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>>/fascist/4950 >>4948 >And this is bad because? Only a retard would think that what one does privately does not inevitably flow into the publ
>>/fascist/4949 >>4948 you're dumb faggot jew
>>/pol/44962 Here's another idea. Pic related + a QR code that leads to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vRNO07e8uc[Embed] I
>>/pol/44961 Some examples of what to put behind the QR code: Moonman - Right Wing Death Squads https://www.bitchute.com/video/DxMvZDk0CF
>>/fascist/4948 >>4944 >They also have the idea of 'honne' versus 'tatamae' in their culture And this is bad because? >complete depravity? Wh
>>/pol/44960 How does it work? >we take a poster like pics related >replace the QR code with one that links to a /pol/-tier video (or oth
>>/fascist/4947 A good video on the benefits of celibacy, semen retention, the dangers of illicit sex, masturbation, porn, etc. Good motivation
>>/fascist/4946 >>4851 fixed the image
>>/fascist/4945 >>4943 >You are exactly the kind of man we need. Jawohl
>>/fascist/4944 >>4941 >>4942 >how has this society not descended into complete depravity? Why are they still so docile, good working? It's i
>>/fascist/4943 >>4937 Sir, your CV lists your main skills as >"Rape, molestation, and buggery" Your employment history only has gaps for the p
>>/fascist/4942 >>4941 So how do they manage this divide?
>>/fascist/4941 How do the nips manage to make even more depraved and degenerate porn than most of the west? The porn is completely ridiculing
>>/fascist/4940 >>4814 >>4821 I guess he shouldn't have criticized his masters
>>/pol/44957 >>44950 What the fuck they got arrested?
>>/fascist/4939 >>4935 Honestly it's reaching the point where I wouldn't even be surprised if greys or reptilians existed. Not that I have any
>>/fascist/4938 Post anything which exposes (((them)))
>>/fascist/4937 >>4927 >highly decorated >fought against communists after WWI >fought in the Spanish Civil War >helped criminals find employ
>>/fascist/4936 >>4829 >Palestinians are not going back to Palestine But why are they in the west in the first place? Because of jews. There wou
>>/fascist/4935 >>4907 >Im starting to think kikes are pushing this shit to make /our/guys look like nutjobs >EVERYTHING IS KIKED! Again you don
>>/fascist/4933 >>633 Because he's obviously speaking from principal; non-White racial identitarianism is objectively a threat, but a people who
>>/b/20564 >>20456 I can tell that by his unironic use of the term "alt right"
>>/b/20563 >>20130 I'mma go with yes, but they're shitty divergently evolved ones. That way it's still fair to judge them. If they weren't
>>/b/20562 >>20178 This is actually an interesting line of inquiry. Unfortunately, I don't speak Chinese, and I presume most of China's mat
>>/b/20561 You're gonna have to do a detox, find equilibrium, and get the last of it out of your system, then let your dopamine receptors a
>>/pol/44956 >>44953 Questionable post.
>>/ausneets/21898 >>21896 Nice tits
>>/ausneets/21897 >>21892 Maintain eye contact.
>>/ausneets/21896 Goodnight NEETs
>>/ausneets/21895 >>21890 Dream of big poos.
>>/ausneets/21894 >>21892 A female friend of mine has informed me these are called 'nipple pasties' or something.


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