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(108.72 KB 800x1009 Sanctus Dominus Vinus Pepe.jpg)
NEET General #7 - Sanctus Dominus Vinus Edition. NEET 05/06/2020 (Wed) 20:52:51 No. 7046
It was upon payment day that the virgin NEET arose at the burning of the noonday sun. In our story the NEET makes his way to the temple of Dan via the house of the Colonel: But before he leaves his room in his mothers abode, The NEET must go to the board that tells of his story in the great southern land.
>>7583 Based.
>>7583 I wish I was tiffin.
>>7583 In that case I've been shoving alcohol into my 'tiffin' all night...
>>7583 Good Night
>>7581 I prefer >(Y/N)
(40.48 KB 690x690 104793660233691.jpeg)
morn do you put your tiffins in an insulated lunch bag? already tired of waging but i have an exit strategy. not long now >>7565 i have thick hair but it parts weirdly and i have multiple cowlicks i only cut my hair twice a year. caring about your hair is gay i probably most definitely look like a sperg
Good Morning NEETs. I woke up at 3:33 and 4:44, I had to get up to piss, its really cold.
>>7589 My food is often frozen when it goes into the tin. The freezer is a big tiffin really. >exit strategy my strategy is waiting for everyone else to exit then i will be alone.
(4.57 MB 1080x1920 ClipboardImage.png)
Good morning, Black.
>>7592 This one seems to be a mix of arab and afrimutt.
>>7592 >upvoted
(22.81 KB 184x211 Rally takes a sip.jpg)
>>7153 Looks comfy
>>7589 >morn Your hair must get pretty long if you only cut it twice a year >not long now Take out as many shit-skins as possible
>>7592 Good morning. She has a really creepy face, but very nice thicc thighs and big areola. Vietnamese
The war was cold, but now it is hot.
>>7598 Much more dignified than the black who looks like a crook.
>>7599 I wish it was hot here. I've got the hot water bottle out for my feet.
>>7601 Life is what you make it.
(66.11 KB 640x588 hair cut.jpg)
>>7589 >>7562 >Bruh, Nice hair
>>7534 This is an entire line of work that I had never even considered.
>>7604 I was at the hippy shop and saw some Bush Pepper berries for $150 a kilo. The ferals go out to the actual wilderness and pick them off the bushes to supplement their dole. which is pretty cool.
>>7592 That's a nice one.
>>7603 Aka that one lad whose mother cuts his hair
(521.83 KB 728x546 ClipboardImage.png)


no cookies?