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>>/g/81 You are right to be cautious - IRC is good for some things, bad for others. It is a good choice for a technical project communit
>>/pol/2179 >>2136 To clarify, on a governmental basis, I'm not all that worried about now. I'm worried about 10 years from now. On a
>>/pol/2178 >>2167 Still happening brother. Did this problem arise after you removed flags?
>>/pol/2177 >>2172 At least someone agrees with me. Goddamn.
>>/pol/2176 Trigger Warning Well this will piss >>1972 off, but Anon posted this OC to /pol/humor thread just before it was pruned and arc
>>/pol/2174 >>1972 Brenton wasn't a false flag. People like you are the real kike shills. You want us to believe that there are no heroes le


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