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(43.38 KB 600x600 aUSNEETS ON 16CHAN.jpg)
Subject Name 02/09/2020 (Sun) 21:19:03 No. 3
this is a test test testy testy testy testy testy testy testy
Edited last time by dublpluga on 02/10/2020 (Mon) 09:25:35.
Welp looks like the bunker bunker is now operatinal. Good Morning NEETs
(117.97 KB 1280x1280 vic bitter.jpg)
Very Best Best Bitter
getting those wage feels. No one talks to me there either.
Good morning all. My female boss demanded to know why I was wearing a suit this morning.
Set up my second monitor on the workstation. its a bit wobbly with the mounting but should be okay.
>>7 Is she hot?
I cant even post on 8kun, I keep getting the "The server took too long to submit your post" error, have given up trying I'm going to wait till endchan comes back
The wandering NEETs
>>9 If you like dumpy, 50-something greek women, sure.
>>12 Take it as a compliment. Does she have a mo?
>>10 Same. Couldn't post at all yesterday or today.
Good morning NEETs.
>>13 She does not. I felt shame telling her I was seeing a girl at lunchtime. I don't own anything in between jeans and tshirts and formal attire.
>>7 You should have said you were going to KFC for lunch
>I made my topic about early intervention with asd The mother sounds interesting. This topic has being coming up a bit on the gen. The failure of parents to be sensible i.e. "if the captain is drunk then don't blame the crew for dancing". It sounds like its another single mum doing her own thing, in this situation the kids willnot be getting proper guidance and likely have their heads full of woman nonsense. I have a theory that this does not matter much as the formative years start around 16, this is when coaching by a man will make all the difference.
(8.28 KB 224x225 jelly pepe.png)
>>7 >Good morning all. Good morning. Is there a reason?
>>18 >It sounds like its another single mum doing her own thing There are a lot of idiots in society, there are still people who think vaccine will kill their kids and give them autism despite research evidence suggesting otherwise.
>>15 morning neet
This place is much better as it works.
>>23 For now.
(40.88 KB 500x354 savoy.jpg)
Woke up feeling seedy and dehydrated because I ate lots of savoy (meme jatz) and butter last evening for supper. might switch back to jatz, see if that helps >tfw Sodium hangover
>>21 Parents failing their kids is like some universal experience. Even the parents that give their kids everything and are really "correct" according to the doctrine end up fucking up the kids who have no direction and just cruise in dead end entry level jobs that their parents set up for them or fall into other pitfalls and stay there, Like Nuro and his codiene.
>>24 I don't have to refresh the page, I like that my IP isn't flagged by their shitty DDOS protection (I could see the thread last night but couldn't post). Ron was trying to flog their provider that is still unable to handle the situation that is exceeded 24 hours.
>>24 pnd on 8kun is still fine but /ausneets/ is kill. I tried to email the site admins on their emails in the FAQ and they all bounced. This was around the time of the recent migration. Something is up with 8kun.
>>26 I had attentive parents. I think they sheltered me too much and this is one of the reasons I can't make friends to talk to girls.
(76.52 KB 460x628 1580581197300.jpg)
>>29 my parents were very good, I got lots of resources but never too much like the NPC kid down the road who got the C64, guns and lego kits up the arse. My parents split up when i was 16 and I was on my own at 17. I am grateful for having an imagination and being resourceful, both direct results of all that.
We are but nomads moving from place to place, grazing of goon and tendies, to support ourselves. Maybe one day our nomadic tribe of NEETs will build up more power.
>>31 We had one that was going to lead us to the promised Boong land, but even Wizzy became old and weak
>>31 We are the unclean, the unwanted of the imageboards.
>>15 >>20 >>22 Good Morning Neets. Tried Posting here earlier thismorning but the thread was locked..
>>26 Shut the fuck up. My parents were aight. Finding out the awfull unspeakable truth is what drove me to self medicate. No wonder they keep it so secret.
>>35 >unspeakable truth You found out about Santa claus late in life, did ya?
>>33 > this was a huge attack, someone really wanted the site offline
>>36 yeah imagine if you were told santa claus did not exist your entire life and you bumped into him one day....
>>37 2 hours my arse. It was unusable all day yesterday.
/ausneets/ on 8kun is Still down it seems.
>>39 >15 hours ago it seems to be usable now i was just able to post, but between the down time and endchan being down this situation is an utter farce
>>40 Weber posting there on Saturday broke it.
>>42 Hotwheels offered Weber a private camshow if he used his haxor skills to break 8kun
>>38 >S-santa? My gay mate says you'd be surprised who you meet at the toilet block after dark.
The new sterkowski hat just got delivered. Its nowhere near as good as the barbour one, but acceptable at one quarter the price.
>>39 This they always mitigate how bad it was.
>>45 My foot stepper arrived in a box that was completely fucked. It looked like it was wet in the rain with most of the contents inside dry. Would have hated it if I had something that could be replaced received in that condition.
>>47 >foot stepper You could just go for a walk or do some jail cell pacing if you're agrophobic or in a jail cell
(62.25 KB 900x900 Doctor Dan.jpg)
>>35 You should drink for enjoyment Neet, If you drink to escape then we need to have a little talk... and set you up with a preferred customer account
>>48 I go for a walk each day, it is more than when I am sitting for more than 2 minutes I need to keep moving my feet. I am going to return it because of the filthy state of the box and it doesn't look like it will last long as it is already showing signs of wear after 30 minutes.
>>51 Pretty much but I ordered it through Amazon US and it was made by a US company that outsources it to China. For $20 for the product I thought it was decent.
I might start posting on the other chan until it goes down again, then I will come back as more NEET are posting on the other chan.
>>35 One girl I knew was raised as a mormon, She shook the cognitive dissonance after 5 kids and a divorce. She's happy and busy now and didnt get into the drink. oh wait, she did
Get back to 8kun you boongs
>>55 Probably moderation here with people not abusing flags.
There is no BO yet. 663 is the BO.
8kun is still munted, Where will NURO post his fucking lunch time sandwich now?
>>57 Interesting. Yesterday someone on there claimed they were working for a federal agency. While misusing the flags also annoyed me given it was the same user.
>>58 I just have a KFC and can report that the potato and gravy is good today.
(123.71 KB 1280x960 witness the biscuit.jpg)
(200.03 KB 1280x720 sm.jpeg)
>>58 Use this one m8
>>61 Nice presentation 9.5/10
>>58 >Where will NURO post his fucking lunch time sandwich now? Its a deadmans switch you troglodyte. Do you even operate ?
>>62 >toast >cheese not melted > fucking onion 2/10
>>63 > not haggling about the crumbs i knew i was getting ripped off, this is clearly a personal vendetta
>>62 >Quarter sawn Pine plank, >Dressed all round with chamfer >Evidence of scarfing on short face 6/10
(83.89 KB 384x440 if you only knew the gravy.jpeg)
> can report that the potato and gravy is good today. LIES !
>>68 It was good for me.
>>70 They want it buffed. Those guys are the real writers of melly. They want their walls back
>>70 kek thank god no lushux were harmed in the attack
(61.55 KB 640x480 Black kt26's.jpg)
Just got my new Dunlops. Terrorwave aesthetic just merged with smart formal NEETs
>>72 That made me laugh.
>>73 Noice. Good shade of purple that matches well with the black.
(774.54 KB 2500x1589 1_C-_ZsDMR1gSfLplci48qJA.jpeg)
getting a hug and a kiss from a cute girl in a sun dress has to be one of the nicer things in life
>>72 Even here you need to namefag.
>>78 I want to know who im talking to in an emergency bunker shitwad
>>76 very funny you unbelieving sinner
>>79 That has nothing to do with you being a namefag.
>>76 Shame they discontinued the brand.
>>78 Moderately bantered.
16chan works infinitely better than 8chan ever did. This site is nice.
>>84 The post load like clockwork.
>>84 Once the flags get worked out it should be pretty comfy.
>>84 it is lightning fast... the code is tight and nobody is here, probably not wrapped in layers of DDOS mitigation either yet
>>86 >flags Of course...
Her performance was very underrepresented in the the first film her character appeared that was a total disaster. I don't why they didn't make this movie before the shit squad: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7985461/Coronavirus-destroyed-Margot-Robbies-film-Birds-Prey.html
want to give margot robbie a hug too
Does sexism know no limit: >'I sat there silently crying to myself': Student, 26, reveals how she lost 55 KILOS in a year after feeling mortified when a cinema chair snapped underneath her during a movie https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-7985055/Student-26-reveals-lost-55-KILOS-naturally.html
>>90 Yes you do.
>>91 I'm a fat cunt trying to become a less fat cunt but I've never had that happen.
>>93 You are a man! You can do it mate, keep trying
>>91 >>94 >Just one year ago, Cathryn Hucknall, 26, tipped the scales at 150kg I think I can, I've got a 20kg weightloss head start. Good on her too though despite my initial post about her.
>>92 want to get a gobbie from margot robbie
>>96 and a big sniff?
>>97 She can sniff me if she wishes. I wonder how many snags she can eat. She seems like she'd be down for a sausage sanga.
In 'It's nothing to worry about news' >Coronavirus death toll surpasses 900, making it more deadly than SARS https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/coronavirus-is-airborne-chinese-official-confirms/news-story/201218c04deb601b1b144f4cbbc4d807
>>98 She'd be down for your snag m8
>>99 I'll worry when it's more deadly than the seasonal flu.
>>101 It still has a lot more work to do. It needs to spread to India and work it's magic there.
>>102 It is in India.
>>103 It needs to spread further. The chinks have some mitigation control with the government shutting everything down but the poos will just run a muck and spread it like crazy.
>>105 The chinks can mobilise hospitals and equipment. The poos cant do that and rely on china for antibiotics and shit. Poos will cark it from secondaries and pneumonia.
>>104 We can only hope.
>>106 >Poos will cark it from secondaries and pneumonia. It would be interesting how the world responds to their overpopulation.
>>108 She did not.
>>110 It was a gourmet snag from the finest butcher in Adelaide and he grilled it to perfection and served it with some homemade tomato sauce made from tomatos Possum had grown.
>>110 She did it without even winking.
winked success
I hope he gets a big hug tbqh
He had two in the space of an hour today. >>77
>>111 >Not 10ks tomatoes
>>116 >>77 Very positive news.
>>117 You can't make sauce from those ones.
>>77 I haven't been hugged by anyone in over three years now.
>>120 Leave your window open tonight and someone special may hug you.
>>120 Prior to teh Russian at Xmas time, it had been a long time for me to. Probably a decade.
>>122 I'd just freeze up if someone hugged me at this point.
>>122 Well, not counting that incident in Canberra with Monaro at the brothel.
>>104 i bought a whole bunch of shit on ali-express to fix my bike and more than 2 weeks later none of it has shipped SUPPLY CHAINS HAVE COLLAPSED
>>125 I told you and you still had the chance to cancel the transaction but no you didn't listen to me.
>>120 i saw a highschool sweetheart at the shopping centre late last year, she gave me a huge hug... she is married with kids now and still banging hot feels man....
Going to make a cabbage and chorizo stew in the slow cooker either today or tomorrow. Already have the chorizo, cabbage, onion, potatoes and smoked paprika.
Still having trouble with 8kun, Nuro can post there no problems however. just saying.
>>124 >tfw no one will jiggle my tits
>>123 a cute girl would thaw you out pretty quickly
>>127 i can easily get a refund nigga, anyways im interested in seeing how long this will take
>>128 Sounds like a charitable act.
>>128 The main girl I liked in high school is now dating an acquaintance of mine. She seems happy though so I'm happy for her. Still kills me on the inside. >>130 Because he's a glow nigger. >>132 I wish it was like in my animes man.
>>129 Sounsd good. Mummybot texted to say she had put a piece of beef in the slow cooker for dinner tonight. She is making some roast taters and Yorkshire puddings to go with it for me.
>>133 I told I have still have something in Nanning City sitting there since 29/1 on air transport stuck in the city. I will be doing the refund too as it said it has to arrive before the start of next month, which is very unlikely.
>>109 Maybe the philanthropists like Bill gates have been cooking up something to feed the hordes.
>>135 >Because he's a glow nigger. Bec's contacts ensure her posts are always allowed.
>>136 I fucking love my slow cooker so much.
>>138 Bat curry
>>140 They are pretty hard to beat. I just wish I had the forethought and self control to use it a few times a week for meal prep.
>>128 ouch, do you know her husband? is he a jerk? women love jerks
>>138 China has a centrally planned economy mostly and is getting better even though they are doing serious damage to the planet. What has India done in the last 50 years for the environment other let it's population explode.
>>139 It was a condition of 8kun being allowed to exist at all, in addition to the disclaimer on every post.
>>136 >Yorkshire puddings to go with it for me. Very, very lucky boy.
>>145 Behind every corner is a gape sucking in information.
>>141 That information is above your pay grade NEET. We know you are using pirated windows too, stop it.
My ingredients for the chorizo and cabbage stew so far: 2 chorizos 2 onions 3 potatoes 3 carrots 2tsp smoked paprika 3 garlic cloves, crushed and chopped 1/2 cabbage 400g canned tomatoes 2L chicken stock Salt/pepper to taste
Absolutely disgusting post on 8kunt Rebecca.
>>137 if it takes more than 50 days to arrive there is a high possibilty you will get a full refund and it will rock up in the mail a week later and corona chan gave it to you for free happened with a macbook air battery of mine in 2018 when li ions went under increased scrutiny if you are betting man its an awesome time to buy !
>>149 Absolutely delicious
Get the fuck off this board Australia.
>>153 you call that a knife?
>>153 You have to suck us all off first.
>>156 Hot!
>>144 China is a kleptocracy and it central planning = nepotism and inefficiency and graft = a hollowed out economy. Based Bat Aids could tip the fucker over. ROLLING FOR CHINK COLLAPSE
>>153 Oh Lawdy ! I would be mad too
It's raining.
(43.90 KB 255x170 bang stick boong.jpg)
>>159 >being mad people are actually posting on their site Not our fault the only board of theirs apart from /ausneets/ that pulls more than 0 PPH is fucking pol of all things.
(276.75 KB 350x368 2ag.png)
>>153 >This is our land now ya whyte dog
>>161 Nice thumbnail. 10/10, kinda jealous I don't have a thumbnail like that.
>>158 >ROLLING FOR CHINK COLLAPSE I am not saying they are not going to collapse but I want them to take a few Pajeets down with them.
>>162 There's something amusing about /pol/ being a bunch of refugees on other boards these days
>>159 We are superior shit posters tbh
>>164 >tfw I want to whole picture.
>>166 It was going to happen with how toxic their behaviour had become.
later taters.....
>>170 See you later.
(633.21 KB 1180x787 bang stick boong.jpg)
>>168 Charlie Charcoal poses with a shotgun he got off 4chan /k/
>A gang of armed youths has terrorised employees and customers during a violent supermarket hold-up in Melbourne's outer south-east it's always the youths in Melbourne https://www.9news.com.au/national/woolworths-armed-robbery-youths-terrorise-staff-and-customers-at-lyndhurst/c3d76c0b-91ba-4cc0-b55d-7fed4910abdd
>>173 Thank you.
>>174 Not too far from Sudandenong.
I still want to know who is the admin of the /ausneets/ cytube channel. would be nice for a soundtrack.
(6.67 KB 240x232 sketchy pepe.jpg)
>>177 >reads lefty website for news
>>177 They lied on the first line, I didn't bother with the rest of the article
Got to love the fear mongering around imageboards. The left are just scared because when something isn't censored to death like reddit it stops being a left whinge echo chamber and starts being a bit more right wing.
>>180 If you were a hack writing an attack piece on imageboards, and you went on /ausneets/ looking for dangerous nazis being nazis, and saw a bunch of degenerates posting poo pics, would you take that to your editor and say "The world needs to know about this threat"? No, you would be repelled and perplexed at what wanked poo and gape was code for. Then you would drive your prius to the steiner school and pick up your half black kids and relax knowing that the article you write about the /pol/ diasporia will get you a paid appearance on both the SBS and the ABC. These types dont understand the NEET.
>>183 >wanked poo and gape was code for. I've honestly forgotten at this point. >>183 >half black kids *half black stepkids FTFY ;)
>>183 Or write a piece about 'wanked poo gape' being code for the next civil war. As happened with 'boogaloo' in the USA a couple of weeks ago.
You fellas are a bunch of flaming gallahs.
>>186 strewth
>>183 >The world needs to know about this threat"? The thread is the lack of poo posting recently. I think that is a concern to raise with the editor.
(48.82 KB 636x382 hhj.jpeg)
>>188 We demand the poo
Miscegenation is degeneration.
Would the next NEET to have a bowel movement please post it. This way we might feel more at home here.
>>192 I hope it's not a low quality one.
>>191 The woman with half breed kids might have had them by artificial insemination. There is a lack of white donors apparrently. Better get whacking NEETs.
>>194 A friendly welcome to our brothers from Australia. Fucken oath cunts, hope you guys find this to be a comfy community, you guys are always welcome here.
So are we moving here or what?
(122.45 KB 940x627 thumbsup.jpg)
>>195 Ello Motor.
>>196 This place works. I hate 8kunt not being able to post.
(158.96 KB 1280x720 cenno bogan.jpg)
>>195 Hi 663, Glad you could make it. Us NEETs have much experience with admin types.
>>200 Ye callin' me a bogan, m8?
>>189 I didn't know Gothmog lived in Australia now. They let anyone in it seems. >>194 >There is a lack of white donors apparrently. Bull. Fucking. Shit.
>>201 NEETs are level 36 bogans. M80
>>195 What do you make of the DDOS on 8kun/
>>202 no straight up. The woman i talked to said there was a choice of a pakistani, a white yank and a black yank. Get out there and donate.
I love it when Weber waddles along my back
>>205 Not believing it, sounds like one of (((their))) lies.
>>206 You do not.
It's still raining. I'm slack about making my stew though.
garlic shit going to make a cheesecake
>>206 Sounds painful.
Got all my uni work done neets. I am going to have a little bit of icecream as a neet treat.
>>212 With sprinkles?
>>212 Good work mate, you earned it.
>>213 Don't have any, I'll look if female roommate has some.
>>215 You earned them, remember that m8
>>216 >>218 gaped catastrophe
>>217 At this point you shouldn't donate to any "charities" unless they can show solid proof the money is actually going to where they claim it's going. I really hope Hell exists, because people like them that use charities for personal benefit deserve a special layer just for themselves.
>>221 Red Cross did something similar with their bushfire donations. Pack of cunts.
I only donate to the Abowaffen division.
>>223 Well that goes without saying.
>>221 I heard there is big money in these organisations for upper management. I heard someone talk about a family member in these organisations and their comment "you wouldn't believe how much staff cost."
>>223 I heard that money goes straight to Caltex.
Weber used charity money to buy snags once.
>>225 Taking a portion out to cover the costs of running the charity is fine, it's when these scumbags outright profit from it is when it's a problem. The other problem is so many of these "charities" are like that.
>>227 Money well alocated
>>228 Management in top positions in charity organisations easily earn over $200,000 a year and this is for an organisation that is to support the community and societies most vulnerable. It is beyond excess.
Tantric Weber waddles
>>227 He cut the snout off of one of those guide dog money boxes with a hacksaw and stole the coins inside once.
>>232 kek
>>230 Yes, one of (if not the) last times I was invited to my old "friends" house, I upset two of the people present who were on Anglicare's board by calling the thieves.
>>227 He made me pay for one his renowned back-waddle massages and then didn't follow through once
>>232 They're fair game m8
>>135 Those are some feels. I am glad I don't use social media because I would've killed myself now if I found out what was going on with Kate.
>>236 >gallery goonwana
>>235 He said you were three (3) minutes late and your hygiene was poor.
>>238 The best place to be m7+1
I love that we have a filter name feature on this site.
(4.44 MB 280x280 Diabetus_3f67af_7536511.gif)
Which exec is this?
>>240 That boong gives me a rape vibe.
>>243 A good boong should.
gaped anus
>>242 The skellies cowarded in fear.
gaped rape
>>241 It is easy to forget that coffee expert exists.
>>238 It was Gondwana but I edited it, it's from a few years back that pic is
don't gape my grapes
>>251 can I scrape your crapes?
>>252 Only if you clean up afterwards.
Weber winked poetically at me once
Cock and waddle play
>>199 8kun keep getting ddosed and other stupid shit like that, the people who were saying that it was superior to endchan were wrong.
>>256 What happened to endchan?
>>257 Server issues iirc
>>256 Well... it kinda is at the moment kek.
>>250 We have appreciated that work.
>>255 I need to hear the wikipedia article read out again.
>>256 8kunt is a target that is a problem for smaller community like us. It sucks but at least we can post here until Endchan comes back one day.
Ok I think I have improved on my 2017 masterpiece with this
>>262 I'm liking it here so far.
>>263 It's okay but I liked the other edit you made.
>>263 It's okay but I liked the other edit you made.
(56.92 KB 562x375 dans.jpg)
Am I in the right place? Why no dan memes?
Dan is yesterday's may-may
>>267 Dan Memes are old News, we're all about Costa Memes now
Costa chest bumped Weber once
(251.21 KB 841x473 1567049278604.png)
Wanna go back to old school ausneets, before the reign of craig and costa and boongs.
>>267 Other NEET ruined on 8kunt by misusing the flag and nothing was done about it.
Weber helped Hue kidnap Karen once
Could Costa beat Kostya Tszyu.
>>272 No, Costa memes and Unna memes are the life blood of the board while Anime trash should get gassed tbh
>>272 we all miss karen
>>275 never heard of him, but yes
>>272 You chose to leave Karen.
>>278 He was a barely-celebrity from years ago. Apparently he's a famous ex boxer.
>>274 Karen is Hue's Grandma?
>>276 Karen was a revered poster. Her good mornings were valued.
>>280 tbh the only Japanese Fighters I know of are Ryu and Kazuma Kiryu but they're from vidya gaems
Karen was Possum in drag.
>>284 Hot!
>>283 >Japanese He's a Soviet born 'Strayan.
>>282 I do remember Karen, probably is the gook night poster or the white woman poster Absoltute degenerate, should get gassed and replaced by hot boongs
>>287 >hot boongs
>>286 Why does he have a Japanese Name though
>>277 >>279 Fuck it, when we get our board back, I'm going to start karen posting, even though I'm not the original karen poster. It can be like a religion - it doesn't matter that I didn't found it, only that I practice it and annoy everyone else by knocking on their doors on the weekends.
>>288 Did I fucking stutter Fucking white dogs have no taste tbh
>>282 >Her >>290 It's funny how just one picture of an anime character can trigger people.
>>290 only if you're fine with me preaching the ways of the Dreamtime first UNNA
>>292 >Her she
>>292 tbh not even triggered though I am still unironically an Aboriginal Nationalist and still believe the indigenous folk of these lands should have at least part of their lands back as their own sovereign ethnostate
(83.02 KB 1200x675 EJPExusUUAAjQb2.jpeg)
>>288 >hot boongs Gonna start a hot boong folder. If this one exists, there must surely others.
>>296 spear girl that other model one
>>274 Weber kidnaps a lot of NEETs, once
(121.61 KB 1024x695 oWo.jpg)
>>297 The girl blushing at tony is pretty cute tbh
>>298 remember the time he tried to capture Monaro but Monaro ditched him
>>295 >I am still unironically an Aboriginal Nationalist and still believe the indigenous folk of these lands should have at least part of their lands back as their own sovereign ethnostate What an absolute monger. Those creatures should be grateful they even exist. >>296 She's white, having a great-great-great-great-great grandparent that's a boong doesn't make her one. Wouldn't be surprised if she had none at all but claims to just for gub'mint gibs, which funnily enough would make her a boong I guess.
tbh I am impressed by how fast posts go through on this board I know we hop from site to site now but I'd be up to stay here if this site doesn't fuck up
>>302 Same, nice not having to wait for a post with no picture attached to it to load.
>>302 will the global nerds do our bidding?
>>301 How can we give it back when we've sold it to the chinks?
>>305 Why are you asking me? I'm not the boong-lover that wants to hand over land to the natives.
>>301 You forgot at least three greats m8
>>301 Ok you fucking retard, at the very least think of it like this You don't like seeing boongs and you don't like your tax money (that you don't even pay because you're on Cenno you boong) going to them Under that logic what would be the negetive in giving the Aboriginal people some unused land, and for them to become their own nation of their own people, away from dog cunts like you so neither of you have to put up with each other You lose NOTHING if boongs get their ethanolstate and yet you act like some retarded Jew who wants the aboriginal people to intergrate more in degenerate (((White))) society
>>302 >>304 We have 8kunt for a general meeting ground even if we do not post there.
>>303 Even then, small pictures post just as fast, I am impressed
>>308 The problem with that is that we know they're incapable of self-governance and will be whining for more handouts within a year.
Officially confirmed cases: 40,614[4][6] Official deaths: 910[4]
>>305 Well it's very easy, nobody likes China at the moment so nobody here would be pissed if we stole back land China stole from us and give it back from the Boongs we stole from
>>311 If the White cunts who can't self govern themselves can figure out a way then the Aboriginals can too, and besides we can just you know, not give them handouts and block handouts from other nations
>>308 You don't understand the logistics of what you're saying. Like every single boong and "boong" like in >>296 would just pack up their lives and move to some parcel of land. And as >>311 stated, they'll still demand gibs as "muh reeparayshuns". What an absolute monger you are. We just need reservations for the shit tier boongs that don't want to be civilised.
(8.09 MB 05 Combustible.mp3)
>>302 Yeah, filter by name is fucking brilliant too. Testing if we can post .mp3s
Might go ram my fist up possum's bum.
>>317 You will not.
>>318 Too late, typing this one handed, other is past the elbow.
>>315 You say it wouldn't work and yet in the Middle East there is a country called "Israel" that works by exactly the same metrics for the Jews Who as we all know are VASTLY inferior to the Abos You just need to stop listening to Jew cunt lies they are pushing out to make us hate the abos and for us to forget about the rich cunts
>>318 He will try. Possum just has superior sphincter control.
(235.53 KB 595x408 first_fleet.png)
>>308 The boongs have been here for 80,000 years. That's long enough. Time to give someone else a go.
>>322 We have given the white cunt a go and they're fucking failing, why don't we give the aboriginals another go before we let the chinese waste theirs by making Australia into a polluted mining island hellhole
And I'm not talking about the whole country, I'm talking probably something like the northern NT or North West WA, or something
Most boongs wouldn't want to relocate.
>>325 Most jews initially didn't want to relocate to Israel
Based, so clearly we just need a boong holocaust.
>>327 by boong holocaust do you mean a holocaust of the white cunts caused by the indigenous population because I'd be up for that UNNA
>>263 I like it
(147.80 KB 759x1063 FuelCan_10LPlastic.jpg)
Calm down and have some unleaded.
>>274 I miss Karens good mornings
>>331 Fucking white dogs invented that shit to put the abo down Fucking sick of it UNNA
>>284 Now I'm thinking about that soap holder
>>333 They also invented everything in that picture.
>>335 Toyota Landcruisers are Japanese you retard
>>336 Did the japs invent the petrol and diesel engines, or the automobile? No.
>>336 >Japanese Hot
I wonder what Weber will be having for tea
>>319 If Possum could speak right now he would be saying VILE
>>338 With proper maintenance they run pretty average
>>339 He already said roast and taters and yorkshire pudding.
>>342 she also got me a weiss bar for pudding
>>324 Just give then South Australia, no one would miss them
>>343 Lucky bastard.
>>342 >yorkshire pudding I thought these were just meme foods eaten only by british expats.
>>347 They are a lost art.
(91.93 KB 564x522 t.jpg)
>>337 By that logic the boongs invented the axel because they invented the stick, and besides the age of white invention is dead and killed by Jewish Tradmarks and Nepotism with only a few exemptions left like Elon, and to be honest the only hope for White people is artificial wombs and going to Mars You act as if boongs are worthless pieces of shit with no value in preserving when tbh in 200 years White people will be in the same spot, unless there is an active movement to help protect Endangered races like the indigenous >inb4 you're gunna say I'm blaming it on whitey NO YOU RETARD ITS THE FUCKING RICH PEOPLE AND THE CHINKS and tbh to me everyone who is rich is a jew, with very few exemptions, it's about the way you act, nothing about religion or race
>>347 pretty sure weber is an expat or at least he really acts like one
>>351 From where? He's too smart to be irish.
>>352 he acts like a britbong
>>351 My family has been here since the late 1700s (free settlers, not criminals).
>>350 >because they invented the stick
>>354 So weber are you a Kra*t
>>355 yeah I'm making a joke at the way you cunts describe indigenous inventions
>>356 There's some Austrian Painter on my paternal grandmother's side.
Thinking about Weber's ancestry
>>357 >indigenous inventions
>>358 So you're the one who convinced Posso to enact Jew Free February
Lizbef represent. This could be us, Cruisedog.
>>359 >IKTF
Wanking about Weber's ancestry
>>360 >Jewish Anal Greaser
>>362 >Offer only valid for real proposals Better starting looking for a ring.
Weber is Northern Irish
>>362 Didn't Cruisey already marry the Monaro
>>367 Acceptable and white.
>>368 That was before he knew about this deal. I'm sure he can cancel his booking.
>>367 I thought he was Northern African
(177.58 KB 1803x979 irish.jpg)
Why are the scots and the irish so different?
>>366 I have a sterling silver volknaut ring we can use.
>>369 Boongs are whiter than the Irish though
(366.44 KB 460x666 tg.png)
>>372 Because Scotland is for ever https://youtube.com/watch?v=ixMHG0DIAK4
>>375 god I wish that were me
>>377 It can be if you're in a rural and remote community.
>>377 >tfw never get to poo on Tony's hand
Wanked chaos
>>372 The Scottish are just Anglo's in denial about being Anglo's.
>>381 I suspect this is true for the lowland scotts at least.
>>381 except I'm definably Pictish though
What about the Orkney Islands?
>>383 Sure thing Alfred.
>>262 >8kunt is a target that is a problem for smaller community like us. It is, the thing which makes it especially frustrating is the fact that we have nothing to do with all the drama surrounding 8chan/kun
Weber threw Hotwheels down some stairs once.
>>387 I heard he dangled him off a high-rise once
>>386 What is this drama? What dark secrets did qanon finally uncover about the space jews?
>>389 All I know is that Hotwheels is fucking pissed that 8kun is working so he DDoSed the site but got even more pissed when the site didn't even go down from the DDoS
>>390 Hell hath no wrath like a cripple on a sperg out.
>>389 What is this drama? All the bullshit to do with /pol/ and the media.
>>393 When is it on tonight?
Weber takes Cruisey to IKEA but Cruisey won't take Weber to Harry Potter Bar or Duck Restaurant
>>395 If he goes on another date again with the same girl he should organise a date there.
>>396 Where?
(55.59 KB 500x334 lm.jpeg)
>>395 I have heard he takes him to other "special" places
Sautéing the onion and garlic for the stew.
>>399 Very fancy.
Weber's never taken me to Ikea.
>>401 Everything has a price. Did you offer to put his meatballs in your mouth?
>>401 Only a select few NEETs are allowed to accompany Weber to IKEA
>>398 This combination of bath and carpet distresses me, given my recent plumbing problems.
>>397 Ikea, HP Bar or Duck restaurant.
Hey Webey there is an IKEA in Canberra though tbh I'm pretty sure we won't meet up
>>407 Yes please. There's no Ikea anywhere near me though, my town did recently get an Aldi's though.
>>409 She lives in Modbury, so Duck Restaurant might be viable.
gaped catastrophe
>>410 Get fucked, Monaro. You squandered my love 10 months ago.
>>412 Please take pictures of the food and interior for us.
>>411 What town?
>>417 Oh FFS.
Had some pork schnitzel and potatoes that mummybot cooked for dinner, might go for that longneck soon.
>>419 That sounds alright. Did you have gravy or lemon juice on the schnitzel?
(175.91 KB 1162x775 dan8588.jpg)
>>419 >I have more instore if you need it neet
Just got back from the civic club. Luckily i did not get into any fights.
>>422 Do you normally get into fights?
>>414 I know, tbh if you're back at the same time this year there'll probably be a thing on meaning I won't be able to bother you regardless
>>420 No, she made a salad with creamy dressing as well so I kind of mixed it with that a bit. >>421 You better be still be open unlike the last time I tried to see you Dan. I went to Craig's instead then.
I might go for a jog later. Too hot at the moment.
>>425 I'll be in CBR Thursday night 30 April, Friday and Saturday, May 1 & 2. Going home Sunday 3 morning.
Off to do a poo.
>>429 Might be out of Canberra that weekend though dunno yet
>>427 Dan popped out for a drink. Leave the poor guy alone, between serving ungrateful neets who only buy the cheapest cask wine and caving in the skulls of unruly aboriginies, it's a tough job.
>>433 He gets the job done though.
big rape
smelly anal
belly amal
gape proceedings
Got the cabbage in now, just waiting for it to shrink down in the slow cooker before I add the potatoes, carrots and canned tomatoes.
>>439 What other flavours are you adding? Is this the recipe you posted before?
>>440 Yeah along with bay leaves.
I've made something similar before, but with sauerkraut instead of cabbage.
>>431 Monaro played hard to get with Weber once.
(4.56 MB 4032x3024 20200210_191229.jpg)
(4.49 MB 4032x3024 20200210_191245.jpg)
Pictures of the stew so far.
Edited last time by dublpluga on 02/10/2020 (Mon) 09:25:48.
I gave it to webby up the bum once.
Watching a recording of Dancing with the Stars with Motherbot. This new TV trend of men wearing suits with ankle freezer pants and no socks needs to fucking die.
>>444 Looking good.
>>445 I had to finish myself off though because you're a selfish lover.
>>446 I agree.
>>444 Looking forward to the taste test
Cheescake is in the fridge for 8 hours now. I will post an image of the end product tomorrow. A little bit brown on the top due to me not knowing the new oven was fan forced
>>451 all new ovens are fan forced?
just returned from civic club. managed to avoid getting into a fight. was close tho.
>>453 I don't understand this meme
I feel ausneets has passed its intellectual peak.
>>455 Only one neet ever responded to my musings on the evolution of hibernation on bears.
nearly got stung by a bullant. lucky my thick socks stopped it.
>>452 i have never owned a fan forced oven
>>454 i go to a civic club. mostly boomer and lost generation. This one noob road raged me out of club hours and i will see him there eventually.
>>457 Find the nest and Kill Them All
>>459 but there were 2 civic club posts this evening, both mentioning not fighting
>>460 we were at a public reserve in a corner of town that i dont like. i wont go back there, some bogans dumped killed wallabys there and the place smelled foul. The boomers didnt seem to notice and put the bbq not 5 meters from a pile of carcasses.
>>455 You mean after the first poo post
>>57 >663 What?
Holy fuck, this site actually works.
It's so quick and smooth. Without error messages.
>>464 663 is the name of the site admin and owner
I'm using the warosu theme.
>>84 I'm very surprised by how good it is.
(154.99 KB 1920x1080 Capture.JPG)
Heloo Neetohs (No Education Employmet Training Or HomeS)
We must seem pretty far out to the cunts who track data and shit on imageboards. This huge wad of Australian IP's bouncing from obscure imageboard to the next. Always near the drama but never part of it.
...You can filter names here.
>>99 oh wow 900 deaths, not even as bad as ebola and we all know how little that did
>>182 I only get more extreme in UNNA
>>119 you can make some nice butter though
>>471 Not Really t. australian signals directorate flabby thighs
>>195 >from Australia You don't own me you white dog cunt.
>>130 hopefully Nuro stays there
>>206 Weber did not waddle across my back once.
>>216 Lightning.
>>474 Chinks are probably harder to kill than niggers.
>>480 Go and shit your pants cunt
>>218 Oh. I sang the wrong song.
>>480 You can filter him by name here.
>>483 Individually NO. But in a Swarm ? YES.
Timeline 8ch/aus/ (Mystery BO) -> 8ch/ausneets/ (Possum) -> 8ch/ozneet/ (Mongaro) -> 8ch/ausneets/ (Possum) -> 8ch/ausneets/ (Cruisey) -> Discord (Cheesey) -> Endchan/ausneets/ (imisfather) -> 8kun/ausneets/ (Cruisey) -> 16ch/ausneets/ (Mystery BO 2)
>>486 Names change brainlet
>>256 Yeah, but endchan wasn't as good as this.
>>484 the best thing is I know you're not the real nuro
(8.22 KB 562x188 dsd.png)
>>492 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
(8.22 KB 562x188 dsd.png)
the problem with this site is if you post too fast you keep getting in a loop of it calling you a spammer
>>265 >>266 Did this site make an error
>>496 He is probably just used to needing to submit the same post multiple times to make it go through.
>>217 same, I think the only time I've donated to something was a dollar to team trees
(5.03 MB 2309x3385 для-сводки.png)
Best physicist coming through - Lev Landau.
>>272 Did we find the sacred Karen on this site? Is 16chan Hue's cave? ..Is Hue still here?
>>491 what do you want ? a nuro sandwitch pizza or lamb roast ? t. flabby cunt flaps defense space directorate
>>290 Blasphemer, there is only one Karen.
>>295 That spoiler pic is awesome.
If Monaro had been smart enough to make a board here, I would've let him be my BO.
(319.83 KB 1000x821 Uraniborgskiss_90.jpg)
>>504 i could have sniped 8kun and this place but i really dont give a shit about most you cunts and its its not worth my time TBPH
Was that the 40 years in the desert and now we have escaped the Egyptians? We have arrived at our promised land. We should get rid of the totem of their fake religion. No more pepe. Only boongs. 16chan is our Jerusalem.
(218.50 KB 1061x1224 Sugai Yuuka4.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
>>364 After >>362 I will be wanking in his ancestry.
>>507 Gook night NEET. Sleep tight and don't let the hook bugs bite.
>>501 hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>>478 Thanks Bec
>>444 looks alright.
>>503 the absolute chaotic energy some of these boong pics exude are simply stunning >>504 I was gunna bother space.world about it but I was too lazy, also I never heard of this place until some NEET was saying something about making a board here
>>505 You love us and you know it!
>>507 The gook bugs bite, I mean.
tbh I almost want Nuro as a BO, imagine the discord him as a BO would of created
>>488 Lovely.
>>496 No, the second one was me being a cheeky NEET.
>>517 Bec's beautiful BO bicurious
>>492 None of that shit here.
Do any of you neeties have anything related to the board as your computer background here's mine
>>495 Calm down a wait a bit then.
>>494 Why didn't you keep singing with me?
>>522 No I just have the pictures in a folder I gleam over.
>>523 kek, but I like to make lots of posts and reply to neets indivdually
The way you love me is frightening. >>494
(3.61 MB 2560x1080 1576625376129.png)
>>522 Not related to /ausneets/ but here's my current wallpaper.
>>505 >i really dont give a shit about most you cunts Jeez man, way to let a girl down easy.
>>525 I had this one as a background too
>>507 night,
>>530 nuro is just tsundere (and very tsundere at that), I mean why else is he still here despite threatening to leave a dozen times
>>529 About a marching band?
>>514 All the OP's should be boongs now, not pepe. We have outgrown that meme.
>grandma buys pizza >asks if I want any >I say no since I'm trying to eat healthy >immediately asks me if I want any again >"are you sure? are you sure?" Does this bitch want me to stay a lard ass? I've even told her I'm trying to eat healthy to lose weight, not my fault the dumb bitch failed her diet by continuing to eat shit then blaming her dietician or whatever she had.
>>533 Always ducking down to KFC.
>>519 You are a cheeky NEET.
>>519 You are a cheeky NEET.
>>535 No.
>>536 I think she's just worried about you. Tell her what you are having for dinner. You can always ask them to leave you a slice on a plate you put in the kitchen for a NEET treat later.
Good night NEETs.
>>542 Good night.
>>540 Yes. Pepe is a stale meme that wasn't ours to begin with, Even the early Gen's didn't have pepes. It's not even a real tradition. Boongs are.
>>541 She knows what I'm having for dinner though, she was right there as I was making it and even asked me what it is. She just does this all the time though, completely disregards everything I say, treats everything I say like a joke, when she asks me something and I give her an answer she doesn't want to accept she does the "Are you sure?" shit. She treats me like a fucking idiot and there's no one in my family I can vent to about it. >>542 >>507 Good night fellas.
(139.65 KB 848x1300 nuro.jpg)
tsundere nuro
>>534 no but rather that THE WORLD IS GUNNA ROLL ME
(51.33 KB 700x614 unna.jpeg)
>>535 I think we should comprimise and that instead all OPs should be Boong Pepe's
(492.79 KB 1509x2000 1579366268684.jpg)
Good Night, White.
>>552 Good night, the quality pictures you're posting for your good night posts are getting better.
>>551 I will accept pepe's, only is they are boongs.. Otherwise, it'll have to be boongs.
Still not sure which girl I want to marry in Stardew Valley. I'm thinking one of the two redheads, the fact that they gave me two redheads to choose from is a bit rough too.
>>552 Good night.
How did we get a board here? They only have 10 boards.
Spoilers across the whole site are koalas. This is where we belong.
>>557 We NEETs are a persuasive bunch.
Hey. Fuck you.
>>562 No bad language please, this is a Christian board.
What is this Anonymous? We are NEETs I demand a change
(32.14 KB 480x378 1580831598232.jpg)
Testing koala spoiler.
Went grocery shopping today to get the stuff for my stew, had a really bad urge for soft drink and caved in on it, but I bought a pepsi max. I know they're still bad, but could have been worse I suppose.
I did not like that game.
>>565 I am a mong cunt. >>567 What game?
(24.77 KB 225x225 abos.jpeg)
(24.53 KB 225x225 abos.jpeg)
>>569 >>570 High quality/
tbh I have a few unna pepes just incase I need them
Is the anime girl for this website a koala? Like how kc's was a bear?
Thinking about adding chick peas to my stew, but I'm also worried about messing with it.
>>524 I'm not very good at singing.
>>566 Keep improving neet.
>>573 I miss kaycee so much. Kohl and ernst can't come close.
>>577 I knew an Australian Chink that used to harp on and on incessantly about Kraut memes on an old 8chan board I used to go on. The biggest wanker out.
>>578 >on an old 8chan board ?
>>578 bruce?
>>580 We're all Bruces here. >>579 ¿
I wish I could have a dog, even a cat.
>>582 same, closest thing I have to a cat is there is a stray that hangs outside my apartment building a lot
(4.45 MB 4032x3024 20200210_202450[1].jpg)
Updoot on my stew.
>>580 Who are you?
>>584 Positively vile!
>>584 Looks good neeto.
looks good needs a bit longer
>>588 >needs a bit longer Mate, it won't be ready for a few more hours at the earliest.
(68.25 KB 494x363 logo - Copy.png)
(138.05 KB 494x1059 logo.png)
(90.83 KB 965x625 Screenshot_2019-10-11 Error.png)
>>573 Some previous logos you will appreciate
(19.38 KB 300x100 1568299379363.jfif)
(24.37 KB 300x100 1568316486918.jfif)
(6.84 KB 300x100 1568324741478.jfif)
(11.71 KB 300x100 1568958996715.jfif)
(32.89 KB 300x258 1570503450123.jfif)
(99.79 KB 400x410 You.Have.To.Go.Back.png)
>>580 Who are you?
>>589 not questioning you we are all just getting over those microwaved sausages TBPH...
(67.89 KB 620x930 kfc_006.jpg)
>>591 >>592 > Koala Mascot > Aussies Not Welcome I warned them about the potato and gravy, specifically that queer alternate chan aliance
>>595 Then leave.
I love it when Weber waddles on my balls
I like this site. It’s very fast and responsive
(647.18 KB 1536x2048 IMG_1714.jpeg)
>>600 not gonna lie i grabbed 48 just to spite the next cunt ;)
>>601 I haven't had KFC nuggies for ages but I remember them being pretty good.
>>490 Endchan was alright, apart from the downtime. A lot of the NEETs were too harsh in their opinion of it.
>>603 I never got the disdain for it personally. I just like being wherever you lot are. That sounds sad, but yeah.