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>>/pol/15457 >>9001 I just started oil pulling with coconut oil a few days ago. Did you notice any other benefits since you started? I'm in m
>>/pol/15456 >>15368 lol because the capitalists and communists have the same leaders and goals same as now. World War 2 was indeed a world
>>/pol/15455 >>15400 It was indeed the **bookshop lad** - used to be behind the crescent opposite the George pub but they are both long gone.
>>/pol/15454 yeah the paranoia is real. of course we should promote avoiding saying anything outright illegal but it's thin ice and thin temp
>>/pol/15453 >>15437 OK even if we agree with you what the fuck is the point of this thread
>>/library/138 Hosting MAJESTIC TOPSECRET CLASSIFIED and OSINT information on any topic imaginable. Just a search away. Knowledge (Gnosis) at y


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