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>>/fascist/22149 >>22146 >QTDDTOT Go back to 4chaim.
>>/fascist/22148 >>22143 Classic fraud-filled rabbi.
>>/pol/54767 >>54758 >The article is talking about twitter, google/youtube, facebook and some random flatearther site. Reddit mods, like mos
>>/fascist/22147 >>22144 Christianity is a shitskin religion. The majority of christians in the world are shitskins. In a century or so, christi
>>/fascist/22146 Especially in light of the whole Sutter thing. Are they just a bunch of degenerate retards and one of them got turned snitch or
>>/auspol/23198 >>23197 I think most anons would just reeee about grifting, shilling, (((merchant))), and/or "glow op wants my credit card and
>>/fascist/22145 >>22144 >What is your reaction to shitskins following the way of Christ?
>>/fascist/22144 >>22140 What is your reaction to shitskins following the way of Christ?
>>/auspol/23197 >>23183 The windmill is pretty good feels. It would be good to be able to buy merch like this off a 16chan etsy.
>>/fascist/22143 ==Rabbi Shot in Poway Synagogue Attack Sentenced For Fraud Schemes== >A former San Diego rabbi who was wounded in an April 20
>>/auspol/23196 BOssman happy I got his trail cam going. Its a nice thing to have, I must keep my eyes open for these things on my travels.
>>/fascist/22142 >>19288 They're doing everything right. The only people who are attacking them are either conservatives who think democrats are
>>/fascist/22141 >>22120 >still blaming White people for what Jews and elites have done 95%+ of people are innocent. They are mere raw material
>>/fascist/22140 >>22066 So what you're telling me is that we should go worship a blue-skinned Indian deity whose name in Sanskrit literally mea
>>/fascist/22139 >>22050 >Völkisch politics are centered on racial exclusivism along with blood and soil. There are no mention of Christianity i
>>/pol/54766 >>54690 It's more like "Democrats already hate whites so at least this will get those dipshit republicans to pay attention."
>>/fascist/22138 >>22120 Go fuck yourself, edgelord. They're still our people and they're still worth saving. They're weak, they're subverted,
>>/pol/54765 >>54763 I'm not a Marxist. Once again, no one dumber than an Anglosphere conservative.
>>/pol/54764 >>54758 >1st image Imagine marrying someone who uses Reddit >>54763 "Marxists" in America are a complete meme ideology ful
>>/fascist/22137 >>22136 Christians can't be kikes, the term is inherently anti-Christian in origin. Your fear of the cross actually makes (you)
>>/pol/54763 >>54762 >Rhetoric =/= reality. How many of your ==MARXIST== friends are "pro business"?
>>/pol/54762 >>54760 No, they aren't. Rhetoric =/= reality. Also a bit puzzled at the way you're bristling at the very idea that someone wou
>>/fascist/22136 >>22126 At least you admit it, kike.
>>/pol/54761 Statues found in Colombia suggest that the kikes were the slavers themselves. Notice the clear depiction of tefilin. Makes s
>>/pol/54760 >>54759 >you people Fuckoff tranny >Reddit is absolutely full of leftwing Marxist types who hate big business and who love un
>>/pol/54759 I don't know where you people get this nonsense that the "left" in America is anti-capital, anti-business, or pro-union.
>>/fascist/22135 >>22066 >thinking posting people from ISKCON is smart I do hope you know that the Jews, druggies, homos and pedos have complet
>>/auspol/23195 >>23177 Then a Doctor tells (You) the injections are a cure for the common cold using untested gene therapy and the nurse wants
>>/pol/54758 >>54753 samefaggot >>54756 The article is talking about twitter, google/youtube, facebook and some random flatearther site. Re
>>/fascist/22134 Good news, goyim, the side-effects are all in your head!
>>/fascist/22133 >>22024 >Your ideals are based on emotions <implying this is bad From a dry, lifeless and scientific perspective, you will ne
>>/fascist/22132 >>22047 In cases of a paucity of sources, I find that the best recourse is to learn about the folk-traditions regarding these b
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