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>>/ausneets/13376 >>13375 oops there goes the wifi module. Ten bucks for a new one. keke
>>/ausneets/13375 >>13374 hell yeah huff that lead!
>>/ausneets/13374 Soldering electronics in the kitchen, got those unabomber feels.
>>/pol/36291 >>36275 This is a good review of the situation. I think that alt-right died out not only due to censorship (which is strong, co
>>/pol/36290 >>36284 >good engineers no they're not. look at the boeing 737 max. i work in aerospace. they are not good engineers. failed m
>>/ausneets/13373 Good Morning NEETs. Slept in, wet roads, no wage
>>/pol/36289 >>36284 yeah i guess fucking like rabbits will eventually produce a couple good ones, meanwhile the rest wallow in each other's
>>/pol/36288 >>24372 As Wodenson wrote: "What is 'being responsible' in an occupied country but treason and slavery? Go to your factory, to y
>>/pol/36287 >>36283 yes. 93
>>/pol/36286 >>35906 Judge Dismisses THIRD-DEGREE Murder Charge in George Floyd Killing https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/22/us/derek-chauv
>>/ausneets/13372 Overheard a woman I have known for many years say Break-ey instead of Brekky today. I suspect she is a New Zealander. Not that
>>/pol/36285 >>36282 Very interesting thank you
>>/pol/36284 >>23651 >Sandeep's mistakes Many Indians are good engineers.
>>/ausneets/13371 Oldad wants to go to the northern beaches in a weeks time. I have to get a 4G modem before that otherwise i will be bored shitle
>>/pol/36283 >>36281 Interesting choice, you are familiar with thlemism''s background?
>>/ausneets/13370 >>13369 i'll send them a message ** a brick thru their window at night**
>>/ausneets/13369 >>13368 Call your union.
>>/ausneets/13368 Fukn wage got another 15 minutes minutes unpaid overtime out of me today.
>>/ausneets/13367 >>13366 No lefty whinger poofs on /ausneets/
>>/g/1261 >>1260 So it's become an insult to do actual work
>>/pol/36282 >>36280 As with native language skills, this assimilation has its own pace. The best, longest-lasting results have been produced
>>/pol/36281 >>36280 http://www.thelema.org/publications/books/LiberT.pdf
>>/pol/36280 >>36273 Tripartition is just the magic rule appllication to politique plan.
>>/b/16612 >>15823 yeah this site is a honeypot otherwise it wouldn’t shut down like that
>>/b/16611 >>16421 go suck a toe of a nigger christcuck.
>>/ausneets/13366 Daily reminder that all lefties are subhuman.
>>/g/1260 >doesnt have any adobe software >dont have office is this the year 2000 again? who even use either of those anymore aside from
>>/g/1259 >I was thinking about installing it to learn more about terminals no need. ==DAY OF THE SEAL SOON==
>>/pol/36279 >>36271 Pics were posted to https://gnews.org/451659/
>>/ausneets/13365 >>13364 Potoroos must be on sale.
>>/pol/36278 >openly support terrorism >oh no why did they our redpilled website down?


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