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(108.72 KB 800x1009 Sanctus Dominus Vinus Pepe.jpg)
NEET General #7 - Sanctus Dominus Vinus Edition. NEET 05/06/2020 (Wed) 20:52:51 No. 7046
It was upon payment day that the virgin NEET arose at the burning of the noonday sun. In our story the NEET makes his way to the temple of Dan via the house of the Colonel: But before he leaves his room in his mothers abode, The NEET must go to the board that tells of his story in the great southern land.
>>8000 He seemed like a tosser anyway.
Chat logs downloaded from discord and archived
Discord channels deleted and server muted
>>8001 Hmm. That seemed to go smoothly. Just awaiting fallout now.
getting a job was a huge mistake
>>8005 Admitting your mistake is the first step in becoming a better person
I gotta do something about my seating arrangements at my workstation. This may involve spending money :(
*sigh. Some misguided young person has written offensive things on the footpath outside my place in chalk. #reeeforrefugees2020 dunno if I shoud take responsibility for buffing it, perhaps I shoud call the council.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-06-19/body-of-bushwalker-recovered-from-tasmanian-wilderness/12372216 The young cocks get themselves into trouble, taking risks outside their level of experience.
Magnanimous, tangential and nonsense response from the drunk. Nicely played, me.
>>8010 >magnanimous as a drunkard, don't take that. keep ignoring
>>8011 Meh. He's dusted. I will still be able to talk to him at the shops tho, He was never a douche at Fisticuffs High which carries an obligation not to burn bridges.
>>8009 "fell"
Yay! I fixed the workstation by turning the desk around. Now my knees dont hit the undercarriage. I suppose you will want a pic then.
>>8014 Of course
>>8014 Fix my undercarriage so it doesn't hit my knees.
(1.40 MB 4608x3456 underdesk.jpg)
>>8015 Kek. have a wank >>8015
>>8017 You need to get a better chair.
>>8017 My executive sized arse wouldn't find that very comfy
>>8018 Too tightarsed to get one. >>8019 its my stand up desk, I'm not that committed tho.
I went out and buffed the #reeeforrefugees shit on the footpath. It comes off pretty easy with my bulldozer broom and a bit of water. also the ching chongz have parked in the spot at the other end of the apron, so that'd be the fartherst hes driven it in weeks. I surprised him making sweet love to his brand new kleuger, when I went outside and he apologised and scutted back inside and locked and chained the door.
(220.33 KB 1280x1636 vote for white.jpg)
I've decided to put the camera system on the back burner because the DVR is almost $500 dollars and I'm trying to save up for a whore instead. Also it will take some time and effort to get the cameras installed. Dropping projects is hard on morale, the temptation is to accumulate more shit from online but hoarding is for degenerates. I should hoard lemons and limes though, I have an idea for a game where i only get my vitamin C from lemons off local trees. It's like gambling that I'm not lazy enough to get scurvy. I'm a larping NEET edgelord in streaming realtime cunnos. New bread in the morning. I should put a link on crystal.cafe on the "chicks" board. Good Night, White.
>>8022 >a whore I had not expected such degeneracy from you.
(194.49 KB 800x1200 D9_39_568_1200.jpg)
morn it's rain'n >>8017 looks like you're on a mission and not just playing gayms >>8021 >I went out and buffed the #reeeforrefugees shit on the footpath good job! >>8023 >I had not expected such degeneracy from you. porn is 100x more degenerate. you gotta ease yourself off of it somehow at least with hookers you get human interaction and you can learn things


no cookies?