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(177.71 KB 443x429 captain pepe.png)
NEET General #4 - Steady As She Sails Boys. NEET 02/15/2020 (Sat) 19:38:35 No. 2951
Heave to hearty Neetos and Dont rock the boat says I. Avast ye! Haul away with that catch of wanks now. Haul swiftly now, put your backs into it and we'll all be elbows deep in sluts when we reach slagport on the morrow.
(57.69 KB 538x357 Tas sun Best Sun.jpg)
>>2951 I heard your poopdeck is always full of seamen
(146.14 KB 1280x750 SEA WHORE.jpg)
Why I do believe its the Sea Whore, a floating brothel sailing out of Slagport, a fine wank trawler she can hold 5 metric Tonne of sluts.
>>2955 >floating brothel An excellent idea.
>>2955 Or a couple of executive sized women. In rough weather they can be attache to the side of the boat as flotation enhancers.
(218.35 KB 1092x1023 ohlonghjohnson.png)
(22.35 KB 500x500 endchan-no-worry.png)
Well, it seems I have to post it again, I suppose some might interested in it. Endchan is up and running.
There was I, neeto, just a young sprog, barely a rating amidst the seamen. Our master had us rounding the bottom of the horn in a filthy storm. We got scuppered and the main mast caught a flogging. It was a frenzy on the poop as we fought to save the ship - a frenzied Orgy of Seamen all bailing and stroking our oars to save our souls.
>>2951 OLD??
>>2958 we love you Hungary bro but we are comfy here. Was just chance that we ended up here after 8kun karked it.
>>2947 >>2948 >>2949 >>2950 >>2945 Good morning friends.
>>2945 That is a very good pepe.
>>2958 I think we're staying for the time being. You guys have been cool.
>>2959 HQ post.
I just got a hard stabbing pain in the right side of my stomach.
(9.88 KB 218x231 slut pepe.jpg)
Dang i want to help out end but gotta be brutal and say here is best. I feel like such a slut just remember the good times we had end. you'll always be in my heart. until we get an outage here then we are back on baby
>>2969 That Hungarian is a good slut. I'll go back for a bit of her cheap arse from time to time. >>2958
>>2968 if pain persists see your doctor
(93.89 KB 500x500 KIngston trio sloop john b..jpg)
whats up with the ddos protection here? are we going to get rolled on saint tarrants day march 15?
Some journalist will write a story about the whole 8chan outage saga and that will trigger the antifa faggots to ddos 8kun. like that journalist that posted and got banned two threads back
>>2974 Reminder Neinchan fixed its Captchas we can all go home now.
>>2976 Nah, I cherry picked all their good memes already.
>>2975 Could ask the mods of 4chan why they never have any outages. Maybe because the servers are gubberment ones...
(4.77 KB 269x187 whaling clipper.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RW6MZSkase8 Blow Ye Winds, - Michael Cooney.
>>2978 They use CDN and have a sustainable source of revenue.
>>2962 Good morning NEET.
(184.90 KB 686x526 1579783051713.jpg)
>>2954 >>2955 >>2956 >>2960 >>2976 Morning neets >>2955 Hookers, boats and Corona, Fun times
>no whites killed by corona yet. >elderly chink died in france yesterday. >bodies start to stack up in china. >CCP doing the do they do. Starting to miss nice comfy gretaposting. Coronaposting is running out of kek
>>2983 Morning.
(658.38 KB 320x580 _AUti6-Wt9Nt2jXC.mp4)
Hospital built in 5 days. What could go wong >>2984 >running out of kek And I was really looking forward to The End
(373.94 KB 680x884 bat soup robert.jpg)
>>2984 Nah not yet.
(55.61 KB 536x942 corona spray plane.jpg)
>>2984 Oh wait. here's some.
Time to get an appointment with the skin cancer clinic for a check. i got a couple of bad sunburns years ago.
>>2989 Good luck neet, I thought it was common down there, just looked had no idea just how bad it was. 150k a year and one in two by old age. https://www.cancer.org.au/about-cancer/what-is-cancer/facts-and-figures.html
>>2990 thanks leaf. its no problem I think. This place kills the unwary tho. The good think is I get to take my clothes off in front of a poojeeta cutie without getting the cops called on me again
>>2991 And yet we have never seen the Bulge
(44.15 KB 300x100 jpg.png)
(72.27 KB 300x100 png.png)
(59.33 KB 300x100 gif.png)
Made banners
>>2993 choice. i put em on the meta banner requests
This day is going so slow
(12.23 KB 220x229 The kingston trio bajo.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRkst6Yzf20 Haul Away - The Kingston Trio
>>2947 >>2948 >>2949 >>2950 >>2945 >>2962 >>2982 >>2983 >>2985 Good Morning Neetos Thinking of heading to the Goldy Coasty today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paxPYKalU3c
>>2996 nuro is at church.
>>2998 >>2999 How was church Nuro?
(2.84 KB 125x112 1576379752154s.jpg)
I just got up. Caffenated Juiced and Oxied, Feel good, My Ribs are definately healing. Got my strength back.
>>3001 Got a salty sailor sea shanty for us? how the fuck has your prescription not run out yet???
>>2995 Cool, cheers.
>>3002 good question
>>2998 Fabuloski, DaNyet?
This is Webby's new flag.
It's a bit hard to see. This one is Posso's.
>>2998 Good morning.
This one isn't supposed to be called timara, it's supposed to be wand. It's wandjina's wand.
This is timara
>>3004 The bit about a shanty?
>>2984 Another wave of low quality posting.
>>3010 each flag should have a corresponding banner like the yowie does
>>3001 Good morning Nuro.
>>3001 It takes months for your ribs to heal.
>>3013 Cant make quality memes out of human garbage.
>>2993 Sure it's just my imagination, but it looks like aboneets are chucking spears at 16chan
>>3018 Kek. you get used to it
>>3010 >>3011 >>3012 >>3014 all these flags are confusing and MYOPIC
>>3020 Need glasses old man?
>>3021 flags arent tiny images, they are meant to have simple colour palettes and contrast
>>3004 Wheres my sea shanty you crotchety old man/ I listened to your slavshit pop already.
>>3024 i accidently posted that...
>tfw no deer gf
>>3016 Nuro is always full of shit.
Lay me down on sheets of frangipanis
>>3025 you were born by accident
I saw Nuro sniff his little sister's knickers once.
>>3029 Careful mate, he might not have had his meds yet.
Stew is almost done, the potatoes just need a little more time.
>>3032 Don't rush it mate.
>>3027 >coffee expert plus > full of shit shigggidy
>>3033 I'm not...
MOTHERFUCK no gold coast today......
>>3036 Just ride your bike.
>>2978 Quieten down neet or you'll be getting a visit from the glowies. Actually I suspect the real reason is that 4chan is run by the japanese, while the others are run by flips, pajeets, and increasingly degenerate white losers.
Might suck my fuck soon.
Going to cook another wonderful meal today
>>3040 Did you make that chicken and pumpkin salad last night?
>>3038 What happens if the site owner gets assassinated or goes overseas or becomes otherwise unavailable? it there a succession plan or do two of the vols have seperate parts of the backup password or something? - asking for a friend
I went onto the street to check for damage from the rich kid party over the road last night. only a couple of beer cans on my lawn and no smashed bottles this time. I almost feel sorry for the 4 neppos living in the one bedroom apartment under the brats sharehouse.
>>3041 Yes
>>3044 That looked really fucking good. Do you have anything planned yet?
I want a pale, freckled, brunette girlfriend with bright blue eyes.
>>3037 no u
>>3045 I will be making spiced pork today
>>3046 I want a hapa gf but we can’t have everything we want in life
>>3048 Looking forward to it.
>>3048 I will be making spiced dork today
I will start cooking once I finish cleaning all the dishes
>>3048 spic pork? whats wrong with aussie porcineo?
>>3018 Fuck the white dog cunts.
>>3023 I do what I want.
>>3032 Where are the photos?
>>3048 I want photos.
The frangipanis cry out to be watered
>>2929 Irredeemable. >>2938 Photos?
(197.15 KB 263x350 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3058 Soak them in your NEETjuice.
>>3056 >>3059 I'll post one when it's done. It's the same stew I made last time anyhow.
Looking at buying smokey paprika online since all the grocery stores in my town only want to sell smokey paprika in those piddly ass jars.
>>3062 maybe make your own.
>>3063 Looks like too much effort.
(73.16 KB 960x739 1477988445810.jpg)
>>3060 > BOONGWAVE now this is a meme i can get behind
>>3064 dunno my grandfather did it in these big plastic bucket things. i think you put boiled water and vinegar and spices and shit into it plus the capsicums
>>3066 I might look into it eventually, would be a pain in the ass in my current house. Found a site where I can get it for $2.55/100g though.
Went around to see my brother (alcoholic/cirrhosis etc)as no one has heard from him for a few days, found him collapsed on the floor where due to the mess he had been for several days, Had to call ambos, he's talking but not really with it. So I have been cleaning up the pee and stuff that was on the floor, kitchen..well there was just rotten food everywhere, I will have to go back and do some more cleaning the toilet was well..really bad I will need a stick or something to get the excess paper out of it. My anxiety is ok at the moment because I am not thinking about things, but i do self harm bad when everything gets on top of me. Sorry I'm rambling a bit I have got to have something to eat and get back over there and clean things up\ What a day neets
>>3065 Why did neon lights stop being a thing after the 80s neets?
>>3070 We're bringing them back.
>>3069 ahhhh no wonder why you are so preachy.... you have a fucked up family member. i totally understand now.
>>3069 Dang. Is he gonna live? is he gonna go back to his house or get put in an institution or something?
(414.97 KB 1280x1945 moonpocalypse.jpg)
>>3070 it is a mystery to me
>>3072 Jesus fucking Christ Nuro...
(1.90 MB 270x378 1497880016737.gif)
>>3072 Kek, no one preaches to you nuro, there's no one telling you to do the right thing and not be such a degenerate. Its all in your imagination, your own personal jiminy cricket.
(60.24 KB 300x100 ban.png)
>>3072 >ahhhh no wonder why you are so preachy... I'm not the neet you think I am >>3073 He is dying from the liver failure, they'll just patch him up, he's not looking for help for his alcoholism
>>3076 No wonder people act like a cunt back to you, considering your shitty behaviour.
>>3069 Fucking hell, hope you're alright.
>>3043 you should of gatecrashed his party and drunk all his booze
>>3079 He doesn't care, as far as he's concerned it's all just one person. Wishing you the best though mate.
and fucked his dog
>>3082 > drunk all his booze thats a really quick way to get murdered
(205.12 KB 363x492 1.png)
(499.79 KB 656x491 2.png)
(486.91 KB 627x448 3.png)
>>3086 Hmmmm.
>>3085 I assume it's webby makin' the post, in which case I wanna see them try and then get brutally raped by him, every last one of them
>>3088 Webby only rapes consensually.
>>3086 a disturbing post
>>3082 Nah, they drink cider. Horrible
>>3086 are you going to fix it with BBQ sauce?
>>3089 Webby wapes wonderfully
>>3092 It's done.
>>3072 Fucking hell nuro, you really are a vile cunt. >>3069 Sorry to hear that neet. I had a similar experience with my father being an alcoholic until the liver failure got to him a few years ago. If you ever want to talk to someone about it I am all ears and know what it is like to go through that.
I made a NEET power ranking list That also has Tony, Craig, Dan and Boong Wizard for power scaling purposes
(2.15 MB 4032x3024 IMG_2279.JPG)
Finely grated some ginger and added it to the rice cooker along with some butter, left it for one minute until fragrant. Added some coconut milk, water, salt and then the basmati rice and then left to cook for 15 mins Prepared the carrots and green beans and sliced the lime
>>3097 I miss cheesey.
>>3098 Pretty sure I have the exact same frying pan, pyrex flask and rice cooker.
(1.80 MB 4032x3024 IMG_2281.JPG)
Pan, nice and hot. Combined the pork strips with a blend of spices and salt, and then put it on the pan for 2 mins
>>3100 The rice cooker and measuring cup must be fairly common because I do as well.
>>3102 >measuring cup Christ, that was the term I was looking for. My mind went blank and the closest term I could think of was flask like in chemistry.
>>3102 I assume it's just shit you can buy at big W ergo everyone has it At me old work someone brought in their induction to use for making syrups and that and I got confused for a sec as it was the same as mine except he modified it so it wouldn't beep when nothing is on it
(2.46 MB 4032x3024 IMG_2282.JPG)
Removed the pork strips from the pan and added the carrots and green beans to cook until tender for 4 mins. After that, added the sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce and pork strips to cook for 1 min
>>3103 Your post had me second guessing myself lol.
(1.83 MB 4032x3024 IMG_2283.JPG)
(2.02 MB 4032x3024 IMG_2284.JPG)
Once the carrots, green peas and pork strips finished cooking, added a bed of the coconut rice to a bowl and topped with the spiced pork. Garnished with roasted peanuts with a side of lime wedges
>>3104 mate of mine modded his slow cooker to make yoghurt. wish i was that smart or into yoghurt
>>3108 Have a taste of my yoghurt and I bet you'll get hooked.
>>3109 for your yoghurt though it's best if it's beaten out fast, no slowcooker required
>>3108 Wouldn't it just be a matter of having it fairly cool so you don't kill the microbes?
>>3072 I suggest we temporarily take away nuro's gape enchancer for being a cunt. Nothing would upset him more than not being able to attention whore for a few minutes.
When Weber toys with my arse, the stars align and the frangipanis sing
>>3112 I hope Enchan's BO is still with us so he can see that comment.
>>3113 >and the frangipanis sing ANOTHER BORING NIGHT IN ADELAIDE
>>3112 nah dont feel like it besides i cant
>>3116 Are you a vol?
tbh it's a bit funny nuro hasn't disagreed with the tierlist
>>3115 Why were the so many people in the city last night? I went to the gym and the train in was packed, heaps of people walking around, some sort of concert or something was going on at the Adelaide uni. Made me feel really lonely seeing all those people my age having fun.
>>3117 yes, sorry. just one of those things i guess
>>3119 valentines day. you got incelled
>>3119 That's how I feel everyday
>>3112 After years of anal play, the power has gone to Nuro's head
>>3121 But that is the 14th?
>>3120 Nevermind, I just thought it'd be funny to see him sperg about it.
>>3069 Sorry to hear that mate.
I'm having a fanta with my food
>>3127 >fanta >invented in nazi germany LITERALLY HITLER
>>3105 that rice is disgusting
>>3129 The fuck would you know?
(1.13 MB 2448x3264 IMG_5144.JPG)
>>3108 i use my slow cooker to wax my chains
>>3130 >oral rice
>>3131 *chins FTFY
>>3133 kek
I waxed 10k's chain once.
>>3112 > bully nuro incessantly > turns out to be a cunt you reap what you sow just like your brothers liver
I bet that is someone elses slow cooker nuro is using
>>3130 its all wet and clumpy
>>3131 >wax my chains Is this a gaping reference?
I baked webby's bread in my oven once.
(36.40 KB 320x404 CHINA RICE IMAGE MACRO.jpg)
>>3107 That looks good mate. Good work, hope you enjoy it.
(1.09 MB 2448x3264 IMG_5138.JPG)
>>3137 correct i picked it from the footpath on council clean up day ... even the wax too
>>3107 Good job neet. Looks good.
>>3136 This is a blatant violation of rule 8. Nuro has gotten used to breaking the rules (such as rule 9) due to the endchan BO sucking his dick and letting him get away with anything. He needs to be put back in his place because he is just being an absolute cunt to a neet that is going through a tough time. The poor fucker is watching his brother die and is struggling with self harm and you want to go having these fucking jabs at him because of your fucking schizophrenia making you think he is some other neet. Christ you are pathetic.
>>3143 Well checkmate then i suppose your still a cunt
>>3141 fuck, I'm eating rice right now in my chilli
>>3136 A disgusting comment.
>>3147 dont walk down the street in case you get mistaken for a chink, i heard the effect wears off after 24 hours
(231.42 KB 643x537 1548100542880.png)
>>3145 > violation of rule 8. haha no it isnt im not insulting anyone i dont know which neet it actually is , you are just choosing to be unreasonably offended
>>3150 Don't ever complain about people being a cunt to you on here again. >i dont know which neet it actually is Don't you remember? We're all one NEET.
>>3136 wew
>>3150 >i dont know which neet it actually is <which is why I made such a specific insult
>>3154 nice crocodile tears faggot
>>3155 back off cunt one day you'll push it too far and everybody here will turn on you, including people who have until now given you a go
Thinking of getting a plant to put on my table next to my computer.
>>3157 A succulent?
>>3156 I'm amazed his mouth hasn't gotten him punched in real life. That or he just never mentioned that.
>>3157 Sounds like a good idea. I had some rosemary like that but I managed to kill it because I am such a boong.
>>3159 Nuro would only be mouthy on the internet.
>>3158 >>3160 I've got no idea yet. I'll go to Bunnings to have a look whenever my grandparents go next. I've started using fragrant candles in my room to freshen it up a bit since it can get stuffy in here even with the windows open, they're closed now due to the air con in the lounge room being on. Doesn't quite reach my room that well but it drops the temperature down a few degrees.
>>3161 i would only be wordfiltered and unpersoned several times on the internet too
>>3163 to be fair I've been a wordfilter and unpersoned and I don't complain
>>3164 You're not an attention whore though.
>>3164 thats because you learned to like it
monaro is an example all the shitcunts here can follow
>>3165 true
>>3166 exactly, you'll learn to like it too
Weber woe'd me once.
why does my ice cubes get smaller
(16.82 KB 236x256 Why must we be mean.jpg)
>>3170 fuckin did not also i post my good updates on endchan now
>>3162 Sounds like a good idea. My room can get a little stale if I have the window closed. Not full on neet scent but the smell of a lived in room. Candles might be a good investment.
>>3174 >Candles might be a good investment. if you want a house fire
>>3173 But that is nuro's glory hole?!
>>3175 I wasn't planning on lighting them. Maybe incense would be better for a passive release.
>>3172 Not sure mate, I'm trying to adopt a more positive mindset and trying to be encouraging and supportive to my fellow NEETs on here. After a lifetime of negative thinking it's quite the challenge but I'm not going to give in. We can all make it.
>>3176 but he thinks everybody is staying here
>>3172 I agree with this a lot, everyone tries to stir up shit all the time for no reason My rule is get used to it or leave because sperging up places makes shit worse for you in the long run
>>3178 You can do it, tbh I'm on the same boat and once I realized slumping in my own sadness will just make me more shit I just try to ignore it
Is the old BO still in charge over at Endchan?
>>3179 wait we're not?
>>3183 I know this place seems to work well (except flood detection is set way to low), but endchan welcomed us and kept us updated during the outage, and I think loyalty counts for something.
>>3183 I prefer it here, this place runs a lot smoother but I'll honestly just go wherever you cunts go.
>>3184 fair, I think the best tactic is to continue to use both places until we can settle on somewhere Nuro won't be
>>3185 Yeah, I'm really not looking forward to having the endchan BO back in charge. He was a nice bloke but an utter fuckwit when it came to moderation.
>>3187 It would honestly be in his best interest not to be the BO, he just doesn't seem to be able to handle it. Not saying that as a bad thing, I know if I was the BO my reign would be beyond abysmal.
>>3184 they are technically incompetent at the worst times possible, i remember endchan botched a server update and was offline for a week and ahalf right after 8chan got booted into a black hole same thing recently, endchan was offline when 8 was too... totally unacceptable ...
>>3187 the problem with moderation is me and tbh you're more likely to see me as a mod here Despite not really wanting to be a vol then on endchan
>>3190 Are you the endchan BO?
>>3186 Nuro will find you anywhere unless you guys settle on a Discord
>>3189 The way you type makes you look like a 40 year old woman posting on Facebook.
>>3192 The main issue I have with you is that you can be a decent enough poster, but then you pull major cunt moves then act indignant when people call you out on your shitty behaviour. Your inconsistency is the main problem.
(8.08 KB 225x225 images (15).jpeg)
>>3193 your smoothbrain just cant handle the truth bombs sweety
>it posts a thumbnail Yeah, you're a 40 year old Facebook mum.
>>3194 uh oh looks like he is questioning nuros consistency
>>3193 The childish use of instagram memes is pretty fucking cringe too. It is like a middle aged English teacher that thinks she is hot shit trying to relate to the students through internet culture but just looking like a retard.
Nuro is consistently obnoxious.
>>3197 I admit that is rather stupid of me, I can't expect a schizo to be consistent.
>>3198 >middle aged English teacher r ok when touch peepee
Having a nice pork roll from the bakery.
>>3203 What is the problem with your moderation then?
>>3196 he really is, he doesn't understand at all how people his age or younger act online
>>3202 Lucky neet. I am about to make some stew using some sausages.
there was an episode of battle star gallactica where they set up a boxing ring and all da peoples who had beefs with other peoples did punching each other we should do that
>>3196 He will claim he was only pretending to be retarded in a minute.
>>3204 Did you not see the abuse of power I did, banning people for any anti-abo post as well as banning people on a whim for literally zero reason other than simply because I could
>>3206 Nice, would you mind sharing your ingredient list with us? My chorizo and cabbage stew should almost be done.
>>3209 I took it as a joke.
>>3209 >>3211 I wasn't really that bothered by jew free February either, it can make the board interesting.
>>3211 Same, but in all honesty it was still annoying as shit. I was also one of the people that got a 5 second ban or however long they lasted.
>>3207 >everyone bashes nuro >everyone gives cheesey a hug >possum gets slapped around a bit >NK rapes everyone
>>3212 the scars from possum banning me half a dozen times in one day still haunt me
>>3214 >webber wanks willies
>>3213 Banning won't bother nuro due to his VPN use. Taking away his flag is absolute torture for him though.
>>3213 I tried to make it a 5 second ban but it actually registered as a 5 year ban, endchan's banning system is actually shit and probably part of why you didn't like the BO's moderation
>>3214 Weber tombstone piledrives some poor NEET, killing them.
>>3218 I think I was banned for a decade when using an old IP. That was due to calling Nuro a schizo.
>>3214 >monaro mongs mongingky >Shitey cucks pajeet >Cruisey cuddles coloured chicks >Shire Shags Cindy
>>3220 probably was when you were acting like a mong and while you called out nuro that wasn't why I banned you, but rather you hatred of boongs
>>3221 >>Shitey cucks pajeet >Cruisey cuddles coloured chicks >Shire Shags Cindy quite jealous of these neets tbh
>>3222 Nope.
>>3219 poor monaro
I live in the suburbs of Adelaide and the fucking neighbours have had a pig in their backyard for a couple of weeks now. The smell is really bad and there are an incredible amount of flies in the house now. The pig is attracting heaps of the fuckers. I am thinking of dobbing them in to the council.
>>3226 weber take that fucking pig cook it in the weber and than knock at their door while holding the whole cooked hog gnawing at it's back asking them if they want some of it
>>3228 based chad-neet
>>3217 >Taking away his flag is absolute torture for him though. The funniest thing were the same people begging me use it again so they could target me to bully total fucking schadenfreude
(1.44 MB 1100x673 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3159 Cunt wont open his mouth up around us again.
>>3229 weber is the executive chad >>3230 I'm pretty sure that's not the case and even if it is, next time I see a post like that I'll bully them for being retarded
i remember that
At night I saw him creeping into the village square, How could I not observe the admin that was there? Underneath the pale moonlight I saw the abbo stare, I tried in vain to warn him, But death was already there. With a swiftness I could hardly see, He consumed the abbo up to its' knees. At first I turned to horror and then quickly to disgust, And what I really saw that night I am unlikely to discuss, But you look upon my name the truth will become quite clear. And what I really saw that night will surely come for (you)
>>3230 >the same people You're the dumb cunt that keeps acting like it's all one person.
(55.10 KB 300x100 nurolyfe.png)
What it's like to be Nuro.
(6.67 KB 240x232 1577421858747.jpg)
>>3235 yeah its nofun we know this retard
>>3238 Still going with the NoFun conspiracy huh?
>>3234 hot!
>>3231 Ah, that's what they meant when they say "Every animal is out to get you in Australia"
>>3237 The real problem is they don't cast plus size webbies
>>3241 say that one more time dog
>>3239 i really have not felt his presence here TBPH
>>3244 same, at least we left 1 shitter behind, pretty sure Pris isn't here either
>>3240 no you ; )
>>3246 thanks hotNEET
>>3243 What is your English that bad? Here; OH • THAT • IS • WHAT• THEY• MEAN • WHEN • THEY• SAY• EVERY • ANIMAL •IN • AUSTRALIA • IS OUT • TO • GET •YOU. You good now mate? Can't be repeating it all day. Also I ain't a furry, don't go pushing your degenerate kinks on me.
>>3247 ¿No Problem My Fellow Neetcitizen I'd Consume Your Flesh Any Time!
>>3248 yeah, I can fukn read dog, but funny ya da one sayin I've got a kink when u fuks are da ones who marryin dey disgusting gook cunts who are floodin our lands Fuk dat n fuk u dog UNNA
(228.46 KB 996x1384 IMG_2250.JPG)
>>3250 What the fuck did you say to me? I mean seriously I gave no idea what you are saying, are you having a stroke. You might need an ambo, and stop posting photos of your wife. We know you love her but those abbo titties aren't really doing it for me.
(725.17 KB 1963x1953 vile.jpg)
>>3252 Fukn dum dogs like you don't get it aye, tbh wishin for a day ov da spear so we can put you gook lovin cunts where you belong NO MEANS YES, YES MEANS ANAL ALWAYS WAS ALWAYS WILL BE U N N A
>>3251 That's adorable. So adorable I'm going to go over here and let you have it. No need to thank me.
>>3254 Who said I loved gooks? I don't even like rice. And I don't think dogs can give consent either way. You better stop fucking your mom's dog I don't think that barking means yes or no.
>>3256 Do you not know the nasboong memes how the fuck did you find this place outsider and can you please leave, only people who know our memes can stay
(189.81 KB 344x512 ClipboardImage.png)
(195.39 KB 352x512 ClipboardImage.png)
(638.19 KB 940x627 ClipboardImage.png)
(284.71 KB 600x364 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3258 HOT!
>>3256 >mom's
>>3257 Don't send me pictures of nigger dick. What the fuck man?
Weber sent me a pic of his dick once.
(988.69 KB 700x467 ClipboardImage.png)
(218.39 KB 311x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3262 Post it here.
>>3261 do you not know about spoilers fucking newfags I swear
>>3260 I meant "mum" you saw nothing. No I am not from the CIA shut the fuck up who told you that? Shit did I think that or did I say it? Am I talking are they listening?
>>3266 I bet we could see you clear as day in the middle of the night.
>>3266 we never said anything about the CIA, speak up retard, why the fuck are you here
>>3264 It's a big one. 2kgs!
(429.00 KB 548x757 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3269 That's a big dick.
>>3267 Yeah cause I'm inside you fackin creep. >>3265 I can't afford a car much less spoilers. I don't like rice or ricers for that matter
>>3269 woah tbh that's pretty cheap for duck
>>3271 Ok you're fucking trolling
>>3271 ok nuro
(721.52 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3275 how did you get a photo of the NEET council, delet this now
(1.39 MB 940x627 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3276 All dressed up in their possum skins.
>>3273 How did you know I was a security guard? Bloody pys man!
>>3274 >everybody i dont like is nuro delusional
I love it when Weber plays with my arse
>>3280 You need to stop with this. I have never done that to you or any other NEET.
(154.54 KB 306x165 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3280 I like it when he jabs his nose in.
>>3279 shhhhh I was making a joke you boong, I know it's not nuro
Going to make another wonderful meal now
>>3278 ok nuro
(543.37 KB 470x368 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3284 Save room for desert.
>>3284 a succulent one?
>>3287 Yes
I love it when Weber scrapes my gape off the floor after a good grilling
(659.61 KB 620x620 ClipboardImage.png)
Going to go caress myself under water.
>>3283 ok nuro
>>3285 Just said I couldn't afford a car! Nuros are super expensive. They troll around pretty fast though!
So whats the stats on gret posting here ? It was just the endchan #BO that was triggered rite ?
Nuro rode me once.
(462.27 KB 2048x1536 1581777075833.jpg)
>>3281 Oh? But you have done it to non-neets interesting. What can we not afford that service?
>>3295 el goblina sueco
>>3292 ok nuro
>>3296 >we you are not one of us, nuro
"okay nuro" might become our version of "okay boomer"
>>3295 Oh? I can't coom into the US of A because I'm a "domestic terrorist" and she just gets to walk in? The fucking weather controlling she devil. They do look related though, I wonder if he cucked her dad. Seems the type.
>>3299 Don't be rascist.
>>3302 I can be racist all I want to jews like you nuro
>>3300 why do you think I'm doing it
>>3304 okay nuro
>>3305 ok monaro
>>3303 That's crossing the line. Just because I'm seven feet tall, covered in hair and live in the woods. Does not make me a Jew, that's the Greeks you are thinking of.
>>3307 nah you don't have Costa's gape, ur a jew nuro
>>3308 No that just means I'm straight as a Viagara powered cock.
>>3310 that's not what nofun told me about what you did to his anus nuro
Wish the (((weekend neets))) would fuck off back to work instead of whining about nuro all the time, and give me my fucking safe space back.
>>3309 kek, good to see you taking the joke well
>>3312 ok nuro
>>3311 Yeah and you better shut the fuck up unless you want a load of this twenty inch Yowie cock as well
>>3314 the thumbnail kind of gives it away
>>3312 >safe space Poofter NEET.
(2.14 MB 4032x3024 IMG_2292.JPG)
Oven, nice and hot. The sweet potato chips seasoned with pepper, salt and chilli flakes go in to cook for 30-35 mins
>>3312 There is no safe space in this world, it is built on struggle and if you as a man can't handle that fact of life. What are you but a child?
>>3318 Vagina detected, look how neat that kitchen and ingredients are. Holy shite, can I pay you to be my maid as long as you don't ask questions? Like why there is a dead mouse in the dryer or a bed post but no bed. Stupid questions like that.
(62.02 KB 349x642 nuro.jpg)
>>2975 I doubt that was an actual journalist and not some NEET with a VPN taking the piss. >>3136 With an attitude like that you seem to have had it coming with all the bullying. >>3208 "pretending" to be retarded is the peak of nuro behaviour
>>3321 hur durrrr and lol !
>>3315 hmmmm, hit a nerve did I nofun fucker
>>3230 >begging me use it again Actual schizophrenia right here.
(1.67 MB 4032x3024 IMG_2295.JPG)
On baking paper, the chicken is pounded with a meat mallet until 1cm thick the bottom of the meat mallet is quite erotic so I left it out of the picture
>>3318 Good prep.
Webby pounded my chicken once.
>>3325 Can you pound my meat next?
>>3325 clean and looking sexy
>>3325 Beat that meat.
>>3321 Okay Nuro.
(536.21 KB 2048x1536 me and my friends biking.jpg)
Disappointed to see his flag is still available.
>>3325 NEETS BEATING THEIR MEAT the song practicly writes itself
25 degrees today in Shitbourne, going to go to Coles for some shopping soon.
>>3335 Get a roasted onion.
(305.26 KB 1322x884 mfw climate.png)
Raped a dog once.
(8.29 MB 848x480 VIDEO-2020-02-16-15-43-42.mp4)
(1.61 MB 1600x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
sexy porcelain
>>3339 I can fap to this.
>>3335 The fucking cunts have raised the price of homebrand UHT milk from $1 to $1.25. Motherfuckers are now fleecing me for a solid $1.75-$2 per week. That is an extra hundred dollars a year.
>>3343 Start drinking coffee/tea black.
>>3344 I don't like it and most of milk is from weetbix and drinking it. The liter a day isn't from tea and coffee.
>>3331 I'm not Nuro, I think Nuro is a cunt and should cop a ban.
Fuckin' whoite dawgs really boil mah piss.
>>3346 He will just evade it via a VPN. He ought to have his flag taken away for a few days to bring his gape down to size.
Are GoPros still good video camera thingos or are there cheap knockoffs that are just as good now?
>>3349 nuro is about to make an 'edgy' joke about Tarrant.
>>3336 Yuck. >>3343 Prices have been going up on a bunch of things, I went to Dan's for a longneck of Cooper's stout the other day and they raised the price by 15 cents.
>>3351 Bleeding the poor black fella dry aye cuz
Have you noticed boongs tend to drink goon out of water or softdrink bottles? Like they have the mob's goon bag which they use to fill their own bottles.
need to get something out o my car but im too drunk to walk down the stairs. can uber help me out?
>>3350 I Big W posed the question.
>>3354 What if you lie down and go feet first in a gentle slide/crawl?
>>3354 airtasker neet will do it for you
>>3352 dat raycis irish dog iz lyin to a blackfella wif dat lowest price garrnte.
>>3356 Is this a cock and waddle reference?
A succulent meal of beans and cabbage.
Off to do the dishes
(1.71 MB 4032x3024 IMG_2302.JPG)
(1.92 MB 4032x3024 IMG_2303.JPG)
Covered the chicken in flour mix, then egg, and finally breadcrumbs. Transferred to the pan to cook on each side for 3 mins
Just wanted to say thanks to all the neets that had kind words for me after I found my brother collapsed on the floor earlier, it was appreciated. Nuro I have gone out of my to try and be civil to you, and you turn around and be nasty to me, thats fine thats what you're like. I won't be back to 16chan neets I have had enough of nuro and they way he treats and speaks to others, I have enough of my own problems without him making me feel worse
>>3363 Looks delicious.
>>3364 Please don't go.
(1.49 MB 4032x3024 IMG_2308.JPG)
(2.22 MB 4032x3024 IMG_2309.JPG)
The finished product
>>3354 Yes just call 999 and they will be straight to you
>>3368 >999 hmm
>>3367 you're a chef, harry
>>3364 Shit man I hope he's okay. Alcholism is a shifty thing, I've been there myself they ha to flush my kidneys because I got alchol poisoning to the max one night. Sort of when I stopped drinking so heavily, just be there for him and watch out for your bro. Good luck mate.
Shire: Is "professional" engine/engine bay cleaning a recipe for disaster?
>>3364 Don't let some retarded narcissistic assclown get you down.
(31.57 KB 130x130 wiz.png)
>>3367 Excellent.
>>3369 >69 Meant 119
>>3372 I wouldn't recommend it.
>>3376 what's bad about it?
>>3367 How are you a neet if you can cook such beutifull dishes? I exclusively eat eggs and slow children.
>>3372 >>3376 And by "professional" they probably mean - "we won't get water on your coils/distributor/electronics or intake"
>>3376 Thanks. Figured as much. How was the weekend away with Cindy?
>>3379 yeah, all the shit they're going to get wet anyway, leaving a car that won't start or runs like shit
>>3380 Cindy was great thanks for asking.
>>3380 Was good, went to the Maylaya in in Darling Harbor and had a delicious Laksa and some curry and a few drinks then stayed at the Novotel.
>>3383 That sounds nice. I am happy for the two of you.
>>3382 Hmmm >>3384 Thanks
>>3384 Thanks she was a bit chewy though
>>3364 Sorry to hear that you will be leaving but if you think you are better off mentally than go for it mate. I wish you well regarding your brother.
>>3387 >>3364 >>3373 >>3371 >>3366 I really hope the BO takes away that faggot's flag for this. Nuro is destroying this board with his unchecked faggotry.
>>3388 It's the first time I've been genuinely shitty at him for the gutter shit posted. NOOT's loved ones should be off-limits if nothing else.
The rape that gapes the nation
>>3389 Yeah it's a step too far when someone is going through grief.
Bitches ain't shit.
>>3389 Yeah, especially when the poor bastard is having such a tough time with his self harming and everything. I used to be kind of the fence with nuro but I am right bloody pissed off with the cunt now. I want the fucker to lose his flag for a week to bring him in to line, otherwise he is just going to keep driving neets away.
What's with rule 14. I mean I'm not saying it's true or not just wondering why that's a rule. Seems suspicous, and as a CIA member makes me feel discrimnated against. >this is a joke <or is it?
>>3394 I guess it's fine if you are a real glowie, but if you are larping as a glowie, well you know the rules.
>>3388 Why did you tag me? I'm not "Nuro" and I wasnmt being sarcastic, really have wound up in hospital because of that trash. It's a horrible spiral, people need all the support they can get to make sure they remain on track and don't feel like they have to resort back to that stuff.
(1.65 MB 3024x4032 IMG_2312.JPG)
I'm trying out new mounting options for my wank station
>>3396 Sorry neet, I didn't mean you. I just replied to your post as you replied to this >>3364 post. By "that faggot's flag" I meant nuro and I know you aren't nuro. I don't have an issue with you nor your use of flags.
>>3363 I should pop in for dinner.
Nuro es un negro americano.
>>3398 Is that an iPad or another tablet?
>>3367 very nice, monaro approved
>>3367 ¡Se ve delicioso! A+ presentación.
>>3398 You're a scientist, Shitey.
>>3375 >119 HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM do you not know Australia's emergency number
>>3401 Icecream neet?
>>3395 Don't worry I am, someone has to keep you safe from those scawy "terrorists" *wink* Big brother UNATCO is here to help not hurt... unless you're a "terrorists". You're not are you? >>3399 Ah aight sorry for the misunderstanding. I'm just using this flag to hide that I'm a seppo
>>3407 Quizás.
>>3402 An iPad
>>3408 Estúpido cerdo americano.
>>3392 But hoes and tricks
>>3409 Hope you are going well with your Spanish and healthy eating. Glad to hear you have a long term goal!
>>3408 the only terrorist here is nuro, if you can take him away that would be cool
>>3411 The mierda voladora you say? Ènglish puta madre do you speak it?
>>3412 Are you that yank we had back on 8chan or the more recent one?
>>3415 leave monk be, he's learning spanish for a girl he likes
>>3417 No, it is the neet that lives with his grandparents and is learning Spanish at uni so he can run off to South America.
>>3418 He better be careful as though latin girls often have ANAL HPV for some strange reason.
>>3413 Va bien. Racha de cincuenta y cuatro días en Duolingo. Ayuné durante veinticuatro horas ayer. >>3415 Oink, oink cerdo Americano.
>>3416 I don't think it's pris NEET, he's annoying but PrisNEET at least knows his way around an imageboard, this cunt though I honestly wonder how the fuck he found this place Unless it's the MSNBC poster was actually serious and this is a dumb reporter acting like a right wing extremist forgetting the fact this is a NasBoong Board
>>3417 No soy Monk. Escapando a Sudamérica como decía este NEET. >>3418
>>3418 all Melbourne NEETs are the same to me though, a bunch of fucking chads who are in uni and keep picking up ethnic chicks
>>3423 Jódete coño, no vivo en Melbourne.
>>3422 >no soy monk Can I call you Soy Free from now on Yes I know soy means something else in spanish
>>3424 kek, could be worse though, you could be Canberran
>>3425 Soy means I am and you can if you want.
(9.13 KB 256x384 pokemonteam.png)
Finished a Pokemon Randomiser run and here was my team Thought I would of needed to grind after the first elite 4 member gave me trouble but NK in most battles after just put the lead pokemon to sleep, powered up and then raped every pokemon in a single move, hence why he's higher leveled then the rest of the team
>>3427 You should of replied in spanish neeto, I've been using google translate
>tfw soy free will catch on but icecream neet won't >thinking-of-getting-a-pot-plant-to-have-on-my-desk-because-the-scented-candles-aren't-strong-enough-neet isn't quite catchy enough
I'm pretty distressed at the moment worrying about that neet with the alcoholic brother. The self harming shit is very alarming.
>>3430 you also could just keep using what ever name you like for yourself the most repeatedly until the gen basically has to use that name still sad that 10k isn't called HitlerNEET still tbh
>>3429 Getting a bit tired of it. A mixture of using what I remember and google translate gets tiring. The way they order their words is a pain in the ass. It's not a red shirt (rojo camisa), it's a shirt red (camisa rojo) and shit like that.
>>3432 Ahh yes, the nuro method.
>>3432 >>3434 I'm not no soy neet by the way. I'm just joking that my forced nickname for him of icecream neet won't catch on.
>>3435 Gotta say, I'm concerned how much my ranting blog posting has stuck with some of you to the point that you can point me out.
>>3434 also known as the monaro method
>>3438 >with some of you Pretty sure that is just me being autistic.
>>3440 Which is fitting considering the board we're on.
>>3440 >just me being autistic you're not the only sperg matey
>>3437 I really love the chorus but the rest of the song isn't exactly excellent. Chorus is at 1:24. Gives me an angsty adolescent vibe.
>>3444 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ywhq_xa2H4 Didn't realise how bad the quality was there. The first line always makes me feel lonely: "I've met someone that makes me feel seasick"
>>3444 >Carrots help us see much better in the dark >Don't talk to girls; they'll break your heart word
>>3437 Pretty good. Not one of those songs I'd go out of my way to listen to but if it happened to be playing I wouldn't have a problem with it. If that makes sense. >>3445 This sounds more like my jam. It's funny how much my taste in music has changed since high school. High school used to be exclusively metal but now it's much more varied. Stuff like indie rock, bluegrass, folk and even more different like synthwave or 80's Japanese Funk music.
>>3448 >bluegrass thanks webby
>>3449 Not him. Bluegrass is great though.
>>3447 Yeah, I first heard that one through TikTok, she sounds so genuine. I love it so much. Same girl, same song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmhPc5DJKTQ
>>3450 I know you're not, but he has posted many a bluegrass piece here over the last year or so.
>>3451 >>3447 I really like female vocalists. Especially for the more acoustic stuff.
(9.88 MB 08 Slow Show.mp3)
>>3448 >Pretty good. Not one of those songs I'd go out of my way to listen to I didn't like the National at first but they grew on me with time to become my favourite band. Here is a cover of their song Slow Show by Beatrice Martin that I am quite fond of. Particularly the last lines: You know I dreamed about you For twenty-nine years before I saw you You know I dreamed about you I missed you for, for twenty-nine years
>>3451 That girl I've seen a few times plays the ukulele. I mentioned the banjo and she wants to jam, but I think I'll wait until I've actually put my tubesteak in her.
>>3453 Generally speaking grils are better at it. Also helps if they're attractive in one way or another.
>>3452 I-I'll still wank your willy if you want. >>3454 Listening to it now. >>3452 Has he posted any songs from The Dead South? >>3456 I'll try to remember to listen to these as well.
What I'd give to have her on retainer to sing whenever I'm in the mood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZ8InG3D52M
>>3458 >Has he posted any songs from The Dead South? I was the first to do so, I believe. (In Hell I'll be in Good Company)
This girl still makes me uncomfortable she's so pretty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09gJX0Cc6p0
>>3461 Fuck yes. Pale, dark hair, blue eyes. That's a really nice nose as well.
>>3454 https://genius.com/The-national-slow-show-lyrics Here are the lyrics as bits of it are a bit odd. I really love the meaning behind it. I can relate to it very strongly.
>>3462 Yeah, I love that snow white look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEps7Fw-dTU Here is an Australian girl that is broadly similar.
>>3464 Funnily enough, the snow white subreddit isn't too bad.
>>3431 my penis would be far too small to pleasure her. please do not post any more of those reminders.
>>3431 Have a frantic wank
>>3468 She's cute, but this ain't it chief.
>>3469 I have a bit of a soft spot in my heart for Lena. She is probably the only girl that can make German attractive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdFt3NEXcCY
>>3470 It would be hotter if she were dressed as SS and was stuffing Bert in an oven.
>>3470 eva though
>>3364 I hope that both you and your brother will be okay. Nuro is a narcissistic cunt, there's no way around it he acts like the whole world is against him and persecutes him for no good reason, but I doubt that, just look at his story, why do you think he's estranged from his mother? Why do you think he's created a theory where he thinks that every time someone calls him out on his bullshit, he reckons it's some random NEET with some kind of a vendetta against him and not people genuinely upset with him? >>3388 Nuro is a bad influence on the board, I really think next time he steps out of line he should be given the banhammer. >>3423
>>3474 He will just evade the ban though. Taking away his flag gives him less of the attention he craves.
>>3475 I reckon do both for good measure. Cunt needs to be taken down a peg or 10.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl9GtO_vQxw Fucking hell she's pretty and talented. >>3475 Also gives us a massive spergout to witness, just need to have the popcorn ready and waiting for it.
gaped catastrophe
Might try mixing some canned fruit, honey and milk and see what that tastes like.
>>3474 >>3475 >>3476 You guys washed your vaginas out today ???because you are behaving like menapuasal drama queens... Fuck you. All I did was confuse a neet with possum for always wanting me to cease my alcohol and medication intake because it was suddenly made obvious his brother wasn’t well As usual you guys are appealing to authority to get me banned and my flagged removed like every other week *yawn* ya fuckwits
>>3480 It's all a >>3478
>>3480 Don't worry Nuro, it's all just that one NEET that has a vendetta against you.
>>3480 you know it nuro
>>3482 fucking Monaro/NoFunNEET fucking shit up everytime
>wanting Nuro to lay off the alcohol and drugs is apparently a bad thing Really makes you think.
(2.78 MB 4160x3120 IMG20200216184056.jpg)
At the fringe, had half a craft beer. Place is full of hipsters
>>3480 >All I did Yeah nah, that's a crock of shit.
>>3487 >tfw uncomfortably close to this neet rn
(4.28 MB 4032x3024 20200216_181415[1].jpg)
Chorizo and cabbage stew with not microwaved couscous.
>>3489 find him and lick him
>>3490 Delightful.
>>3492 I only used a teaspoon of spicy paprika instead of a tablespoon so it wasn't too hot for my grandma this time.
>>3495 feathers
>>3491 I could probably spot him but I am too scared to look lest he find me.
>>3497 let him find you and then scrape his nape
Adopt a NEET Foundation.
(11.78 KB 467x360 3BlhrbM.jpg)
>>3500 Okay?
>>3486 You can't suck a golf ball through a garden hose sober.
>>3489 Lick that bald man
>>3490 >>3493 Looking yum, did she enjoy it?
>>3503 Maybe I am the bald man?!
>>3505 I do have a widows peak hairline so I look like I have a receding hairline despite my age.
>>3498 Hot!
>>3505 Find another and kick him. Continue the cycle.
>>3504 She did, usually food like this isn't really her thing. She has the palate of a British woman during the 1940's, I'm gradually expanding that though.
>>3510 She's very open to new things. My grandmother when she was alive probably would have had only one of those elements at once in a dish
>>3511 Oh my grandma isn't very open at all, I think it's just due to me cooking a lot in the kitchen and encouraging her to try some of the stuff I cook that's leading to that. I made a stew once that had sauerkraut in it which she usually hates but was surprised when I told her that it was in it.
>>3512 My grandmother regards garlic as being some really exotic wog shit.
>>3513 Pretty standard.
>>3514 Yeah, it just shocked me at first as I had always considered garlic to be something everyone used.
>>3513 My granddad is a lot more adventurous. I look forward to his stir fries, he makes them from scratch without using the jar stuff. He still wasn't too impressed with the actual Vietnamese restaurants when they went to Vietnam a few years ago, but he did say the Thai restaurants he visited while there were top notch.
>>3516 What a top shelf individual/cook
Webby spat in my meal once.
How much would it cost to have 10k dress as my scout master and spit in my mouth?
>>3518 Added flavour and protein, yet all you're doing is complaining...
>>3519 What if there is a bit of extra tongue involved?
>>3487 This could have been us after some IKEA meatballs.
Holy fuck Endchan is a broken piece of shit of a board.
>>3523 whats wrong with it im having no probs
>>3524 Another board I post on has recently gone back and I'm unable to post pictures. I keep getting a "Connection Failed" error.
Gape enhancement is known to have many dangerous repercussions
>>3471 Do you think when hasidic jews fap they have forbidden fantasies about leather nazi dominatrices?
>>3519 >tfw your scoutmaster never cared enough to spit in your mouth At least he was thoughtful enough to spit on his dick first, rather than going in dry.
>>3526 If you do it too often the KGB appears.
(393.12 KB 1031x1280 Matsudaira Riko1.jpg)
Goodnight NEETs
Goodnight gook girl. Try not to eat any bats.
>>3530 Good night mate. Here's a yummy Yumi for you.
>>3532 I just got back from doing normal shit. What the fuck happened? why is the board now on two sites? WHAT DID YOU DO NURO
It's fucking ridiculous how many sites we get scattered across. There must be some plot afoot to stop neets from amassing their full numbers in one place.
Hello friends back home and showered infront of my bare metal server with a pizza ...feels good man
(2.73 KB 118x125 1581845337936s.jpg)
(177.71 KB 443x429 captain pepe.png)
Arrr... any imageboard is a good enough imageboard for a professional shitposter like myself. And as to a NEETs loyalties, a NEET needs to be loyal only to the ebb and flow of the gen, and the rise and fall of the thread, the boards will come and go but the gen will endure, says I.
>>3427 Deep.
>>3498 No napes were scraped. I did not find him.
>>3537 > the gen will endure, says I. Aye.
What imageboard are you all on?
>>3541 I prefer 16chan but I'm not sure.
>>3542 There was a lot of posts on endchan as well.
Weber has a light beard.
Thinking about a girl who was a prostitute in Elizabeth. We were heroin addicts who got high together, got clean together, got married and been together for 26 years.
>>3539 sad
>>3541 endchan and 16chan, I hope NEETs aren't on 8kun >>3545 wait you have a wife?
Good morning to all the good NEeTs.
>>3549 >>3545 Good Morning NEETs, day number [?] of my neetstrike begins. Put the bins out this AM because they were getting tipped over, watched them for about an hour lurking out of sight with my kanga cricket bat ready to bash the cunts responsible if they came again (suspect nepali youths).
>>3550 >my kanga cricket bat second only to the nulla nulla when it comes to vanquishing one's enemies
(6.03 KB 225x225 kanga cricket.jpg)
Aussie kids love kanga cricket. Nepali youths hate it.
>>3552 >tfw never copped a flogging from peter russell-clarke with a kanga cricket bat
(11.38 KB 255x191 peter russel clarke.jpg)
.>>3553 >Peter Russel Clarke just about the only aussie TV celeb not on the hook for sex crimes
>>3555 i wouldnt pay that much for a cum bed.
Good morning NEEToes.
(10.31 KB 300x100 kanga banner.jpg)
>>3557 >>3550 >>3549 Good morning friends.
Called in sick. NEETStrike.
>>3558 >sperg and cricketchad
>>3560 I did the same.
>>3562 Want to touch willys to sanctify the occasion? It's how you get in to the NEETunion, or so I've been told.
(31.54 KB 420x333 1581586713997.jpg)
>>3557 >>3550 >>3549 >>3559 Good Morning Fiends
imagine being on endchan
god endchan is running like shit, im glad we stayed here
Everybody ignore it.
Too much spicy stuff yesterday, my butt hole is starting to burn
>>3569 You need a soothing balm.
>>3569 soothing baking soda enema
Wish certain NEETs asked me to apply soothing balms.
>>3572 I believe a wise NEET warned you about future spicy poos.
>>3557 >>3550 >>3549 >>3559 Good Morning NEETs >3564 Good Morning Nuro. Everyone knows Pauline roots. I saw those pictures in grubby hardcopy passed around a worksite ages ago its old news. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4QA48bgYrc Mondo Rock - Summer of 61 Getting ready for Civic club tonight. its way out in the country tonight. Might drive the ute just in case i need to get into a bit of biff with that road rage noob in case he turns up. If i have to flex on the boomer i will turn in the bugle and call it quits.
>>3573 wicked wings are terrible for that but absolutely worth it
weber ate my dog once
>>2951 Boys how can we move over the Endchan neets here? Endchan and 8kun are down way too often, I don't want to community to get split...
(98.02 KB 1000x1000 1579165189379.png)
>>3573 8kun is dead, we said our goodbyes and re-directs here Endchan has a few mongs that are pretending like its a nuro-free zone and for me the site is very slow to load 16 is where its at, its just quiet, a community can only go through so many migrations, things need to calm down for a while, but i doubt we will get any new neets by being on 16.....
>>3577 endchan seems to be a bit of a safe space ATM. A peaceful refuge from the stress, like the camps on Nauru
>>3577 They are there because of nuro. Take his flag and they'll be back I reckon. They are largely upset by nuro being such a cunt to that other neet.
>>3578 lol no, he couldn't resist going there to talk about himself.
(12.81 KB 462x243 hmmmm.png)
He is going to endchan to talk about himself. Note the similar sentence structure and typying style with his use of ellipsis, all lower case, poor punctuation etc. He is fucking obsessed with himself. It is straight up comical.
Can we just ban nuro?
>>3584 Morning.
>>3583 Yes, but the vols are reluctant. I imagine they are worried about the autistic schizo shitstorm/tantrum he would unleash on the board, either that or they are in bed with him like the endchan BO is.
>>3581 no i went to endchan once to say they could fucking have it >>3582 i think you will find you are the one who is OBSESSED >>3583 oh yes banning nuro will solve all your lifes problems >>3586 >reluctant more like i did not do anything that remotely deserves a ban so seethe harder
>>3586 In this case I think it's the autistic/schizo shit storm, but remember, it's only one NEET that has a problem with him.
>>3586 I see, I try and keep out of the nuro drama but he has broken the rules multiple times and causes shitstorms, what's the point of the rules if they are not enforced?
>>3589 >rules funny how they are not applied when other people break them yunno like the impersonating and the doxxing and the targeted attacks
>>3589 All NEETs are equal, some are more equal than others. Imagine bleating if someone responded to him about something serious the way he responded to that NEET talking about his brother. We've always been a somewhat toxic bunch but when it came to things like that we all have enough decency to know when to pull it in and show some sympathy. Nuro isn't one of us.
>>3590 People have been banned over that before.
>>3589 This is what pissed off many neets on endchan. Nuro would have a tantrum and start threatening to assault neets and the BO would either ignore it or ban the neets that nuro was upset with. 16chan has already lost at least one neet due to nuro's bullshit, the mods better get smart quickly or they are going to alienate the neets.
>>3591 >>3591 > the way he responded to that NEET talking about his brother. do you have a vagina ? i think its bleeding
It is as simple as taking away his flag for a week and banning anyone namefagging/signature fagging.
>>3594 Imagine the bleating you would do if someone did something similar to you. Don't worry mate, you're never the problem, it's everyone else.
how about if you dont like me you can fuck off back to endchan simple
>>3596 i would not give a fucking shit stop creating drama everyone is sick of it
>>3594 I seem to recall you having a breakdown on endchan when someone questioned your understanding of mathematics, and when someone accused you of molesting your sister, and when someone said you wired that speaker incorrectly...
>>3598 Everyone is sick of you.
>>3598 >stop creating drama >t. Nuro, 17/02/2020
>>3600 no people are sick of you complaining endlessly about me grow the fuck up
>>3602 >nuro STILL thinks it's only one person
>>3602 >you <there is only one neet THE OMNINEET
>>3603 It makes it easier to cope. He tries to make himself think the is the popular neet and that it is only one person that doesn't like him.
(283.56 KB 1067x792 1576677265521.png)
>>3602 this is true ... its just like Trump, people are sick of the investiagtions and impeachments slapped on Trump, not actually him as a person we have a professional shit slinger here
>>3606 >... >lowercase >the same typos >reddit spacing >comparison to seppo politics >trump Who could it be?!
I am having a good day today NEETs
>It makes it easier to cope. i cope by knowing im not going anywhere and you cant do shit about it. You aint gonna ban me or unflag me faggot.
>>3608 That's good, any particular reason?
>>3606 >he STILL thinks it's only one NEET This is peak delusion. He's going to start claiming that those of us with a problem with him are being subversive soon and act like he's an authority within the community. Oh and also, ok nuro.
>>3607 its most likely nofun impersonating nuro again
>>3611 but you are being subversive
>>3610 no, not really it just feels like a good day
>>3608 Good work mate, hope that extends into a good week then hopefully a good life for you. >>3612 >nofun There's a nofun around every corner apparently.
Going out for a dart, when I come back I might post some youtube videos of songs like we did yesterday. That was nice and comfy.
>>3612 >still lowercase >muh nofun Hmmmmm.
>>3574 Good morning.
chicken sandwitch or BLT for lunch ? i cant decide
>>3619 BLT. Contain the crumbs.
No. He is an important part of our community, he can also just reset his router.
>>3587 obsessedNEET is nofun
>>3620 i only just realized there is considerably less effort in preparing the chicken sandwitch... sorry looks like thats the go
>>3608 Nuro drama is pretty comfy to not care about.
>>3619 Both.
>>3621 >He is an important part of our community
>>3621 Nuro can't resist attention whoring through flags, names etc. It would banning him for ban-evasion very easy. All that is needed is the will of the vols but they seem quite content to allow rule 8 violations just like the endchan moderation. At least here you don't get banned for calling him a schizo.
>>3627 >At least here you don't get banned for calling him a schizo. I remember when that happened to me on Endchan. I got a decade long ban for it too.
>>36277 seriously just fuck off to endchan
>It would banning him for ban-evasion very easy. jewish levels of scheming going on here
>>3625 now thats thinking like an executive
>>3629 >he is now arguing with neets in the future wew
>>3633 Nuro exist outside of time.
>>3602 Just cause we all have aussie flags does not mean we are all the same. Why don't you go somewhere else instead skitzo. No one enjoys your presence
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmT9jNashAg Really hard feels, every time.
>>3636 Her accent works really well with this.
>>3635 > No one enjoys your presence > One Wow guess it really is just one person after all. Nuro Vindicated. Nofun BTFO for all eternity !
>>3639 Why don't you use a name so nofun can filter it and the rest just leave it?
Nuro is like a child that just keeps chucking a tantrum until it's parents break and just give in to it's demands. Whenever we call Nuro out for his shitty behaviour this happens and then after a while the apologists come out of the woodworks.
>>3641 Many of these apologists do post in exactly the same style as nuro though.
>>3642 That's very true, I was referring to this one though for my previous comment. >>3640
>>3640 nofun can fuck off to endchan i am not going to give him any quarter
>>3644 Why are you so stuck in thinking it's nofun and only nofun that has a problem with you? He's basically your boogeyman.
imagine not posting any content and just slagging on nuro all day
>>3646 Okay Nuro.
>>3645 he is an anonymous coward
>>3648 Okay Nuro.
>>3556 What would be a reasonable offer?
>>3641 You're like the teenage sister that keeps dobbing on him.
>>3652 >he thinks it's only one person that has a problem with Nuro's behaviour Yes, lets just let him keep being a toxic, rule breaking cunt without any repercussions.
(444.75 KB 498x590 everyone i dont like.png)
Lots of low quality discussion at the moment. I was hoping to discuss music like yesterday as that was fun. I'll be back tomorrow to see if quality has picked up. Bye noots.
>>3654 your a nuro
>>3655 No one discussed this when I posted it. https://youtu.be/vGpwgHqlfWo
52 day streak on Duolingo. I think yesterday I said I was on a 54 day streak, my bad on that one.
>>3658 Vocaroo you speaking in another language.
Microwaved zinger.
How do we get the flood protection thingo lessened? I post faster than it lets me.
>>3659 Yeah, nah, not comfortable doing that yet. I vocarooed before and a NEET teased me about my voice, that still stings a little.
(47.30 KB 1200x1200 80099.jpg)
Morning neeterinos, glad to be back!
>>3666 Morning mate, hope you have a good day.
>>3666 Good afternoon.
>>3666 where in australia is it morning ??
>>3669 NEET time
>>3669 What's Western Australia?
>>3671 some sort of wasteland i believe
>>3672 That's all of Australia.
>>3664 I can barely understand him.
>>3674 I know what you mean, dero dole scum make no sense.
>>3675 >dero dole scum make no sense. He just needs to speak louder into the camera microphone.
>>3676 Moderately bantered.
>tfw thinking about Nuro again http://www.fatmomtube.com/en/
>>92667 Radical.
>>3682 A lot of their current products are shit tbqh
>>3683 Yeah I wouldn't own any.
Nuro is this why you don't live at your parents home anymore? https://efukt.com/23039_Incest_Porn_Worthy_of_an_Oscar.html
>>3679 i posted on 8kun too just to make it worse
>>3680 not even nuro is thinking about nuro
>>3685 cringe
>>3669 its morning when i wake up
Got an email from Umart that the mouse I bought isn't in stock due to an error.
>>3690 At least they told you, most companies would leave it for at least 10 to 20 business days before contacting you.
>>3691 Yeah, I'm not really pissed at them, just more pissed at the situation. They've handled it well and gave me a $10 store credit to pick a different mouse. Technically $11 since the closest one to that price I could find was a dollar over. For any curious NEETs, I'm getting this: https://www.umart.com.au/Razer-Mamba-Elite-Right-Handed-Gaming-Mouse_44637G.html
>>3690 Spewin
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlsqsIW6gx8 Not a cute chick but sounds good in my opinion.
>>3694 Me and Webby.
>>3690 you think thats bad i have 8 items i ordered two weeks ago that have not even shipped yet... china is fucked
>>3696 YoU tHiNk ThAtS bAd.
(83.75 KB 384x440 if you only knew.jpeg)
>>3698 ONLY
(179.19 KB 494x665 bretty good.gif)
>Passenger on quarantined Japan cruise ship creates infection panic during evacuation as she chants 'USA, USA' with no face mask, as 46 Americans onboard are diagnosed with coronavirus https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8009967/Americans-leave-quarantined-Japan-ship-virus-cases-hit-355.html
>>3701 Fucking burgers.
>>3701 sink it
>>3703 The plane?
>>3701 the funniest thing about that was people who thought they only had a few days of quarantine left and skipped the offer for a flight back to USA now have to wait another 14 days on the ship
im off to the doctors ... see ya later neets
>>3706 Goon luck.
Wonder how many wanks Weber has had today
>>3709 Probably not enough tbqh
(791.79 KB 1172x638 1581877087015.png)
>>3704 the cruise ship, what do you mean plane...
>>3716 >The U.S. announced on Saturday they would offer Americans the option to leave the ship and fly home where they will face another 14-day isolation period >Americans who opted to leave were brought off the ship in groups and passed through a makeshift passport control >He said a fellow American passenger was standing on her balcony chanting 'USA' as buses arrived to collect them without a face mask on >Among those on board who have tested positive are an elderly couple from Canada who will be taken off the ship to be isolated
bum bottom
fury possum sausage
>>3720 vile
>>3721 try it before you judge it
>>3722 It is not even microwaved.
I've had one wank today
>>3724 I have had two.
>>3725 It's possible that I have also had two, but the first would have happened in the early hours of the morning. I'm prone to forgetting my wanks when they occurs around those hours
I just want to buy more chink anime posters but I know nothing will leave China.
>>3726 Did you just leave the mess?
>I was awoken by my stye filling my eye with puss last night. Looking forward to a comfy nights sleep tonight.
>>3654 kek, nuro though I only call other people I don't like Nuros as a joke
>>3700 YOU
>>3701 kek, tbh I had a dream where I purposely went to china to catch Corona and then went to India to spread it
>>3732 >china to catch Corona and then went to India to spread it You were doing gods work.
>>3728 I usually wank onto my bed sheets
>>3734 How often do you change them? Don't lie and say 'never'.
>>3735 Ideally, every week. Realistically, every 2-3 weeks
NEET sheets
Saddened that we now have to go back to crusiey's mong used of word filters on endchan. After one brief taste of freedom.
>>3738 Is Cruisey in charge of Endchan /ausneets/ now?
I control all.
>>3561 I actually did kanga cricket when I was a kid, a doctor told my parents to sign me up for it so I would get more physical activity, I enjoyed it at first but then it got to the stage when it was just playing normal cricket matches and I found it boring, just standing or sitting around for over after over, so I quit, my dad was actually pleased I did that because it meant he didn't have to buy me all the equipment. >>3591 >Nuro isn't one of us. I agree, Nuro acts like he's king of the NEETs or something, he acts like a knows all the lore going back to the days of /aus/ and is some kind of authority amongst the NEETs, when in fact he's only been here for around 10 months. >>3599 I think he acts that way because he is a narcissist who believes he is unquestionable and can do wrong. >>3654 Peak projection, you say that everyone against you is nofun. >>3682 The writing was on the wall after they stopped producing the Commie in Australia, it's been all down hill from there. 27 degrees today in Shitbourne, saw a girl I went to high school with on the train today who became a shitty artist and is semi-well known in that sphere, I've seen her do stuff for Vice and that. I wonder if she notcied me. Think I'll go to over to endchan.
>>3741 this, fuck I'm more qualified for king of the NEETs and I only was on /aus/ for 4 months before Monk and I killed the gen
>>3741 >king of the NEETs There can be only one.
Nuro never had any friends at school.
>>3657 That's because Tom Waits isn't a pretty young girl with pale skin, dark hair and light eyes.
>>3746 Are you webby?
>>3658 >>3662 Soy free?
>>3747 No. >>3748 Sí. ¿Cómo estás?
>>3749 You will stand no chance to webby, at most you will be a vassal
>>3750 I will die by the blade before I live on my knees.
>>3741 >he's only been here for around 10 months He has recently started revising history, claiming he was on hatechan's /pol/ for several years.
>>3746 >>3749 I meant NK.
>>3745 In a certain light.
>>3751 ok so you choose wankruptcy then
>>3752 That could well be true, for all we know, but if he claims to be brenny, I'm going to be skeptical.
>>3752 see I at least believe that given he does right like some Qoomer who lives on 4/pol/ and /qresearch/
>>3757 >>3756 When he first arrived he said he had come from 4chan though. He didn't mention being on 8chan before Tarrant until a week ago.
>>3758 Didn't he claim him and Possum were mates then Possum outed him for his bullshit by saying he didn't know who Nuro was?
>>3758 >Tarrant was the reason nuro came here and people wonder why I fucking hate Tarrant
>>3752 I've seen him claim that he knew all about John/fagNEET, which is something that I wasn't even he for, and I've been here since November of 2017. I think he was on 4chan until the NZ events and then came over to 8ch because he thought it was a place for all the cool kids to hang out, so to speak. I assume he went on /pol/ and came to our board because it was the most active Australian board.
>>3759 yep, not only that but that was basically the only time he has mentioned a NEET by name instead of calling all of us "that one guy who hates me"
>>3761 same and I came here september 2017
>>3761 >>3763 Yeah well I came here in August
>>3761 Yeah, I never got the John thing and I was on /aus/ a few weeks before the split happened.
>>3761 Yeah, he has pretended to know about Cheesey as well.
The Irish are the boongs of Europe.
(412.51 KB 636x900 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3768 Based.
I kinda like nuro, even if he's a shitball sometimes. What I don't like is neets constantly talking about him. It's scarcely above boong posting.
>>3770 You gotta wank about something. It's his thing.
Is the BO here? Any vols? Can we get an official statement regarding nuro's rule 8 violation against the neet with the alcoholic brother?
Nuro has destroyed the board.
>>3767 He's larped like that on multiple occasions, and when you call him out on it it's you who are new here, not him. I have a theory that nuro is a narcissist whose behaviour has led him to have significant issues with his work as well as family, leading him to cut ties with both, as well as to self medicate with opiates and booze. When he isn't being a cunt it makes you feel sad for him almost.
>>3774 Yeah, I've gotten that reaction from him. I think you might be onto something with the narcissism. He doesn't get along with his step-mother which must lead to a fairly strained relationship all around. Trying to keep your missus happy when she doesn't get along with your 35y/o son that still lives at home etc.
>>3769 kek
>>3770 What do you have against boong posting you white cunt
nuro needs to just accept he's autistic it'll make shit easier for him
>>3777 I'm not going to answer this question - instead I'll answer 'what is the only thing as bad as boongposting?' - posts whining about nuro, poo posting senseless redtexts, posts containing morbidly obese women.
>>3772 I wouldn't be surprised if the BO or whoever lets nuro get away with it and instead punish those of us who have been calling him out. >>3773 I agree. >>3775 I remember when nuro first came to the board he talked about how one of his relatives got a restraining order against him and especially the way he talked about it. He was so insistent that he was not in any way at fault, it seemed very strange to me.
>>3779 fucking gook cunt unna, if I were vol i'd have banned you
the funniest thing about the nuro shit is the BO told me something
>>3782 What?
>>3783 I'll keep it to myself, as it's a bit funny to me but maybe not to the board
>>3785 So it's nothing.
>>3786 It's fine since I told him about a different NEET to take up the offer but the BO contacted me to ask me to be a Vol and I said no, he then said nuro was his second choice but I told him about a different NEET
(918.03 KB 823x837 abowaffen.PNG)
I found an abowaffen twitter page and it is fucking amazing
>>3787 >nuro was his second choice No wonder the rules aren't being enforced. This BO is probably the same as the endchan one. Can you fucking imagine if nuro became a vol? Possum would be banned for saying he isn't mates with nuro, dozens of neets would get banned for being "nofun". The BO must be a fuckwit.
>>3788 My mate showed me that account once, it's pretty funny, I showed him one or two nasboong memes in return.
(131.59 KB 797x547 based ben.png)
>>3788 >>3788 Benjamin Raymond follows them which I find funny.
>>3791 Who the fuck is that?
I'm off to bed, going to have an early night. Goodnight noots.
>>3792 The former leader of National Action UK. An edgy Neo-Nazi group in the UK that got banned for muh hate group. Here is a cool speech they did: https://archive.org/details/NationalActionSpeechInDarlington_201906 There is a lot of lefty misinformation out there about them so keep an open mind.
(27.64 KB 791x173 unnna.PNG)
>>3790 >>3791 helps that he is spitting straight facts
>>3794 Ah right, I remember them.
>>3794 good to see at least one of those lot get it given the /pol/ cunts often get offended by the nasboong memes
(1.18 MB 872x1160 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3797 What's the context of that photo?
(614.45 KB 1151x506 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3799 the context is the boys from Black As are looking in the distance while driving and it looks like a Sieg Hiel so I edited the nasboong symbol in the background
(40.81 KB 866x287 based.PNG)
(33.30 KB 878x202 basedboong.PNG)
>>3772 >an official statement noongah tiddies
>>3696 Where will I buy cheap shit now if China's dies?
>>3805 India
>>3806 I'm glad you didn't stoop to suggest that we should pay aussie workers to make stuff here. That would be racist.
>>3807 That would put us on a watchlist.
(1.26 MB 1200x630 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3807 what's the difference these days between a chinese worker and an australian one you bigot
>>3809 of course Monk's Kid he secretly had with the poojeeta is Vishnu
back home after an exausdting afternewn ... nuro is too fucked to ctatch upo
(117.30 KB 1280x960 Someones Harvest Home.jpg)
Just got back from the countryside.
>>3813 Looks like a nice area. Hope you had a good time.
>>3812 Wd had a fantastic time here. Did you shelve any tablets?
(60.77 KB 300x100 16.png)
(62.40 KB 300x100 end.png)
(432.87 KB 900x300 pu.png)
I made this for both sites.
>>3813 Nice.
>>3813 10/10
(295.43 KB 1280x960 sheep fucked aus.jpg)
Generally civil at the civic club outing. egg sandwiches and tinned fruit salad and home brand ice cream for desert >tfw no fistfights at the civic club
>>3816 >both im sure you love dicks in your vagina and ass
(487.08 KB 600x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3820 Please don't be like that Nuro.
_o_d _i_h_ f_i_n_s
astrochan.net OWNS ME AND ALL 210726
how does one do that
>>4089 Nice one Endchan
>>4220 How is it Endchan's fault?
(177.71 KB 443x429 captain pepe.png)
>>3772 This board can clear from stem t'stern before I put a NEET on ice f'farirly speakin' his mind, just t'slake other NEETs, desire f' vengance. Indeed t'NEETs who's already drunk on hate f'the man who spake t'him harshly. All along this cursed journey I've witnessed NEETs deal with the board's own transgressors. Shoutin' and a yellin' a man down to the planks of the decks, 'till he's whipped raw by their venom and ire. D' ye ken what I'm a sayin' NEETs, Ye all signed up f' this wretched board knowin full well that its a chan. Ye left behind y'mothers apron strings for the hard words of the board. BE MEN I SAY T' YE ALL! BE MEN DAMN YE ALL!! >>3787 The offer be yours an' yours alone NEETo, puttin Nuro at t'helm was just a ruse, just a prod along t'get ye t'change yer mind. Y'must accept t'helm NEETo, the board wills it, there is no When I was naught but a sprog of a NEET, an old hand spake t'me often, sayin' that the way t'changin' a man was t'let him speak his thoughts, Then his actions'd follow his words, if his words made sense t'him and the others around him. This board beneath our feet be the home above the sand and santhe slime and the dwellers on the bottom that feed on the scraps from the top. Rockin the boat f'the lulz and keks be only good for the worms and the eels. Those NEETs who jumped ship to dance with that fool cap'n cruisey, be damned t'stay close to the dubious safety of the shoals, where the winds of controversey shall not blow. They'll run aground soon enough. I wont sail on that ship o'fools, There are a'plenty of other boards for a professional shitposter like m'self.
>>4221 Timing highly suspicious. Seems to be a board war and /ausneets/ is the battleground. or maybe i'm paranoid and drunk
>>4223 Considering that shitty imageboard has nothing to do with Endchan...
>>4224 Imageboards are all about PPH. /ausneets/ is pretty muscular and has a dedicated user base. Hence the NEETs are pawns in a genuine social media war. >>4224
the capchas have been turned on to ward off any other attack refresh your page to access the new reply window
Fuck it. GN.
>>4225 So just schizo paranoia.
>>4222 High quality post.
>>4225 wat
>>4226 Cool.
Good morning friends.
>>4232 Good Morning NEETs Getting cold at night.
that attack fucked up the post count. I think we are at about 800
>>4234 Keep it going.
>>4233 Morning
>>4236 >Morning wood


no cookies?