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>>/ausneets/20219 >>20216 The normies around seem to be very pleased with themselves. I am un-needed.
>>/ausneets/20218 >>20217 Don't forget to wash your NEETstick.
>>/b/20279 >>20273 Im not dependent on porn. I can masturbate to my own fantasies and even conversations i have with guys online. Its hard
>>/ausneets/20217 Going to have a shower. Not for hygienic purposes but just to get warm.
>>/ausneets/20216 >>20215 I have no idea.
>>/ausneets/20215 What is going on in the world?
>>/g/1553 >>783 Based. You have a z270 mobo? A g4560 is honestly enough for me.
>>/pol/44062 If ==CHINKS== are ever released from house arrest, they should go out and immediately photograph their neighborhoods. The US wi
>>/ausneets/20214 >>20206 >Jealousy Yeah, sure, let's go with that. >>20212 It must've gotten bored and went back to Endchan.
>>/ausneets/20212 >>20135 Where did he go? I stopped posting because of the shit.
>>/ausneets/20211 A few packs of pasta, rice and tins of tuna should see me through until next payday. And eggs, can't go without eggs.
>>/fascist/2959 >>2944 Interesting. It's worth noting how kikes are anxious to brew another White vs White global war, with chinks at the side
>>/ausneets/20210 Glad that the school holidays are over and I no longer have to wear a mask. Also looking forward to this new Mortal Koombat moof
>>/ausneets/20209 >>20206 I'll give you a good helping of jealousy boy!
>>/ausneets/20208 >>20207 It doesn't sound exciting.
>>/ausneets/20207 Been watching GregO drink booze and make spag bog. Very exciting.
>>/ausneets/20206 >>20191 >>20193 He just sings good. Jealousy never helped anyone
>>/fascist/2958 >>2897 >where people would seek it out, and be exposed to the most degenerate material next to the vanilla You mean like it al
>>/ausneets/20205 >>20200 Thanks Dan, but I stocked up from your fine establishment yesterday.
>>/ausneets/20204 >>20202 It was never ''a'' party to begin with
>>/ausneets/20203 Which I always do
>>/ausneets/20202 >>20201 the party is over hippie
>>/ausneets/20201 Rent paid, leaving me with about a hundred bucks to last a fortnight. Life on welfare can be extremely depressing if you let it
>>/fascist/2957 >>2919 >they thought they should mix with Euro women, not men. Of course they thought this, because they didn't want to be cucke
>>/fascist/2956 >>2944 >he wears a kabbalah bracelet side note - I've noticed that Hindus/Indians wear a red string around their arms too. Wha
>>/fascist/2955 >>2919 >create subhumans So you think the Japanese are subhuman? If that is so why care about Japan at all? The Japanese are not
>>/fascist/2954 >>2953 Don't conflate one symptom out of four with another, anon, and try to keep up. >I don’t go around telling people I had
>>/fascist/2953 >>2952 I’ve heard about the infertility/effects on sperm production. Never saw anything about sexual dysfunction. Faggot zoome
>>/fascist/2952 >>2950 I've already alluded to the extra symptoms (which are common knowledge if you aren't a newfag who hasn't been lurking fo
>>/fascist/2951 >>2773 jews are obsessed with Saturn because Saturn was compared to El as being the father of the Thunder Son (Baal/Jupiter) Thu
>>/ausneets/20199 Time to go to my psychologist appointment, dont really feel like it.
>>/fascist/2950 >>2947 You’ve transitioned from “it’s real” to “well I think I had it based on some symptoms from /pol/.”


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