(159.59 KB 800x484 phoneticalphabet.jpg)
>>6499 >tfw uhfnneet won't let me be one of his uhfbros
>>6498 Yeah my cooking improved when i moved out. Deep fryer is a bit advanced tho, you should wait until your at least 50 and a wretched, lonely alcoholic.
>>6499 >whats your project? making a gas chamber.
Morning NEEToes.
(66.18 KB 960x960 1587665942724.jpg)
>>6502 god speed brother >>6503 mornoe
Good Morning NEETs. Its predicted to be a windy day and the moonlit clouds are moving quickly in the darg before the dawn.
>>6505 what does it mean? WHAT DOES IT MEAN!!!?? spoopy?
>>6504 is that a SNES? fukn zelda was the gear.
(104.62 KB 600x340 medium_lkja.png)
>>6507 >tfw never finished alttp because i didn't know what to do when you turned into a rabbit
>>6506 it means the level 5 corona smog from the city can reach out and touch you in the 'burbs. Hear that siren? it means get indoors and tape up the doors, put your cbn mask on and pray.
>>6508 kek. you cant go online and watch the play through. you have to rely on that 'sperg whos parents let him play it way too mych.
(63.76 KB 300x353 thumb.png)
>>6509 >>6510 i'm over games unless it's multiplayer with friends (which i don't have) on a couch
(571.83 KB 500x625 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>6508 nah, figuring out what to do as a rabbit wasn't so hard. I eventually got stuck after like the third temple or so. there gets to be a point where you have to warp in and out of the shadow world with warps at specific places to get where you need to go and I got stuck there. It's one of those games thats really hard to just pick it up and play it for short bursts every couple months, you really have to play it straight through so you remember all the dumb shit.
(974.65 KB 396x284 1584871529887.webm)
(20.07 KB 640x480 bingo.jpg)
i liek monie
(115.98 KB 692x1222 marvel trailblazer.jpg)
Oh Shit. My sides! Did marvel literally use MLP forums as a talent pool?
>>6516 that's fucking real?
Welp, mongs continue to mong on the other board so I'm here. Howdy other NEETs.
>>6517 yeah, its as real as clown world is real.
>>6518 hey bro check this pic >>6356
>>6520 I haven't seen said show.
>>6521 it's sick
>>6518 I made a new Gen and enable picture posting to see how it goes, but please feel free to post here or elsewhere.
>>6517 https://www.pride.com/geek/2020/3/18/marvel-introduces-non-binary-hero-snowflake-and-twin-safespace https://comicbook.com/marvel/news/marvel-safespace-snowflake-new-warriors-fans-are-upset/ From official Marvel jewtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PCWUCv1rnU
>>6524 >From official Marvel jewtube As I said before, who reads that crap.
>>6525 Nobody at all, all of the Studios have ran their product into the ground, and that release was clearly meant as a fuck you to the fans. For a while now they have used the weekly and monthly's to line litter boxes, while trying to release one "Special Edition" per year to try recoup loses. A bunch of the printers recently announce sales were so low that they were closing shop and bunch of the stores announce they were closing as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lfgUxzETOQ
(68.79 KB 959x640 5e9f47e72030277310130c39.jpg)
My homie is getting bored and is committing petty crime to alleviate his inadequacies to do constructive things, Or he is trying to be constructive by doing vandalism. I dont know. He is pilfering the ferns planted in the park nearby. I think that is an actual specific offense in our state criminal code. Im off to bed because i have to get up early and play the last post at 6AM. Good Night, White.
(140.02 KB 580x773 e90269f9.jpg)
morn lads these pics of exhausted nurses are making me hnnnngggg >>6528 >pilfering the ferns planted in the park nearby fucking mong. make him stop
(52.51 KB 657x580 lkeapustaja32.png)
(116.28 KB 951x887 1582483836195.jpg)
good night fellow cunts
(94.69 KB 450x600 144318.jpg)
>>6521 >hasn't watched mortified it's essential aussiecore mate
Good Morning NEETs. I got to listen to the entirety of modest mossorgsky's "Pictures at an exhibition". very nice. very nice indeed
>>6534 morning culturedneet i'm listening to lush live on jewtube i'm more into going to classical performances than recordings now so much more awesome. can't right now though obviously
>>6534 this NEET is listening to misanthropic black metal when it fits the mood and right now I'm really feeling it
(10.09 KB 224x224 DtYcQOFWsAApKuE.jpeg)
>>6536 have you listened to bathory's the return? now that's some black metal
>>6537 NEET hasn't listened to much Bathory yet should I? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbYfdzbN_QQ
>>6538 yes https://youtu.be/hIJZBdjFlkY avoid the later stuff when he turned into a mong pagan
>>6536 Black metal is too loud for me. I have a nervous disposition and what would jesus say? I went up the ravine and played the last post. Didn't get much dB apparrently but it came out okay. Got blown out by the last note so thats something to work on. Also want to work on revallie which is really long.
>>6540 >what would jesus say? meh. today's pop music is more overtly satanic then metal now plus slayer the first extreme metal band had majority christian band members
(1.18 MB 725x998 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>6542 Good morning Cruisey's former coworker.
>>6531 This is quite good.
Had a long day but pretty productive. Now time to shitpost and watch a movie.
>>6545 Looks very good. Not sure about the randomly dumped nuts though.
(7.21 MB 640x360 Terry Davis Dance.mp4.mp4)
>>6540 only edgy teenagers would take that satanism thing seriously >>6541 pretty much this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSKqm6e0rRc
>>6545 Nice foods.
(70.02 KB 640x633 E1dJTtul.jpg)
Grinding continues. Soon i will be sitting pretty waiting for the second wave of SARS-CoV2 to hit. Tomorrow I get on the CAD and design the gas chamber, this is necessasary because its too complicated to make iteratively or with pencil and paper design. It was a lovely warm day and I went to the bush gym in the evening. The horse mushrooms are everywhere, maybe ill get a second chance at the magic mushie. Good Night, White.
(160.63 KB 640x770 dogand sheep.jpg)
>>6549 >and design the gas chamber I suspected you weren't real and were playing a character the whole time.
>>6550 heh
The fire is lit.
>>6553 We didn't start the fire.
>>6554 I did.
(227.12 KB 733x1013 Young girl and her lamb.jpg)
morn' >tfw not married to a sheep >>6549 so you're uhfneet? why won't you tell me if you're from vic?
>>6556 there's a couple of us plus SDR sperg.
Good Morning NEETs. This morning belongs to the potoroo outside.
>>6557 a.. a..aahhh are you in vic..vic...victoria? >>6558 morn
>>6558 What is a potoroo?
(77.33 KB 620x325 gilberts_potoroo.jpg)
>>6561 Cute. I'm assuming every Australian has one and you guys keep them in your pockets and they give you spiritual advice from time to time
>>6562 nah we farm and eat them ;)
>>6563 Do they even taste good? Can't you guys eat dingos instead?
>>6564 nah we feed dingos unwanted babies
(29.96 KB 474x474 pademelon.jpg)
Might have been a pademelon now that i think about it. I can barely tell them apart. Their numbers will increase as there are less cars on the road. i have no idea how they taste.
>>6565 Australian culture is fascinating
>>6565 They are smart dogs. Some hold a special class of drivers license here.
>>6566 That just looks like a baby kangaroo. Then again I guess lots of animals just look like baby versions of other animals
(124.81 KB 1177x1025 about to die.jpg)
>>6569 You gotta know which ones can kill you from a distance and which ones are merely venemous.
>>6569 Kek. You'd never survive on your own here seppo.
>>6570 >>6571 Do you guys take intense biology classes down there? I mean seems necessary with all the 35 types of venomous kangaroos and all that
>>6572 I grew up in the bush and I go there all the time. Its the cunts from the city that come out here that either wreck the place with their 4WDs and toys or get into trouble when they wander from the tourist trails. Its attitude that kills fuckwits in the bush here, either that or they kill the nature they seek to engage with.
>>6573 You ever been bitten by something dangerous?
(37.52 MB 1280x720 facebook.mp4)
>>6575 >That file size I aint clicking on that shit nigga
>>6574 Nah. Only tourists, kids and aforementioned city faggots get taken out by dangerous fauna down here. Ask the queenslanders about sharks and irukanji. Or outback new south welshmen about pigs and red roos tho.
>>6576 >That file size it's not 2002 anymore bro
(20.72 KB 334x320 Shitpost 3000.jpg)
>>6578 Fuk. 2002 was the last time I used facebook. Yeah im that based. Bruh.
(140.58 KB 1024x756 frill neck liz.jpg)
>>6574 >kill you from a distance
>>6577 TBH he's more likely to die from leaving his car after a breakdown.
(24.26 KB 800x357 1585514623544.jpg)
Fake news is real. Contrast this: https://www.news.com.au/world/coronavirus/australia/coronavirus-australia-live-updates/live-coverage/85ae03fa23ab5dbbb41967a9837c2e37 With these doctors here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfLVxx_lBLU Covid is a complete nothingburger, the experts know it is a nothingburger, and yet it is still illegal for us to leave our homes except for "essentials." Covid is a cover for socialism. That is it.
>>6436 >like my mate told me the path to changing your behavior is thinking, talking and doing. Pretty much.
>>6516 I kind of understand the niche audience they are trying to capture but being disproportionately large shouldn't be captured. Having a large build and having a lot of weight is fine but I don't think they should be in anyway telling kids its fine to have a fuma because your life is tough.
>>6543 kek
>>6583 >Covid is a complete nothingburger, I thought it didn't exist at all? You know "it's just the flu bro."
>>6587 It is just the flu. Fast forward to 16:57 where he says that it is less lethal than the flu.
All the zombie movies, the outbreak movies, the apocalypse movies, they have primed us so that we will go along with the lockdown without question, and for most people it has worked.
>>6575 Kek. That infowars website is the same one that Nuro gets his meme vitamins and erection pills from.
(42.21 KB 620x372 jon jarret.jpeg)
>>6581 Yep.
>>6584 Shitposting on imageboareds is quite good for that behavior change thing. Naturally your behavior change can run to degeneracy which is what happens here really
>>6588 I dont know anyone who got it apart from that neighbour of my sisterclone who was a cruiser boomer and is still in hospital in NSW from it.
>>6593 Nobody in my town has it. The local junkies and abos ignore the lockdown and all the white people follow it. It is just another way of increasing elite control over normal people.
>>6575 I don't understand some this video. A lot of shit removed from boomerbook was around 5G and Carmona virus that complete bullshit Is an increase in ice cream sales the cause of a higher murder rate?. Culling shit information isn't ridding the world of free thinking. Everything else is just marked as suspicious with link to a verifiable source. YouTube has been doing this for months any public TV station that uploads content. Each video has a description underneaths its video with link to Wikipedia that goes into how the TV station runs that it is not independent.
(92.37 KB 777x652 1571447741526.jpg)
>>6579 i've never had a facebook (or back in my day it was myspace) >>6595 >Culling shit information isn't ridding the world of free thinking. like heck it's not. it's the very definition
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zb6j7o1pLBw This doctor is as redpilled as fuck. You can just see the smile on his face when he is asked what agenda the powers that be might have for instilling fear in people. He is hiding his power level reasonably. /ourdoc/
>>6597 >a doctor that goes to the gym holy shit !
>>6596 >like heck it's not. it's the very definition The video itself is also a contradiction that it criticises different news sources for selecting information but does not reflect on its bias. >like heck it's not. it's the very definition The ideas bring no value if they have been proven beyond reasonable doubt and the onus is on the people suggesting the idea to prove otherwise. Screaming and screeching is not an argument.
(58.45 KB 598x792 Dyl_Ty2V4AEBaDf.jpeg)
>>6600 I was going to post it but it was beyond the scope of the comment I responded. The argument they are trying to dig down to is the Freedom of Speech argument. It does not exist on the internet and their smaller government philosophy goes against it because they instead arm themselves to protect their rights. A scientific process of bringing evidence to the debate is perfectly reasonable and complaining about the review process is straw-man attack to deflect from the fact that their argument lacks scientific evidence. Otherwise were was their evidence?
>>6601 science is biased
>>6598 Yeah. Okay that's it. I'm gonna fuck off down the beach and camp in a hidden spot until the retarded politicians open up the country again. The neetbux are flowing like wine. Might as well make the most of it. Anyone NSWneets wanna sneak into Queensland?
>>6602 It is and so are it's procedures which would unfairly support people in the field. But nothing is stop the other side from collecting data and presenting it some type of report. It could be in any style or format. It always exists and that evidence can be discussed by the other side instead of debating the process itself, which is equally useless.
>>6603 >neet bucks are flowing >go camping indefinitely i have those feels man i'm in the process of getting a freezer for my ute seriously considering doing it when its done
>>6605 That'd be nice, they might keep scomobux going after the corona is gone. Where are you thinking?on the coast or inland?
>>6597 Add this to your suggestion list https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfN2JWifLCY https://unherd.com/thepost/coming-up-epidemiologist-prof-johan-giesecke-shares-lessons-from-sweden/
>>6606 Go inland, eat spit roast pig every night. Doggos get pig bones
>>6608 Feral pigs taste horrible.
>>6606 >they might keep scomobux going after the corona is gone. they're committed to 6 months i doubt mutual obligations will come in any time soon either they'll probably have to stagger it. priority to those that actually want a job >Where are you thinking? up the east coast(ish) shit maybe even south coast(ish)
>>6610 South coast is good. Even Sydney you can do if you are stealth enough. But what you really want going into winter is somewhere Coffs Harbour and above. If you can get up above Townesville then you are in subtropical all year round. Just make sure your tent doesn't leak. The tricky part is sneaking over the Queensland border when they are doing border inspections. NSW rego would stick out too much up there. You would have to hitchhike or take public transport.
>>6611 get custom plates so it's not state specific still would kinda stick out
>>6608 i can't i'm jewish
(17.69 KB 600x315 kangaroo pepe.jpg)
>>6612 Rolling for the roo. Golfers are faggots.
Rooling for the poo.
>>6615 you can come fishing with us. yu can be anchor
(96.94 KB 898x561 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6612 Flight from Sydney to Ballina is only $57 on jetstar. From there it's a 100km hike to Numinbah Nature Reserve which shares a border with Springbrook National Park in Queensland. Or driving you would park and hide your car near the reserve. From the reserve you would cross over into Queensland. The narrowest part is only 1-2km. Easy.
(134.34 KB 1387x510 numinbah.jpg)
>>6619 What are those black holes on the satellite image? Looks like it'd be the kind of terrain that'd swallow you up. Easy.
>>6620 Kek. The bush border is a fucking ravine. There would be no need for the pigs to patrol it because no one could cross there.
>>6620 looks like he's trying to kill me
>>6621 If you find a route you can mule backpacks of mull over the border. In that way you can live there in the hermit like existance you desire.
(160.97 KB 712x758 numinbah2.jpg)
here is a picture of the terrain. Just ignore the spa in the foreground. that doesnt apply to hermits.
>>6620 They are shadows from the peaks along the border. If you have a GPS with a topographical map then you can use this to find good ways. Otherwise you can download a topographical map onto your phone. >>6624 Yeah you would avoid the cliff and look for saddles and spurs instead.
Sloppy slut.
>>6625 I'll shadow your ass.
(766.19 KB 440x900 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
Fuck me we might as well be living in the USSR. The amount of bullshit out there is unbelievable.
>>6628 you already did that today cunt
>>6630 I did not.
>>6631 true sorry i monged
(15.22 KB 474x388 emote-pepega.png)
>>6632 >just got an auspost parcel >it's sunday never had that happen before
>>6633 You made it to their vip list.
(24.12 KB 630x630 emote-feelsgoodman.jpg)
>>6634 hell yeah
>>6633 enjoy your amyl nitrate and cock rings then
(30.24 KB 320x320 emote-gachigams.png)
>>6636 hell i'm going there yeah
>>6633 We thought it was best that one of our team delivers your mail straight after we inspect it. Its only fair.
>>6638 I don't like the idea that people are trying out my amyl nitrate and cock rings before me.
We are still waiting for the cock ring dick pics.
(9.34 KB 400x407 emote-haha-1.jpg)
>>6639 >mfw a pajeet delivers my cock rings
>>6641 How are they?
(16.40 KB 335x400 emote-swiftrage.jpg)
>>6642 not tight enough. should have got xxsmall
(12.52 KB 344x704 ours.png)
this our site now
>>6639 I'm sorry NEET but you gave up any rights to complain about us going through your mail when you posted in reply to nuro looking for darkweb flunazepam. You're lucky we didnt dob you in to your mummybot via her FB.
>>6645 Go back to endchan you fag.
>>6646 Don't be like that.
>>6647 Fuck off Stephen.
>>6648 Stop trying to be cool Jason.
>>6649 Why did you marry a kike anyway?
>>6650 No NEET has a girlfriend much less a wifey. except cruisey but he doesnt count
(207.80 KB 1280x960 mush1.jpg)
(246.95 KB 1280x960 mush2.jpg)
(238.72 KB 1280x960 mush3.jpg)
Went up the bush. Took some pics of interesting mushies. No magic ones tho. Theres a couple of dozen varieties if you can be bothered to count them. I often wonder what they can be used for.
>>6651 That's okay. They will most of them become our property after our holy reconquest of our lands.
>>6652 Pretty cool. I'm waiting on a job for my house and will head off on a road trip soon afterwards. Based doctors are saying that coronavirus is pretty much a hoax now. So all I have to do is evade the police and I will be fine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfLVxx_lBLU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zb6j7o1pLBw
>>6654 I know a haircut doctor phwoar like those guys. He didnt know shit and sent out this opinionated cope email to my civic club. I sought to talk to him on a matter of substance and suddenly he's too busy. Think about it, the doctors are usually flat out anyway and when they have corona patients to look after they are not gonna be sitting at the pc like us doing research and sorting thru lungenpresse noise to get to the nuggets of truth. Nope, they get all their information direct from the WHO and CDC. Doctor Haircut there is nothing more that a cam whore.
>>6655 Nice. To whom does she belong?
>>6656 Really? They seem to know approximately what they are talking to. Their estimates may be a little low due to sample bias but we should certainly not completely discount their findings. The high rate of infection and thus low rate of death has been reported elsewhere also.
>>6656 The fake news journalists asked a bunch of pointed questions but did not once bring up the problem of sample bias. If the fake news media knew what they were talking about they could have done a much better job. My money is on the doctors.
>>6658 dunno mate. the tests are shit, i heard that it test for any corona virus at all. Plus some people seem to test positive but are not infected. like the saying goes. there are lies, damn lies and statistics. this video is just noise to me.
When did Hitler commit suicide? When he saw his gas bill!
>>6660 The antibody test will probably test positive to multiple coronaviruses and may indicate an infection in the past. The RT-PCR test should be specific to only a single coronavirus if designed well and only detects a current infection. South Korea used it well. Also look at their comparison of Norway (social distancing) vs. Sweden (not social distancing). There is very little difference between the two.
(22.48 KB 480x480 Ay hol upp.jpg)
Ay yo hol up. How come the amount of deaths from this pindick pandemic is the same amount of deaths this same time last year from Influenza and pneumonia?
>>6660 Actually you are kind of right. There is not a huge difference between Sweden and Norway but there is a difference. But the infographic site doesn't include the number of people tested so you can't directly compare them. What we need is random samples drawn from the entire population of Sweden and Norway so that we know the true rate of infection. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/sweden/ https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/norway/
>>6663 One of the doctors says it. They are pressuring them to record coronavirus as the cause of death even if it was just present in, for example, the lungs of someone who had been a smoker for 25 years.
A Jewish guy goes to his friend and says, I sent my son to the Holy Land to study the scripture and become a better Jew, and he came back a Christian. What should I do? His friend says, funny you should mention! I, too, sent my son to the Holy Land to study the scripture and become a better Jew, and he came back a Christian. We'd better go talk to the Rabbi. They tell the Rabbi their story, and he says, funny you should mention! I sent my own son to the Holy Land to study the scripture and become a better Jew, and he came back a Christian. We'd better pray. So the Rabbi begins a prayer: God of our fathers, God of Abraham, we all three sent our sons to the Holy Land to study the scripture and become better Jews, and they came back Christian. What should we do? And a booming voice says, funny you should mention...
>>6666 Amen, brother
>>6651 Apparently she is Jewish.
>>6652 Mushrooms are spacey, fungi are so different to anything else.
(9.36 KB 256x206 ozzy pepe.jpg)
>>6666 checked get
>>6669 wtf cruiiseys monaro is a bantu nigger jew? now i heard it all.
>>6667 heh
(1.66 MB 1080x1346 ClipboardImage.png)
This movie "Arkansas" is pretty good
>>6677 I have heard conflicting reports.
>>6677 >>6678 Trailer did nothing for me. Movie listed as Crime, Thriller, Drama. Trailer was nothing but one liners that were supposed to elicit a chuckle from the theater
>>6679 My shameful secret is I like burger crime movies.
(1.23 MB 960x958 ClipboardImage.png)
(83.22 KB 640x800 close up.jpg)
The air is colder but still not frigid like every woman I've spoken to as a man for the last 5 years. The leaves on the poplar tree out the front is not yellow like all the others. Its holding on in spite of the inevitiable like its in a bad codependent relationship and has halvesies in a swank apartment. I'm off to bed, same thing tomorrow, (kinda). Good Night, White.
(100.64 KB 527x720 Mushroom-picking-photo-204.jpg)
morn laddies looks like the virus shit is ending. wa and qld are winding back the lockdown time for us NEETs to let loose on the world! TERRORIZE WAGIES
the subject of my latest email: >How To Entirely Empty Your Bowels Every Morning - Top Surgeon Explains How
Good Morning NEETs. I slept in today and almost missed taking the bins out in time.
(4.40 MB 1125x2001 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>6683 What a time to be alive. In that magical time between when the world opens up and the neetbux are still doubled.
https://www.news.com.au/national/victoria/news/truck-driver-charged-after-horror-eastern-freeway-crash-that-killed-four-police-officers/news-story/967a02962a06fa3f7a9095d93eed7b84 >Truck driver charged after horror Eastern Freeway crash that killed four police officers >The Herald Sun has named the truck driver as Mohinder Singh Bajwa.
>>6688 A sikh? shouldnt have drugs or drink in his system then. he's gonna walk away with compensation, the pigs have got road rage.
>>6689 I see no problem with the degenerate state and its imported golems killing each other.
(33.08 KB 800x600 kingshit.jpg)
>>6687 >between there's no between only TOMORROW The Reign of the NEET
(2.85 MB 200x234 1584872349172.gif)
>>6686 morning
Fucking flies keep materialising in my house. No matter what I do, whether I open the door or not, they appear. It is a completely new house and there are no gaps in any of the walls or roof or floor that I can find. I hypothesise that they enter en masse whenever I leave something open and then wait in hiding in a group and periodically one of them leaves and comes out.
>>6693 Sometimes they land on your back when you are outside and you do not notice they are there because you can't see them and they stay still. You might be smuggling them in that way.
>>6694 Good point.
>>6693 Somewhere they're getting in and laying eggs which won't hatch until a few days later and then you wake up to dozens of flies
(179.58 KB 475x848 Hanging a piss.jpg)
Every one of my old friends is now either a shitlib faggot or a blackpilled faggot. They are working for the privilege of owning a house from which they can commute to work. I am told that North Queensland may be our land of milk and honey. I have been there and I would tend to agree. Somehow it has escaped most of the poz although you occasionally see a white person who is making sure he is not racist by bringing his pet nigger along. A team of only a few white men with a strong patriarchal religion could take over the place within a few generations.
>>6693 Sorry Neet. I keep telling my men to be more mindful of these things when they are coming and going from your place when you're down at Dans. By the way, We wouldnt have to do it if you had an Alexa or a Google Home.
>>6699 Fuck you're a cunt ASIO, no wonder nobody likes you.
Holy shit my next cenno payment is over a grand! I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I dedicate my victory to the great Lord Dan.
>>6698 brizzy is fucked though ain't it? i'd rather move to sa
>>6700 No need to be hostile Neet. Keeping the country safe from internet terrorism sometimes means that we all have to make sacrifices. My division commander says im likeable, so clearly you are not correct.
>>6702 Yeah too many whores (the bad kind not the good kind in Brissy). Radelaide is kinda fun if you know what you're doing. Again you need a good crew of people who are redpilled on race and religion.
>>6696 Could be true. Most of them are large when I hit them though. >>6703 I agree. I made my sacrifices and now they are paying me $1200 a fortnight to sit at home and drink hard spirits from the bottle. Let the good times roll! "wagie wagie, in a cagie..."
(47.29 KB 531x691 1582925554620.jpg)
>>6701 we must make sacrifices to Our Lord Dan all of our $550 supplements must go to Him only then will he refrain from The Iron Bar >>6704 i was thinking more that fact that it seems to be the place to go now for foreign invaders
>>6701 What rock have you been living under? >>6698 North QLD is a hot and sweaty shithole with too many dreadlocked backpackers... You want freedom? Seek the USA
>>6702 Brisbane isn't North Queensland
>>6705 >Let the good times roll! >we must make sacrifices to Our Lord Dan Amen!
(30.36 KB 300x100 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6706 >>6707 >>6708 It doesn't matter so much where you go as long as your tribe respects its own people and excludes outsiders. Like the Jews lol. I chose NQ because it has warm weather all year round and the parts north of Townsville have good rainfall also. It is a tropical paradise and if we do not colonise it then the chinks and indos will.
(38.40 KB 432x432 Ay hol up.jpg)
Ay, Tone. How come the Italian wops are struggling to cremate 25 bodies a day from this lung aids but those Nazi fucks could burn 1000's of bodies a day in their super ovens?
>>6711 oy vey that is very antisemitic to be questioning the holocaust goy do you want to end in up jail for antisemitism :^)
>>6707 Never mind, I am a bit of an amateur at this NEET business.
(16.75 KB 834x111 ClipboardImage.png)
(29.17 KB 898x216 ClipboardImage.png)
Fuck I love not having to answer that pajeeted captcha.
>>6711 Because Italian crematoriums are set up to deal with a normal and consistent number of bodies each day, whereas the Nazi crematoriums were specifically designed and built during wartime to deal with much higher volumes of bodies.
(952.40 KB 720x471 ClipboardImage.png)
I'm feeling a bit extreme today. I might go and claim my property then shoot a few "rounds" into her. I hear that white children are racist now. Kek.
>>6716 Twenty minutes to get the (((official))) line on this topic. One would think you would have the answer prepared already. You are getting sloppy, shill.
>>6716 Wait a minute, I'm confused! Doesn't Italy consistently have large numbers of flu deaths each year?
>>6714 >>6715 What is this shit? Go back to 4pol retard
>>6714 >>6715 >>6717 BO Delete this shit. [9]
>>6720 >>6721 You have no authority here.
How many subhumans are there on this board?
>>6721 Nah its shit for sure but doesnt break [9]. >>6714 advocates violence: No further warnings.
I'm pretty certain the subhumans are going to wipe out the white people if the world continues as it is going. Does anyone else have a problem with this?
>>6724 You're all gonna die mate and it's not gonna be me that does it. You're all gonna get genocided by the invaders. This is not advocating violence, this is stating fact. Up to you. You're with me or against me.
>>6725 >Does anyone else have a problem with this? yes. discuss it on /pol/. make an auspol thread if you want
>Hello >We have approved your application to access your super through COVID-19 early release of super. >We have notified your super fund/s who will generally make payment within 5 working days. You do not need to call us or your fund. moar monie
boong sweat
Too much flood detected over on 16. The site is fucked.
>>6731 Just when we were about to see Possum's bulge too.
mummybots friendo has diarrhoea and a 37.5 degree temperature. Now mummybot is asking me if friendo has been blessed. I told her to call the covid hotline because i cant be bothered dealing with it.
(35.13 KB 499x500 tyt.jpg)
>>6261 Thanks for that. I have had a look on chirp and its good if you can import everything in from a handy .xls file that the hams have done and put online. otherwise it is a pain to input everything. It might be good to set up multiple handsets which is what i find myself with. I now have 4 uv-5r's and 1 uv-82. I gave one handset to my homie and we use them all the time. Having a mate to larp with was the key to learning how to ham. I had to mong-proof his handset onto 2 frequencies and i go out all the time to check on range and skipping and signal artifacts. I want to get a repeater and maybe do duplex repeating when im in the bush. This handset got good reviews on YT and is not that pricey. I could put it in a bag and hang it from a tree limb to be my repeater. I could use two uv-5r's as a repeater but the device that does that is only available from china which is out because china is BTFO with the virus. The UV -8000D is in country and the next cheapest option. I could also get a yaesu desktop unit which would be cool. I can set up a big antenna here and use it as a repeater. in fact, im going to watch ham radio porn on youtube now
Boring day on the computer, grinding. Then went for a run and made a pizza. My homie is starting to loose it because of all the booze and drugs but at least we can use the BBQ together. Wood work tomorrow, I need to finish that project and go back to work. Good Night. White.
(413.66 KB 960x1280 nr51ayhSOk1t5a0aoo1.jpg)
m'ning gonna go out and walk around town today i'm expecting a hive of activity because of the corona supplement interesting times
>>6736 Morning.
>>6737 can't sleep?
>>6738 Nope, been up all night.
>>6739 >been up all night. sheeeeeeet i've been going to sleep at 7pm and waking at about 2am so 7 hours sleep. not too bad but i'd rather like 9 hours
Good Morning NEETs. I had nice dreams about things I like.
>>6741 that's nice i don't have dreams because i have aphantasia what were the dreams?
>>6742 >aphantasia So cool. Like liam hemsworth in that movie Arkansas. Are you sperg?
>>6743 >Like liam hemsworth in that movie Arkansas. never seen it >Are you sperg? most probably but not diagnosed
(2.15 MB 1080x1349 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>6745 I'd get a woman like that. I'd put a dipole antenna on top of that hairdo and extend my uhf range
Some Normies think that NEETs are Normies
(2.46 MB 800x800 1588017231782.webm)
(189.18 KB 1200x800 Larry 2.jpg)
>>6749 morn bit late mate
(153.21 KB 600x243 gib.jpg)
>tfw getting $3200 of gibs on one day
>>6750 Bit late for what exactly?
>>6752 waking
>>6753 Sorry, I'll make sure to wake up at the crack of dawn just for you next time.
>>6754 good lad
(84.32 KB 566x849 $_32.JPG)
>rode through the mall on my skateboard >mall cops didn't chase me because they were busy ordering at subway
>>6748 I do.
(343.93 KB 1280x960 sheep are happy.jpg)
Sheep at my sisterclone's place seem happy with the recent rain and grass growing.
(42.24 KB 640x512 hottie.jpg)
Woodwork day went well because I didnt get any scrapes because I wear gloves a lot. I'm back in the workshop tomorrow and will complete the assembly and start on another one. I got a joinery to do the panel cutting because its a massive pain in the arse and would take me about 2 days. Hot eggs and squashes with pumpernickel and popcorn for cookout dinner. i'm missing having bread occasionally. Rain is forcast tomorrow but that doesnt affect me because im not made of sugar. Good Night, White.
(32.53 KB 461x507 wleong1.jpg)
good morneen ferrow white persawn >Cops smash trafficking ring 'selling babies to dodgy Chinese businessmen for £40k' https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/cops-smash-trafficking-ring-selling-21931821
>>6760 yeah i read about that on RT. It was surrogate babies with white women and gay chink buisnessmen. Horrible.
Good Morning NEETs. Its still too dark to properly check out the hotties on their morning exercise. I hope the have a rape alarm on their torches.
(480.88 KB 474x631 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>6763 This woman looks quite impractical. How does she put on gloves to do the dishes with fingernails like that?
>>6762 >>6763 morning good to see you up before sunrise!
>>6764 She is an ornamental one, the set comes with a washer woman.
>>6765 Morning, yeah I went to bed early yesterday.
(28.90 KB 480x360 Work ready Darkie.jpg)
>>6766 You should be seeking ones like this. Might get unruly if not fed adequately so make sure you have enough food fit for black people.
>>6768 Those thighs could crush me.
(18.09 KB 474x449 OIP.jpg)
>local maccas put up perspex screens and take your own receipt today good job! only months too late
>>6771 Kek. At least diabetes or obesity is not contagious
(158.92 KB 360x505 ClipboardImage.png)
I can't remember who called it but they were right. They will try to make e-tagging yourself a condition of leaving lockdown.
(260.10 KB 1000x665 128038661.jpg)
>>6773 >our ticket nah it's your fucking ticket with your conditions on it
(38.78 KB 600x400 SCOMOBUXX.jpg)
A wise man once said: Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan.
>>6775 We have about 3-4 weeks before mutual obligations starts up again I think. I'm not sure because I have two conflicting messages from cenno. How will you spend your scomotime?
>>6777 If these bux end up becoming permanent, and I don't have to do any jobseeker bullshit, I'm moving out. But if it's only 3-4 weeks and then we have to do job seeking shit again, I'll just save the money and go off it then.
>>6778 Sound good.
(80.51 KB 640x824 cardigan.jpg)
I had a long day NEETs, Workshop, Driving around and when i got home i grabbed the bike and rode to bunnings and coles. I got home just as the rain started. Good scores at both but the checkout chick took one jar of tomato paste back because rationing. Good Night, White.
(57.46 KB 514x768 5022212019.jpg)
morn >tfw nofap >tfw no job >tfw hookers keep fucking me around >tfw i can't get the punching bag i want because everyone has fucking bought out the whole stock i can't sleep and i just wanna punch shit
>>6780 >tomato paste >not making your own sauce pleb
(25.33 KB 474x384 1572400273466.jpg)
>>6782 what can i do? i cant grow tomatoes here because rental and wallabys. >tfw beholden to the tomato jews
Good Morning NEETs. Rain on my roof all night and sounds of the rushing creek this morning.
>>6783 you can buy the ingredients or just not use any sauce >>6784 morn. looks like the drought is over
(158.04 KB 790x1024 puppet master pepe.jpg)
>>6785 Natural forces give reassurance as we are pulled this way and that by our invisible human puppet masters.
(43.74 MB 1280x720 Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn.webm)
>>6781 Where do you go to fuck hookers? I want to lose my virginity to a hooker. Do they do vaginal sex?
>>6788 go to a brothel if you can otherwise: locanto escortsandbabes scarletblue first one is full of spammers and old gooks posing as young white girls so be careful
>>6789 NONONO! Sexy workers are not allowed to ply their trade because of the covid restrictions. You must find a legal sexygirl for naughtyfun.
(3.12 MB 1068x1323 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>6792 Good morning. That is a lush and ripe one.
>>6793 Ready for picking.
>>6792 She looks dumb and your children would be niggers.
>>6787 this is pretty good. is it korea or china i wonder.
>>6795 >children >sex is for procreation You fucking virgin.
>>6792 doesn't even look full black bro
>>6797 Why do you want to destroy western civilisation?
>>6797 I'm sorry mate, I just can't get over how fucking stupid you are. Did you snort your cornflakes this morning or something? You are quite literally the stupidest person I have interacted with all morning. I wouldn't be surprised if you are actually a nigger.
Fucking hell you dumb fucking abos. No wonder we wiped almost all of you out. Jesus fucking Christ.
I just realised, I'm the smartest person on this board, and for some reason I am being talked at by the stupidest niggers that Australia has to offer. Okay scomo, you've won. You really are a faggot. I will laugh and celebrate when a pack of wild somali niggers rapes your children to death. It's not like we didn't warn you. You fucking cucking cuck.
>>6803 niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigga
>>6804 nigger
(134.17 KB 438x357 1545488254.jpg)
>being triggered by images of blacks calm down bro
>>6806 Oh nah I just realised I've been arguing with retards all my life.
>>6798 That's sort of what Misso looks like, she's 100% African.
>>6806 Like literal fucking window licking retards. That's all communists are.
>>6799 A more elaborate version of whips and things.
>>6806 You're not a communist are you NEET? >>6810 See what I mean? A literal retard. That answer didn't even make sense.
>>6807 >took you this long One of us.
>>6812 I have this weird thing where I try to imagine that the person opposite me didn't take three tries to put their pants on the right way when they got up.
>>6811 >That answer didn't even make sense. It was a joke, implying I'm into sadomasochism. Spelling it out ruins it.
>>6814 I'm bored.
>>6813 You should start wearing dresses to avoid that confusion.
>>6815 Put the dress on.
>>6816 >>6817 Did you know that any leftist who tries to infiltrate my ethnostate will be executed on the spot?
>>6818 No one wants to go to your house anyway.
>>6819 Faggots and trannies as well. To let them live would be Islamophobic.
>>6820 You have a vast repertoire of buzz words.
>>6821 It was a joke, implying I care about Muslims. Spelling it out ruins it.
>>6822 You win.
(13.81 KB 205x212 1579374586200.jpg)
>>6818 Wew lad. You dont need to LARP so hard. Real racists like me are well rounded people not like the hollywood caricature nazis or 2D skinhead thugs. I tell you if i had any friends at all, they could well be black or gay or asian, or even black and gay and asian.
(114.31 KB 1280x960 Logs on the dock.jpg)
I went past the docks to see the log stockpile. The logs are put there now instead of going to a chip mill or sawmill. There are a lot of logs and it takes a long time to load them onto a special boat. I bet the margins are really small for whoever grew them. The greenies down here really rat fucked the timber industry but still the trees grow. Now we ship whole logs to asia where they chip them or turn them into timber for cheap and send it back to us. I hate the greenies because they are retards who sold the state out to the tourism operators. Now we have hardcore greenies that hate the greens. Fukn clown world i reckon.
It was cool but not rainy today. I kept going with the woodwork and tomorrow i can start painting. Sisterclones doggo is starting to behave, i put that down to sisterclone not being around. I'm going to get back into it tomorrow but i have a dentist appointment first. Good NIght, White.
What do you have to actually do for jobseeker requirements? Can you just lie and say you applied for jobs when you didn't?
(185.79 KB 1239x1071 88960083.jpg)
=morn== >>6825 australia is just a big farm for china and india and scumo and his pals profit from it https://youtu.be/xK8uMqDqd7s >>6827 >What do you have to actually do for jobseeker requirements? not sure tbh with the current climate but usually you have to submit a list of jobs applied for every month and attend appointments every 2 weeks. and don't forget WFTD after 6 months >Can you just lie and say you applied for jobs when you didn't? yeah
>>6827 Typically they give you a form to fill out, including who you contacted, with the implication that they 'may' contact some of them at random to verify
>>6830 >they give you a form to fill out it's online now
(3.63 MB 1080x1350 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
Good Morning NEETs. Im off to the dentist today, I am thinking about wearing a fragrance.
>>6833 I want to see her running,
(438.37 KB 640x480 Black Woman Jogging.webm)
>>6835 >>6834 >Good Morning NEETs morn >Im off to the dentist today fuck >I am thinking about wearing a fragrance gay
>>6836 What? I just miss wearing fragrances because of the lockdown. Cant a NEET be his best once in a while? anyway im sure by dentist tony gets hit on all the time he wont mind my attempt
>>6837 if you smell bad you need to exercise more and eat cleaner not cover it up also depends what it is if it's natural it ain't too bad but if it's lynx or some shit it smells worse than actual body odor
>>6838 Its not diet and exercise really, its just that i cant always clean the shit out of my underpants, thats my downfall.
Tony the dentist didnt comment on my fragrance, so i clearly need to use more. He has a new assistant who is a pajeet, bald with only a faint accent. I dont think there is any need to 'jump the gun' and look for another dentist because tony goes through assistants like shit through a goose and hopefully the pajeet will not make the 12 months until my next visit.
>>6840 >going to the dentist why?
two slices of 'za for second breakfast, "Dont eat anything for 3 hours" my arse
>>6842 what'd you have done? >can't not eat for 3 hours are you executive?
>>6843 The pajeet told me not to eat after the flouride treatment. Now that I think about it, I dont want to have the hands of a brown person in my mouth, or handing me mouth rinses and stuff. I need to check if he is there before my next visit. what a hassle
(109.68 KB 780x528 66896.jpg)
>>6844 >flouride poison
>>6844 You could be less of a racist.That might work.
>>6844 first of all, you don't have to take fluoride if you maintain your dental hygiene on your own. secondly, the poo is likely far more sanitary than you are since that's practically what he went to school for
(30.46 KB 655x368 como-aprender-a-relajarse.jpg)
>visited a dominatrix >got a bottle of glendronach 12yo >ordered some chavitos cigars >going to do some weights n33tlyfe
(45.45 KB 450x450 lovely!.jpg)
>>6848 Putting your scomobux to good use? Lovely!
(100.20 KB 1280x680 boat.jpg)
I had a nice bike ride out to bunnings to get some cabinet latches and stuff for the BBQ. It really is a long way and the hardest part is at the end just before i get home. My homie got a bit snarky with the BBQ part so ill have to get to the bottom of that, its likely he is getting depressed because of binge drinking and loss of occupation. Its funny how some people find their destiny at the bottom of their cups. Back to the workshop tomorrow, same as today. The dumb doggo barks at me when i use power tools but i found that if i sound the charge on the bugle she skulks away with her tail between her legs for a while. Soon i will be able to play revallie. I took a photo of the same boat but its shit. You can see what i mean. I discovered that the stands at the regatta ground are occupied by homeless cunts, these human vermin have nothing to do but drink and carouse, simpering like pitiful lepers to the odd ABC news crew looking for a pity piece. I cannot hate them enough. Good Night, White.
>>6828 That's fucking awesome that I can lie and say I applied for jobs when I didn't, I can move out of my parents house right now then. What do you have to do at the appointments every 2 weeks? What do they say and make you do?
morn >>6850 >if i sound the charge on the bugle she skulks away with her tail between her legs for a while. Soon i will be able to play revallie. that's cool. i had a period were i wanted to play trumpet. now northumbrian pipes are my shit >>6853 >What do you have to do at the appointments every 2 weeks? What do they say and make you do? they just ask you how you're going and can offer support. they can't make you do anything except WFTD mind you i've always been stream c which is for retards. might be different for stream a and b
>>6854 >they can't make you do anything except WFTD But I don't want to work for the dole. How do I avoid that?
>>6855 med certs
>>6854 >northumbrian pipes are my shit Those eyes. I want eyes like those. They are the eyes of a mystic. The mystic eyes of the northumbrian piper.
Good Morning NEETs. I listened to Arafura Dances by Ross Edwards this morning before I got upright.
>>6858 morn i'm listening to rap because i want to punch shit
(210.15 KB 522x747 arseoob2l3t01.png)
>mfw when i order something online and they give me a tracking number but when i try to track it it doesn't exist and i know they haven't even sent it yet
>>6859 Thats some cool nigger music, punch some cones. >>6860 I ordered shit from malaysia and china more than 2 months ago and there is no sign its coming. My question is: How is this shit not going to directly crash china's economy?
(72.57 KB 960x960 1536602666065.jpg)
>online shops and postal services using corona as an excuse to be lazy shits >>6861 >How is this shit not going to directly crash china's economy? it won't but it has fucked up our hospitality and entertainment industry real good
>>6856 How do you get med certs?
>>6862 >it won't Poo I was rolling for china BTFO what about the smartphone jews who are selling late model iphones and tablets for huge inflated margins? and all the video cards and chips are way more expensive now. This is going to frustrate the NEETs who have scomobux burning holes in thier pockets.
>>6863 the doctor
>>6863 A BASED dodgy Doctor.
>>6866 i.e a pajeet
>>6007 Kek, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I've been pointlessly refreshing the /ausneets thread on endchan for the past 30 minutes. I seriously need a more productive and thought-provoking hobby!
(887.80 KB 600x900 ClipboardImage.png)
Late. Good morning, Black.
(75.72 KB 640x800 1577817000021.jpg)
>>6869 Good afternoon, Arab.
>>6869 Nice thigh and hips area but I don't like that face.
>>6871 I will try to do better next time.
(857.88 KB 892x1200 1562381255060.jpg)
why are there so few pagan larpers in this thread? are there none in Australia?
>>6860 what did you buy, fren?
>>6874 voltage sensitive relay
>>6875 Whoot we got a 'tronics fren here! What are the voltages you want to shunt? AC or DC?
(26.79 KB 200x147 weber pepe.png)
I got a replacement burner for the BBQ oven that me and my homie use all the time, one burner was busted when we got it off the street. The new burner is made from a metal tube and it took about 5 minutes to modify it to fit. Works preddy gud. We are 7 burner boys now.
>>6877 Is any of this real?
>>6878 Define real
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-05-02/the-cost-of-coronavirus-hotel-quarantine/12198708 Cruise Boomers cant find anyone to whine to during their 2 week hotel quarrantine. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
(86.97 KB 640x1138 x8vdjef56bw41.jpg)
The weather was foul today and my workshop had rain blown in all day which mad a large part of it unusable, made a lot of mud and got my cabinetry wet when i was working on it. Bringing a cabinet home was a problem but I got it home dry. Its a good feeling to install it and be one step closer to moving out. I'm still about 2 days out from having a working gas chamber, maybe a day to install and debug, then i go to work. Good Night, White.
>>6877 Nice.
>>6881 Night
(129.34 KB 495x367 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6884 Hmmmm
>>6866 So what if I go to my GP and tell him to diagnose me with depression? Will that be enough to get DSP?
>>6886 No.
>>6887 What do I need to get diagnosed with?
>>6888 You need to tell the medical professionals the truth.
(121.82 KB 1440x1529 jazzy.jpg)
morn cunts >>6875 car battery. having it done by an auto elec. not worried about the wiring but mounting the battery need to drill/bolt on/near the radiator. better have it done professionally for insurance reasons >>6880 don't know my record for not leaving the house but it's at least 3 months. fucking soft cunts >>6881 what are you gassing? >>6886 >So what if I go to my GP and tell him to diagnose me with depression? Will that be enough to get DSP? nah you're going to have to convince a psychiatrist (not a psychologist) that you need the dsp https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/individuals/services/centrelink/disability-support-pension/how-we-assess-your-claim they made it a lot harder the last few years to get on the dsp
>>6890 >they made it a lot harder the last few years to get on the dsp Fucking cunts. So what would you recommend telling the psychiatrist? That I have depression? Agoraphobia? ADHD?
>>6891 tbh i wouldn't bother with the dsp atm because you're already getting 1100 i'd wait and see what happens
Good Morning NEETs, Its cold as in the morning and takes too long to put on clothes.
>>6893 i sleep with clothes on
>>6891 Dont try to fake a mental illness, especially one of the big ones like schizophrenia, you'd never get it right and your GP will send you to a mental health care team, and then you're sunk. The DSP is a shit prize that no one wants, really. Its like a flash wheelchair.
>>6890 Kek. I will gas myself unless the stupid post hurries up with my ABDEK Reactor Gas mask Filter.
>>6892 I'm talking about after this $1100 period expires. I want to keep getting free money without working for it.
>>6895 But the DSP you don't have to work on, I don't want to stay on Jobseeker once they start making me work for the dole. That's literally slavery.
>>6897 >$1100 >expires it won't. there's no way they can give people on cenno 1100 for 6 months and then just yank it away i think everything is way too much up in the air to put the effort into getting on the dsp wait a few months bro
>>6898 taking psych medications for DSPbux is worse than slavery.
>>6890 >nah you're going to have to convince a psychiatrist (not a psychologist) that you need the dsp The DSP for mental health is that you pretty much need support to attend any appointments and can only do for a short period of time before becoming very anxious. Any health professional that is accredited can provide this evidence but you need to upfront with them so they write about these facts. If they do not explicit state it as per the criteria, Centrelink may downgrade your condition and you will not be eligible for it. Simply isolating yourself at home isn't enough for the DSP. You need to fearful of the outside and have close to a mental breakdown when you go outside with someone supporting you.
>>6899 >and then just yank it away The governments philosophy was "the best form of welfare is a job." They don't care about the unemployed and are only doing it at the moment not to lose favour with the public. It will either be stopped or gradually reduced. The liberal government has cut social services so badly that they needed to give everyone an exemption for their Mutual Obligation Requirements because they kept cutting the workforce. They would get rid of Job Seeker payment if they could and like how they renamed it to make it more punitive like that point system they implement to cut peoples payments. Yet we haven't heard about the success of that system from them because at the end of the day they just want to give the money out, unless its to boomers who are entitled to it. Despite fact their taxes paid for the government expenditure each year and wasn't deposited into some magic fund that is now paying them back now. Entitlement in today's society is a one-way street.
>>6902 > they just want to give *they don't want to give money out
>>6880 It was clearly shown that during the Cruise ship disaster in Sydney people will just do whatever they want or feel is necessary spreading the disease through the community to get home. People can't control themselves or consider the needs of the community.
>>6902 >The governments philosophy was "the best form of welfare is a job." by enacting laws that caused hundreds of thousands to lose their jobs >gradually reduced yes it will but it won't go back to the pre-corona $580 i reckon it will settle at $700
>>6900 just pretend you're taking them
>>6905 >by enacting laws that caused hundreds of thousands to lose their jobs The government was going to do nothing until the public pressure mounted.
>>6907 >The government was going to do nothing until the public pressure mounted. bullshit the pressure was all from the medical officers
>>6908 >the pressure was all from the medical officers The same medical staff telling the government not to revoke the medical evacuation from those shithole refugee camps the government runs?
>>6909 >The same medical staff telling the government not to revoke the medical evacuation from those shithole refugee camps the government runs? link?
(485.83 KB 393x600 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>6911 good job! it's actually the morning! also nice digits osama
>>6912 Thank you, I got side tracked yesterday.
>>6910 I was slightly wrong in my wording, but chief medical officer can be overruled by the minister who has not complete a medical training: >The new system establishes an independent panel made up of the commonwealth chief medical officer, the home affairs department’s chief medical officer, and at least six others – a nominee of the president of the Australian Medical Association, of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists and of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, and an expert in paediatric health. The independent panel will be required to review decisions within 72 hours if the minister refuses to allow a transfer on health grounds. If the panel says it should proceed, the minister can refuse if the transfer is considered prejudicial to security, or if the person has a substantial criminal record. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/feb/19/doctors-cite-lack-of-pay-among-problems-with-new-medevac-panel
>>6914 i meant a link to the medical officers saying not to revoke evacuations from refugee camps also are trying to make a point that a medical panel is "the public"? if so that's a joke mate
>>6911 >thick legs but skinny top and narrow face Don't get me wrong I would have relations with her but it is not my preferred African type.
>>6915 >i meant a link to the medical officers saying not to revoke evacuations from refugee camps The medical officer can never make that statement or they'll be out of the job the next day. T he quotes I posted from that article showed that the commonwealth chief medical officer can be overruled by a Minister of Home Affairs. If the Minister of Home Affairs doesn't want someone to come here for treatment they can block them from coming here against the advice of the Commonwealth chief medical officer who recommends they be treated in Australia.
>>6917 i said the government was pressured by the medical officers not commanded by them
>>6916 Rwandese have a weird phenotype. They're very different from the bantu races around them.
>>6919 Look like Ashanti. but they are from ghana.
>>6900 Can't you just lie and pretend to take them?
>>6902 The Liberals would like people to have nothing, not even Jobseeker, and just leave the unemployed to die in the streets for being "unproductive". They have so much contempt for Australians that they're replacing us with chinks and pajeets. >>6905 I doubt it, that will drop it back to $580 (which is literally below the poverty line and hasn't increased since 1994) and demand you be grateful for having to live on bread crumbs. Fuck Liberals.
>>6921 You cant lie to the mental health workers. They are super experienced and you are just larping. They will know and anally probe you to get the facts.
>>6922 The libs are insane and completely incompetent to boot. Friendlyjordies explains it pretty good if you can watch himwithout slowing it down to half speed.
(58.87 KB 640x517 3s3g75er4mu41.jpg)
Cold and mostly overcast today. The cabinetry is a grind but i am bringing home finished pieces. I just dont know quite where to put them except on each other in a tower arrangement. BBQ with hot eggs, onions and squashes for dinner. My homie was rabbiting on about some shit, i tune it out because his ill informed half cooked notions cause me pain, i had to cut the bbq short because the cunt next door lights his evening fire with newsprint and smokes out the nieghbourhood, as such i cant expect clean night air until about november. Civic club practice tomorrow night. I will have to finish in the workshop early. Good Night, White.
>>6925 Is any of it real?
>>6926 I believe it is. He is a good NEET deep down, he needs better friends than just old mate.
>>6927 Old mate is his homie.
(643.18 KB 670x1006 1126-1.jpg)
morn went out to a council reserve yesterday thinking no one would be there because of lockdown when i get there the car park is basically full and there are people everywhere faith in humanity restored i found a circle of bricks which was obviously supposed to be a fire place but there was no ash i started a fire anyway because i had drank some whisky and needed to wait so i could drive home some fat bitch called someone. i had a plane flyover then a ute with lights rocked up so a split into the bush >>6923 >You cant lie to the mental health workers. you can you just have to go all in and go full retard >>6925 >Civic club practice what like honda civic? what do you even mean cryptic man?
>>6929 Is any of this real either? What is this place?
>>6930 >Is any of this real either? isn't everything reality? >What is this place? NEET General #6
>>6924 Friendlyjordies is literally a paid Labor shill. He works for GetUp.
>>6932 dunno he sticks the boot in to scomo and berejiklian which is okay by me because they are worse than aids. other than that i'd give him mostly good marks for what he says.
New Bread in 62 posts.
Good Morning NEETs. Its bin day and my bins are laden, my homie shared some short dated chips he scored so I got a hella snackbar!
>>6935 morning it's still dark. looks like shit day
>>6936 Yeah its getting harder to get up into the cold. I want to install my heater lights over my dresser. either that or sleep fully clothed.
>>6929 Thats a nice warm picture. so you were running around the bush in the dark. I hope you knew the area well. I always feel safer in the bush especially when I have camo and i'm quiet.
(62.91 KB 671x576 420.jpeg)
>increase corona testing >positive results increase oh look the virus is back! looks like we're not coming out of lockdown anytime soon!
>>6938 >so you were running around the bush in the dark. no >I hope you knew the area well. yes >I always feel safer in the bush especially when I have camo and i'm quiet. i must get camo
>>6939 We watch with interest for signs of endogenous reinfection. What was the case in WA? two weeks no cases then a case? it seems to have been memory holed
>>6941 the test is literally a random number generator
>>6940 you can use natural camo, Smear dirt into your clothes and on your exposed skin, mud is better because leaves and dry grass stick to it. I have a set of clothes in my wardrobe that i have camouflaged is such a manner.
>>6943 fukken nice i just bought a sand colored shirt from target perfect!
>>6942 The tests are a black box, I think the data is utter shit. Test kits made in china plus you have a lot of pajeets working in the labs these days.
>>6944 did you know that sand niggers have over 1000 names for sand?
(1.12 MB 736x919 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>6947 What a nicely framed picture of a negress on the beach. Its as if the sailboat is a blowfly about to land on her nose
>>6948 >Its as if the sailboat is a blowfly about to land on her nose looks like the boat rammed her nose
>>6947 What breaks my heart is that as cute as some nigresses are, they're most likely as smart as bricks.
(49.77 KB 957x621 hamer pepe.jpg)
Off to the workshop, Need petty hope its cheap as.
>>6951 Enjoy.
>>6890 And not just any psych, a Centrelink-approved psych who is paid to weed out as many applicants as possible without breaking any laws
>>6899 Are you seriously deluded? I predict they'll retract this Corona supplement and Jobkeeper payments before the end of the year
>>6951 Petty was picey as usual, I get the 98 tho. Getting sick of the workshop grind. Now i have to ride to Bunnings. I need more calories.
>>6955 Oh, petty is petrol.
>>6956 Correct. also mong is short for mongoloid
(8.29 MB 5248x3936 IMG_20200504_112629.jpg)
bought an mc-1 after all cost me 15€ probably would have gotten it cheaper a month ago if that jewbay cunt didn't send me that piece of shit before >>6210 that nigger still hasn't paid me back the money I paid for sending his trash back
(8.47 MB 5248x3936 IMG_20200504_112816.jpg)
>>6958 also got some fp-5 filters the one included with the mask is probably not safe to use
>>6958 >€ Are they speakers?
>>6960 no, currency
>>6958 Kek. you got jewed. I was checking out the 3M full face respirators, the 6800 series in bunnings. They are really very cheap prices and for some types of filters too. the stock is full and no one in the store is wearing them. I got some charcoal filters in a pack with some prefilters for cheap. They are far heavier than the pod filters. Those filters look sketchy.
(75.42 KB 1280x960 Buy me a smartphone cunno.jpg)
Kek. Not on this phone.
>>6964 They will shut down whatever archaic network that thing runs on sometime soon.
>>6965 Its a 4G phone. they can probabaly track me without an app anyway. Why am i the only cunt who doesnt carry a phone everywhere?
>>6964 Can you browse the internet on that phone?
>>6967 Nope
>>6968 What brand and model is it?
>>6969 dunno
(97.80 KB 1024x904 1456977620589.jpg)
Wew. Tough day: Full day in the workshop, Cold all day. Sore back from yesterday, 20 k ride with bugle calls in the dark. No packages fuck austraylia post. I had to break out the glucose jelly beans speed beans at 5pm so i was feeling ok at 8pm when i finished. Got a couple of self pictures for this girl im talking to on FB. hope it will prompt her to send some. I need a couple of days offf after this before i go back to work but i dont know what i'd do. Going to work is like days off for me. Totally done with today. Good Night, White.
>>6963 2p particle filters should be sufficient enough I just got them because there were no particle only filters available how much did you pay for the 3m?
(3.96 MB 1280x720 eye.mp4)
mern'n >>6954 >Are you seriously deluded? nah >>6966 >Its a 4G phone. nice. what model? take the back off and look behind the battery >Why am i the only cunt who doesnt carry a phone everywhere? >vodafone even if you did carry it with you you'd still wouldn't have a phone ;) >>6972 >girl im talking to on FB that's gay
(966.30 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>6973 I paid 300 aud for the mask and 25 aud for the filters. I wanted to get a combined vapor and particle filter for 100% protection against the airborne virus aerosol. Im not very lucky generally and i need to do something about that. Unfortunately a normie has a very low chance of getting the corona here even without any protection at all.
Good Morning Neets. I slept in for an hour today and missed the dawn breaking.
(11.30 KB 266x190 nokia 3310.jpg)
>>6974 its a nokia 3310 its only a 3g which is shut of in 2024 the menu system is shit. but the battery life is about a month. plus its really small The camera is shithouse so i carry mine which doesnt have a gps chip and no exif data. i also carry a cb radio sometimes.
>>6979 u said it waz 4g kunt!
>>6980 >u said sorry. maybe i can buy another g at coles or something.
>>6981 3g doesn't even work at my joint
You must live in a super advanced civilization where the streets are paved with iphones and the gigabits flow like wine.
>>6983 nah it's called a blackspot
>>6978 This retard doesn't just claim CoV doesn't exist, he claims there is no such thing a virus at all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjPH8f0I1nE "Dr" Andrew Kaufman Debunked by someone who actually holds a PhD
>>6985 i watched the first 8 minutes where he claims kaufman said the royal rife microscope takes images of viruses when he didn't so he starts off his video by straight up lying. into the bin >holds a PhD wow
Wasn't for your benefit schizo, you have already shown your a retard. The "Dr" in (re)eet's video clearly states none of what he claims is backed up by any studies and these are all just "theories" that he holds.
>>6978 >virus isn't real >the earth is flat >Noah lived for 500 years >the earth is between 6 and 10,000 years old
>>6987 >none of what he claims is backed up by any studies https://youtu.be/IoywNPXANi4 he uses koch's postulates to show covid19 hasn't been proven to exist >>6988 >the earth is flat no but it is at the center of the universe https://www.tychos.info >Noah lived for 500 years true. people can live up to 1000 years. one recent guy lived 256 years and died in 1933 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li_Ching-Yuen
Ya OK, the sun revolves around the earth because the bible says so.
>>6990 and because it solves a lot of anomalies with the heliocentric model https://archive.org/details/ThePrinciple720p
>>6976 I paid around 30€ (50aud) for everything (mask and filters) I probably won't wear it anyway but you never know when you need a gas mask so I'm safe for the next (maybe real) happening I stopped caring about this virus whatsoever I just don't know what to do when ZOG pushes their microchip vaccination program
>>6974 >nah I'm satisfied with your reply
(10.24 KB 228x221 bane pepe.jpg)
>>6992 A gas mask is not just for emergencies. Your gas mask says a lot about you and you want to wear it neatly because other people will see you and judge your style. I wear my gas mask because its comfortable and allows me to express who i am as a person. When you see a girl wearing a gas mask and you have your gas mask on, you just know that you have a connection and it is really special.
>>6989 >live 1000 years actually there are hard limits because of cell apoptosis. i think its been speculated that its about 150 years.
>>6991 I thought it weird that Krauss, who has debated christcuck apologists, would appear alongside these quacks, and assumed the reason for the short edits were because lines were lifted from a different program and taken out of context. Turns out, I was half right The Principle (2014) >The Principle is a 2014 American independent film produced by Rick DeLano and Robert Sungenis. It rejects the Copernican principle and supports the long-superseded notion that Earth is at the center of the Universe. The film is narrated by Kate Mulgrew and features scientists such as Lawrence M. Krauss and Michio Kaku. Mulgrew and scientists who were interviewed in the film have repudiated the ideas advocated in the film and stated that their involvement was the result of being misled by the filmmaker Complaints from featured actors and scientists >The film was criticized by some of the interviewed physicists, who say they were misled into appearing in the film, claiming that the documentary makes an invalid philosophical assumption that defining physical relationships among objects in space, one way or another, necessarily must limit what one can say about the relationship between God and humanity in theology, and treats science as a belief system dealing with the same matters as religion.[6] The movie rejects the scientific consensus that the Earth and other planets orbit their stars, and distorts other elements of the actual Copernican principle.[7] >Following the release of the film's trailer, narrator Kate Mulgrew said that she was misinformed about the purpose of the documentary.[2][3][8] Max Tegmark explained that DeLano "cleverly tricked a whole bunch of us scientists into thinking that they were independent filmmakers doing an ordinary cosmology documentary, without mentioning anything about their hidden agenda."[9] George Ellis corroborated. "I was interviewed for it but they did not disclose this agenda, which of course is nonsense. I don't think it's worth responding to -- it just gives them publicity. To ignore is the best policy. But for the record, I totally disavow that silly agenda."[9] >Michio Kaku said that the film was probably using "clever editing" of his statements and bordered on "intellectual dishonesty",[10] and Lawrence Krauss said he had no recollection of being interviewed for the film and would have refused to be in it if he had known more about it.[11][12] British physicist Julian Barbour said that he never gave permission to be in the film.[13]
(76.96 KB 150x235 ClipboardImage.png)
I've been thinking about you
(64.28 KB 144x200 ClipboardImage.png)
Who have you been thinking about?
(206.86 KB 480x315 ClipboardImage.png)
(130.64 KB 276x373 ClipboardImage.png)
Tough day NEETs, my back is aching but i went to the gym and worked some of that out. Got one more day and them im gonna flake out. Maybe go up the bush and sleep out, do nothing all night but try to keep warm. Good Night, White.
>>6997 >>6998 >>6999 >>7000 An interesting series of posts.
>>7001 I thought the gyms were closed?
>>7003 I think he pretends to have built a gym out bush somewhere.
(232.59 KB 235x394 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7001 night
(259.75 KB 780x1000 Lucie Safarova Looking Funny.jpg)
morn >>6993 >I'm satisfied with your reply good lad >>6995 >an Aldabra giant tortoise named Adwaita may have lived an estimated 255 years. >>6996 https://youtu.be/OvR7pMqAEso >scientists get interviewed for documentary >scientists watch trailer for said documentary and think that it promotes that they propound the geocentric model >scientists flip out >if you actually watch the documentary no where does it try to propose that these scientists promote the geocentric model >DeLano "cleverly tricked a whole bunch of us scientists into thinking that they were independent filmmakers doing an ordinary cosmology documentary, without mentioning anything about their hidden agenda they just admitted they're stupid
Good Morning NEETs. Back on the grind today. I'm pleasantly surpirsed that i washed last nights plate and made some lentils for today.
>>7006 >255 years assuredly bullshit.
Good morning NEETs, got a fucking $1200 cenno check today. Thank you based Scomo
(15.06 KB 196x255 dan murphys trip.jpg)
>>7009 You know what to do
>>7008 the 255 year estimate was obtained by carbon dating the shell https://www.oldest.org/animals/tortoises/
(1.31 MB 620x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>7016 >tfw you accidentally fire all your shells
She looks like she would be domineering. Not good wife material.
(116.59 KB 800x533 man-gas-mask-24646439.jpg)
>>6994 checked
(26.92 KB 300x256 6353241.jpg)
>>7019 >checked
Check these dubs.
>>7021 Oh dear.
(162.59 KB 1024x914 1580552257613.jpg)
I have finished and installed the gas chamber, i will take a day off and then go to work friday. Tomorrow I will do the washing and personal admin. I was thinking of gassing my clothes instead of washing them, it might disintegrate my underpants and leave the shit stains, worst case scenario. BBQ with eggs and veggies, also worstershite sauce and fresh coriander, no heater smoke tonight but every cunt was burning off today. Imagine shitting in the still Autumn air just for the idle amusement of tending a fire. Cleaned up the workshop in anticipation for not using it for months, pleased to not have to go out there, the property its on is a junkyard and offensive to my sense of order and aesthetics, my sisterclone put on a petulant display of cope when she needed to call up tech support when i couldnt fix her microshit account, the domain was wrong whatever. I wont miss her acting out as a karen/jannie, filial loyalty is very thin. Gym session was good but i though i detected a mozzie, i though it would be too cold and clammy at my bush gym. Its quite gloomy too, a real rape fantasy glen for the athleisure wearing dog walkers im sure. Good Night, White.
(74.36 KB 800x533 17682-rita-cutter-burning.jpg)