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(27.28 KB 396x385 skinhead jaol pepe.jpg)
NEET General #5 - Prison Break! NEET 02/17/2020 (Mon) 22:21:04 No. 5247
I aint spending sixteen years in hell, breaking rocks on the chain gang. I had more than I can take! Benny made it out... With a sheath around his NECK!
ALL NEW! NEET GENERAL #5 Soundtrack https://cytu.be/r/NEET_General_5
Which NEETo is he??
Gurdjief, the russian mystic said something like "You cant break out of prison until you know that your IN prison" Whats the point of getting yet another carton of ciggies to stash under your prison bunk wagie? I'm breaking out and heading home, all I need is a shank and a spoon to dig with.
>>4235 >keep it going i'll take that as encouragement if you dont mind. It seems the attack was not the only action to split the board. Psyops are afoot it seems. like i said last night, this split will erode the usefullness of shitposting as a way to change one's thoughts into behavior. Thinking -Saying - Doing. This is illustrated by the china's history of censorship. Any chink that says something off message gets stepped on. What happens is that chink OC thought is recycled and sanitised to the point that a robotic mindset gets entrenched in the whole culture. Speaking your mind anonymously is a hell of a psychological power tool. Ye all ken what i'm a sayin'. Surely it can wreck a NEET just as it can save him.
(17.43 KB 340x340 no war.jpg)
Just saying: A board war where one imageboard attacks the usability of another hoping to drive the posters there to the first imageboard for the sake of the traffic. This seems to be a plausible motivation. The division between the boards is not going away, on one side we have the safe-spacers and on the other is the hands-offs. The image board belligerents are just wreckers and cunts. Not to mention that there is a lot of low quality, high volume posting on endchan which makes me suspicious that a small number of enders have a boost camp going. I just want to shitpost and feel good about talking to other NEETs, which carries me through my day of talking to NPC's. I'm more interested in 16chan because of my points of view, i have no animosity towards enders, i've been posting with you guys for ages and i'll continue that, but you can find me on 16chan. Just saying.
>>4232 >>4233 >>4236 Good Morning Neets
>>5254 Good morning Nuro.
Good Morning. I saw all the spam. Its since been removed. Seems like everyone jumped back on endchan ... this captcha will get tiring..
The chinees lockdown for the based bat aids means that local food exports have stopped. My mate tells me that the cray boats are not going out any more and are selling their stock to locals again. $70 a kilo >tfw you cant take advantage of chink misfortune becuause your poor and vegan
(306.18 KB 800x1200 Dont be gay.jpg)
I made a skin cancer check appointment with my old mate from the gym who is now the doctor doing the check. i'm intending to hit the gym a bit harder for the next 10 days because I want to be shredded for the appointment when i'm naked. Is that gay?
>>5260 Not really but I look forward to reading the story.
I have decided to avoid going to the gym until after my skin cancer check appointment with my old mate from the gym who is now the doctor doing the check. I think he's gay and it'd be awkward if I'm fully shredded when i'm naked.
Bit o'rainy rain. >feels comfy now
(48.80 KB 640x480 pin box.jpg)
My pin box finally came its quite nicely made and has a magnet around the opening. I've been meaning to get a better pin box, these ones come from the stationary artisans of ningbo china. I suppose i should get new pins now, One out of these ones killed my pet currawong and I think about that when i use them .
>>5264 Did the bird eat one of them?
>>5265 yeah it picked up the bright ball end and swallowed it before my eyes. I took it to the vet too late. I shouldnt have taken it from the wild.
>>5250 Tasmanian. The pronoun to use is them.
(1.52 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5256 Plus they can't use clipboard.png.
>>5266 Did it fall out of a nest or did you find it in a nest?
>>5269 fell out of a nest as a fledgeling. I kind of fell in love with it. It was half wild
(193.97 KB 800x791 1580846747865.jpg)
Good Night, White.
Someone on end said that there was a captcha now, I'm not getting it.
>>5273 i think its off. The site admin has another protection thing going thats more effective. It was pretty spiteful of endchan admins to do that to this board to kill it off. imho.
>>5270 Nothing wrong with that then.
>>5272 Good night SnowWhiteNEET. Sleep tight.
watching Outbreak with dustin hoffman. I'm rolling for the monkey.
>>5275 I found a magpie fledgeling on the ground years after and i got the ladder and put the nest and the bird back in the tree. the little cunt dive bombed me every spring after that.
Morning NEETs. NEETstrike is over and i'm waiting for wage to call.
>>5260 Morning NEET
No call from the wage. I will go shopping and turn on the xbox.
>>5279 >>5280 Good morning friends.
>>5281 "australian-evacuees"
>>5283 this cross board posting is tearing me apart
>>5282 Xbox sub-computer, should be unplugged Tech war Now!
Gonna have a wank.
>>5285 Morning Nu-neet. It's fine, think most are just cross posting anyways
>>5285 Beware m'neetos lest yer personality be split in twain.
Just got back from the shops, got everything except chink bat aids. also got supermarket music in my head. Hopefully this will flush it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmxZ94SLdac Sloop John B. - The Kingston Trio
(3.05 MB 1772x948 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5290 I'll help you flush it out.
>>5288 cross posting is pretty pathetic TBPH... id just like to give endchan one last chance and keep 16 as a bunker....
>>5288 I'm not cross posting. That shilling and the botnet attack was out of line. It still hurts to use my right hand after point clicking 500+ times to delete that shit. >tfw literally injured in board war
>>5293 Do you have any solid evidence Endchan did it? Just asking, not being antagonistic.
>>5285 gaped catastrophe
>>5292 >pathetic Suck a dick
>>5294 The mods here say it never happens and the second time it was ausneets specific. The shill i.e. "oh noes this board is dead lets go to end" was not a NEET. Then when i bitched about it on end, the response was full smug. So yeah end was behind it.
>>5293 This >>5294 None, just gut feeling. Of course it could have been random, but I don't believe in cohencidences. Most of the smaller boards have relations with each other (good and bad) Worth mentioning I went around some of the minor chans, couldn't find any other talk of being attacked. Seems pretty targeted imo. Also astro was down for for few weeks just came back couple days ago
>>5297 Probably the Jews.
>>5298 uh dont say a s t r 0 c h a n or you will be autobanned
>>5300 Maybe it was 16chan that did it. They thought they could handle thick abo penis but couldn't handle the gape.
>>5297 >was not a NEET. He claims he is. He needs to breath and calm down. >Then when i bitched about it on end, the response was full smug. If I banned him, people will start demanding that I ban people for shit they do on the other chans (Sure but how do I verify it was them and not an imposter). I would have banned him if the behaviour was on there as I have done before. He just resets his internet connection and comes back the next hour. >>5298 >None, just gut feeling. If you want to post the link to 16chan on the board occasionally I don't care. I was honestly enjoying the board before everyone came back when it was Webby, me and a few other NEETs. It was nice quite. It still is but some of the behaviour is unfortunate. >Seems pretty targeted imo You're a top board, similar to how we attract the French cancer that glues himself to any top board.
>>5302 Valid points...still can't shake the feeling. We will hang here and keep the fire warm for you all
>>5302 I'm keen for a amicable split. just like you i am happy to not have my posts disapear into the noise. Perhaps this split will be a good thing for ausneets. Like a sharehouse that took over the neighbours
>>5304 ill go where nofun isnt .... his autism has ruined countless lives
>>5304 >Perhaps this split will be a good thing for ausneets. Like a sharehouse that took over the neighbours I will say that I don't like having two windows but if it keeps everything calm, in the future I would still pop in.
>>5306 one will fall over eventually, even now the image uploads on endchan are 56k modem tier
>>5307 What happens, happens.
>>5306 I just want a beak from the noise so i can get back to normal shit.
>>5309 Sounds good, good luck.
>>5302 >comes back the next hour. Wordfilter nuro.
>>5305 Nofun is every neet other than you so why don't we give you your own schizo board.
(58.73 KB 640x480 headset.jpg)
Nuro i found these at the gym. can they be charged on a generic induction charger?
>>5313 Not Nuro but I would change the ear pieces.
>>5314 >from the gym bit of bugman ear boogers for ya
>>5313 are you sure there just isnt a micro usb hidden under a tab ?
>>5314 nah the ears are the cleanest hole in the entire body
>>5317 >will put his dick in absolutely anything
>>5318 >t. nuro's little sister
>>5313 This looks like them https://www.bose.com.au/en_au/products/headphones/earphones/soundsport-wireless.html#v=soundsport_wireless_black They are cable charged, they also have an app that helps locate them with 30 foot range btw (pic different model, but shows charge port location)
>>5320 Kek Tyrone is going to find him and smash his shit in for not handing in his $200 headphones
I would honestly hand them in and just say that you thought it was your headphones but you left them at home so they can't be your headphones.
Fuck it, because of circumstances which I personally am not in huge agreence with I will agree to your offer of being a VOL if that offer is still on the table on the condition that so we can balence the whole nuro situation we make Nuro a NEET we ban on site and remove his flags Don't hate him as much as the other neets do but I don't see any positive things happening if we don't have separate places for Nuro and his haters Ergo have endchan as the Nuro Zone and here as no nuros allowed email me at [email protected] I'm not NK, but rather Monaro, it's just the email I have if you're up for this BO
>>5324 > it's just the email It's a dirty fucking lie.
>>5325 It's a throwaway nuro, email me if you want
>tf you email Monaro and he calls you nuro
>>5328 Well no offense but given you posted your actual name I figured you were nuro given who is dumb enough to do that
>>5329 That's not my actual name.
>>5328 He calls himself NK.
So when is this board becoming nuro-free? I see we still have it's flags.
>>5333 How is that proof? Are we just meant to take your word for it?
>>5334 yes screenshot @7pm has not mentioned it yet .... but that probably wont be enough for you faggots
>>5335 Assuming it is true, very classy of you to spin this in the way you have.
>>5336 exactly, he's an autistic psychopath
>>5335 Post a pic of you wresting Hannah's corpse.
>>5338 very low quality posts prove you are loosing
>>5333 Nuro, I'm sad about this tragedy. I cant express how awful this is and how you must be feeling. We are all diminished by this loss.
>>5339 I'll make you looser.
>>5341 ¡Caliente!
So when is this board becoming nuro free?
>>5343 Well its all down to his LARP. If he was ahead of the news by several hours and correct in her time of passing he should be free to do whatever he wants. This is a family tragedy and you made fun of him.
>>5344 >This is a family tragedy and you made fun of him What goes around comes around. Are you aware that this board is going to become nuro free while endchan will be his containment board?
>>5344 Oh fuck off.
>>5345 it's not guarenteed matey, I said if I become vol I will do that, it depends on the BO
>>5347 Righto, my bad, I misunderstood. If he doesn't approve it I will make a board on endchan to be nuro free.
>>5348 Just my opinion, also not the NEET you responded to, but probably better not to do that. We're split up enough as it is.
> shit on dead family members > run away and create your own board COURAGE
>>5350 Nuro shat on his dead family member too both sides are retarded
>>5352 based and nuropilled
>>5352 Take your meds. Not the alex jones supplements.
>>5354 Are the suppositories acceptable?
>>5355 yes shove it long and deep
>>5356 I'll see what I have.
(34.54 KB 396x385 skinhead pepe.jpg)
>>5324 Lissen up, gettin you made a trusty on block 16 is going to take some big greasing of the chief administrator, and I know that for a fact. And the fact is he knows that you got a righteous hate-on for that nu-ro-fen NEET, cos you sayin he be flying some ink that you dont like and he be struttin in the yard thinkin he's cock of the walk and you gonna get that NEET thrown into the hole. Son, that is some fukin scandalous shit NEET, it aint gonna wash. I know you got disrespected and the fukn' fucker was saying some WAY out of fukn line shit, but you don' need no kite to tell you that everything on the inside is guts, everything here is respect. You gotta be a righteous standup NEET and shank his in he's fukn' eye right there in the main yard, fukn' dog on dog UNNA. So's I gotta get some more flavor with the chief before I get you that trusty spot. You either gots to cool off and wait or shank that fucker so he dont get up no more. Either way NEET i'll send you the word.
>>5358 kek, are you telling me to wank Nuro's anal fluids
I FUCKING HOPE YOU ALL HAPPY NOW YOU SHIT CUNTS IMAGINE QUESTIONING NURO EVER AGAIN https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8020065/Mother-three-kids-murdered-father-car-blast-tragedy-dies-hospital.html
>>5360 indigenous anal ants
>>5361 t. increasingly nervous CURSED man
>>5362 Stop impersonating me Monaro
Monaro is innocent! Stop accusing him of these nefarious deeds!
>>5364 What if I told you that every post that has claimed something about Monaro in this whole thread was actually made by Monaro what if this post is made by Monaro too
>>5365 stfu monaro you have blood on our hands
>>5366 Wasn't my fault that Possum's baby was a messy birth
>>5333 in places like this, 2 thing be recommended -never let anyone know who you are -or how sensitive you are to whatever
>>5360 Nuro this tragedy made the jew media. They said it was a murder suicide. The loss of three white children is deeply sad to me, personally. I hope your holding up.
>>5368 Thanks for the tip mate. just gimme a second, i gotta write that little gem down. on my bog roll
Morning Neets. Cloudy today and likely rain. Going to wage. Ominous feels
(34.54 KB 396x385 skinhead pepe.jpg)
>>5359 Nah NEET i aint sayin that, what i said is what i'm sayin, and if youse a normie on the inside here for whatever reason then you be looking for the screws to keep yo pink arse out of trouble like this is some safety house. That being that, youse ends up PC'ing it on reddit with the chomos and retards. This here imageboard is the 16 block, This here is where the righteous NEETs do their time. We aint gonna stand for turning it into some faggoty faggot land. It be what it be. At the end of the day when all's said and done, Nu-ro-fen NEET is a stand-up NEET who gets to walk tall in the yard, exactly because he done his time with the rest of us NEETs.
>>5372 I wouldn't say he's done his time when he's getting raped in the shower as we speak
Morning Neets
Good morning friends.
Looks like endchan is down.
>>5377 That didnt last long.
Just got back from the wage and the gym. Monumentally boring day but cruise-y and even the jannie in charge was all smiles at the end. Had to flex on some wiggy ex-raver looking guy who was verbalizing and singing to himself. I ended slamming him for that and cursing him for a fool when he doubled down. It was fucking outrageous how he was carrying on and what he looked like with schizo tattoos and a homeless tan. All the women in the gym sensed my power.
...do I have to be australian to post here?
>>5380 nah just shut up about how great it is to be a seppo
>>5381 Whats a seppo?
(443.51 KB 1920x1440 book exchange.jpg)
I am getting rid of lots of accumulated shit in preperation to move. Any hardcopy books that i can download in softcopy are targeted for ejection (except my comics). I made a home brew copy of Turner Diaries and I found it again during a reorganization burst. I'll just leave this here.
(3.59 KB 205x246 2rdkbw.png)
Coned + Gooned
>>5382 Your a seppo. Use an aussie proxy and try to fit in.
>>5383 Cringe
>>5385 Oh so that's what you guys call americans. What's australia like anyway? You guys like it or?
>>5387 aus is nice but the cities are not aus anymore
>>5379 Hmmmmmmmmmmm
>>5389 Wut? The guy looked like a refugee from a myspace techno rave page. Plus he was smelly and yelly. Someone had to slap this turkey down. I cant help it if those sheilas now think I'm the boss.
>>5390 >Wut? You and I know exactly why.
>>5388 You live in the city?
>>5392 sure seppo who doesnt?
>>5393 Yeah I guess if I lived in australia, I'd avoid the wilderness too what with all the hell beasts. I hear even the bugs there are huge
>>5394 its not so bad. the most that the wildlife will fuck up your shit is if you hit a wallaby and it blocks the air intake in your car and causes a breakdown. this actually happened to a mate of mine
(124.81 KB 1177x1025 about to die.jpg)
Heaps of tourists do stupid shit with the wildlife because they want a photo. its usually the animal that gets fucked to death tho.
>>5395 Did it survive? Or did he have to scrape guts out of his car?
(215.11 KB 1280x955 sweets tin.jpg)
Got some Brtbong sweets to round out the lolly tin. All the rest are made in aus.
>>5397 nah but theres heaps more where that came from.
>>5399 Sounds like they're considered a pest. I gotta sleep though but I'll talk to you guys tomorrow if you're still here
>>5400 I dont think they are a pest. the tourists on the other hand... see ya seppo
>>5397 Some of them can. Kangaroos will fuck your car right up. You need bull bars and even then you can get fucked up.
>>5398 You're sweet enough tbh
>>5402 I was told that those straight polycarbonate tube style bars were the best until the sun rots them and they get brittle. you dont see them much anymore
(77.20 KB 640x480 feral thumper.jpg)
>>5401 You love it.
(150.65 KB 880x1152 1576642851074.jpg)
Good Night, White
>>5407 Good night SnowWhiteNEET. Sleep tight.
>>5407 >>5408 Night night
>>5398 Can I have a milko?
>>5396 they taste good, but eating them should probably be considered a crime. very beautiful and intelligent creatures
Good Morning NEETs. Its faarking freezing outside and I have wage.
(41.39 KB 620x387 Faaarrrkkk.jpg)
>Faarking freezing this morning
>>5412 What SEA country are you from?
>>5413 >>5414 Good morning friends.
>>5414 I read that as farting freezing. Warosu theme makes it hard to see green text.
(3.99 MB 1440x1532 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5413 >>5416 G'morn' NEET(s)
>>5418 What is that? Storm aftermath?
>>5420 Nah, it's a bojak.
>>5419 Morning.
>>5415 australia
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-02-19/coronavirus-travel-ban-hits-universities-students-stuck-in-china/11975938?section=politics I saw this chink wearing a fancy N95 mask with the one way vent holes in it. Im assuming he was wearing it to protect those around him because he was recently from overseas or some shit. Which makes him either stupid, an arsehole or both because the one way valves on the mask only block when you inhale. therefore he is protecting exactly no one except himself. Chinees craven stupidity will kill us all.
Just got back from wage. Bit of an incident at coles. Bit of a setback actually.
>>5425 Did it involve a trip to HR...again?
I decided to work with loose feathers again for my sewing project tonight. Loose feathers are fucking horrible.
finished with the feathers for now. i might go back and stuff a couple of the sections that seem a little light. Its going nicely so far apart from it being shit to work with. mummybot has proved that there is a damn near inexhaustible supply of the shit for nothing.
>>5427 >>5428 Photographs please.
>>5429 I'm shy about my makes. ill post when i finish. maybe sunday
Morning NEETs. Slept in and have to rush for wage.
>>5431 Later Neet
>>5423 And you'd eat a blue ringed octopus?
>>5430 I look forward to it.
Good morning friends. >>5431 Morning.
(173.12 KB 500x431 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.44 MB 957x944 ClipboardImage.png)
(220.38 KB 500x533 ClipboardImage.png)
(501.44 KB 700x693 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5433 you know there are a few hundred-odd other species of octopuses, right?
>>5437 There's only one in that picture.
>>5438 never said only blue-ringed octopuses should be protected by law and clearly didn't mean only them considering they're about the only kind that is deadly to humans
>>5439 You replied to a picture of a blue ringed octopus, saying that they taste good.
>>5440 and, too, i've since clarified i meant all octopuses
Back from wage. Lowest IQ work team for a while. Two south asians, one bantu. one mixed asian,brain damage tranny and assorted surly boomer women. Fukn earned my shekels today NEETs
>>5442 There is no-one here. You are talking to the void.
>>5442 Welcome back neet
>>5443 There's always some one here
>>5396 Many aussies have a bad attitude towards the wildlife. hating on the browsing marsupials and calling them pests or fucking with the smaller ones or reptiles for the lulz. That fuckwit Steve irwin was alll about fucking with animals for the lulz. I still lulz when i think about the irony of his death. Holy shit i wish his last moments on tape would be available.
>>5443 I was talking to the void many times today. often i would give up and just do it myself. That place is a sheltered workshop.
>>5436 Garlic Bread meme weekend is it? >garlic bread frozen in the middle Bit of salmonella for ya? diners regrets when your projectile vomiting is the worst.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-02-22/coronavirus-covid-19-cripples-lobster-town-port-macdonnell/11975660 I told ya. How the fuck are they taking more than 5 tonnes of crayfish from the ocean? >Leasing a lobster pot license for $100k what kind of jew racket is this?
>>5449 Assume the limits only apply to the boats. The seafood company is just buying the catch from everyone in the area.
>>5443 You are here.
>>5446 >his last moments on tape would be available. "It was worth it, for the lulz"
>>5452 imagine making a video that only goes viral because you died in it.
(253.29 KB 367x367 ClipboardImage.png)
(140.66 KB 1280x960 chink shit stuffing.jpg)
I pass thru the tourist area on the way to wage and i found this kiddies puffer jacket on the pavenment. I harvested its padding which is actually a new kind of polyester fill that i have not seen before. it yielded quite a bit and the jacket would have been expensive due to the large amount of stitching. I have to guess that some clueless chink parent had the idea to wrap their nit up in cotton wool but the brat had different ideas. Kek. ill put it to good use.
>>5455 Thank you for the picture I look forward to more progress pictures.
My farts have a hot tang.
>>5457 Lovely.
remember 4 bit tunes on the c64?
(159.91 KB 1280x960 underquilt.jpg)
i pushed through and finished roughly the sewing project. its a repurposed sleeping bag with baffles sewn in and stuffed with feathers. i put a tube sleeve along all the edges. looks like i fucked up a bit where the yellow part is. meh.
>>5460 Well done NEET.
>>5461 have to string it up and test it out maybe tomorrow
>>5460 Looks lovely. I hope it provides you with a lot of warmth.
>>5462 Testing it indoors or outdoors?
>>5464 test it indoors where i sleep normally. the only way to know how it performs is to use it a couple of times. its pretty heavy
(191.07 KB 800x992 1580846195789.jpg)
Good Night, White.
>>5466 Good night SnowWhiteNEET. Sleep tight and don't let them bite.
>>5460 Very industrious of you NEET
>>5466 >>5467 >>5468 Nite nite neets
Morning NEETs. Waiting for a call from wage.
>>5470 Morning
no wage today. I'll risk (bat aids) a trip to coles to get supplies.
(72.37 KB 820x1000 s-l1000.jpg)
>>5472 It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.
>>5473 Returned from coles. Still have bad taste in my mouth after the incident the other day in the same place but no code yellow's were sighted and i loaded up with supplies.
>>5470 >>5471 Good morning friends.
(659.25 KB 650x463 ClipboardImage.png)
>tfw Webby didn't take you to his villa for some arse play
>>5459 Based
>>5473 tph I'm not really paranoid about bat aids from a personal point of view. I think it will put my family at risk because it is a nasty asian flu that will knock the elderly about and it will have unknown ripple effects wtf im paranoid now and belt tightening. I'm being optimistic about the opportunities and bringing the community of nazi yobs together by practicing LARPing big igloo scenarios and having a legitimate reason to avoid be openly racist towards the chinees. I'm using Bat Aids as a prompt to start buying in bulk which means making my food decisions one month in advance, far better that than the hand to mouth habits from my days of being a disciple of the inscrutable Colonel Sanders and his forever secret recipe MSG. All told i'm rolling for net benefits and china btfo from Based Bat Aids
(781.16 KB 700x394 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5479 What is this? some kind of fantasy where a mixed race orgy gets wiped out by a train? Ii'm down with that!
>>5475 Morn'
>>5479 >>5480 WARNING END OF LINE
Had sunday BBQ with neighbour. We flew his swassie flag and discussed sharing a chest freezer in preperation for food runs during a pandemic. No chinees were invited.
>>5483 What did you eat?
>>5484 frozen steaks and burgers. We had tortillas because no fresh bread. The supermarket and the bakery is in the hot zone, we are running down our supplies from our dawn lightning raid with full biohazard precautions that we did two weeks ago. although im pretty sure the guy went to the bottle shop since and he may be terminally compromised
(185.42 KB 652x919 1580968045455.jpg)
Good Night, White.
>>5487 Good night
>>5487 Gute Nacht neets
Morning NEETs, Wage today. might not go to civic club tonight.
>>5490 Good morning, any reason why?
>>5490 >>5491 Good morning friends.
(604.75 KB 395x512 ClipboardImage.png)
Time changes everything.
>>5493 You just drop them in a glass of coke and leave them overnight and they are like brand new again.
>>5490 >>5491 >>5492 >>5494 Morning Neets
>>5493 Missing newest penny (pic related)
(353.62 KB 1280x960 jabba the hut.jpg)
>>5490 Back from wage. Uni is back in and I saw a hilux leave the campus area with a prominent communist decal on its door, i will take that as trolling for now. Its the last day of summer tomorrow and i call a neetstrike. I will go scouting an area that could be useful as a base of operations in a pandemic situation. It will be dry as fuck and i will go light and wear my runners instead of the boots and risk the tiger snakes. I will skip civic club because i want to prepare maps and comms frequencies and gear. I want to start walking at 5:30 which means a 4:30 rollout of bed.
>>5497 >i will take that as trolling for now. It's probably a car Mummy and daddy paid for. >Its the last day of summer tomorrow a Good I am over the heat. >I want to start walking at 5:30 which means a 4:30 rollout of bed. Please keep us updated on more pictures please.
>>5497 Stay safe, have a good trip neet
>>5497 That is a beautiful picture.
Good Morning NEETs. Up early for a NEETstrike. off to see what i can see today.
>>5501 Morning Have a good one
>>5501 >>5502 Good morning friends.
(373.94 KB 680x884 bat soup robert.jpg)
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-02-25/coronavirus-covid-19-what-happens-when-a-pandemic-is-declared/11998540 Aunty has formally declared that we will all get smashed by bat aids and that food hoarding is for sensible people. I have decided to do a run to the bulk food warehouse when doors open tommorrow. I pray i am not too late.
(36.98 KB 640x480 summer 4.jpg)
(92.50 KB 640x480 summer 3.jpg)
(49.18 KB 640x480 summer 2.jpg)
(74.42 KB 640x480 Summer 1.jpg)
Called a neet strike and went to the countryside. I started at dawn and wandered about in peripatetic fashion until 3pm. The day got really hot then windy which stirred up the dirty hills, grazed bare by wallabys and hares. I had a snooze in the hammock but didnt use the baofeng CCR, I used 3.5 liters of water and had 1 liter spare. I took my binoculars which were a good thing to have. The wallabys up there flee when they hear you coming which is different from the ones at my place which merely leave if you get too close. Ther were snakes but they are very shy and no photos sorry. there are heaps of carcsses around the paddocks and I suspect that many of them were shot. Sheep and bovino were not present in the back paddocks I surveyed. I saw two tiny christmas beetles and heard a very good chorus by currawongs who seem to like the hot days.
>>5505 Sounds great, the second pic is very nice.
pretty good neet report. thanks.
Good Morning NEETs, Rainy morning here. not enough to do any good, just enough to make life difficult.
>>5508 Good morning friend.
>>5505 Lovely scenery.
(66.16 KB 640x480 freezer.jpg)
(75.80 KB 640x480 cupboard.jpg)
I went to the bulk food place this morning as part of my bat aids prepping. The prices were quite expensive and they mostly had the big A10 cans of stuff. Its basically a convenience store for catering outfits. I got tins of beans and tomatoes, also a lifetime supply of bogroll. I wanted to fill up the freezer but they only had one type of veg that was not from some funny country. The onion rings are from Burgerland but it was that or from china, and im trying to avoid getting sick from china so no go. MIght have to do one run to coles to round out the supplies for the next couple months. have to organise that with my mate and we will go full Bio-wave.
Good Night, White
>>5511 That's a good stockpile.
Good Morning, NEETs. The actual locals are moving about in the dawn quiet, soon to be replaced by commuting outsiders rushing for parking spots.
Bat AIDS Strike MSM talking head https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8047061/At-home-sick-dog-Sunrises-Sam-Armytage-struck-mystery-illness.html CDC says stay away from your pets when ill with The chink flu, Your pooch may become a vector for infection.
(106.72 KB 659x960 1581229996573.jpg)
Pretty stuffed after a day in the workshop. i'm still covered in dust and its cold and dark outside already. Gonna call it. Good Night, White.
Good Morning, NEETs. Its cold and gloomy, might wear a woolen jumper today.
>>5517 Mornin Neet
Fukin hell. i was putting a lock on the freezer and i drilled through a coolant gas tube. Now i need another one in a hurry. bit of a setback
(30.05 KB 600x350 greta thunberg.jpg)
>gas leaked out HOW DARE YOU
(53.58 KB 1280x394 lenticular clouds2.jpg)
Hell busy day. Replaced some gaskets in the car, did some woodwork and went to the poor side of town and got a replacement freezer. I didnt haggle because they clearly need the cash. I also went to tell mummybot that i cant see visit her anymore because of the corona and to stop putting herself at risk buying me food. I even helped a mate shop around for cannisters for his M51 mask. About to hit the shower and look at pol for a bit then bed. Got the same amount of shit to do tomororow, hope it costs less money. >>5490
>>5521 Get some rest, see you in the morn' Good Night, White
Good Morning NEETs. A sunny and clear sky morning, but windy already.
The party brats across the road smashed a bottle on my tarmac apron, this is the second time its happened. I'm gonna talk to the neppos (enemy of my enemy) who live in the granny flat under em (4 yak fuckers in a 1br unit) and get their landos number, then im gonna get my lando to call their lando and put in a very negative report. I suspect the rich kids of tipping my bins and fucking up the brick letterbox. Got no qualms about seeing the brats replaced with mudshits or chinks.
(340.31 KB 1386x1044 Image2.jpg)
(278.87 KB 776x1062 Image1.jpg)
Finally got my dead tree cut down last week,so I no longer have to worry about it coming down in a storm
>>5524 Yeah I have flats next door to me and I much rather chinks or muslims etc simply cause they are quiet and mind their own business
>>5525 Yeah that needed to come away. You better water and fertilize and prune and be nice to the other two or they're gonna die just to spite you.
(49.77 KB 957x621 hamer pepe.jpg)
I just got back from the workshop. Made good use of my declared neet-strike and i will continue until the woodwork is done and i can move my focus to fitting out these turd suck units as a survival station.
Good Night, White.
(6.47 KB 225x225 3m.jpg)
Good Morning NEETs. Been up early and i went down the shops first thing to round out the supplies. Only one lone poo broom pusher was wearing a mask with an exhale valve. Started my mask ebaying when i got back. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Spasciani-TR-2002-full-face-mask-protection-respirator-Brand-new-Full-set/264641705197?hash=item3d9ddff4ed:g:0Q4AAOSwVtZaEpDW Got one for me and one for my mate. They are all sold out in the hours since. Also getting the 3M version for actual use (6800 pic related). I'm interested in either the tinted visor films or the spectacles kit with mirror aviators which gives me anonymity and a psychological tool that will help me use the thing in public. Another expensive day, maybe i can sell the spasiciani on gumtree for gouge tier price and recoup the lot.
https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11060548/fitness-fanatic-brit-cocaine-deal-sydney/ a bit ho-hum but the pigs door knocking the normies castle is pretty kekworthy
>>5530 Morning Neet, you see burger news? First death from CoronaChan Washington declared state of emergency At #Costco in #Brooklyn #NewYork #USA. 纽约布鲁克林Costco外。#COVID2019 #Coronavirus #武汉肺炎 #新冠肺炎 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kL4bt43dkvg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtcv24BacUA
>>5532 Yeah thats on voat. Supermarkets are soon to be death zones. I'm considering making coffins for my parents in readiness, because sure as fuck daddybot is not gonna give up going to the shopping centre for bannanas every fukn day.
>>5533 Figure couple months it will really start spreading and overwhelming medical services
>>5534 maybe. i have been hearing some interdasting factoids: 1)kiddies dont mount immune responses so they dont get symptoms or get rid of the virus, being corona mules until they turn 21 2) Virus laden particles can survive on hard surfaces for up to 9 days. 3) if the gubberment closes down the hospitality industry then the workers dont have to get paid but neither does rents or mortgages. Cant be bothered factoid checking that. My indefinite neet strike will continue until personal isolation protocols can be enacted and decontamination and long term survival infrastructure is commissioned.
(172.45 KB 500x890 1580422819397.png)
>>5535 Good luck neet
Thanks, Bat aids pandemic prepping is kind of an engaging situation for a guy like me. Good Night. White.
Nite Nite
Good Morning NEETs. Pissing with rain and the creek is rushing.
>>5539 Sounds comfy
(123.88 KB 952x767 1583068309853.jpg)
Had a long day. Issues with drop-ship online retailers and the stoppage of packages from china means no easy ozone generators but gas masks should be okay. Took some shit to the tip, really a world class landfill and I got a clothes dryer from the tip shop and some bonus kanga cricket stumps, they have a very good heft. Civic club was way out in the sticks and pretty good besides the chilly evening. Said good bye to the boomers. I suspect most are too disorganized to survive the coming pandemic. Another trip to the supermarket. They were sold out of UHT milk and flour for some reason. Cant think of anything more useless for the coming chink plague. Except maybe guns and ammo, which the sepps on /k/ seem to think is a priority. Kek. Productive day, Productive thoughts. Good Night, White.
(15.05 KB 638x338 ClipboardImage.png)
For the first time, we're in front.
Good Morning, NEETs. Lunch is cooking for the tiffin, gonna be a long day in the workshop. Imust remember to pack some lollies today. and a plastic bag to shit in >>5543 what is this? I strongly object to government unemployment statistics using gender stereotype colors in their excel graphs.
Talking to the boomers in the car last night on the way to civic club, I was telling them that I have been spending 30% of my time these last 2 weeks preparing for covid-n19 pandemic. One of them literally said to me that "its people like you spreading panic that are far worse than the virus, and we will be okay if we just ignore it". What i take from those feels is an indication of the underlying vulnerabilities of normies to any kind of new reality. Anyway, the scum media that the boomers mainline during waking hours is spreading panic, i am merely trying to focus that panic to points of real threats such as the shopping centers full of chinks and home delivered gook-muc they are so fond of in their declining years. I have decided that my personal isolation progam needs to have systems for visiting symptomatic family and friends, as i will be the only one able to provide care and work to prevent spread within the households I visit.
(36.54 KB 480x320 this is fine.jpg)
Big day in the workshop. I should post pictures but i am making to much stuff to keep up. Amongst other things, I made a cabinet for the clothes dryer, it encloses the rear and recirculates the exhaust into the inlet, a clothes cooker for to kill virus particles. Wont be long and i'll be able to rock out in full bio wave. Pretty exhausted but morale has seldom been higher, I feel like i've been preparing for this pandemic for my whole life.
(84.45 KB 1024x603 1581379046440.jpg)
Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs, Day unknown of likely indefinite neetstrike starts with cheerful morale. I go back to the workshop for a full day because the BOM promises a high amount of rain tomorrow. Some of the yellow paddocks on the hills are starting to show some tinges of green from the rain on the weekend.
End is down again I think.
>>5546 keep us updated m8
>>5549 yep
>tfw woe'd
I bought a Moscato today.
>>5553 A pink moscato?
Hello. We're back here again.
Weber sat on the Endchan server.
>>5557 Those shitty servers can take the full executive NEET load
Having a milk with icing sugar mixed in
>>5559 add a dash of rum
>>5560 Good idea
seems like endchan.net is fucked but endchan.org is fine hmmmmmmmmmm
who ever the fuck is BO please turn off captchas being required for every single post
>>5564 Apologies, we were getting spammed hard, back to how it was now. Enjoy your stay!
How nice to have visitors, such a shame I was busy with the preparations. Perhaps next time I will be here to greet them like NEET Robinson Crusoe. I had a big day in the workshop. The next step would be painting, Tomorrow i will be at home because of heavy rain forcast on the BOM. Starting to feel comfy already. Good Night, White.
>>5568 Nite Nite Neets
Good Morning, Neets. Rainy and dark morning, smells like the wet scrub smells. Feels comfy, not inclined to go out.
Heavy rain washes the corona out of the air. MIght run the air intakes for a bit. have to check that the chinks next door dont have their windows open. This is another problem that needs to be addressed.
Oh shit guys check this out: The neppos over the road are sorta allies, and they told us that the ching chongs were seen 2 days ago unloading a remarkably large amount of toilet paper from the boot of their brand new kleuger. KEK ITS THE SAME CHINK that was seen spraying fly spray on the outside walls, after i dusted the sugar ants when they went crazy on the hot day. THE LITTLE PRICK IS COPYING ME, he's emulating our prepper efforts. There was no panic buying its all weeb chinks trying to look manly in front of their waifus.
>>5570 Morning Neet
>>5572 I never got the toilet paper meme. Its as if people think using paper to smear shit around your ass is the only option to clean oneself
>>5574 Yeah its pure panic. Its somewhat random what gets hoovered up. Flour got cleared out from my ex supermarket. The psychology at play here is very interdasting.
>>5575 Bullets and Beans that's all you need to stock
>>5576 I'll let the chink next door know, lets hope he can fit some of that in the cupboards with his toilet paper.
Hmmm. Looks like raiders are a problem here. Lousy little raider rats. My Prepping is now prioritizing security. considering security cameras.
>>5578 I have security cameras at my place but when I eventually replace them I will get the wireless ones it will save a lot of mucking about with running cables to where you need them
>>5579 cameras will have to wait until the physical security is done. Off to the Gym.This will be the first test of new outfit and precautions
Went to the gym, first time for two weeks. I wore a half mask respirator (not the paper pieces of crap) and glasses from leaving my door to coming back. Sweating and hard breathing is a new experience with it on but only minor adjustments needed to be made, It didnt feel weird either, i got some sanctimonious huffy subaudiable disapproval grunts and slugs in cars were slightly more aggressive than normal but i tell you NEETs, it just feels right. Finally i can wear a mask because the air is poison and one slip up and you're fukd, and the only survivors will be incels like me who were larping from the get go. I feel like i have ascended to a superior new reality, I feel like i am pwning shit on the next level. When i went to spotlight after gym to get some fabric and bobbins and shit, I was getting ire and baelful stares from the hot women that are to be found there. That felt right too. After all my manly stares they avoided at the time by cruising tinder on their phones, swiping left on some chad who is going to be utterly useless in protecting their precious princess arses from bat aids. Hotties that were telling themselves that this NEET and his bike are not in your weight class, and chad is because he has a leased audi and works as a site manager. But chad is a mong and never learned to wipe his nose, now he's worse than dead weight and its already too late. Look at me spotlight lovelies, i can sew AND survive. The bottom rail is surely on the top in the new reality.
>>5574 >tfw you will never own a midget to clean your arse for you
>>5581 I hope you washed your hands afterwards and didnt touch your face
>>5583 I also did my first run of the decontamination procedure. Needs some work. And a fumigation cupboard. I need a decontamination midget but thats not gonna happen.
Good Night, White
>>5585 Good Morning NEETs. Its a warm morning and the heavy rain has lifted.
I'm required to write a report for civic club, as part of my role as troop bugler. I will paraphrase the lyrics to "when the saints go marching in". I also need to get the bugle engraved with my nickname and the year. The role of bugler is supposed to pass on to another club member but I will probabally be reappointed. I dont want to give it up and I have been saying that if they take it away I will quit the club. However i am quitting the club because of corona so i dont know how thats going to work besides.
(142.99 KB 640x916 tv week alf.jpg)
Was watching Home with my sisterclone the other day. Must have triggered a vivid dream about Alf getting Bat Aids and getting all in hospital with tubes and shit. The old boomer has had two heart attacks already and with his second wifey the doctor all deaddybones, who is gonna save him? The old prick is not immortal although with cgi who knows and how accident prone is he? If Alf gets the corona on home then its all over for summer bay.
>>5584 My biggest problem when I'm out is that I still want to touch my face, I am trying to teach myself not to, I always wash my hands well when I get home, but that won't matter if I have already touched my lips
>>5588 >>5589 Morning Neets
>>5589 You really must stop touching yourself in public NEET.
>>5590 Mornin’ Why is endchan being such a double nigger ?
>>5590 >>5592 Good afternoon. Is it time to start drinking yet?
>>5593 No, wait till later this afternoon
>>5594 The world has become very serious all of a sudden.
(364.42 KB 460x344 kc011b.gif)
>>5595 ...
>>5596 Got milk?
Hi End NEETs. I keep meaning to catch up on the gen there but im busy preparing for winter. I'll do my best to keep posting on ausneets, you neets are like pub mates.
(28.91 KB 500x500 white woman 6.jpg)
Just finished securing my freezer full of veg against the thief rat. My mate can now put his venison in it. Too tired to think of what to do tomorrow, maybe go up the bush and get my digging tools. dunno Good Night, White.
(185.67 KB 200x152 kl765.gif)
Good Morning NEETs. The dark stillness is slowly yielding to the grey embrace of the dawn.
>>5578 Mornin' Neet
Come back to endchan what are you clowns doing here writing long posts to nobody.
I am off to Coles, I will see if I can get a 30 pack of toilet paper, that might get me through the week
>>5604 Man, Corona chan toilet paper is a normie meme. Even reddit sneers at that one. i imagine
(53.48 KB 500x500 white woman 3.jpg)
Mingeing rain for most of the day. Damn near ruined my painting work. the only contact with outsiders today was when i stopped to get cash from the university ATM. This clueless south asian with a misfitted level 1 mask hit me up and waved his smartphone at me asking directions, i told him to fuck off before he got too close but he crossed my path when i was without my respirator. Some chinees guy got sucked in and if one of them has bat aids then thats a transmission right there. So you can see how it goes, if you are not racially aware and want to be nice-nice then your chances of avoiding being "blessed" are buckleys and none. I did my thing during the day and after third meal I got out the sewing machine and half completed a chest rig for my respirator. I should be able to rip it out of the pocket and have it on in seconds. I'll keep the glasses on all the time outdoors. For what protection they are worth. Frustrated at mates letting their partners attend concerts and sisterclone is still taking silly risks by having a market stall with her handcrafts. I have asked her to purchse as much peroxide at woolies as she can get tommorrow but i have told her i will not accept her cooking anymore, this is an upsetting but necessasary disengagement. I surely hate the chinees even more for this, effectively robbing the best food from my plate. Good Night, White.
>>5606 Night night, sleep Right White Neet
>>5608 Thanks mate, and right back at ya
(17.98 KB 532x532 3m n95.jpg)
I'm wiped out neets, was doing okay but had to visit the olds and explain to them why they are my major threat vector for nCoV-19, naturally they dont understand, insist that everything should be the same as it ever was and refuse to carry the excellent 3M n95 masks i proffer although daddybot took two but i suspect they will remain unused. The same goes for sisterclone who i love but is a turbo jannie NPC and gets indignant as cope, and cope instead of using those N95's. I will offer them to the JW's who came today and said they will come again to talk on wed or thu, I am prepared to tell them bullshit about their providence as they were boosted many moons ago and the boys will probably know. I whipped up a chest rig for my half face respirator in the ready position. I should post pics to demonstrate what i am talking about. I am starting to get the Bio-wave look i envisioned.
(67.45 KB 794x794 white woman 5.jpg)
Good Night, White.
(315.94 KB 1185x1632 HM_AltunaSpecial_cover.jpg)
>>5545 Heh, I thought that girl looked familiar! >>5610 mfw no mask :(((( Well I'm probably just gonna stay home anyway from now on. I mean not even go to the grocery store or anywhere at all. Got lots of food already, but will try to order a few things online, like powdered milk and vitamins.
>>5612 Good Morning NEETs. Bin Status: Emptied.
>>5612 Well spotted, you are the edgelord of yesteryear. I dont have any Heavy Metals in my comics collection and I've only read a couple. They seemed pretty good and I liked moebius stuff whenever i found it especially his character Arzach. >tfw you were never one of the cool kids in your D&D coterie.
>>5578 Mornin' Neet
(50.72 KB 886x382 HM.png)
>>5615 I'm an older NEET (Gen-X), and prepped gud on the old school comics and other goodies. I used to be subscribed to Heavy Metal magazine during the 90's, and even bought old 70's and 80's issues from second-hand shops, but all that was lost over a decade ago, for various reasons (including moving overseas). I had tons of D&D books too, but all that's left of those in physical form are the 1981 Basic/Expert D&D rulebooks (my favorite version, edited by Moldvay & Cook), plus a few dozen Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. Otherwise, I hit the torrents pretty hard around 2010, so that's always something.
>>5617 yeah i like the san fransisco underground stuff, no superhero books at all. joe sacco and comic book journalism is peak art IMHO. Not reading much anymore. wont get rid of my books, might seal up their boxes though soon though. i'd get into the torrents but i have moved on, grown up i suppose. D&D required mates, that is where that failed for me, I talked to one of the D&D guys and he's still into it with the others. how cringe is that shit. kek
I think both end .net and .org are down
>>5610 > them to the JW's who came today Mate don't even open the door to them, if anyone is going to get sick it's them, going from door to door, people coughing on then all day while they preach about god, they will be the ones spreading it to the wider community
play with my arse!
it cries out
>>5621 >>5622 >>5623 Please go back to that other board with all the children, we don't want that crap here
>>5624 It's down.
>>5625 Just like my prices.
(74.42 KB 1200x678 cra2.jpg)
>>5626 Forget that Jew, I'll suck your cock
>>5624 We came for your bulge. Post it.
(44.33 KB 600x800 bu.jpeg)
>>5629 You wish nigga.
>>5629 Head on it like a bulldog.
>>5620 >>5624 >>5625 >>5626 >>5627 >>5628 >>5629 Hi NEETs, Thanks for posting. I sorta miss the banter but im too busy with the situation to shitpost like i used to. I suppose im so desperate for intellectual conversation i'm willing to entertain the JW's and their rapture blather. I'll make sure we're all wearing level one surg masks and are switched on with the procedure before i start having my head filled with their version of gods word. Every now and then the deacon brings some lovely single lady looking like those good nights i post so thats a big plus. I did some chasing down of filters and radios and stuff. I tasked my prepper buddy with digging and clearing rocks in our decontamination and staging area. I also just finished making a shoulder bag (pics later) hopefully it will serve as a dump bag for dirty ppe and carry a container with a hand towel soaked in disinfectant. The disinfectant will be peroxide atm but i also put an order in for some special disinfectant as recommended by 8kun /pnd/ corona virus general . I've got a bit of a buyers club going on FB and have been posting there about the mudskin currently in hospital as the first local corona case. The dogshit works in hospitality as a nobody and potentially infected about 500 people, or so we calculate. I skipped civic club which was way out in the hills tonight, would have been good under normal circumstances but I'm cutting ties for good and my plan is to turn up at the annual awards night, play the last post, hand in the bugle and say goodbye. I've got three weeks to practice the call, so should be doable. Tomorrow a morning run to the wholesaler for more frozen chips and whatnot, I will go with my prepper buddy and we will be testing our procedure. Then more chasing of equipment and ppe and maybe make a start on fitting out the decontamination area. I wish i was doing something more pleasant, i'm sure we all do, stay safe NEETs and dont let the mudshits touch your food.
(26.70 KB 500x500 white woman 2.jpg)
Good Night, White.
>>5633 Night night, AltRight
Good Morning NEETs. Time to bring out the woollen jumpers because the mornings are cool.
HI NEETs, Disappointing day but cant have good efficiency all the time. Corona Buddy and I went to the wholesalers but we went via the safety shop. He bought too much shit and got anxiety when we got to the wholesalers. As such he has a proper half face respirator but no frozen food. I have learned about his limitations and will have to work around them, if i work with him at all. No gas mask today, tweaked my bio wave gear, I now call it SOPP for survival oriented protective posture clothing, based on the military MOPP suits. I really have to post pictures, maybe on 16 /k/. I need one more shoulder bag for fresh head covers and gloves. I am out of material and thread so a trip to spotlight must be scheduled. Perhaps a woman will post my photo on her FB. I must remember to stand up straight like an officer of the order. Tommorrow I start to move the big locker into place, physical security for my tools which i will use to fit out the decontamination area. I am now considering if 6 months worth of food is enough, i want 12 months worth of butter in my freezer. I expect to be able to trade a stick for anal sex when the SHTF.
(12.18 KB 500x500 white woman 1.jpg)
Good Night, White.
(145.34 KB 216x242 ClipboardImage.png)
I'm going to press my willy against her bum then act like I didn't.
>>5639 does that work? I would try that but no woman comes close to me anymore.
>>5640 Get lose to them.
(73.90 KB 500x622 021.jpg)
>>5639 This makes me hard
Good Morning NEETs. Full moon is still up. Chilly.
>>5643 Mornin' Neet
(592.66 KB 538x538 ClipboardImage.png)
I am the master of wank
>>5645 God look at his eyes. They look so sad, thats the loneliness of the discarded rag people right there.
Went out smurfing for butter and peroxide. Went in level 4 SOPP which is all i can manage atm. Glad i went in the cool morning because of the heat fatuige and sweating issue. Clearly need to re jig and modify outfit. Lost my card and my shopping list, a small setback, easily corrected but missed out on going to the second supermarket because i had to return. Saw the girl going to work, the one who asked me for my sperm. Couldnt talk much because of the voice muffling issue of the SOPP, Just told her i was smurfing and prepping. She commutes with a bus and is a medical recepitionist. Points for modified SOPP: -haversack needs another pouch for clean gear and one for a second option handwash. -need some way to attach paywave card to inner forearm. -need to secure keys and critical gear -glasses fog up, trial special gel for that very purpose -mask slipping when head pronated on bike and sweating. needs adjustment for that, also mask cover works nicely but may be adding to the problem. -restrict outings to coolest parts of the day. -outer layer could have some bold advertising slogan, something like SAVE 40% AT JOE'S!!! this would be adaptive camoflauge and people would assume i am just play acting for commercial gain and either focus on the message and eat at joe's or visually filter me out.
Hi NEETs. I just did a quick extrapolation and it looks like we will have about 2,000 coronavirus cases total by the end of the month, and maybe 60 or 70 deaths, if the virus keeps spreading as it has.
>>5648 >deaths meh. More concerned about panic when it becomes widely known that no recovery is possible from nCoV-19. And that the virus hides in your spinal fluid until it reaches your brainstem. >tfw Rereading Ragnar Benson survival manual for tips
>>5649 Big if true. I expect the normies will learn about this at about the same time the media tells them that the virus was caused by an AIDS faggot cruising for bat meat.
>>5650 BIG, IF TRUE
>>5651 Further extrapolation shows that the entire world will be infected by 21 May of this year. Anyone without 3+ months of food is fucked.
>>5652 > 3+ months food. yeah cannabalism is not an option in this boog variant
>>5652 I will hunt down the neighbourhood dogs and use them for food
>>5654 Government is already prepping. Wheat train going towards the cities last week. I'll look out for others. Trains are rare these days. We must be ready to defend our homes in case the government decides to do to us what Bolsheviks did to the Kulaks.
(24.25 KB 480x481 wd.jpg)
>>5657 I'd say most of that will be exported, something like 70% of our wheat is shipped overseas
>>5646 That is the look of a wank master.
Three dick rings came in the mail today. I put them on before washing them. Now my willy probably has bat aids. They don't seem tight enough to stop me shooting a load anyway. My girth is not enough.
My coworker was talking about poofter sport today and said that a tanned megalomaniac (trump), a guy with alzheimers who doesn't know what year it is (biden) and a fascist dictator (bernie) are running for office, my boss thought the fascist he was referring to was trump and then the coworker corrected him that he was indeed talking about bernie sanders. boss then replied with hillary would've been better.
(50.68 KB 480x660 that hottie with the tatts.jpg)
Yay. 3M Gas Mask came, and not a moment too soon!. The SOPP outfit is getting tweaked and tested and modified. I dont know why i use the gore tex and i might discard that step. Went out in the arvo to the gym in level 3, thence to spotlight etc.. the ladies of spotlight are not sure what to make of me, but at least i dont need to suppress my grim smile any longer. The next time I'll be wearing the gas mask with the tinted visor. Went to olddad's to get some hardware and hit him up for to leave a food cache there. More importantly I black pilled him on nCoV-19 but not about the brain stem involvement. It went okay and i am moving him along the behavioural change continuum. I'm using the same one as for smoking cessation counseling, co-incidentally also employed on my prepper buddy committed smoker, stoner and alco today. These days fill me with desires to be a lone wolf but the survival doctrine i know is to make networks. This is pushing shit uphill with a stick with my olddad and prepper buddy but its their real estate that has exploitable potential for a survival station although with a pandemic, squatting may be childs play Smurfing for butter tomorrow. might need to dispense with the for tex tho. Ideally i would like a hoodie made from terrycloth, covered in polyester mesh like a ice hockey jersey. This would be very good for reflecting some droplets of micropathogens and trapping the remainder. A hooded bathrobe would be ideal for this garment. Maybe a pink one. Good Night, White.
>>5662 you need a president you can wank to
Morning NEETs. Slept in for an hour but i got up for an hour so it cancels out.
>>5665 Mornin' Neet
>>5665 >>5666 Morning NEETs
>>5663 Sounds like you are well prepared m8 >>5665 >>5666 >>5667 Morning neets, bit of misty rain at the moment...comfy weather
Im off to do a run on my local bank branch. I Need cash for smurfing because i lost my fuggin card. I also need to go to the Post office to mail an actual letter. I will call ahead and warn them i'll have a gas mask.
(32.74 KB 329x528 smurf pepe.jpg)
Bank run went okay. Campus is deserted of whites I sense an air of frustration at the asians wearing masks. I'm starting to feel a sense of loss and sadness when am dealing with the wholesome white women behind the counter. not sure about what to do with the cash. Its technically an activated fomite for nine days, I could soak it in VIRKLON B which just arrived and not a moment too soon. They put a cheapo bag of jelly beans in it, i have put it into a box with todays activated fomites and will put it into storage. Having lunch and then going smurfing. on the list is respirators and peroxide, im not game to put virklon b on my skin because it is probabally carcinogenc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ulDouDpiYw
>>5670 >peroxide Have you tried here? supermarkets only have the very small bottles of 6% https://www.hydrogenperoxideaustralia.com.au/
>>5671 thanks for that link. i had a wank to the hottie on the homepage.
(187.95 KB 931x1280 That chick again.jpg)
It was a lovely soft warm day today. My smurfing run was successful. Spending money is easy as it turns out. bought up three sets of half masks and new glasses, got squirty bottles and brushes for my prepper buddy who is into warhammer. I ran into a collegue who is half based and smart. I pushed him along the corona blackpill continuum and told him to hit me back when he gets there. Also fortuitously talked to another close mate who i did the same for. I will talk to him again tomorrow before gym. Dispensed one mask set to a guy on my buyers club and sorted out our chlorine supply and dilution calcs. My tinted visors for the gas mask came and I hope to field that thing tomorrow at the gym which is now my SOPP outfit testing ground. Also tomorrow i will examine the Virklon B and possibly start using it. I stopped at the rose garden on the way and took off my half mask, the roses smell vivid in the heat and soon they will be spent. I had a bad thought that a tourist from the hulking cruise ship in view at the port would have touched their infected nose to the same rose and I had to decontaminate my face thoroughly with a dettol soaked rag. Now I know that its not very effective against SARS-CoV and i should use 3% peroxide on my face instead. This virus is so technical, Im starting to think that only the very lucky or very skilled will avoid infection. I really hope that i turn out to be a paranoid schizo on a doomsday sperg, I hope that my behavior now ends up ruining my reputation and i become a lol cow forever. I sincerely do. Good Night, White.
(129.30 KB 923x713 1583827616966.png)
>>5661 You are meant to put those cock rings on so the bottom part sits behind your balls I think. They don't just go around your dick the way a ring goes on your finger. You stretch the bottom of the ring over your balls.
>>5675 That is just speculation. I have never used one.
>>5673 ur a dum dum and your mate isn't a real warhammer fan if he doesn't want to spread nurgle's gifts
Good Morning NEETs. Warm night, relatively speaking
I had a rain day today. Went smurfing and got enough bleach tablets to make 240 liters of 0.1% bleach. Also got much butter and coffee which was at a giveaway price. I will smurf for more bleach tablets tomorrow because i noticed that it is made in france and i suspect that it will not be exported out of there for a while. The VIRKLON B turns out to be highly acidic and not suitable for skin cleansing. This is a problem because I have a limited amount of isopropyl alcohol and chloroxylenol (dettol) and chlorhexidine is not known to be effective against an encapsulated coronavirus of animal origin. The council workers are pressure washing the chink spit from the gutters in the cool early morning. its hard to imagine a better way to aerosol the tenacious virus slime particles. i will talk to my union rep about this and maybe scare the responsible middle manager into ceasing this idiocy. I am working on my bio wave look with the new full face mask and the tinted visor. It is pleasing to try it on in the mirror. I will get yellow rain slickers with a hood, and i intend to sew up a chest rig for critical items like a squirty bottle, rag, radio et cetera. I also want a gas mask bag and a long list of other shit. I gave out my last 3M paper mask to the sikh parcel delivery guy. It was an impulse decision 1) i never had a problem with sikhs, 2) i see the guy all the time, 3) potential valuable intel. 4) he knows im prepping anyway and i want to befriend a potential threat. The chinks next door get way more packages than me and they are always cunts to the delivery drivers, i can build my network with their ugly faces, the racist undercurrent here grows stronger as the threat intensifies. Bit stuffed today, likely the stress has caught up. Good Night, White.
>>5681 Good luck with it all mate, with the bo not getting rid of tarrant pictures I'm out of here
Good Morning NEETs. Not feeling it today, coffee will fix it.
>>5683 Mornin' Neet
Waiting for that cock ring update.
Fukn folded my door panel in on a post. can you take off the panel your self and take it in to get done?
>>5686 Look up some DIY tips on YouTube first. You can do wonders with some hot water or a toilet plunger.
>>5687 nah its beyond that, the panel is creased and the paint is fucked. im gonna take the door and front quarter panel off and send it in. After everything calms down here.
>>5688 How did you manage to wreck it that badly m8?
>>5686 If it's a small dent you fix it yourself with a diy panel beating kit that you can get off gumtree or facebook marketplace for around 50 bucks.
>>5689 >>5690 just careless reversing. up against a wooden post. i was into it a while ago but spraypainting colors so they match is a technical art. I think taking the panels off is what takes time and panelbeaters hate, there is no hurry. im only racing rust. I do like to keep a well maintained appearance on the ute tho.
Good Morning NEETs. Looking forward to doing a bit of woodwork today.
Did you get rid of n*ro here?
>>5691 >spraypainting colors so they match is a technical art. If you find the colour code for your car you can get paint mixed and sold to you at a car shop.
(12.72 KB 225x224 totally fucked mate.jpg)
>>5693 no n*ro here. i bet he's on cuckchan' corona virus general. >>5694 you'd think so but the color fades over the years and color matching is an actual specialty. I talked to my mechanic bro and he says that i can get a front panel from a wrecker and get that sprayed up. the door will be bogged and painted in situ. i can get some other scratches and chips done at the same time.
I had a better day today. I made a rack to dry my treated gear and did more painting. I went to see olddad and gave him some safety glasses that go over his glasses. He wanted me to have a cup of tea and i was wearing a level one social mask. He was over talking about the new reality and not engaging with it so i left right away and went to mummybots. She was more receptive and i was able to move her towrards acceptance a bit. We went through her cupboards and found 3 large bottles of alcohol hand wash! which we cheered over like it was the finest cognac. The Lack of hand and skin sanitiser was a gaping hole in my protective posture. I took 2/3 of it and set her up with many handy dispensers. I expect chronic shortages of supply and intended to husband this meager amount among my family. However i checked the study of what kills sars-cov and apparrently metho is equally effective, it just stinks and doesnt dry as fast. i posted that info on my FB corona network. I got fuel today, wore full hazmat yellow suit, half mask and visor, decontaminated at the tailgate. plenty of stares and smirks. Bring on the second panic phase when corona chan gets a celebrity endorsement from tom hanks croaking. I just want enough time to lay in another box of frozen onion rings before that happens. Not sure if i want to go smurfing for peroxide or start on the fitout. I'll decide tomorrow. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. The bins are out awaiting their inevitable emptying.
DaMn! the JW's ambushed me when i was taking the bins in. Didnt have my SOPP at even level zero. now im gonna be waiting for symptoms for the next 28 days. Mistakes were made.
Still waiting for that cock ring update...
>>5699 What about it?
>>5700 Did you get one to fit properly? Were you pulling it over your balls like suggested?
>>5701 They're not tight enough to stop cum so I don't really get what the point is.
>>5702 I think the purpose of them is to stop the blood draining out when you have an erection. So they keep your dick harder for longer. I have not heard of them being used to stop or delay ejaculation.
>>5703 I got a penis pump too, that is sort of the same.
>>5704 Have you tried out the penis pump?
>>5705 Yeah, it just sucked the blood into my dick. It didn't make it any bigger.
>>5706 You are going to great lengths to try and make your bulge pics more impressive for the gen.
>>5707 I don't know what else I can do.
>>5708 You are perfect just the way you are.
Good Morning woody NEETs, Gonna be a nice warm day but I had better get my outdoor tasks done before the rainy rain forecast for later.
Just got back from my last shopping trip for a while, was crowded but civil and i had no problems getting my onion rings and potatoes. No sauerkraut or lentils but whatevs. Some wag took a photo of me and posted it to the local FB news. Now i am all self conscious of my color palate, I need a better haversack and some gloves that match the jacket. Visor tint works splendidly tho.
spasciani civilian gas mask came in the mail today. its not as good as the 3m one but ill only be using it for the ozone cupboard and as a backup.
>>5681 >bleach You can also use granular pool chlorine from Bunnings. It's about $30 for 2kg. It makes the water hard because of the calcium salts but it would be good enough for decontamination.
Is endchan kill?
>>5714 Switch to .org
(76.46 KB 480x757 cunt.jpg)
>>5713 bleach is gold standard biocide. i just wanted some peroxide to round out the "ammo". I got 5Kg of calcium hypochorite and some oxone. i suspect the oxone will leave a residue on my stuff which hydrogen peroxide wont but you dont get hydrogen peroxide in a stable granular form. Im getting into the sewing tonight, I wont be caught wearing mismatched hazmat again. How embarrasing.
Good Morning NEETs. Its very warm outside in the dark
>>5717 It's because I'm out there with you.
The JW deacon came by today. I handed him a level 1 surgical mask and we both wore one while he told me of jesus's prophecies about the coming plague. We bemoaned the beureauctratic response to covid-19 but it seems the JW's are waddling ducks as opposed to sitting ones. The deacon seemed upbeat about the whole end of days thing, i have my fingers crossed for him. Went to the gym and came home via the covid-19 clinic. One scared looking woman in a n95 with an exhale valve waiting outside. A warm weak rain has started.
>>5719 Not religious, but hope he gets his wish, nothing I'd like more than to see the whole thing burn to the ground. Good luck Neet
>>5720 Open borders plus aids faggots equals bat aids seems more like common sense than prophecy, but maybe that's all prophecy is.
>>5720 >>5721 The thing about prophecies is that they come in every color of the rainbow, and its the flavor of the day that makes you think its your favorite. Then the season changes and so does your taste for the flavor, you forget the ones you used to think were gonna be the best forever. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs, Slept in for ten minutes today.
(23.04 KB 371x328 thumbsupcat.jpg)
yay my dollchan extension started working all of a sudden!
I fixed up the feather underquilt and had a snooze in the hammock. It works breddy good and ill use it from now on. I have two days to prepare for a double camping mission. four days out in two places. Got paper maps of the first place, I already have the maps for the second spot. They are open on the workdesk and im studying them now. I have to go to my bush base first and get some gear that i stashed there. I will keep my eye out for a good place to plant some spruce trees that are growing in pots here. im looking for drainage spots where i know they will get maximum moisture.
The Prime Minister is doing good. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/coronavirus-australia-live-updates/live-coverage/e4c1494a3a61b3e55faf27804d3f6ca4 >Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced a travel ban on all non-residents coming to Australia, to go into effect tomorrow night. >Anyone who is not a citizen, resident, or close family member of a citizen or resident will be denied entry into the country.
(33.11 KB 640x480 hoarding cunts.jpg)
(14.17 KB 278x318 PC321-3.jpg)
>>5726 I heard that some states have closed their borders, well kind of. You have a 2 week isolation enforcable by law if you cross the border. The tourist industry is kill, my prepper buddy is now on holiday and might start pulling his weight by picketing our stockpile and gear and keeping an eye on the perdiferous ching chongs. The chinks next door got a delivery of p2's (pic related),bunch of respirator hoarding cunts, thats our trick.
>>5728 Go on...
Scored an executive style barbeque at a throwout. Dragged it home on the hand truck and found it to be in good but needy condition. A fine addition to the yard. Good Night, White.
>>5732 Hot
Good Morning NEETs. The roads are wet from last night's gentle autumn rain.
>>5734 Like my runway, slide on in.
>>5727 Apparently the mad toilet paper rush was caused by chinks going in and buying them all up to send overseas. I wonder if (they) will keep the preventative measures in place after the outbreak has subsided or if (they) will return to business as usual.
(56.02 KB 382x550 call of duty modern welfare.jpg)
>>5736 Kek. The chinks need new ways to make money now their restaurant jobs are kill. dunno, the strains here are weak unlike the bioweapon strike zones overseas. the strain on cenno is gonna be intense. thanks for visiting me neetos, this is the social isolation neet general
>>5737 We are less pozzed than Italy. Our death rate is low. With the PM closing the border we might survive with very few cases compared to the open poz zones of Europe.
(101.86 KB 753x1024 1580007034362.jpg)
Went to the gym and then got some shit from the camping store. The store clerk was snippy and hustled away after i paid. I'm starting to build up experience in hazmat and my gear works to a rudimentary stage. I am getting pressure sores on the bridge of my nose from the mask, Its funny how the new reality fucks you in unexpected ways. >>5738 If this blows over with a handful of dead elderly then scomo is toast for crashing the economy. Even thought he had no choice.
Days done, I caught up on the sewing and gear modding for the coming bush missions. Tomorrow i pack and providore. I will get some petrol in a jerry can for to give to handy landowners where i want to put my staging area. I will think about map points of interest and excatly what gear to take and what to leave behind. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. Theres a cool drizzle outside but thankfully the party brats did not smash bottles on the apron last night.
>>5578 Mornin' Neet
>>5740 Burnt.
>>5742 >>5743 Morning.
going to see olddad, taking his groceries and eyeballing his garage for storage space for me. My mate has piked out on the camping adventure i spent so long planning but im going anyway. I'm disappointed in the quality of those around me, divesting myself from common interests is becoming a necessity.
>>5746 the world is full of cowards and morons it would be better if most of them were dead
fucking hell literally nothing works in this shitty country the faggots in charge should hang their heads in shame
the bible talks about how god rewards the righteous and punishes the wrongdoers but i dont see any evidence of it there is a new treatment coming out for bat aids so it looks like the boomers will cheat death and collect more welfare, yet again
(980.28 KB 500x890 ClipboardImage.png)
(121.51 KB 306x386 ClipboardImage.png)
(227.25 KB 266x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5750 She made a cameo in Star Trek Picard. She is old now but has had lots of plastic surgery and still looks okay.
Alright boys I'm back and yes I'm intoxicated. Just texted my ex that she's a bitch and she'll miss my dick. How you guys doing?
>>5752 Who are you?
>>5753 Anon I'm the American from weeks ago. Shits been happening. Couldnt find the time to come back until now
>>5754 >the American from weeks ago I don't remember you but I have an instinctive dislike of you.
>>5755 It's okay anon. Haters really do just gotta hate
>>5756 Most NEETs are over on endchan now. There is just sewing NEET larping here mostly.
>>5757 I actually just got a job. My mom pretty much forced me to go and I said fuck it because why not? Turns out the manager thought it showed I was serious about the position if I was willing to bring my mom to vouch for me. So I got the job. Minimum wage but I guess its better than playing games I hate at home while thinking about HER constantly. I don't know if things are looking up but I'm gonna save like a mother fucked until i can get an apartment I guess. Maybe that bitch will take me back then
(59.07 KB 716x1024 teddy bear pepe.jpg)
>>5757 Im not larping. Ive got lots of friends here some of them are not full of wood shavings either
>>5758 >new job Breddy gud. Can you pinch office supplies and sell them?
>>5760 Why risk it? Unless it's toilet paper, I won't be getting much and people are buying so much toilet paper, the store won't get anymore for a week. The people there seem nice if a bit weary like every worker. I mean minimum wage sucks dick but I'll find something better soon hopefully
>>5750 Star trek is for gen x weebs. but that woman is super hot. so i'll take it
>>5751 I personally kind of like the plastic bimbo look, even when they are older.
>>5752 My ex just texted me about how I'll miss his dick so I'm planning on proving him wrong. How am I doing? A little insulted but enthusiastic about my prospects.
>>5754 >Shits been happening. No it hasn't.
>>5761 Our representative will contact you shortly to revoke your NEET privileges.
>>5757 I come here and post my bulge then delete it.
>>5758 Good on you mate. Learn as much as you can. What is the job?
>>5767 And talk about your ripstarter.
>>5761 Don't take your mum to the next interview.
>>5767 I saved a copy of your bulge pic before you deleted it
>>5764 You go back to him and take his dick like the addicted slut you are.
>>5762 She is a mind reader so she could get you off in ways only your subconscious could imagine.
>>5770 your supposed to take your mummybot to the disciplinary meetings with your supervisor.
>>5765 But anon...
>>5769 >talk There were photos.. but I deleted them.
>>5771 You did not.
>>5773 Nice weeblore weeb
>>5772 No, his dick does not get to that sweet spot that can alleviate my shame
>>5770 I wasn't planning on it but who knows? My mom is very stubborn.
>>5774 hot I wish I was your manager.
>>5779 You are shameless that has always been your problem.
>>5775 Nothing has been happening.
>>5768 Just stocking shelves and other retail related shit.
>>5758 is your mummybot single, you should hook them up
>>5778 NK got me into it. I sob while watching it knowing I'll never get cuddled again. rape wasn't sure if there was a filter here
(14.54 KB 255x197 pepe plays with toys.jpg)
Woo. New frens to play with
>>5780 What are her interests and hobbies?
>>5785 No and also my manager is female
>>5782 >problem Pfft, you've never complained.
>>5784 In working hours or night shift?
>>5788 My mom? She's pretty religious. Reads the bible a lot.
>>5787 Bulge time. Do you like Shania Twain?
>>5789 this is starting to sound like a cfnm fantasy post pics of your mummybots feet
>>5789 hot Fuck this flood protection bullshit here.
>>5793 >Bulge time. Post the coconut oil instructional photo series please.
>>5792 Go on.
>>5791 Day. Customers are annoying but whatever. I don't plan on being here long
>>5793 does she look like that star trek weeb sexpot?
>>5798 you will learn to like them.
>>5796 I posted it on reddit and invited everyone to it a few hours ago but no one wanted to watch it. Now it'll be saved for just premium, private access.
>>5794 >>5795 Man you guys are really horny. Is it normally like this or is it some weird fetish thing because I'm "foreign" to you
>>5798 Try to work on your people skills, retail is good because it teaches you to act socially acceptable even when you don't feel like it. It's a good skill to have.
>>5797 I dunno man. Shes old. Old people stuff.
>>5802 Some NEETs are insatiable.
>>5799 She makes me gyrate in the same way.
>>5802 >foreign Post your fucking bulge.
>>5802 >wierd fetish thing not really but american "moms" are hot compared to aus mummybots
>>5804 I'm into old people stuff. I'm into whatever you want me to be into.
>>5802 you shouldnt have posted that weeb sexpot looking like your mom
>>5809 >old people stuff metamucil
>>5800 >>5803 I mean I'm not retarded. I can feign interest when Joe bumfuck wants to tell me about his favorite color of bread. It's just kind of a pain because they always ask you for shit when you're doing a bunch of other stuff. Guess its part of the job
>>5801 How much to buy a pair of worn cumdies?
>>5807 Anon, you expect me to browse porn, get my dick hard, and take a pic right now? I'm tired. Just imagine what it looks like. Go wild
>>5812 just be professional and not let them ask you personal questions.
>>5809 Anon my mother is unhappily married thank you very much. I'm not letting you become my dad
>>5802 does you manager look like sally?
>>5817 No. She's short, black, and skinny. It's a little weird having somebody you could kill with a tight enough hug tell you what to do but she's been nice so far.
>>5815 Some guy came in and asked for goat milk today. People have insane expectations for department stores
>>5812 Customer service. I'd ask for you to reach the top shelve so I could stand in front of you and have your bulge at face height.
>>5814 >get my dick hard, You don't need to show off for me. I want you as you are. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaA3YZ6QdJU
>>5819 retards will attempt to engage you in conversation because you are compelled to reply. shitposting rules apply irl
>>5811 And coconut oil.
>>5813 A zingerbox and a warm wink.
>>5824 You are a cheap slut.
>>5823 musty smelling Nylon lingerie from out of the 70's
>>5820 >>5821 Is homosexuality common in Australia or are you guys just weird ass girls? Oh who am I kidding, you're all 30 year old guys.
>>5821 I thought that song was going to be come as you are.
>>5816 If this is going to work, we need to come to an understanding. Me and your mother have a thing going and this will be easier if we get along. I am not asking you to love me, just to try. I accept you for you. I expect the same. I am a mummybot satisfier. I can improve your life too. I am hard but slightly bent. You can be satisfied as well if we just work together.
>>5826 He will coom his pants in a minute if you keep that up.
>>5818 I can teach you how to get a promotion.
>>5822 Memes have gone too far. Anti-meme movement when?
>>5827 >wierd arse girls I'm a lizard furry myself.
>>5829 >I am hard but slightly bent. I knew it.
>>5819 Do you sell it or did you just not want to help? I am seeing a pattern. Help others and it'll help you.
>>5825 That's just a bonus. My payment is really just knowing I've done a good job and put a grin on your face.
>>5831 Why do I have the nagging feeling your suggestion will involve some form of degeneracy?
>>5826 Oh.. Oh my.
>>5832 you should learn psychic judo. when a retard is attempting to push your buttons you can block them redirect them to where they cant piss you off you know when that happens because you start thinking about them too much afterwards
>>5827 I'm 29.
>>5834 You will always know it after how we've bonded.
>>5821 Love that sax.
>>5837 You are much too prudish. It's the 21st century, whatever it takes to have a good time.
>>5833 Honestly that's pretty standard on chans at this point. 6/10 mix it up >>5835 I mean even if we did sell it, I wouldn't know. I just started. I asked a coworker and he didn't know either. Doesn't help that the customer could barely speak English and spoke like he was whispering.
should have spoilered that one bit of pink showing how the hell do i spoiler pics here?
>>5840 Even worse >>5843 Regardless of what they all say, I'm not a slut anon. I need a little affection
>>5844 Kek. He didnt want goat milk he wanted naughty goat time. what kind of dual passport holder was he?
I bet he's wanking to those milfs now.
>>5847 Pretty big city. We got all types. Funny thing the store got robbed on my first day too. Guy walked in, grabbed some shit, and walked out. Pretty cucked that policy doesn't let you touch em.
>>5849 you will learn to spot the desperate buggers before they get grabby. Are you allowed to throw cans at them?
>>5846 I can be sentimental. I can be what you need.
>>5848 The camera was not handy.
>>5850 No. We basically gotta sit there and let em do it. Whatever I guess. Not my stuff. Imagine if you could take a week long of frustration out on robbers? Oh man I'd be breaking bones
>>5852 I am disappointed.
>>5853 That's the same as here. There's nothing you really can do.
>>5851 Everyone says that, anon. Nobody means it. It's a meme to get others to let you fuck em or give you something.
>>5855 It makes me wonder why you'd risk jail time for detergent. Are times that rough? I mean, id spot him a 5 if he asked nicely as I was leaving work.
Wandjina I sent you an email.
>>5856 It's not your money.
Planning for my survey trip today meant running around and getting supplies. Amongst the standout items was two loaves of black bread and three bottles of peroxide. Looks like i'll be going alone though, just as well as i want to survey some spots for caches. Maybe even to cache some semi valuable coins. I love testing myself in the field and i am hoping to go 4 nights without pulling the pin. Good Night, White.
>>5860 >Good Night, White. You should find a better sign off m8.
>>5858 That was highly inappropriate, even for my standards. Hot, but wew, I will need to go drill your box holes again. I can tell you are in need.
>>5859 I think you replied to the wrong post. Either way you guys are cool but I gotta sleep. I'll be back in who knows when. Hopefully I don't die of alcohol poisoning first. Godspeed, anons
>>5860 Night.
>>5863 Nah, that was for you. They pay insurance that would cover theft. There's no reason for you to get involved, they are robbing the store, not you.
>>5862 You are always welcome to drill any holes of mine you want.
>>5863 Night mate, give the best to your mum. Treat her well, she loves you a lot.
>>5866 You wouldn't let me tighten your cucumber frame to the wall.
>>5865 >they are robbing the store, not you They are transgressing against the standards of the entire society, and any normal person feels a need to do what they can to stop them. And that is right.
>>5868 You never even offered.
>>5870 I think I did. You said bricks were enough.
Probably safer, I would've probably bored them out too wide and made them to fit a bend.
>>5871 Sometimes when someone says no they really mean yes. You have to read between the lines. >>5872 We could have still tried.
>>5873 Your love is so complicated.
>>5874 Send me the coconut oil instructional series and it will all become much easier.
Good Morning NEETs. Nice clear morning here after a grey day yesterday
>>5876 Mornin' Neet. Still planning to take walkabout?
>>5877 Packed and had lunch. Just about to head out. I wont be back for about 5 days. I will be looking for areas useful to me for caches and survival areas of operation. I will take lots of photos for you all.
>>5878 >I will take lots of photos for you all. Good. And post them on endchan.
The barter economy is coming. Toilet rolls will be the primary medium of exchange. You heard it here first.
>>5880 If I could barter fat rolls I would be a millionaire.
>>5881 There are literally people coming on buses to my small country town to get toilet rolls. The local constable had to tell them to go. Brazil when?
>>5878 Godspeed anon.
>>5882 That is an urban myth. There is no footage of it anywhere in the country and everyone has a camera phone these days.
>>5880 I will end up sucking NEETdick for nicabate.
>>5884 I will try to get some footage. >>5885 There are a lot of salty whores around at the moment. Speaking of salt, did you know that saltwater is a good antiseptic for gargling in case of a sore throat?
>>5886 If I gargle it in my bum, will it help with my cramps?
>>5885 The mint will help with the dick taste in your mouth after.
>>5887 The mints probably cause your cramps. They are full of stuff that acts as a laxative.
>>5887 kek
(67.47 KB 219x230 ClipboardImage.png)
(352.35 KB 400x300 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5891 Hmmmm quite a juxtaposition.
Donald Trump is good.
>>5892 They both came up while looking for a Possum hose for a bidet. I did no think about how they would look together.
(838.83 KB 656x875 ClipboardImage.png)
Rare picture of The Council in session.
>>5894 >looking for a Possum hose for a bidet Did you find one?
>>5895 They are all naked, so that much is realistic.
>>5896 No, unfortunately.
>>5898 You can just get a normal one and imagine it is possum gently hosing you out.
(974.65 KB 490x676 ClipboardImage.png)
(682.95 KB 500x500 ClipboardImage.png)
(605.79 KB 455x480 ClipboardImage.png)
This board has copypaste images.
>>5899 >gently This isn't going to work.
>>5900 This sort of erotica should be spoilered.
(250.84 KB 482x538 ClipboardImage.png)
(248.89 KB 300x450 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.25 MB 733x1100 ClipboardImage.png)
(720.78 KB 564x829 ClipboardImage.png)
(824.03 KB 1080x2280 8qt7fg5ib9o41.jpg)
The density of penguin feathers.
>>5905 Wow, that's awesome. Is that it's wing?
(1.61 MB 768x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
To help you get all those hard to reach places.
(228.94 KB 500x500 ClipboardImage.png)
(215.67 KB 300x292 ClipboardImage.png)
(179.98 KB 384x384 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5908 Is the ogre in the blue shirt meant to be me?
>>5906 >Is that it's wing? I'm not sure which part it is.
>>5909 Why would you think that?
>>5910 Like most NEETpics, you need to use a little imagination.
>>5911 I was trying to work out a relationship between the pictures.
>>5913 You are looking too deeply. What do you think the relationship is between these pics >>5904 ?
>>5914 Give me 6 years to meditate on it.
>>5915 Wash in the waters of the land and become your inner yowie.
(139.75 KB 1080x608 ClipboardImage.png)
Centrelink is fucking useless.
>>5917 Is that guy on the toilet meant to be me?
(605.84 KB 644x575 ClipboardImage.png)
Is this the secret board? Where are the forbidden bulges?
>>5921 You do not have authorisation to access them.
>>5922 You are hoarding them.
>>5923 Only for safe keeping.
>>5924 All the pages will be yellowed and stuck together.
>>5925 Only NK has the HQ mustard seed.
>>5926 would go great in some dahl.
(140.32 KB 1280x960 beach rsz.jpg)
I'm back. I went to the beach.
>>5928 Welcome back Neet. Cool pic
(253.65 KB 1280x960 coral fungus.jpg)
There is lots of fungus about here in mid autumn. My mates piked out at the last minute with "engine trouble" on their bikes. I talked to them and told then there were heaps of gold tops in the fields.
(295.39 KB 1280x960 stream1.jpg)
(197.77 KB 1280x960 stream2.jpg)
(281.68 KB 1280x960 stream3.jpg)
Then I went to the highlands where there was lots of fresh running water from the mountain seeps. It got cold and clammy overnight but my feather underquilt was adequate. I wore my rain gear under the sleeping bag which stopped body moisture from killing the loft of the down. I made a whole list of things to change with my gear for next time.
>>5928 >>5930 >>5931 These re absolutely beautiful pictures. Very, very nice.
(347.21 KB 1280x960 cliff side.jpg)
>>5932 thanks, I was larping as a (((national geographic))) photojournalist.
(67.97 KB 640x480 mushroom 1.jpg)
(62.87 KB 640x480 mushroom 2.jpg)
(90.55 KB 640x480 mushroom 4.jpg)
(38.31 KB 640x480 mushroom 5.jpg)
(83.68 KB 640x480 mushroom 6.jpg)
The place is seldom visited, this is not a white shoe accessible area. I have been there many times and am starting to know the best of it.
Good Night, White.
(36.35 KB 458x458 poison.jpg)
Good Morning NEETs. I'm still jacked after that tall can of slurm I drank yesterday.
>>5934 >>5933 Awesome.
>>5936 Morning.
Washing the car.
(34.37 KB 720x480 1583077965997.jpg)
fugg the gym is closed. i cant easily put up a chin ups bar at home either
>>5578 https://www.amazon.com/Total-Upper-Workout-Fitness-Training/dp/B07CZKCC4Y/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=Iron+Gym+Total+Upper+Body+Workout+Bar&qid=1585268178&sr=8-3 Can do search for door frame chin up bar
>>5941 >door frame chin ups bar Meme fitness appliance
Kek. One of the boomers from my civic club is sending bleating cope emails about sars-cov2. One time he sent one that was "you only have a 1% chance of dying, you'll be fine if you wash your hands". I'm gonna Kek heartily if he dies from the coof. >imagine setting yourself up as a fatal joke
this one's fer me sea bullies yarr me hearties
(26.24 KB 666x666 ooooooo.png)
ok I'm back here to avoid the low tier 4chan loser
>>5942 >>5941 I've been using the local playground for pullups.
>>5947 do the kids call you a weirdo
>>5946 Pretty much nobody posts here though.
>>5949 I mean yeah but that's the point, maybe I'll go full nuro and just start talking about random shit while prending like people are listening to me when in fact no one cares
>>5948 I go early in the morning.
ok I fucked up
I did a fart in the shower and literally shit myself a little. It was fucking horrifying.
>>5952 What did you do?
>>5954 some 4chan nigger found out about us
>>5955 Are you nuro? Did you bring him to us?
>>5956 no, I mentioned in end that we should go to 16 to avoid a shitter, not mentioning the site url and someone else posted that I meant 16chan and posted the url
ah much more pleasant here
(9.59 KB 255x255 danlo.jpg)
>you can't escape me NEETs
>>5959 sup dan, why are you british now?
>>5960 >Do not question me neet or I will take the ironbar to you
>>5960 Because Ireland is rightfully British.
>>5962 Well I mean it technically is though I wish we had a Scotsman to rule all of the Isles and I'd suggest Gordon Ramsey
>>5949 hey! my mummybot says i'm not a nobody
(177.83 KB 1018x1400 evening dress.jpg)
I went to see my sisterclone and do some painting. She is now on corona holidays, as is the kid. Her attitude is now one of short sighted denial and petulant criticism of others for not "self isolating" while dodging the facts of her own needless risk taking for convenience. She told me that her colleague was sitting on a plane with a coofer and is in self imposed quarrantine. I wonder if this is behind her cope. i gave her two very good n95 masks for her recent work trip and she didnt use them. Her new sanitary rituals around her house, ineffective and misguided, point to an awareness of the new reality, at least. Olddad is on the wrong side of her invisible wall of safety that she is throwing up. I will endevour to engage with him more, his social groups have evaporated and the lost generation dont network outside of bowls and bike rides. Mummybot got worried about me on my camping trip, sleeping in the bush as recreation is alien to her. Civic club got the corona shoah. This is good because i keep the bugle instead of handing it on to some prick. Good Night, White.
Good Morning NEETs. the nights are getting colder and I need a new blanket since i cut up my extra one.
>>5945 iktf
>>5953 Least it was in the shower
>>5967 Morning.
>>5944 Very nice.
i'm off to the workshop and going to bunnings to put shit down my pants.
>>5970 Ireland is pwned by social justice jews and the trash of africa.
>>5974 Ireland was ruined by the irish a long time ago. What is happening right now is simply pissing on a bowl that's already overflowing with shit.
>>5973 Have fun at Bunnings m8
(235.61 KB 500x506 ClipboardImage.png)
(370.12 KB 920x690 ClipboardImage.png)
(244.94 KB 729x550 ClipboardImage.png)
Minor victory. I found an abandoned bbq in the park and me and my prepper buddy dragged it home. i supplied an o-ring for the gas fitting and my buddy cleaned it up. It works fine. he says we can cook 2 pizzas in it at a time. I like pizza.
>>5978 Awesome score.
(50.12 KB 707x547 Clipboard02.jpg)
im excited about the pizza. i will lay in some pizza flour and pizza cheese
>>5980 Are you going to make the pizza?
>>5981 Yes. Pizza motivation is high because all i eat now is beans and kraut from my supply.
(325.00 KB 635x892 1585335908793.jpg)
Had a good day at the workshop. The Tea chests work very nicely. Even talked to the landlord, he's a boomer but less clueless then most. Good Night, White.
>>5982 Are you planning on restocking?
>>5983 Night
>>5984 yeah i have to go shopping for oldad's fucking bananas, otherwise he will go to the supermarket himself and get the coof. So i will be grabbing shit continuously. I need to get my hazmat suit going, bleach bombing my cotton stuff every time is raping my clothes. FML
Good Morning NEETs. Its dark and smoky this morning from the burn-offs in the hills.
>>5987 Morning. It's a bit like that here but just because it's overcast,
The letterbox got vandalized and the lando got his pet handyman to fix it but he fucked it. He left a mess everywhere and there are no numbers on it. I had a "no junk mail" sign on it which is now gone and the nepos and pajeet fucksticks who stuff letterboxes with shit are having a great time. Now i have to clean up and redo the signage.
Morning neets got 12 hours sleep lastnight, so I am feeling a lot better,hopefully my 2 n95 masks turn up Monday so I will have at least some protection, I will have to clean them after each use of course with bleach so I am not sure how long they will last, but I'm only going out once a week to coles and once the virus hits my city i intend to only go out once a fortnight >>5986
(8.85 KB 255x152 logical.jpg)
>>5990 hold off on cleaning them every time. dont use bleach either. just a light spray with 70% metho. frequent washing degrades the hydrophobic polymer coating, apparrently. Im looking into it. it may be trivial to re coat them
>>5991 OK thanks, the ones I ordered come with 10 replaceable filters, so I'm thinking clean the rest of the mask and replace the filter. As it is I am going to need them sooner than I thought, my city just got listed as having infected patients https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/diseases/Pages/covid-19-lga.aspx So now with that news I'm only going out every 10 days for supplies, if the numbers increase dramatically I will change it to 14 days, I believe I have enough supplies to last at least 5 weeks if need be
CLEANING OF DISPOSABLE MASKS Some investigations have indicated that the hydrophobic coating on the filter material of face masks is degraded when it is washed in surfactants (soap and water) really? and polar solvents (-OH). This coating is a trade secret but has to be a siloxane. Siloxanes are used in cosmetics and most in the family are generally recognised as safe. Siloxanes are available in native form in many products such as tyre shine, waterproof clothing spray, anti foaming agent and masonry additive. I suggest that filter material can be decontaminated with 70% -OH or 3% H2O2, then reproofed by spraying it with Polydimethylsiloxane ( $50 AUD/1L) and drying. I'm gonna hassle the robots at the chemical company that makes my tyre shine and ask them exactly what goes into their cans. Failing that im going to cough up $50 for a lifetime supply of water based siloxane. cross posting on /pol/ and /pnd/
(158.91 KB 800x797 1580846551028.jpg)
Productive day at the workshop, add a little bit of research and even a calculation of my chlorine concentration. I took my kayak to its new home at olddads and mounting it in its cradle only took half an hour. I had a talk to olddad and he told me he is wearing his N95 to the pharmacy and leaving the shopping to me. I played the first part of the last post bugle call without difficulty and now i will learn the second part. I get to keep the bugle because the civic club has disbanded after 45 years. I might have to time my next outing to dodge scomo's quarrantine roadblocks. Good Night, White.
(148.50 KB 300x300 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.32 MB 1367x410 ClipboardImage.png)
(173.31 KB 512x315 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5994 night
Good Morning, NEETs. Woke up with a start when I remembered that the Bins needed to be put out. They are overfull because the ching chongs dont put em out and i was away last week.
Im off to sisterclones to assemble boxes and shit. She has two new doggos to replace the expired ones. Not happy about that and i hope that the stupid things dont dig up my miscanthus stands. Then again the rabbits did that too and maybe the doggos will chase them away.
Morning neets >>5993 mmmmm Interesting >>5994 It's good that he is wearing the mask >>5997 They sound completelly useless >>5998 Have a good day m8
>WHEN YOU CAN LEAVE THE HOUSE? >He reiterated that there were only four reasons to leave the house. These are: >Shopping for what you need, including food and essential supplies. >Medical or compassionate needs. >To exercise in line with social distancing rules. >For work or education, if you cannot do this from home. This is an autist's wet dream.
(30.08 KB 540x292 phobia.jpg)
>>5941 Kek, I bought one of these a few months ago just because they happened to have them at Lidl (17 euros) when I went grocery shopping. It works fine, but doesn't fit all doors because you need enough clearance on both sides of the door frame. So you'll need to measure your door frames first unless it's obvious there's enough room. Anyway I found a spot for it, and it works well enough. I was only doing pushups and abdominal exercises before I got this, so it adds a bit of variety (and helps to get the heart beating faster, since it's a fairly strenuous exercise).
* “The entire world has an enemy that is moving through it, an unseen enemy that doesn’t have borders.” – NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard.
(62.19 KB 387x550 1581201466744.jpg)
>>6002 Finally the gubbernment recognizes the jews for what they are! >>6001 Will your landlord have a shit haemmorhage if you pull the doorframe out of the wall? >>6000 there are two types of person who wear helmets on bikes. Those that are afraid of getting a head injury and those that are afraid of getting a fine. On the same skein is the soft quarrantine: those who want to avoid contracting and spreading the virus and those that are motivated by more pecuniary incentives. Once the latter finds that its a soft quarrantine at best and at worst is completely uninforcable, then these types will get bold and cocky. New bread at 750?
(63.80 KB 480x360 jesus business man.jpg)
Reasonable day. Sisterclone's new dogs are a pain in the arse, spent too much time welding new dumbells. I made them 16 Kg each but then found them twice as heavy as the "16" at the gym. I suspect that its in some legacy units from america. Bins got emptied and the useless chinks instantly filled them up again. I got a nice handwritten letter from the JW deacon, i put it in a plastic bag and ill study the bible verses. I will examine jesus's teachings for references to chinks being the plague he refers to as a sign of the approach of jehovas kingdom. new bread in the morning.
Good Night, White.


no cookies?