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>>/culture/1267 >>1173 (((Adler))). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_books https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Il-sung_bibliography https:/
>>/b/20966 To end my argument about nigger "health. id' like to thank all of my totally not jewish sponsors for giving me free financial ai
>>/b/20965 But i honestly believe the lgbtq spectrum should be more diverse to include racially sophisticated people. After all you are wha
>>/b/20964 Also if that is the case. should black lives matter change to trans lives matter. i mean both of them consume their own form of
>>/fascist/6889 >>6881 All of these freaks from some blog ran by a non-White Mexican who feels that he can smugly talk down to Whites and tell
>>/b/20963 Niggers even wash store brought meat with flouride and other chemicals. So does that make blm a part lgbt?. Should it be called
>>/b/20962 And why can't niggers stop eating literal trash food?. practically all of it contains female hormones in it. Are they modern fa
>>/b/20961 I always wondered why niggers cared about a fake viral hoax so much. they larped constantly about being "healthy" last year. A
>>/fascist/6884 >>6883 Feel free to leave
>>/ausneets/24248 Goodnight NEETs >>24247 Goodnight NEET
>>/fascist/6882 >>6879 >busiest thread on the board gets spammed with IP-hopping bait <anons keep replying
>>/fascist/6881 >>6880 >>6877 Are we being raided or something? This is such an enormous lie that there's no chance it's organic.
>>/fascist/6880 >>6877 We should avoid terminology like "age of consent." This phrase now implies something besides commitment. Our ancestors m
>>/r9k/2298 they breed, fren. robots or similar generally don't. still, quite a lotta people who affect humanity that have no notable offspr
>>/fascist/6877 >>6819 >Under a fascist system pedophiles will be hunted down even more ruthlessly than they are today. But the age of consent
>>/b/20960 How to get the high score?
>>/r9k/2297 >>2296 idk my opinion on it. was watching with an old bud, but i think he got into it because of his SO. personally i wasn't qu
>>/fascist/6876 >>3424 >Stalin's USSR was still quite active in funding anti-fascism activities throughout Europe and attempting to subvert fre
>>/ausneets/24247 >>24246 It was strange seeing these 4 white, blonde + Blue eyed kids in the same scene as a soulless chinees bug, in front of t
>>/ausneets/24246 >>24110 >took photos of kids not thier own. Sounds like nuro. Maybe he is a chink.
>>/ausneets/24244 >>24241 Dont worry, those tests are useless at detecting isolated positives. Its hardly worth the worry, It'll come back negati
>>/ausneets/24243 >>24240 He studied with teh Essenes.
>>/ausneets/24242 >>24240 He studied with teh Essenes.
>>/ausneets/24241 One Zyrtec down the hatch. I'll sort out the covid test tomorrow, I swear...


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