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>>/pol/65480 >>65477 What would happen if Western musicians protested the Soviet gulagging of musicians/artists/comedians (like Mr. Bond ) b
>>/b/29079 What did you expect them to be, smart?
>>/fascist/35386 >>35361 The discord channel with his private diary was set on private and only given the link to people a few hours before the
>>/aus/25671 >>25670 what the filling?
>>/aus/25670 Tasty pie, ginny gin. Watching the docco. Reserving judgement. My mind is up about the tasty pie and the ginny gin, tho. Its Yum
>>/fascist/35385 >non-racist and not: misogynistic, homophobic or transphobic -- ie progressive >social values >pro-Islam and pro-Palestine AH
>>/meta/6331 http://mbv5a7cc6756lkpqts6si5zcpxwvd43cyb4atbqzjqypktsdoftphyqd.onion/ http://mbv5a7cc6756lkpqts6si5zcpxwvd43cyb4atbqzjqypktsdo
>>/pol/65479 Is there any good books on Franco that try to be historical? In other words, not just recitations or circle sourcing (((academic
>>/fascist/35384 >>34997 >Believing that the world is a corpse is what the Semites and the Eddas taught. not the edda you definitely cant read
>>/fascist/35383 >>29198 the sheep still keep the masks on their faces even when not mandatory, they even wear them while driving alone in their
>>/meta/6330 ddos attacks would be more of an annoyance to a shitposter. Effortposters can simply use the downtime to put more off-board cons
>>/meta/6329 The spammer came back on the 2022-05-26 but the attack was limited to 30 min and about 100 posts, somehow bypassing the capcha.
>>/b/29078 jehovah
>>/meta/6328 After the first wave and the matrix influx, there was another spam surge that started starting on the board but was squashed. T
>>/aus/25669 >>25668 Just because nobody asked... That woman got horribly disfigured because she was in a running race and blundered into a
>>/fascist/35382 'nother stupid underage zoomer gayop or what? what is compelling me to click the link? some snowflake retard's vague conceptua
>>/fascist/35381 Sites: https://cosmicreich.wordpress.com - Reichsfolk https://sinistar7.org/?p=24 https://www.scribd.com/doc/76439318/1131934
>>/pol/65477 It's pretty hilarious that they are so terrified of these views that people can't even express them satirically or artistically.
>>/meta/6327 >>6325 >1500 new posts It was much more than that. /pol/ got 7K posts and /fascist/ got about 6K posts
>>/pol/65476 >>65468 That mentality is what got us here. Thanks to people like you telling us to keep waiting and waiting for 100 years,
>>/pol/65475 >>65467 ukraine is so winning, the jew Kissinger just spoke that russia should get part of ukranian territory.
>>/meta/6326 Shortly after, our matrix instance (16chan-pol) had hundreds of new channels joining but not posting. It seems that the spammer
>>/meta/6325 On 2022-05-25 5:52 16chan was hit by a wave of botnet spam, with some boards getting 1500 new posts in a 3-4 hour window from hu
>>/meta/6324 Here we discuss spam attacks on the site: Facts, Effects, Response and Speculation about Attribution. Botnet users, Script Kidd
>>/g/5943 >>5942 also 6-9, if vpns are a good part of privacy that means the glowies will use them too, obviously. Any vpn good enough fo
>>/g/5942 >>5941 tor is fallible talking decade old vulns/patches is gish gallop unless we get into details (by all means if we want t
>>/aus/25668 Washer's fixed. The old lady reckons her cat scan says she'll live to 100. She's telling me how her family sold the vineyards be
>>/aus/25667 Suns out. Might go fix a washer and visit the old lady.
>>/meta/6323 >>6320 Although I feel a huge disdain towards Cloudflare, the alternatives are simply not economically feasible for this site w
>>/aus/25666 >>25663 She is both a jewess and a race traitor, she was never /yourgirl/, ausbro.
>>/meta/6322 >>6320 If your that concerned about cuckflare, just the the .onion link. As far as glowniggers go, assume they have back doore
>>/meta/6321 >>6320 site has been using cloudflare for years
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