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>>/pol/23885 >>23880 It still differs for both mitochondrial and Y-chromosome DNA. You should probably move this discussion to the medieval
>>/pol/23884 >>23880 >>23875 >>23874 >>23873 >>23860 >>23859 YOU ARE OVERTHINKING! Who the fuck cares abou where our modern tyrants come from
>>/pol/23883 >>23881 sure, could you make me a sammich? preferably corn beef with dill pickles, not sweet
>>/pol/23882 >>23875 I know this is you: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/text/schizo/
>>/pol/23881 Does anyone have a question for me? Or is this thread going to be hijacked by Anons posting irrelevant walls of text?
>>/pol/23880 >>23874 with reference to the first img, do you understand the difference between y-chromosome and maternal dna principal compo
>>/pol/23879 >>23861 out of curiosity why haven't you been made aware that it's our income tax that pays out the interest on treasury bonds?
>>/pol/23878 __J__ews __E__rase __W__hites __S__ecretly __J__ews __E__rase __W__hites __In__ __S__ecret __H__ate
>>/meta/1268 >>1267 Doubt you need entire board, for what would amount to a thread or two. Make a thread on /culture/ for now and see wher
>>/ausneets/5523 Good Morning NEETs. A sunny and clear sky morning, but windy already.
>>/pol/23877 >>23809 I'm transferring my equities into the graphite mining industry. I sadly miscalculated the market by a day for the gold,
>>/pol/23876 >>23861 It is intrest slavery in which those who don't work a day in their life or produce any product are given control of the
>>/pol/23875 >>23873 *but I don't have the time to. And is this you?: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/text/chazars%20persians/
>>/pol/23874 >>23860 >poorly graphed PCA chart That's not my point; it's that genetic evidence on the Ashkenazi jews widely varies and cont
>>/pol/23873 >>23859 >not Persian by any means >More disinformation as usual yet the proof was provided, you have nothing but a very poorl
>>/pol/23872 Why are almost all of the threads invisible? I click on something in the catalog, and the page loads, but there are no posts, n
>>/pol/23871 >>23869 It's not a flu it's SARs you utter mongoloid.
>>/pol/23870 >>23851 Thank you for this fren.
>>/pol/23869 WHO inadvertently admitted the virus is a bio weapon in their live stream today Friday 27th February. ==IF THIS WAS A FLU == =
>>/pol/23868 >>23858 Here's what he actually said: “To sit there and then say that all the ills in the world are then caused by Jews is w
>>/pol/23867 >>23831 It’s probably just athlete’s foot tbh. >>23832 Sorry to hear that lad, I’ll send some loosh and prayers your way.
>>/r9k/839 >>452 She would lose her dominance about your feels towards her if she did. It's all a war, block her.
>>/r9k/838 >>599 >lies above more lies
>>/r9k/837 >>683 The only sad thing is you considering it is a sad thing. >values according to female standards >fail
>>/r9k/836 >>808 A wide variety of symptoms experimented mostly among young-adult virgin men. Permanent or temporary, physical or mental.
>>/pol/23866 >>23831 Maybe his (((Masters))) can do some "Spirit Cooking" along with the Pedo ring he surrounds himself with and nurse him b
>>/pol/23865 >>23832 What works for me (haven't had a cold/flu for over 10 years) is taking 2 - 3,000 mg of Vitamin C when I feel a cold com
>>/pol/23864 >>23275 One of the mods for that forum runs The American Sun. Seems like it would be a worthy place for /our/ guys to peruse.
>>/pol/23863 CoronaChan finally does her world tour in Israel. - www.jpost.com/Breaking-News/Health-Ministry-confirms-second-case-of-coron
>>/pol/23862 CoronaChan finally does her world tour in Israel. - www.jpost.com/Breaking-News/Health-Ministry-confirms-second-case-of-coron
>>/pol/23861 >>23857 It's just an investment class that behaves differently than stocks, cash, real-estate, and physical materials. You don
>>/pol/23860 >>23859 *the people that later became the Bulgarians That's why there were two Bulgarian states in the middle ages, one in the


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