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(27.28 KB 396x385 skinhead jaol pepe.jpg)
NEET General #5 - Prison Break! NEET 02/17/2020 (Mon) 22:21:04 No. 5247
I aint spending sixteen years in hell, breaking rocks on the chain gang. I had more than I can take! Benny made it out... With a sheath around his NECK!
>>5980 Are you going to make the pizza?
>>5981 Yes. Pizza motivation is high because all i eat now is beans and kraut from my supply.
(325.00 KB 635x892 1585335908793.jpg)
Had a good day at the workshop. The Tea chests work very nicely. Even talked to the landlord, he's a boomer but less clueless then most. Good Night, White.
>>5982 Are you planning on restocking?
>>5983 Night
>>5984 yeah i have to go shopping for oldad's fucking bananas, otherwise he will go to the supermarket himself and get the coof. So i will be grabbing shit continuously. I need to get my hazmat suit going, bleach bombing my cotton stuff every time is raping my clothes. FML
Good Morning NEETs. Its dark and smoky this morning from the burn-offs in the hills.
>>5987 Morning. It's a bit like that here but just because it's overcast,
The letterbox got vandalized and the lando got his pet handyman to fix it but he fucked it. He left a mess everywhere and there are no numbers on it. I had a "no junk mail" sign on it which is now gone and the nepos and pajeet fucksticks who stuff letterboxes with shit are having a great time. Now i have to clean up and redo the signage.
Morning neets got 12 hours sleep lastnight, so I am feeling a lot better,hopefully my 2 n95 masks turn up Monday so I will have at least some protection, I will have to clean them after each use of course with bleach so I am not sure how long they will last, but I'm only going out once a week to coles and once the virus hits my city i intend to only go out once a fortnight >>5986
(8.85 KB 255x152 logical.jpg)
>>5990 hold off on cleaning them every time. dont use bleach either. just a light spray with 70% metho. frequent washing degrades the hydrophobic polymer coating, apparrently. Im looking into it. it may be trivial to re coat them
>>5991 OK thanks, the ones I ordered come with 10 replaceable filters, so I'm thinking clean the rest of the mask and replace the filter. As it is I am going to need them sooner than I thought, my city just got listed as having infected patients https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/diseases/Pages/covid-19-lga.aspx So now with that news I'm only going out every 10 days for supplies, if the numbers increase dramatically I will change it to 14 days, I believe I have enough supplies to last at least 5 weeks if need be
CLEANING OF DISPOSABLE MASKS Some investigations have indicated that the hydrophobic coating on the filter material of face masks is degraded when it is washed in surfactants (soap and water) really? and polar solvents (-OH). This coating is a trade secret but has to be a siloxane. Siloxanes are used in cosmetics and most in the family are generally recognised as safe. Siloxanes are available in native form in many products such as tyre shine, waterproof clothing spray, anti foaming agent and masonry additive. I suggest that filter material can be decontaminated with 70% -OH or 3% H2O2, then reproofed by spraying it with Polydimethylsiloxane ( $50 AUD/1L) and drying. I'm gonna hassle the robots at the chemical company that makes my tyre shine and ask them exactly what goes into their cans. Failing that im going to cough up $50 for a lifetime supply of water based siloxane. cross posting on /pol/ and /pnd/
(158.91 KB 800x797 1580846551028.jpg)
Productive day at the workshop, add a little bit of research and even a calculation of my chlorine concentration. I took my kayak to its new home at olddads and mounting it in its cradle only took half an hour. I had a talk to olddad and he told me he is wearing his N95 to the pharmacy and leaving the shopping to me. I played the first part of the last post bugle call without difficulty and now i will learn the second part. I get to keep the bugle because the civic club has disbanded after 45 years. I might have to time my next outing to dodge scomo's quarrantine roadblocks. Good Night, White.
(148.50 KB 300x300 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.32 MB 1367x410 ClipboardImage.png)
(173.31 KB 512x315 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5994 night
Good Morning, NEETs. Woke up with a start when I remembered that the Bins needed to be put out. They are overfull because the ching chongs dont put em out and i was away last week.
Im off to sisterclones to assemble boxes and shit. She has two new doggos to replace the expired ones. Not happy about that and i hope that the stupid things dont dig up my miscanthus stands. Then again the rabbits did that too and maybe the doggos will chase them away.
Morning neets >>5993 mmmmm Interesting >>5994 It's good that he is wearing the mask >>5997 They sound completelly useless >>5998 Have a good day m8
>WHEN YOU CAN LEAVE THE HOUSE? >He reiterated that there were only four reasons to leave the house. These are: >Shopping for what you need, including food and essential supplies. >Medical or compassionate needs. >To exercise in line with social distancing rules. >For work or education, if you cannot do this from home. This is an autist's wet dream.
(30.08 KB 540x292 phobia.jpg)
>>5941 Kek, I bought one of these a few months ago just because they happened to have them at Lidl (17 euros) when I went grocery shopping. It works fine, but doesn't fit all doors because you need enough clearance on both sides of the door frame. So you'll need to measure your door frames first unless it's obvious there's enough room. Anyway I found a spot for it, and it works well enough. I was only doing pushups and abdominal exercises before I got this, so it adds a bit of variety (and helps to get the heart beating faster, since it's a fairly strenuous exercise).
* “The entire world has an enemy that is moving through it, an unseen enemy that doesn’t have borders.” – NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard.
(62.19 KB 387x550 1581201466744.jpg)
>>6002 Finally the gubbernment recognizes the jews for what they are! >>6001 Will your landlord have a shit haemmorhage if you pull the doorframe out of the wall? >>6000 there are two types of person who wear helmets on bikes. Those that are afraid of getting a head injury and those that are afraid of getting a fine. On the same skein is the soft quarrantine: those who want to avoid contracting and spreading the virus and those that are motivated by more pecuniary incentives. Once the latter finds that its a soft quarrantine at best and at worst is completely uninforcable, then these types will get bold and cocky. New bread at 750?
(63.80 KB 480x360 jesus business man.jpg)
Reasonable day. Sisterclone's new dogs are a pain in the arse, spent too much time welding new dumbells. I made them 16 Kg each but then found them twice as heavy as the "16" at the gym. I suspect that its in some legacy units from america. Bins got emptied and the useless chinks instantly filled them up again. I got a nice handwritten letter from the JW deacon, i put it in a plastic bag and ill study the bible verses. I will examine jesus's teachings for references to chinks being the plague he refers to as a sign of the approach of jehovas kingdom. new bread in the morning.
Good Night, White.


no cookies?