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>>/b/15934 >>15932 >Just give people a reliable board There are many sites, but none of them are very reliable as they often get shut down
>>/ausneets/12194 The Deacon came around today, we did the first lesson in the different religions and had a laff at the hindoos and their reincar
>>/b/15932 What is with all imageboards these days making rules against child porn? Isn't there a single board/chan or something that does
>>/pol/34210 Aside why did North Korea manage to achieve a fully homogeneous country but when Ceausescu tried it and possibly move away from
>>/pol/34209 >>34199 What about the DPRK and its Juche NatSoc or Nazbol system though? They seem quite homogeneous and even Nicolae Ceau
>>/pol/34208 Singapore is well-run atleast and there's word its founder was inspired by the British Union or British brand of Fascism.
>>/pol/34207 How would a fascist state do at preventing COVID from spreading compared to the current ones atleast? Would they be able to
>>/b/15930 rhea threatened ssr for false sexual harrasment case. so does sanjana singhi
>>/b/15929 Salman khan paid for hitman
>>/b/15928 Rhea C's life under threat. Soon Murder. Real culprit will divert the case as Rhea got depressed.
>>/pol/34206 https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5ec89ccf0d269
>>/pol/34205 WE NEED TO FLIP THIS POLL!!! VOTE AND TWAT OUT!! https://twitter.com/Politics_Polls/status/1293753932389507074
>>/ausneets/12193 Endchan down, that site is as reliable as a drunken baker.
>>/v/645 >>639 thanks
>>/b/15927 >>9587 go back to plebbit fag
>>/pol/34204 >>34202 On some level yes, but it's propagandistically hard to sell. It is important to explain to them that they have no place
>>/b/15926 Not if it's her.
>>/pol/34202 >>34199 > Opening their eyes, and getting an alliance, could be the last chance of western man The future is Selectionist. We h
>>/ausneets/12192 >>12191 Rolling for dry washing by sundown
>>/ausneets/12191 >>12187 morning i'm doing mine tommorow
>>/pol/34201 Quarterchan sperging about Kamala Harris's sister named in Podesta emails. Won't make any difference in election, but is still p
>>/pol/34199 >>29122 That's a narrow outlook. Asians are not nearly as worthless as old school white racists believed, and I like them, but
>>/pol/34198 >>29106 Paganism is already better, and Zoroastrianism is better still. But Christianity is, as times show, very pliable. E
>>/b/15924 >>15917 depends if the task at hand is solving your housing problem. The nigger is being exploitative like some diabetic mong c
>>/pol/34197 >>34179 This is getting hard to parse, anon. I can't follow. Make your thesis in the form of bullet points, will you? What is t
>>/b/15923 Rhode Island is thoroughly jewish. https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/rhode-island-jewish-history It's main "attraction"
>>/b/15922 >>15897 >>15897 >>15921 nope in the south. >>15921 >suspicious. most white people I know can a im whiter than you fag >
>>/ausneets/12190 >>12188 Archeologists have recently unearthed evidence that boongs had sock factories 2000 years ago
>>/ausneets/12189 https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-08-13/more-insects-found-in-food-stockpile-coronavirus-pandemic/12550512 Can I get a home fo
>>/ausneets/12188 >>12187 good reminder. I'm almost out of the good socks. after the good socks run out I have to wear the thin crappy socks and
>>/ausneets/12187 Good Morning NEETs. I'm definitely going to to do the washing today.


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