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>>/pol/47771 >>47770 >This can absolutely be changed How? Say that I wanted to go about genuinely believing in Odin, how would I make myself
>>/pol/47770 >>47769 >Regarding my non-religiousness, that is literally something that I and everyone else who isn't religious is incapable
>>/pol/47769 >>47767 Different anon, but my politics are basically William Pierce and you'd probably call me an atheist. I suppose I'm more o
>>/fascist/9395 >>9390 >You lie and argue like a kike. But where have a lied or argued like a kike? You lied about Stalin kicking out jews, whe
>>/pol/47768 >>47765 take your meds, everything that you blame the jews for can easily be explained by modern greed. billionaires want you t
>>/fascist/9394 >>9381 >It definitely is. If one looks into the history of Europe and the spread of Christianity, one would be stunned to see ho
>>/b/21572 >>21370 Vikang
>>/b/21571 holy fuck the op is the biggest faggot with the least comprehension and self-awareness of all time. 4chan is host to a broad ran
>>/b/21570 >>21548 Just call them a nigger and a kike. Works everytime.
>>/b/21569 >>21553 nigger sneed kike jidf tongue my anus.
>>/pol/47767 >>47766 t. atheist Atheists have horrible birthrates wherever they live and they are rapidly outbred by conservative religio
>>/b/21568 >>21561 cuck nigger sneed tongue my anus leddit downvote. in that order
>>/fascist/9392 >>9379 >>9380 You have zero proof regarding what you are saying about 'muh samefags' or some boogeyman poster from another thr
>>/fascist/9391 >>9390 The hypothetical isn't pure fantasy, we don't know who would show themselves as being pro-White if the time came. Even t
>>/fascist/9390 >>9384 >It doesn't matter if I can't name one, I was speaking hypothetically. If your hypothetical is pure fantasy, then it is
>>/fascist/9389 >>9374 I think if we come back to power in the future that it is almost inevitable. Wife husbandry is a great idea, but people
>>/fascist/9388 MLMs are a kind of business scam that usually focuses on Christian women where the "product" being sold is the idea of selling t
>>/fascist/9387 >>9382 >>shills for Israel You even lie like a kike. Too much cuckchan has rotten your brain. >accuses actual White nationalist
>>/pol/47766 >>47731 It has nothing to do with atheism.
>>/pol/47765 >>47728 >That is why governments (at the behest of their donors) are importing hundreds of thousands every year. To maintain 1-
>>/fascist/9386 >>9369 >>9370 >>9374 >>9376 Is it bad that I find the idea of spanking and disciplining women to be sexually arousing?
>>/pol/47764 >>47763 >Anything China related is just a "racism hall pass" from the anti-White occupation government. Based and Pierce-pilled.
>>/fascist/9384 >>9382 It doesn't matter if I can't name one, I was speaking hypothetically. Your egalitarian NazBol project is Jewish to the c
>>/fascist/9383 Forgot video of her, she looks disgusting with braided nigger hair too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhNxXIl9dBM
>>/fascist/9382 (((>>9375))) >shills for israel >lies like a kike >accuses actual White nationalists of being jews Insanity >>9378 >If some cap
>>/fascist/9381 >>9377 >Christianity seems to be a matriarch's religion. It definitely is. If one looks into the history of Europe and the sp
>>/pol/47763 these threads, wherever they pop up, are always made by jews, blacks, or conservatives trying to get the focus off of the nigger
>>/fascist/9380 >>9379 Also there is no Satan, it's just Judaism. Satan is just a cute way of saying jews. Abraham is nothing more, but demonic
>>/fascist/9379 >>9347 Nah this is a lie, you're same christcuck spammer who won't quit with his bullshit. You are indeed a faggot, because you
>>/fascist/9378 >>9373 If some capitalist throws his weight totally behind helping NS and the White race, I have no problem with him. Marxist s
>>/pol/47762 Conservatism is the core problem.
>>/fascist/9377 >>8687 >That's totally on me, I saw the part saying that he had a Christian mother and was influenced by her Christianity seems
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