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(177.71 KB 443x429 captain pepe.png)
NEET General #4 - Steady As She Sails Boys. NEET 02/15/2020 (Sat) 19:38:35 No. 2951
Heave to hearty Neetos and Dont rock the boat says I. Avast ye! Haul away with that catch of wanks now. Haul swiftly now, put your backs into it and we'll all be elbows deep in sluts when we reach slagport on the morrow.
(295.43 KB 1280x960 sheep fucked aus.jpg)
Generally civil at the civic club outing. egg sandwiches and tinned fruit salad and home brand ice cream for desert >tfw no fistfights at the civic club
>>3816 >both im sure you love dicks in your vagina and ass
(487.08 KB 600x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3820 Please don't be like that Nuro.
_o_d _i_h_ f_i_n_s
astrochan.net OWNS ME AND ALL 210726
how does one do that
>>4089 Nice one Endchan
>>4220 How is it Endchan's fault?
(177.71 KB 443x429 captain pepe.png)
>>3772 This board can clear from stem t'stern before I put a NEET on ice f'farirly speakin' his mind, just t'slake other NEETs, desire f' vengance. Indeed t'NEETs who's already drunk on hate f'the man who spake t'him harshly. All along this cursed journey I've witnessed NEETs deal with the board's own transgressors. Shoutin' and a yellin' a man down to the planks of the decks, 'till he's whipped raw by their venom and ire. D' ye ken what I'm a sayin' NEETs, Ye all signed up f' this wretched board knowin full well that its a chan. Ye left behind y'mothers apron strings for the hard words of the board. BE MEN I SAY T' YE ALL! BE MEN DAMN YE ALL!! >>3787 The offer be yours an' yours alone NEETo, puttin Nuro at t'helm was just a ruse, just a prod along t'get ye t'change yer mind. Y'must accept t'helm NEETo, the board wills it, there is no When I was naught but a sprog of a NEET, an old hand spake t'me often, sayin' that the way t'changin' a man was t'let him speak his thoughts, Then his actions'd follow his words, if his words made sense t'him and the others around him. This board beneath our feet be the home above the sand and santhe slime and the dwellers on the bottom that feed on the scraps from the top. Rockin the boat f'the lulz and keks be only good for the worms and the eels. Those NEETs who jumped ship to dance with that fool cap'n cruisey, be damned t'stay close to the dubious safety of the shoals, where the winds of controversey shall not blow. They'll run aground soon enough. I wont sail on that ship o'fools, There are a'plenty of other boards for a professional shitposter like m'self.
>>4221 Timing highly suspicious. Seems to be a board war and /ausneets/ is the battleground. or maybe i'm paranoid and drunk
>>4223 Considering that shitty imageboard has nothing to do with Endchan...
>>4224 Imageboards are all about PPH. /ausneets/ is pretty muscular and has a dedicated user base. Hence the NEETs are pawns in a genuine social media war. >>4224
the capchas have been turned on to ward off any other attack refresh your page to access the new reply window
Fuck it. GN.
>>4225 So just schizo paranoia.
>>4222 High quality post.
>>4225 wat
>>4226 Cool.
Good morning friends.
>>4232 Good Morning NEETs Getting cold at night.
that attack fucked up the post count. I think we are at about 800
>>4234 Keep it going.
>>4233 Morning
>>4236 >Morning wood


no cookies?