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>>/fascist/16381 Even if Jesus was secretly an Aryan Godhead Deva, wouldn't believing in a religion that teaches tolerance amongst racially forei
>>/r9k/2474 No I don't. But for some strange reason I keep attracting femboys who want to have sex with me . why does this happen to me. At
>>/pol/51199 >>45404 That sick gook motherfucker should have that done to him.
>>/fascist/16380 >>16379 If you hadn’t said anything we wouldn’t know the guy who said it was a young nigger, which makes the quote even more lo
>>/fascist/16379 >>16377 Thanks bud, there's no harm in being a little skeptical on these things, right? I mean they didn't bother to post a vid
>>/pol/51197 He just ''passed'' away
>>/pol/51196 >>51188 (Heil'd)
>>/b/23022 >>21728 finally an intelligent post on this site.
>>/culture/1664 Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOtoIBrBAYE >>1661 A glorified reboot? And even without our favorite nigger? I gu
>>/fascist/16378 >>16366 > If every government that has even a small amount of Jewish influence is "ZOG", than every government is ZOG and the te
>>/fascist/16377 >>16376 >No small video snippet >russian propaganda <Muh Russian propaganda is mentioned every time RT is posted on this webs
>>/b/23021 >>23019 Blacks, or niggers as I like to call them, should be starving or getting devoured by jungle monsters back in Africa.
>>/fascist/16376 >>16374 >RT >No small video snippet, not even official tweet of the (((rat))) spawing such barbarity. It stinks of russian pr
>>/b/23020 >>23019
>>/b/23019 >>22569 I agree, white faggots who's race fucks dogs and created faggotry shouldn't be near blacks.
>>/b/23018 >>23012 all you have done today is presume my identity and try to make personal attacks from that, then put on a sanctimonious
>>/fascist/16375 >>16374 >thousands of cargo ships lined up at the Port of Los Angeles ready to unload their goods
>>/pol/51194 >>51184 ==NATO’s fantasy ‘cognitive warfare’ strategies expose its ongoing assault on the public mind == https://www.rt.co
>>/culture/1663 16Chan's dedicated Chūnibyō psionic academy. Shamanism, magicians, seekers, and psychonauts should look no further for any re
>>/fascist/16374 ==US Treasury deputy sec warns unvaxxed Americans that shortages will continue until EVERYONE is jabbed== >The deputy secreta
>>/b/23017 >>22998 >Remember anon. So as you speak, so it is. Watch you words, they become you future, your very fate written by your own
>>/b/23016 >>23015 >I apologize for getting incensed by faggots, it doesn't do well to partake in it, even to mock them. Yes. Nordic wisd
>>/culture/1662 >>1659 thought-provoking post. back here again because yeah, i'd fuck that gook.
>>/b/23015 >>23013 I do have high hopes for this place in truth, I like it a lot because of the stock of people. It's so easy get sucked i
>>/b/23014 >>23012 Indeed actual shills, feds, and related "agencies" of all kinds have led most to assume far too much and read too far i
>>/b/23013 >>23007 >>23009 Despite the shitflinging, this has been a productive thread in that we've all learned something about the user
>>/b/23012 >>23009 I decided to read the rest of it. I don't take this personally, and I typically don't insult people first for no reason
>>/fascist/16373 >cheetaposter is here Now THAT'S a throwback from meguca.
>>/b/23011 >>23010 and you wonder why i keep bringing up self-awareness despite the content of your responses.
>>/b/23010 >>23009 <stopped reading at onto me >no u Why are you like this? At this point I'm willing to say it's just secondhand deline
>>/b/23009 >>23007 well, you really need to hear it because you are projecting your own shortcomings onto me. all i am guilty of is disagr
>>/b/23008 >>23006 :o
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