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>>/pol/40025 >>39773 Bro exactly do you notice how every single movie/show has nigger/gay/tranny/women protagonist now and the "villain" is a
>>/pol/40024 >She never realized she was an npc nigger loving cunt. Yup. pretty much. You'll never unplug the normies bro. Thankfully the go
>>/r9k/1749 asherahs looks like it's down
>>/pol/40023 >>40016 The only thing I can't vibe with these memes is that they are never footnoted.
>>/b/18391 The 4chan monster can't live if nobody posts there. Move on and let it die.
>>/b/18389 >>18385 It doesn’t matter. All might be lost after today.
>>/g/1413 Snowden was before Linus got sent do re-education camp and before systemd. Maybe it was ok back then, but a lot has changed.
>>/b/18388 >>18386 Thank you for posting with 16chan today. Here is a complimentary beverage and reading material for you while you lurk.
>>/pol/40022 >>39965
>>/g/1412 Fist of all I have a question. Is the Edward Sno*den thing a hoax? On tails' official website Sno*den and the co-founder of the
>>/pol/40021 what you think? Is a fresh start a good thing
>>/b/18387 Has anyone else realized all hardcore 3D porn is cuck porn? You're literally masturbating to other people having sex. Whether yo
>>/b/18386 >>18355 Greetings, Grinman! I too am from 4chan. I come in peace, and leave in pieces. Sorry about the mess.
>>/ausneets/14853 I still haven't emailed the Deacon or reviewed his teachings. I'm a pretty poor J.W. and the possibility of hooking up with a Pa
>>/pol/40019 Just about to start reading A Squire;s Trial Gents!
>>/ausneets/14852 Hammock changes are locked in for tonight. I'll put them to the test shortly.
>>/pol/40018 >>39976 Also you can find Fath and Action on our reading list in this thread. Be inspired
>>/pol/40017 >>35452 Do you mind posting his channel? >>37018 Ancient gods replaced each other when individuals of exceptional skill, wisdom
>>/ausneets/14851 This Urbit OS looks pretty interesting. I wonder if it can be used for peer to peer shitposting.
>>/ausneets/14850 Email from the Lando, Eviction is still some months off yet apparently. May bring forward my custom camouflage project if that
>>/pol/40015 >>37770 You should’ve just posted in /nsg/ but ok
>>/pol/40014 >>39773 It was the same shut back in Germany before NatSoc took power
>>/b/18385 >>18384 so substantiate your claim. you gave a tiny anecdote (at best) last time. >tranny is a real woman where is this being
>>/b/18384 >>18383 Philosophy of personal relationships vs a tranny is a real woman thread
>>/b/18383 >>18382 <muh shit thread <i-it was good!!!1 k
>>/b/18382 >>18379 Compared to the numerous slide threads, it was a quality thread with lots of honesty.
>>/b/18381 >>18380 think about it. does a nice, clean shit really feel any different from a quick jerk?
>>/b/18380 >>18378 Good point.
>>/ausneets/14848 >>14846 I'll take your arsehole.
>>/ausneets/14847 Wage was okay and did the roman salute with my mate. At the traffic lights I told a teenager to "step back for safety" but unfor


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