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>>/fascist/15054 https://worldtruthvideos.website/embed/Bm8WnSaAlK6B719
>>/fascist/15053 >>15036 <yo im not watching your crazy fascist neo nazi racist garbage you stupid black and women hater who cant even talk to p
>>/fascist/15052 >>15032 Are you using the default .matrix homeserver? Make sure you're not on there.
>>/pol/50844 Its getting ==HOT==
>>/fascist/15051 What can be done for friends and family who've already been jabbed,nothing? Is it already too late for them?
>>/fascist/15050 >>14921 >29/30 If this is confirmed, then it gives legitimacy to the fears of this being able to react negatively once 5G is g
>>/fascist/15049 >>14695 >It's a religion that is predominantly confined to a single ethnicity How different are Sikhs from other Indians genetic
>>/ausneets/29654 >>29651 Once you have accepted the covax siege, suffering is just a chore. The ZOG will find it expensive to maintain. They c
>>/ausneets/29653 Good Morning NEETs Birdo is on the lawn again. He pays me no mind.
>>/fascist/15048 >>15046 Yup, pretty much. That is one of the many problems that exist with the current foundations to today's society. It is ab
>>/pol/50843 They aint called zog bots for nuthin
>>/pol/50842 >>50824 Protests and riots don't hurt ZOG all that much except in terms of optics i.e. it makes them look weak and hated. Even
>>/fascist/15047 >>15020 It needs to be said that they only fear the flow of information because it will lead to many more "spergs" picking up t
>>/fascist/15046 >>15034 In order for a population to remove weakness in their men, there has to be environmental pressure which punishes weakne
>>/pol/50841 >>50811 Monarchy >united identity under a single banner >all citizens are brothers >the king may be competent and beloved,
>>/fascist/15045 >>15011 >It's not really a free choice if it's conditioned by some arbitrary and whimsical rules. You get a choice between igno
>>/fascist/15043 >>15011 >the only logical possibilities remain that we can either know God without any revelations and prophets (including the
>>/fascist/15042 >>6963 >>7581 >>7625 These are great resources, thanks. As someone coming up to speed on this thread, I'd appreciate a per
>>/pol/50840 >>50839 The Chinese didn't create the system where they are allowed near-unlimited entry into Western countries and they aren't
>>/fascist/15041 >>15037 >This is a classic Jewish tactic though, in how they blend in with the surrounding population yet remain still Jews. Thi
>>/pol/50839 >>50836 In case you haven't noticed our countries are being flooded with Chinese. Not only are they trying to invade us and gai
>>/pol/50838 btw newfag, you keep bumping the thread yourself while im sageing it even though i think it belongs here. not sure you belong he
>>/pol/50837 >>50836 >you cant hate thing i like get over it. you can hide the thread if you dont want to see it. replace every mention of
>>/pol/50836 >>50835 A better question is why does a movement primarily concerned with the jewish and black occupation of the West even have
>>/ausneets/29651 bout to join you neets in the neet life. probably going to lose my job next week if i don't comply with vaccine mandate here in
>>/pol/50835 >>50834 this is the chinese hate thread. why would you walk in here to implicitly defend them by crying about it? fucking retar
>>/pol/50834 >>50833 Why else would you be so concerned that we share your negative and all-consuming view of the Chinese state? Why would t
>>/pol/50833 >>50832 your replies are borderline non-sequitur. quote where i was pushing war with china or shut the fuck up lol
>>/pol/50832 >>50831 My dude, go shill a Chinese war to Devante and Boomer McSundaygame. Couple dozen users on a splinter chan and you're ty
>>/pol/50831 >>50830 >noooo stop saying things i dont like >cope_image_macro.jpg still not hearing any arguments chang
>>/pol/50830 >>50829 head on over yourself
>>/pol/50829 >>50828 >no argument lol
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