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(42.49 KB 255x225 shrug pepe.png)
NEET General #3 -Lassiez Faire Edition. NEET 02/13/2020 (Thu) 09:57:36 No. 1947
TIme for a new thread I guess. Don't ask me man. I'm not to blame. Whose turn is it anyway? OLD >>1944
>>2925 yes because my dick is very small when soft and too large for my undies when erect
>>2926 I thought the Russians were the whores we use when the Hot Boong Chicks go for their weekly walkabout
Possum snickered during an acknowledgement of the traditional custodians of the land once.
>>2929 I keep telling you posso is a racist dog but no one listens to me
>>2918 > people i dont like are fucking everwhere > go to quiet place where it i usually just me amd af ew other white people having a barbecue >two buses of mainlander gooks arrive and swarm me like bugs why is this so fucking hard to understand >?
>>2930 It's because you're a filthy boong. t. Possum
>>2931 there is nothing to understand, the swarm is getting larger and harder to avoid, don't you understand
>>2932 suck my black balls UNNA
>>2933 i feel a huge influx of chink holiday goers since the virus the government wont tell us since our economy needs to make up for the shortages of students with just fuckers wanting avoid the communist party quarantine now.....
>>2935 Kinda feels like less but hoards are always hard to scope out and tbh part of what you might feel are holiday goers are chink workers and students coming here after their chink new year holiday
>>2936 nope your dead wrong their 2 week slave break new years finished on 10th and i am seeing more bugmen not less more disgusting mailanders too
Hey hey people. About to make my stew.
>>2937 Do you like spicy food?
>>2753 Noice. >>2778 >>2782 I don't like drinking out of metal cups but I guess if you need it to be portable it's the lesser of two evils as plastic cups will give you microplastics and will make whatever you're drinking taste even worse. >>2804 >Yes and no Shitey the bull. >>2824 There where a bunch of derros blasting kerser over a bluetooth speaker at my local Dan's today. >>2901 What whisky are you drinking nuro? >>2931 Just go to more obscure/dodgy areas when you want to chill out and drink somewhere in public, that's what I do and I've never had any chink tourists bother me, sure occasionally an abo or homeless person will come up to you and ask for drinks or cigarettes, but they usually aren't too bad and it's a justifiable tradeoff imo. Had some fish and chips and beers for dinner, got home and had a bit of a nap, had a catch up, going to watch some more Mindhunter, I'm liking the second season a lot better than the first, it's more gruesome, but also less boring.
>>2940 something ... something.... *colapses into a pile of drool* fgh jkl.;./.;'
>Nuro ignores my question
>>2942 Stop being such an attention slut.
>>2943 >being an attention slut for the three NEETs still awake
(165.12 KB 1631x1384 kang.png)
Endchan is working again fellas.
>>2941 Looks like the oxys got to him. I wonder if he left us anything in his will.
>>1947 Good Morning Neets, can someone bake bread please
>>2947 Good Morning Neets. looks like this neet beat me up.
Good morning NEEToes.
>>2947 >>2948 >>2949 Morning neeties, did you sleep well?
NEW THREAD >>2951 NEW THREAD >>2951 NEW THREAD >>2951 >>2951


no cookies?