What is 16chan?

16chan like many other *chan sites is a community built around anonymity and free speech. What sets 16chan apart from other similar imageboards is the attempt to facilitate greater amounts of quality content by having a smaller more intimate community.

How can I contact an administrator?

For all forms of getting into contact with 663 (the sites administrator) please refer to the Contact page. If you are interested in a quicker reply please contact through Gab/Twitter.

What filetypes are supported on 16chan?

jpeg, jpg, bmp, gif, png, mp3, ogg, flac, opus, webm, mp4, pdf, epub, txt.


Sharing of Data

With the little data that is collected none of it will be shared unless required by law. Under no circumstances will your data be sold.


16chan collects some basic analytics data with the use of a libre tool called Matomo, only the first two hashes of user IP's are stored, in other words if your IP was, the Matomo servers would log it as Furthermore, if your have 'Do Not Track' enabled in your browsers our analytics platform will respect it and not track any data.


The posting guide can be found here.