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(20.72 KB 334x320 Shitpost 3000.jpg)
NEET General #6 - Shitpost 3000 NEET 03/30/2020 (Mon) 19:32:58 No. 6006
Welcome to the future anon. Human life is cheap but not as cheap as the AI licensed slut 'droid that they got delivering 'yo pizza. So eat your syntha pie, settle in to your delapidated seat, plug in and get comfy because tomorrow is here today and you're socked in for another day of the same old SHITPOST 3000
>>7021 Oh dear.
(162.59 KB 1024x914 1580552257613.jpg)
I have finished and installed the gas chamber, i will take a day off and then go to work friday. Tomorrow I will do the washing and personal admin. I was thinking of gassing my clothes instead of washing them, it might disintegrate my underpants and leave the shit stains, worst case scenario. BBQ with eggs and veggies, also worstershite sauce and fresh coriander, no heater smoke tonight but every cunt was burning off today. Imagine shitting in the still Autumn air just for the idle amusement of tending a fire. Cleaned up the workshop in anticipation for not using it for months, pleased to not have to go out there, the property its on is a junkyard and offensive to my sense of order and aesthetics, my sisterclone put on a petulant display of cope when she needed to call up tech support when i couldnt fix her microshit account, the domain was wrong whatever. I wont miss her acting out as a karen/jannie, filial loyalty is very thin. Gym session was good but i though i detected a mozzie, i though it would be too cold and clammy at my bush gym. Its quite gloomy too, a real rape fantasy glen for the athleisure wearing dog walkers im sure. Good Night, White.
(74.36 KB 800x533 17682-rita-cutter-burning.jpg)
morn >>7026 >stuck at home with nothing to do >might as well just light a fire we're all unna on the inside >Gym session was good does your gym have a curling bar?
(25.63 KB 350x317 1582485690000.jpg)
>>7027 all gyms closed bruh also what are abos like? anybody here ever met an abo? are they like niggers?
>>7028 eurofag here, thats why I'm asking
>>7028 >all gyms closed bruh he built his own gym outside: >>6273 >also what are abos like? chill >anybody here ever met an abo? used to be friends with one at high school but he got expelled after the first semester for bashing people >are they like niggers? nah they tend to keep to themselves and like living in the country
>>7028 >>7030 btw abos are more comparable to american inidans than nigs they tend to just destroy themselves with drugs and not interfere with whites
>>7029 The flag you nicked is abonationalist A handful can be niggerish (same could be said of some white eurofags), but a lot are based af
>>7032 >>7031 >>7030 interesting thanks bros
(454.50 KB 1080x871 1588788991248.png)
cucko'd by mud
>>7033 also what do you think of the chinese invasion of australia? ever had contact with any chinks?
>>7036 The schools and cities are lost. Smaller towns have less infection but is still there. Even the normies have a healthy distaste for chinks
(66.40 KB 640x576 1588608964268.png)
>>7039 kekd already seen that one someone posted it in this thread
>>7036 >also what do you think of the chinese invasion of australia? it's fucked of course. they're taking over they by houses then sit on them for investment then end up selling them to be knocked down for apartments they're buying all our farms and killing country folk they buy our natural resources for dirt cheap they log our forests and dam our rivers dry all sanctioned by our cuck government of course >ever had contact with any chinks? not really and i'm not from the city but they seem ok and don't race mix much the real problem are niggers, sand niggers and pajeets
(1.06 MB 270x480 neger zammfahrne.webm)
(2.18 MB 640x360 Bereicherung.webm)
(2.86 MB 700x392 nigger.webm)
>>7041 >the real problem are niggers, sand niggers and pajeets german here can confirm
(2.85 MB 580x326 t*rke.webm)
>>7043 here's another one
you naughty neets. you went over the post limit just to spite me.


no cookies?